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Another level below let me know salatu salam alaikum mazzolino li li us iVh manual but Allah subhanaw taala is it

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in the nose the image Shakira in Makkah for

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in Surah. In general as Nadella said, we have shown the way.

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And let the one who was

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to see who is the one who was grateful and who was the one who was ungrateful.

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And I'm very glad today

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is your reason for that.

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And we have just completed the old one for Amazon.

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And under les Rotella gave us the opportunity to worship Him

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and to worship him more than we normally worship Him.

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And under the law give us the opportunity to listen to a lot more and than we normally read.

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And Allah gave us the opportunity to make a pickup in his house. And then the additional about that of

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gamma ray and then some other

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some more reading of the Koran and then some of God and the Quran, remember as well as raw data.

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So let's say we have shown you that way 100 this is true Allah subhanaw taala has shown us the way both in terms of guidance as well as in terms of providing us with the opportunity because that is a month, which unless Allah subhanaw taala had provided us we could not have bought it we did not have the power to change the shayateen we did not have the power or the authority to give ourselves more reward for the Salah. Well as masala gave us as a reward for a novel Salah is equal to four than the reward for a fertilized equal to 75. Now think about this as another father yesterday you prayed you got 70 times the reward today you pray to get one to work.

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Since Allah

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is the main light that is the Baraka and da da da da da and as always, when you are in Nevada and make full take full advantage of

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Allah Jonah's delay. Similarly, a lot of other itself.

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All we need to do is wake up half an hour earlier.

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And then you can come here in time, and you can pray to a God and you can pray to the castle and you can read some Quran and to still be in time.

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You don't have to do a photo finish as far as the sun is concerned with the weather.

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Normally just half an hour early earlier to wake up is more than sufficient. And of course it was like it was a wake up an hour earlier. That's even better because then you have time for the hatchet and you have time for two days. And the

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reason I'm saying this is because just like we can sit today and regret that Amazon passed away and yesterday saves a lot of other we got 70 times the reward. And today we get only one reward even the representatives are 100 the same way we will regret when we started the world as we know that all the time that was spent in sleeping, the sleep of off and most of the time we sleep that sleep because we have been staying awake to too late in the night and staying awake too late and then and not with the vices of Allah subhanho wa Taala. For most of us. We are not we don't sleep late because I was reading so much for our readings of a novel or something. We stay up late because I

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was in this club or with that friend or on Facebook or watching some stupid television program which has no sense whatsoever. And that's why I'm late to sleep. And then because I'm late to sleep I'm late to wake up

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and the same regret. While I had woken up 30 minutes earlier I would have to wrap up as well. And that value of that tour of badges you won't read it you will see it on the Day of Judgment.

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But there's no point in need or the judgment because you're not going to get we just have regret to say so how live via work and apart if I had woken up half an hour earlier I would have got to another budget today that rocket of charges on my visa in my skin would be worth more than all this earth and whatever it contains. But that turaga gadget is available for us today free of cost.

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All it needs is 30 minutes 30 minutes of waking up. So lots of other time comes in that now it's coming in at about 448 or something for about half an hour early wake up at 415 you got enough and more time to get that job. Great. So go on and we will do some Koran and then you are in the masjid well in time to everything else.

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So I find myself venue that Allah Allah has said very clearly

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how they now Seville we have shown the way we have shown the way we've given the opportunity we have created the environment we have created the infrastructure Alhamdulillah the masjid has yet to do what to do.

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With wasn't wasn't there, we'll go to some other measures but obviously, distances or so on and so forth.

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hamdulillah tanglers Allah Allah made things so convenient for us. Obviously Allah cannot convert to our deposit.

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So the budget is right next to that goal.

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Go in time be in time, pray in time.

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Be early.

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Unless you're on the way, and

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why am I, the one who is grateful and honored and grateful to ungrateful is not to use the facilities that Allah has given us. Allah gave us Ramadan, and there are people who have not used on them the way they should have used it.

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And they are not among them, we have used that or not, we can't say we did justice, because nobody really does justice. But we tried our best to the extent that we could do color back surgery. But the same thing applies throughout the years, not only

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ever, is allowed every opportunity to please Allah subhanaw taala you should make it a point never to miss an opportunity to please Allah Subhana Allah, because while on the Day of Judgment, that's the only thing which will come.

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The only thing which will count is the pleasure of Allah subhana wa that that thing is nothing, it's

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not the pleasure of your friends and relatives and this and that. If that came at the cost of the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala I think it's, there is no pleasing the creature and the displeasure of Allah.

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Therefore, I find myself anew to take every opportunity to please Allah subhanaw taala and to make a little bit of effort, so that on the Day of Judgment, we will not regret

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that half hour. So Allah what a shameful thing to regret half an hour in the lab.

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We don't want to do that. We want to make sure that we do things in such a way that on the Day of Judgment, at least we can say Allah, whatever I could do, I did. I'm not saying it is complete. I'm not saying it is worthy of you, but at least what I could do 100 and that's where we would like to be the Laguna Hara swannack as one or bigger village at MIT formosana Mussolini