Omar Suleiman – How To Make The Most Of Your Salah

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of praying five times a day to stop sexual behavior and avoid embarrassment is emphasized. The use of "by the way" to describe experiences of praying and the potential for negative emotions is also discussed. The importance of praying for Islam is also emphasized, with references to shampoos, soap, and fragrances. The potential for humans to achieve a holy spirit through various forms of showering is also discussed, along with the potential for humans to protect their bodies from evil elements. Prayer for god's awesome act of peace and love is also discussed, along with the use of praying for Islam to purify deeds and strengthen relationships.
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We begin by praising Allah subhana wa Tada and bearing witness that none has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is this final messenger, we ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him and those that follow in his blesseth footsteps until the Day of Judgment, we ask Allah to make us amongst them, Allah humma I mean, the brothers and sisters, oftentimes, we are looking for something special, to provoke in us a connection to Allah subhana what's added that we feel like we have seen

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in others and that we envy.

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And so you'll have people that asked for this very special equation, you know, share what's $1 I can make so that I can quit the sin? Can you give me a winner? Can you give me something to read on a daily basis and that way I can finally connect to Allah subhanho to Allah, what's something that can finally make me feel like I'm connected to Allah throughout the day? What is this amazing script, find me the story that's buried in a book, find me anything that can get me out of the situation that I am in. And subhanAllah I want you to think about a person who would go to the doctor and who would receive a very specific prescription. And that prescription seems almost too easy and too good

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to be true. There's no mystery to it. And there's no shortage of its treatments, and it is 100%.

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In its likelihood to cure you. And I want you to think about the thing that you do on a daily basis, but maybe don't appreciate so much a Salah five daily prayers, the most beloved of deeds to ALLAH SubhanA hoods ad and you know, maybe you don't appreciate it if you've been doing it your entire life, or especially if you've been doing it your entire life. But someone looks at you from the outside and says You really have to pray five times a day no matter what and pull away and find this corner. And so that person that's walking in the airport, and that sees you next to a gate or that person that school that sees you on time praying, and in the corner doing your record and your

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schedule, you look like a monk to that person. But to you this is just another another thing you got to get done throughout the day.

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And I want you to think about how special these five prayers are for a moment. That the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that they are a humble Armani in Allah, the Most Beloved of deeds to Allah Salah Tony ruchti, our Salah to Allah Oktibbeha to pray on time is the most beloved of these to Allah subhanho wa Taala when that Zakharova lamb vishay no one will come to me no one of my slaves will come closer to me with anything. Hmm after to Who are they, with anything more beloved than that which I have prescribed upon them before TIAMO Lael, before the special day before this amazing story. It's these five prayers that you have when you talk about Maha Sabha and Morocco but

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when you talk about self accounting and observing the sight of Allah subhanaw taala upon you, there is no deed more powerful than the one that you have been instructed to do five times a day if you pray, right. If you establish the prayer, right, so I want to sit with this idea for a bit where Allah subhanaw taala says and Switzerland Kabuto toma are here in a communal Kitab Joaquim is Salah, recite that which has been revealed to you of the book and established the prayer in NA Slotta 10 Hara and in fascia it will Mancha. Verily the prayer forbids, it stops you. It forbids you from falling into an fascia, well, one cup, two categories of sins. The ruler might have long, beautiful,

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powerful reflections on these two categories. If you read the English translation, it would say the major and the minor sins, the extremely foul sins and the sins that might be considered more consistent or more regular or amongst the Overlook sins. But the point is, all sins fall under these two categories. And fascia tends to represent in the Sharia that which has a level of disgust that which is clubby that which is flagrant that which is which represents a different stage and your distance from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada That's why Allah azza wa jal refers to Zina, adultery, fornication and all types of sexual deviance with this term of fat Keisha because it's foul it takes

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you so far away from Allah subhanaw taala. Well wouldn't count as the most subtle or most specific way could Luma and Cara has Shara everything that Allah Subhana Allah has forbidden in his legislation falls under Moon count in some way. The point is prayer is a guard against these things. And a person might say, well, how come I pray but I still commit these sins. Does that mean I'm not praying at all?

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and there is a Hadith that's narrated in a Toba, Ronnie. That is extremely weak but that gets quoted frequently that seems to indicate that much where the prophets lie Selim in this report is said to have said men lantana who Salah to who and fascia a woman caravaners Allah Tala who, whoever is not stopped from these sins, the major ones, the minor ones, the flagrant ones, the regular ones by their salah, then it is as if they have no Salah their prayer is not recorded for them. Now this hadith is problematic not just in its center, not just in its chain, but in what it might indicate. There is a report from the Panama City with little the low tide and hope and the love not above so

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the Allahu Anhu in their words manlam 10 Who Salah to who and in fascia it will mancha lamb yes that we have Amin Allah He Illa border, it is a scary one, that whoever does not find that their prayer takes them away from evil, obscene deeds from sinning, then they did not get from their prayer except for distance. Salah is called it is a slur it's a connection to Allah subhanaw taala that is meant to bear closeness, closeness. And here, if you are treating your prayer, like a chore, or maybe even doing it just to get by, then it may actually be distancing you further from ALLAH SubhanA time A lot can be said about this, that if the most potent form of connection that you have

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to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah does absolutely nothing for you, then at the very least, there's a hardening of the heart that's taking place.

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Someone that comes into the religion for the first time and learns this, the law for the first time. Might tasted sweetness quicker than someone that's been praying for so many years. And in sha Allah, Allah, the Salah is documented for them, but the heart has not been softened in any way. And the closeness to Allah subhanaw taala is not being established. Now there are two incidents with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that are very important in regards to this idea, which is that there's a difference between a person who is praying and who is falling even in fact Isha, even in deep sin. But that goes to their prayer and hopes that their prayer will cure them from that and

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seeks a connection with Allah subhanaw taala but is at a particular point in their journey. See, a lot of times you diagnose to people wrong, because you you frame them based on the output and the exact same way. The Mona Lisa could look indistinguishable from the struggling Muslim to the outward eye.

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But there's something of the heart. And so we find an authentic narration that the Companions came to the Prophet saying something they said yeah, whistle Allah in the Fulani, you're suddenly being the hub wire stripper believe think about this lifestyle. This man prays in the day, or is prays at night and steals during the day.

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Think about this. He prays during the day he steals at night. He lives between Salah and Sadiq, Khan theft, and the prophets like Selim responded, he said in a salata who lets out there, who that his prayer will one day bring him back. And another. Another authentic narration from NSL. the allotted time manually said in the first 10 minutes on solid county your Salima? Hello. So the lady sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that there was a young man from the unsought and realize no one was Muslim that long with the Prophet sly son and because his entire mission on earth was two decades I think his salatu salam, and if you're a non Saudi, that means that it's less than a decade. And so

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this young man used to pray with the Prophet salallahu Salam, but look into his description by the companions. Some Mullah Jada che and when alpha Hershey Illa Kiba there wasn't a single one of the obscene deeds except that he was guilty of those deeds. For we'll see if Allahu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah, he was spoken about to the prophets lie. Some describe to the prophets lie some in this regard. And the prophets I said, I'm said in a salata who, certain how Yeoman one day is prayer is going to stop him.

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One day, his prayer will will bring him back. Look, the man has shut a lot of doors between him and Allah subhanaw taala don't shut the most important door that he has. And to all of the people in here that are struggling even with a major sin. don't diminish the major sin but don't let shape on getting your head and tell you what's the point of your Salah if you're committing the sin. And honest goes on to say Subhan Allah that this young man repented to Allah subhanaw taala shortly after the prophets lie, some subdued and so don't let the shape on play you into thinking that at any point giving up the Salah is necessary because you've distanced yourself that much from Allah

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subhanaw taala but then it brings us back to the idea then what is the ayah saying if it's not saying stop praying if it's not getting you to stop the sins and not getting you to be more accountable with the say at

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Then what is the I actually saying? And this is the beautiful Hadith from Jabra ignore Abdullah Radi Allahu Allah and that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, method of Salah till humps Kathakali Naharin Jarin Ramadan wifey rewire as when the prophets lie some said the example of your five daily prayers is like a flowing deep river, a flowing deep river. And in one narration I've been which means it's sweet. Imagine a sweet, flowing river, Allah Darby Adhikam, that is right in front of your door. Now I want you to just think about what's being suggested here, number one there in the mindset, you can take every word of the Hadith and there's beauty it's flowing so it doesn't

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stay still. And it doesn't become corrupted at any point. It's like a flowing pure river. The second thing it is deep. There is plenty of water for everyone to immerse themselves in the Salah is there as a cure for every single person that wants it. There is no shortage of it. You don't need to go anywhere necessarily for it. Of course the masjid has its place, saying in general, it's there for you. It is near to you. It is consistently available to you. And it is meant to immerse every single part of your body and it is sweet.

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And It's right there. It's right there. You don't have to travel for it. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the example is that a person bathes in that river five times a day.

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What type of filth would remain on a person as a person, Rahim Allah comments on this. If he bathes five times a day, think about a person who showers shampoos, soaps up conditions five times a day. Perfumes everything physically speaking. Can you imagine a person like that? That showers five times a day? Can you imagine a person like that? That takes a real shower five times a day? What are they going to smell like? What are they going to look like? How fresh will they be? The province like Sonoma saying Imagine yourself spiritually bathing five times a day. And not all showers are the same.

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There's the Sunnah. There are different brands of shampoo, different brands of soap, different fragrances, different ways in which you scrub yourself not every shower is the same. There is a two minute shower and there is a 20 minute shower. Not every one of them is the same. But what they're saying when they comment on this is that a true Salah if you immerse yourself five times a day, a person could achieve Wilaya with Allah subhanaw taala a friendship with Allah subhanaw taala just through that alone. Why? Because just tasting the sweetness of that five times a day, how are you going to go from that to the rest of your day?

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And continue thinking the same way continue speaking the same way continue looking at the same things. And Allah azza wa jal continues, and he says, well, the Victrola he Akbar and the remembrance of Allah is greater and their intimate say this is loaded with beauty as well. Is the the remembrance of Allah greater in the salon or greater as a deterrence meaning and in now Jana fascia will mooncup as deterring you from these types of evils throughout the day. What what is the extent to which this AI is suggesting what are the Corolla he Akbar?

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And the scholars say a few things and we can reconcile them. Number one, can you imagine for a moment if in your prayer, you are allowed to use your phone and by the way, you're not allowed to use your phone in the prayer or insalata. Juma by the way can you imagine if in Salah, you're able to scroll through your phone? Can you imagine if you were able to have conversations during salah. I mean, you don't have to look further than toe off and aroma and Hajj. And the types of conversations that are ensuing there. Between the selfies and the conversations. I don't know how much thicker some people can get in a matter of just seven rounds. Can you imagine that in your Salah, the one

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time of the day, the five times of the day that you come to the prayer where you have to at least at the bare minimum, not talk about evil things not say evil things, not listen to evil things not look at evil things. Can you imagine if that was compromised? What a mercy from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that we're not allowed any of that? That is a llama from ALLAH SubhanA wa that's a huge mercy from Allah subhanaw taala we're not allowed any of that hamdulillah because Allah knows how distracted we be in thought. We're already distracted enough just by the thoughts

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for what came before and what comes after the Salah. But on top of that,

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the amount of time Rahim Allah says what is it that's going to prohibit a person from the effect of sin inside of them? It's the thicket inside the salon. When your whole body is in a state of wicked five times a day, and you're remembering Allah subhanaw taala Anna and as even Ambassador the Allah Tala and Huma says and beyond that if a person is in a state of remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala throughout the day

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then they don't even have to wait to be pulled to a full immersion of the kid five times a day. What greater way to protect yourself to protect your eyes to protect your ears to protect your tongue than being in a state of remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala throughout the day, you can't guard yourself around the consistent signals of evil today unless you have a consistent spiritual habit of connection to Allah subhanaw taala it's the only way the more extreme those signals get, the more committed you have to be to those things that Allah azza wa jal put right in front of you. So what am I saying Dear Brothers and Sisters, not all Salas are equal.

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But if you've been treating your Salah if you've been treating your five daily prayers is just an obligation you need to hurry up and get through and, and move on from

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take a step back

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and remind yourself that Allah azza wa jal just gave you the greatest gift and these five prayers, treat them right. Honor these five prayers, you know, subhanAllah there's a hadith and I'll end with this narration. It's a beautiful one, and it's similar to one that we hear around Ramadan. And it's also authentic,

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about two brothers.

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And it's narrated from Saudi Arabia castle, the Allah Tada and whose son narrates it from him that there were two brothers in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam,

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and one of them halacha huduma Cobla Sahibi he Barbarina Laila, one of them died 40 days before the others so just a little over a month before the other. One brother died before the other, and they were speaking in front of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and they were talking about the one who died first. One died 40 days before the other. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is listening to them praise the first one that passed away and then he says LM Yeah, Kunal ACARA. Messina wasn't the second one a Muslim to you're talking about the first one wasn't the second one a Muslim as well and the Prophet size on wants to make a point. They said belajar surah Allah cannula

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that's a bit he said, Yeah, so messenger of ALLAH and he wasn't, he was alright, like he was okay. Now that's a bit he he wasn't as great as the first one. And the prophets lie Salem, in this particular narration. He says, Well, now you'd recommend Bella to be his Salah too.

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What do you know about what rank has prayer delivered him to and the Prophet sign some repeated that the Salah the example of the Salah is like a flowing river in front of your homes five times a day that you could bathe in it. And the prophets lie Selim says in a Kamala drone, Emma Bella to be Salah to you don't know what rank his Salah took him to you don't know how much that extra month of just the five daily prayers alone actually elevated his rank, you have no idea.

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And your brothers and sisters when you go to the graveyard

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and you're seeing these people that are under the ground,

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and you ask yourself what it is they would want if they could have one more chance.

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It might just be that Salatin answer and that mantra you just do on the side and you do it as a sense of burden. Like I've got to get this out of the way. And for them, it would be more precious than an entire lifetime to just come back and to get one more slot to the hood. One more Juma? One more awesome. That's the gift that Allah azza wa jal has with you right now. If they could say give me one more chance, let me get one more the hood and one more acid in. What are we doing with these precious prayers? And so it's worth it's to immerse ourselves to learn the words that we're saying to add on the Sunnah. What are the crolla Akbar vicar is driven by love to add on the vicar after

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the Salah and beyond to remember Allah subhanaw taala between the two in the salata, 10 ha and in fascia you wouldn't want May Allah Subhana Allah prohibit us from the evil things that taint our souls that darken our hearts that don't allow us to perceive his greatness or the magnitude of the gifts that he's given to us anymore. May Allah subhanaw taala connect us to him in every way may Allah azza wa jal purify our deeds so that they are fully pleasing Tim Allahu Amina Kurokawa was tequila you will accompany certain Muslim infested Filipino

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah it he was like a human whether Allah MacWilliam you know what I mean as well Muslim you know, when a Muslim out here even humble and white indica Samia and Caribbean Mooji without a llama threaten our Hamner, worth one hour to live in an urban alumna and forcing our LM tough Atlanta hotel Hannah, learner corn and nominal ha serene Allah him in the car for when kidding went to Hibbeler for fat for Anna Allahumma Filippo Ali Deena Robert Hamama Kamara, bonus era Robina habla naman as well as you know the RIA Tina Kurata Ariane what Jana Linwood Sakina M.

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I'm Alana I'm sort of one and most other Athena female shout out to do MongoDB Allah Marisa Islam and Muslim meanwhile the law Szybko Academy in Belgium that are under the Allahumma Alika La Nina with Vitamina with footage now with one of them and being in Saudi mean about Allah and Allah here a little bit of advice on what you tell the court about where you inherited fascia who wouldn't want to tell you about the overcoming Allah come to electron with kulula healthcare comm watch guru or is it luck? What are the Corolla here Akbar? Allahu Ying, let us know and welcome

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