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In the lumber dealer, it was

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rather it was hard to hear him on whether

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or bad it was Ronald Allah mentioned in Surah Yunus

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in Odia, Allahu Allah hope when I leave him alone, one lady in a armano tahune level Boucher Phil had to do Nia villa. So the Hello loves him. Allah subhanaw taala mention it doesn't matter I said very Lee, the earlier of Allah are those

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Allah in Alia la de la Hoeven, Allah, Allah, these are the people for whom there is no fear and for whom there is no husband, sadness

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alladhina amanu Lacan We are the one who are these people. These are people who are women. And we're taqwa.

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And for them what is the result of this? lol Bushra. Phil has the dunya of laughter

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for them there is Bashara there is good news in this dunya as well as in the

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live show you can desire.

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Unfortunately, these are the ads which are among the most misunderstood in the world Quran

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Allah subhanaw taala did not reveal these ayat.

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So that we can designate so and so as the value of allowance was the value of Allah number one number two, Allah also did not mention anybody in the Quran as is really

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these ayah is of great Bashara and of great good news for the whole of the Muslim in all Muslims.

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Because in this ayah Allah subhanaw taala is mentioning two things.

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One is Allah subhanaw taala as mentioning the hours of the quality of his audio,

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who are his audio and then allows Renata is mentioning

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the benefits of being early of Allah.

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So what is the quality of the valley? Allah Zina Amano. Where can we adopt who is only Allah, somebody who has human and was taqwa see the beauty of the ban of the Koran?

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He man is to believe

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that Allah is the proof of that belief,

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that wise to act

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to think about this. Why? Why what is the need to mention the call after a man

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because without taqwa there is no proof that there is even

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La ilaha illAllah He is the man

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La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah is the doorway through which you enter Islam, that is the man

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who established Salah is the one

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duck what is action?

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Like why is not just saying that I have the fear of Allah, or I have the fear of offending Allah has the view of the love of Allah divine if you are to disobey Him not

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see the CD.

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The explanation and again, I'm not giving you my explanation, I'm giving you the explanation of those who learned the Kalam of Allah at the feet of the one who received the Kalam Allah.

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What resides in our hearts definition of taqwa somebody has been what is the meaning of the vow do we define

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what it is? He said, Have you ever walked

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through walked on a narrow path

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with rose through thorn bushes?

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demand areas is that how do you walk

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is that I gather my clothes around me very close to make sure that my clothes do not catch on any other thoughts. He said that is the

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See The Description that He has given. It's a description of action.

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That is why taqwa is the proof of event. If somebody says I have given and you do not find the coin is life then he has naman

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and when I'm saying somebody, I'm not saying this so that now we go around looking at people and say, well you know, does he have Taqwa does he have upon ourselves? Allah insha Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. Why did Allah revealed desire? Allah Subhana Allah revealed his eye so that we have a meter by which to judge whether I am a worthy of a law not.

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And when I say I'm only a one or not, that is not to announce to the world that I'm aware of our lives for ourselves internally.

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is for ourselves into the IRA did not come for us to designate somebody else as early so enjoy is a great way to think about this even if you are first of all, even if somebody says about someone else, so and so is a great one.

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Right? He is being without knowledge because he does not know Allah is not revealed to him who is what is only the only of Allah are hidden, or the only of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala reveal the names of his ambia Allah did not reveal the name of his earlier

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Right. So, what are the odds of Allah Allah Allah knows.

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Only Allah knows if somebody says what is the value of Allah, then that person by that definition itself is lying because there is no way that he can say that so and so is an easily he can this once was an AVI, from among the ambia will be named so as long as the knowledge is Robbie Mousavi, there's no doubt about that I mentioned that. But among the Olia of Allah, you cannot specifically name a person just as you cannot specifically name a person as so and so is a dynamic you cannot say that so and so, it will go into Jana. How do you know you do not know even even if a lie was really one ourselves with even if it is a person who we know has lived a bad life. We do not know in what

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state he died. Maybe even maybe ALLAH forgive him. Who are you to say who am I to say anything? So it is not there is a very famous from the CLR there is a very famous story. There was one mohajirs daddy who was living with

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his younger brother, and he passed away. So when he died, the sort of went there

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to their house. And the wife of the answer is Avi

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was very upset because obviously this man is a very good man he was he lived with them and they're very fond of a lot of love between the two brothers. So the wife of the answer is Avi she was very upset. And in that state of being upset when the game geezer jasola definitely this man is a man of gender.

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She said yeah, Zola definitely this man is a man of gender identity, is that a bad thing to say?

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Is that or is that a bad thing? But you know, what sort of reaction became red with anger?

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And she said and he said to her, are you receiving Why

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are you receiving money? How do you say he's a man of gender?

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What does it mean does it mean that the man was in Ghana? No. He is correcting her statement to say that for a Muslim to say about somebody that so and so is a man of gender or so and so as a matter of Ghana, this is not permitted. We do not know this

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inshallah that value is in Ghana inshallah all good people. melas Mandela, take everyone into Janna. May Allah give us the opportunity to make Toba before we die so that we go into agenda we don't put any criteria with a good people that are included in the good people or not. Well, that's why they make top make top of a gala swatara to give us office, to make those of antigen, but to make a statement, a definitive statement about an individual.

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This is not just in his lap, this is to speak about Allah without knowledge, which is the Haram of the Haram.

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So then why is desirable so that it is a meter for us to judge for ourselves internally? Where am I on this journey to becoming a valuable?

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Here's the question, do you want to become valuable or not? First question. Do you want to be Yes, of course, Randall Angela. So what is the way Eamon was taqwa? Allah Xena Amano bukanlah Taku Eva, what is even, even is to be firm and stand straight on the heat

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to be straight and firm on the rasanya of Allah subhanho wa Taala on the result of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam without any deviation in this.

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And then what is dukkha dukkha is to live our life in a way which reaffirms the schema

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to act in a way which confirms the man is upon the establishment of Salah is

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to understand the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one to lead our life in a way which is obedient to the outcome of Allah Allah Allah is taqwa to lead our life in a way where the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is reflected in our lives is

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never to disobey Allah. Today a new argument is starting

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because the Olympics now will be in Ramadan. Is it just for the Muslim athletes to make other of their for groza

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right the song which is far easier for them to make as of this far because I have to participate in the Olympics. See where the where the Muslim is going or what is this

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and I don't want to sit and make fun whether it is dies or not. I know I know in my heart What is dies or what not yet, but I just say that this is the dilemma of the Muslim today in something which is as ridiculous as a game but what what is so great about this because you bought it Olympics, it makes it something worthwhile. It's again,

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again, by definition is fun again,

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By definition has no significance just because you make money in it just because you call it Olympics

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but that itself is a man now a matter of somebody has to actually take a decision. Do you think he was how he was in that place? He would have even spent maybe 10 seconds thinking about this.

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We have actually

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between now and then the Rio de Fatah flying all over the place and people bills because each other and there was the the Salama there you know some of these alama there there are other animals there. Oh no But you see, it is okay and this will give the flat flag of Islam flying. By using your vast and bought

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by the wedding will be in LA when I do.

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That is to prove

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our demand not to the world to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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whether you get up in the night and stand diviners run with Allah or not only Allah knows, the world does not know. But that is a reflection of taqwa.

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That's a reflection of taqwa. Who do we who do we ask for help from only Allah knows we do not know.

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People to the world does not know that's a reflection of the weather the NACA Amano. We're currently at the hole and we are gonna do give us this if we have this. What is Allah de Laval Boucher Villa de dunia or villa.

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For them there is good news and glad tidings in this dunya and the extra bonuses. This is something which I keep on saying over and over again. Islam does not

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does not preach or does not promise hardship in the dunya and only ease in the general Islam promises a good life here and a good life they're both places. Lower Bashara will have dunia, Villagra alive, alive which is fear free from fear free from one free from hardship in this dunya and alive which is what Allah Subhana Allah inshallah will give us, we ask Allah subhanaw taala for Jenna on the on the when we go before him on the development, as well as to open our hearts and to help us to see the reality of his karma and to help us to see all the good things that he has shown us in such a way that we practice them in our lives and bring them fully into our lives. And then

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therefore then we will inshallah, by His mercy, we entered into a Jana masala Alana will carry while Ali was the rationality girl