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The speakers discuss the use of "slackday" in English translation and how it can lead to confusion and misunderstandings. They use examples such as "bringing a smile" and "bringing a smile" to illustrate their point that "good words" and "good social standing" are both real and possible. The speakers stress the importance of having a good friend in one's life, as it is crucial for everyone to have a good friend. They also emphasize the importance of sharing true friendships in life, rather than just one source of information.

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Well, the title isn't there. Okay, we are live

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with hamdulillah salat wa salam, O Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah He or savage in Somalia, Kumara, tala ricotta everybody. We're going to talk today a little bit about one last example of singular and plural actually, in fact, today it's plural and then singular. That happens in this really interesting depiction of judgment day from sort of Shara, sort of Shara is the 26th surah of the Quran. And this is kind of, you know, one of the things when you when you study or read Koran carefully, you'll find that Allah does these unusual

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switches. So he'll switch from past tense to present tense or plural to singular or singular to plural or third person to first person or past tense to present tense, we've seen a bunch of these different kinds of switches, right? And each one of them, they're there to get your attention. Like, why did that happen? Like, if a normal speech was going on that typical speech, then it would have stayed the same, but something switched, right. And these unusual switches, that's where a lot of the wisdom and a lot of the subtlety and doctrine lies. And that's a lot of the stuff that kind of becomes really hard to translate, you know, in a flowing translation of the Quran. And so we visit

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when you're reading it in English translation, you just miss those kinds of subtleties. So let me get right to it and sort of shut up and see what we can learn from this example. If you can show the screen please. This is the end towards the end not really the end. Not even the end Actually, it's there's this alongside more than middle of sort of shot up

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again, so number 26. Well, what reason tells you Hey, Moodle horween and Hellfire was set ablaze for those who kept deviating the people who deviated far away. Well, chirala homina Makoto taboo and it's going to be said to them, where are the things that you used to worship mean doula other than Allah alien sunako? Are they going to be helping you? Those false gods that you worship Judgment Day Allah is asking, or angels are asking Oh, you enter serum can they even help themselves? For cube Kibo v Ha. So they were all silenced? Shut up domesticated Kumbaya and cup Kaaba is also used for when you take a wild horse and the horseman is able to domesticate and get the wild out the animal.

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That's what it's used for to so for cookie raffia it's like their wildness has been tamed. They got tamed on Judgment they are so wild as disbelievers but on judgment that they got tamed in that moment and it whole hog wound them and the deviated ones meaning the even the false gods that you believed in all God tamed to what do you know do you believe Sarge merwin and who else got

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tame the armies of the devil all of them all together? Carlo homefree hayase rune and they will all say in it in hell. While they are arguing with each other, the lahi incunabula feeble early Moby and we swear by Allah we absolutely were lost and obvious misguidance is due so we call Mirabile alameen when they look at those false gods and say when we made you people, you creatures equal to the master of all nations, so they're going to the people that worshipped other gods are going to be looking at those gods and saying, what were we thinking making you Gods next to Allah? How do we do this? How do we make you equal to Allah? Well, ma Lanai la mujer de mon and none but criminals

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misled us. So criminal people, bad people, you know, they're bad company. They're bad influence. They made us misled. So they're blaming others, right? So now they're complaining that nobody's here to help them out because their entire mentality was they believed in these false gods because somehow these guides will help them on Judgment even if there is a cap God with a capital G. These Gods with the Lord g are gonna step in and say, Hey, this one's with me. This one's okay. Okay, so that but they're not getting anybody to help them. No, no saviors coming in front of God and being a shield for them. Right so now they're complaining What are we going to do we have to face God

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directly are the consequences so they say for Marlena and this is why I brought this up for Marlin amin, Shah, if you read enough, he knows what does that tell you?

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singular pair plural plural. Plural gentlemen Jeju right Minh Shafi Nina, what a Saudi 10 tamiment.

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101, singular, plural. So the singular. So they say and there's no one to put in a good word. There's no there's nobody to put in a good word and the nobody to put in a good word is plural. We don't have people to put in a good word for us. When I said you can have him and we don't have any

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The intimate friend.

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What? So they started with parole, and they went to one, singular. And the meaning is, in some sense, obvious, but the implications may not be as obvious. There's a lot of people who can put in a good word for you. Your teacher could say, Yeah, he's a nice student. Right? neighbors can see Yeah, they're nice people. Right? cashier Can you can favorite the groceries because you can say, that's a nice customer. Getting somebody to put in a good word for you is that hard. People that know you, and work people that know you socially, people that know you at the masjid people that know you casually may have a good opinion of you, they don't know all your dirty secrets, they don't know all

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your dirty laundry, they don't know. They haven't traveled with you, they haven't been annoyed by you. They don't, they don't know all the other sides of you, they know one side of you, right? So there's a lot of people that can put in a good word for you. Right.

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But when and so this means true friend. And Hamid means intimately close. So a friend who is intimately close to your best friend knows all your good habits and your bad habits knows your temper tantrums, knows what you'd like to eat, knows who you like knows who you don't like, knows how you talk about what other people around those how you talk, the way you talk when you're just you and your friend. Because when you're just with your friend, you talk different people stop walks in, you're gonna talk different. If your parents walk in, you're gonna have different when you're with your your real friend, your boy, it's a different conversation, right? It's a different level

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of non filter, right? And you have a lot of people like that in life, or just a few feet, sometimes just one. Right? So notice what happens people that can vouch for you. There's many of those, but people that are truly a friend,

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there is just one, maybe two, very, very few. So that reality got captured by the plural followed by the singular, and that's a reality in this life.

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And in it, there's also now that's the that's the observation. But what's the lesson here? The lesson here is that first people turn to false gods, then people turn to their social standing,

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meaning what people think of them as a shield. And finally, they'll realize that the only people that they might have been able to turn to our wide, close, intimate friends, but on Judgement Day, even the closest of relationships won't mean anything. And it's also interesting that another dimension of these AI artists, we didn't live the kind of life where somebody would actually vouch for us on Judgement Day.

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People were nice to us, we were nice to them. But we lived a pretty terrible life in rebellion to Allah. So actually, nobody dare speak on our behalf today. And we actually never had a sincere friend.

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We never had a true friend, because a true friend would have pointed us towards the truth. We didn't have someone who truly cared for us, because if they truly deeply cared for us, they would have wanted us to be well off in that life and in this life, right? So choose the society that just just just because people vouch for you in this life, just because people have a good opinion of you and me in this life, doesn't mean we're good people.

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And doesn't mean those people are adding any value, they have some value, if they were able to actually even stand for you and say this is I believe testified in your favor on Judgement Day. Because you know, when we did go to someone, they weren't may not even have a choice, they'll have to testify, this person did good.

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Other people's lives, maybe a testimony for what we did on judgment day. You know, and so, I know the other side. So the I mean, these are the kinds of people that will a level reunite them and

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we want to have the kinds of friends we will have the kinds of people that are helping us become better. They're helping us become more patient, they're helping us become more in control of our temper. They're helping us become more charitable, we're understanding they're helping us get back on track, if we're falling off on our prayers, we're helping, they're helping us, you know, manage difficult situations in a way that's pleasing to Allah. That's a real friend, a friend who's like, hey, you're doing something that's gonna mess you up in nakara. So let me let me help you. Let's let's work on this together. Right. That's a Sunday coming. And they're the tragedy on judgment day,

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right? One tragedies, they worship false gods and their ultimate lament in the end, the ultimate tragedy for them is we didn't have a real friend.

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What are so different? I mean, come on. I mean, Shireen when I said you can Hamid so holla.

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And this this on the on the flip side, is the believer. And unbeliever has also said mthfr. We don't need Shafi. We need one. We don't need everybody vouching for us. We need a source I said I'm saying this is a member of my own money, and he or she lived up or tried to live up to the the responsibility I left them with. That's enough for us. Mandela the ash fell in our endowment

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Isn't he? right and that's also a loss. I said, Oh, and then on judgment day when Allah unites us and we are friends with each other, we actually get to it's really subtle that as we're walking towards heaven, or we're not we haven't made it yet that we use the plural

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robina at mym Lana no runner

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as opposed to rob be at mem Lee new re master complete my light. We're actually walking together as believers. And when the wall was dropped between believers and hypocrites, we as believers speak collectively. Button dome enforcer, calm what upto ohakune Tara Bastogne, like all those verbs that are being used for that? No, we you used to be with us, but you did you procrastinated, you didn't make a change in your behavior, and we're speaking collectively. In other words, there is a closeness even on judgment day, after all the individual struggles are done, and we're marching towards heaven. There's actually a closeness and togetherness. You know, that's, that's pretty

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powerful. And their togetherness, unfortunately, is what do they have in common? Their togetherness is in Oh, we picked the wrong gods. And we all got misguided by criminals. Now, we don't have any real friends there. There's, they're speaking together yet. They have nobody to they can't even watch for each other. And they're not even friends with each other because other places in order and they're gonna start cursing each other out. They're gonna start yelling at each other. We are on the other hand, asking each other, we make an agenda. We're congratulating each other, you know, and yet alone, we're asking each other questions so how was it for you? Because I died in like, that year

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you were still alive right? Was it get easier now? I got harder but humbling.

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When I have those kinds of conversations or reunion agenda reunion, right, yeah. Hey, who's that? He's my great grandpa from the fifth century for the 15th century.

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That's quite elegant. Yeah, he's looks young as you man. Yeah, cuz it's gentle, bro. Yeah.

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We're gonna have those kinds of reunions. May Allah azza wa jal give us the Shah of His Messenger sallallahu Sallam on judgment day. And may Allah grant us genuine friends in this life. Having friends on social media are not friends. instafollowers tik tok followers. followers are not friends, those are just clicks. That's not a friend, a friend is someone who will be there when you're in trouble. A friend is someone who will be there when you fall. And they're there to pick you up. They're just and you're there for them. Their pain becomes your pain.

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They're there when you're happy, it makes them happy. When you're sad, it makes them sad. Those are friends. And those are very few in life. And I pray all of you find one or more of real friends in your life. You know, because you realize when you're who your real friends are, when things get tough, or difficulty comes then acquaintances start disappearing. Right friends, brother, and Islam is the one who calls you to remember it's

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Yes, but more than that. calling somebody to the remnants of Allah is beautiful, but it's a part of the picture. What's the other part of the picture?

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A brother is someone who like you know, the unsolved were true friends to the module. You know, your Buddha Menagerie, like they have a deep love for the people who migrated towards them. But if you do not other unforeseen, they give them preference over themselves. They're ready to sacrifice for their brother. You know, they're ready to do something for them rather than like, go out of your way to try to help somebody. Right? It's what it's easy to it's not like oh, I have a reminder for you

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that's cool.

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There's also some good powerful reminders but you know what, he was so sincere to people

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he was so deeply sincere towards people and helpful towards people and that's that's a characteristic that makes the reminder powerful because sometimes the person is all talk they can give you a great reminder but they're not there for you. Right.

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So what good is that reminder? Yeah, you know, so let's let's try to be people have sincere deep friendship and shelter and again, I pray that Allah blesses you with that gift, because that is a profound gift to have in this life. Particularly welcome So guys, have a good day inshallah. Remember, do your best and I'll do the rest to what you can retitle this real friends