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Henry learnable alameen wa salatu salam ala Mia when we're sitting on early was heavy is made no bad

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unless Ronald Allah said the Baraka Livia De Luca, while actually change the view and the mouth, our hair, Talia blue eyes and

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I was not allowed to glorifying His Glorious Name.

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He said also that he is in control of everything, and I polish it. And then last round, that is it. I love the Hala tomato and had the Abu Akuma master novel, he created death and life in order to see who does the best deeds

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the best of deeds. The question here is not whether who does bad things and good things. The question is not the differentiation between sin and virtue. The differentiation is only in what's

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in the good deeds, who does the best of them.

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So, first of all, we understand from this that for the Muslim it is not expected that he will deliberately do something wrong.

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Something happened by mistake, because of Koffler because of lack of knowledge. Because the facades that's a different matter and immediately he makes the one but deliberately the word do something which is haram deliberately to go through and go and do something which angers Allah subhanaw taala deliberately to go out into the sun. Now, this is not from the expectation mostly,

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but among the good DD LS rather than Diablo COVID

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The issue is that we will test and that is the test is to see who does the best of the DS.

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Therefore, I remind myself I knew that with even with the good things we do,

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we need to ask ourselves which is the better deed

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which is the better deed we make Salah but to make the same Salah in the masjid by Gemma is a better deed.

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So have the like gel it makes it accepted, accepted no matter where you make it in Java. But it is not the best leads. The best DDS is you go to the machine.

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And so also with everything else.

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And the best of the day is also the best the the images that are in the law

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to do the Tao of Islam to take Islam to the people.

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So we each thing we do, unfortunately what happens is we get to this minimalist thinking, which is that we do just the basic minimum that is required. You know for everything we say this is the minimum but we're gonna get a copy not only to do work,

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but when it comes to our own things in this dunya nobody is satisfied with one piece of bread, you can survive one row to take

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advantage of at 130 a day is a very good way of getting making sure that you stay healthy for a long time because most of our illnesses are because of eating more not because of eating less.

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But nobody's that is bad with that one rhodia day you know one motorcycle or one market under god no no.

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In the dunya I need at least about cities minimum.

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minimalist thinking if I can only assume I agree only that but I will not pay one pocket more than that. If I can read only this much, I will the road is not one I am more than that.

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This is not the way to attain close the service monitor

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because the closeness to Allah subhanaw taala comes from the deeds which are supererogatory which is what is nothing nothing is that which is not required tracklist visa translation or not.

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It is not required. If you don't do it you will not Allah will not give you a present. Do not create the hatches in your whole life. Unless I want to punish you. Suppose you never prayed that I mean your whole life, not punish you.

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But also you will not get the reward for it naturally if you're not praying it you can't get the reward.

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Allah Allah Allah said that the one who breeds the Ravi who breeds the Salah needs Allah and stays with the Imam till the man finishes. We'll get what he said when the vibe when he prays

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and whatever comes with it and it stays with the Imam till the man finishes. He will get the reward for the worship of the whole night.

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I mean other than anything, you get what you bought half the night then you

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also buy Jamal and you get the the reward for the whole night and so many. So the point is that

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if somebody stays with a man

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today we talk about 20 I got you are lucky you don't have Maliki as your manager you would be brain 36 not 20

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then people are worried about what the what that

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What about you,

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Mr. President? Is that what you do?

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So, the issue is not the number of the issue is, how can I do more?

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And then we know that that is

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that the the the, to the effect that there might live come so close to me by his now

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it is understood why if a man is not even doing that, where is the question of being close allies while

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you're talking about someone who is obviously doing, but beyond the

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meaning of which is that the lies they've come so close to me by his novel, that I become the hand by which he holds

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me and then I become the IBC by which he did the foot the foot by which he works. So, hard logic and Allah said that he Viva La I will accept this door, if somebody is an enemy to him that I declare war against that person, Allah has declared war against only two people, the one who is Riba and the one who fights and who irritates

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Allah I declare war against dawn, who is close to me like this, and there are laws regarding this and I hate to take his soul because he does not like that.

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But how do you get to that position

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by doing more than what is required

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in lieu,

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so I remind myself when you try to do more and more, not do less and try to do more and more and more and increase our about that and increase our, the hazard that we know so that we get closer and closer to Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah to make it easy for us especially in this month of Ramadan and in the coming days inshallah from tomorrow, the last day after tomorrow, the last 10 days of this month, start about which is Allah, Allah, may Allah reward the chef yesterday he told us there are hazards with regard to a gap and so forth. And Alhamdulillah let us make full use of that and make the best benefit of that. So that we can truly we do not know whether we are going to

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get one more best. We do not know whether we get donor So, so many people we know in this city people we know personally, they were they were here with us last summer that this is not they are not there and that they are not there with us. They are not there in the world.

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They have left and God and some of them were or some of them are not some of them are young people who we never expected that these people will die. Nobody ever expects that somebody will say I will not expect I will die. I always expect somebody else will die. But did I will go dive into company Alcala will I get the I don't even know whether I will get this a cup but in July

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we'll get the next one I don't know.

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And then when we start with one Allah subhana wa jal on that day, May Allah not make it for us as a source of regret is also an important layer.

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Because the further elevate the gap for one, they have a tug of war will also have delegates, 10 days of ethica in those days as the judges today

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do get the letters.

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If you are making anything up for all 10 days and doesn't matter whether it is 2729 or 24.

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We don't have to worry about all that whichever date is handled, I got it.

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One layer is 183 years of worship, Can you believe that? So it's

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a three years of continuous worship for 83 years. It is physically impossible to do even if you wanted to do it, it is impossible physically to do it 24 hours of worship

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but that one lens will cover in 83 years of worship and the simple way to get it is in ethica University.

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Allah make it easy for us to understand these things the value of this so that then it becomes easy when you understand the value of the hammer the fall of the hammer, then the hammer becomes even bigger I know what I'm what I'm getting there is not a matter of saying oh this is different than what when we start with this difficult this gold man is gold in your pocket and what what more do you want

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to make it easy for us and to enable us to make the maximum benefit from these days so that when we stand before Him in law, then we stand there with his mercy and with his forgiveness was Allah Allah will vary while he was happy, as made