There Is No Good in Her!

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Assalamualaikum and welcome to Episode Four of human bodies and other animal fraud. In today's episode we're going to be talking about being attentive to our neighbors.

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In narration number 105 Mujahid narrates that a sheep was slaughtered for Abdullah bin mo and he said, Have you given any to our Jewish neighbor? Have you given any to our Jewish neighbor? I heard the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say Masada gibreel who use any bit Job had delved into unknown who say you were raithal jabril kept in joining me to be good my neighbors to the extent that I thought he would make them airs. So this is one Heidi that deals with good treatment of our neighbors. If we were to look at all of the Hadeeth that are mentioned regarding treating our neighbors well and the rights of our neighbors. I believe that most people will be astonished. I

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don't think most Muslims really understand two things about being good to one's neighbors. Number one, how much of a part of our faith that is number two, the extent to which our religion instructs us to be good to our neighbors regarding how important it is to our faith we see in Hadith number 119 from another one, that the Prophet sallallahu send them was asked about a woman who prays the night fast during the day she acts accordingly. She gives charity However, she abuses her neighbor with her tongue the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said nah Hey, Rafi, ha, he I mean early Nah, he said so I send them there is no good in her. She is from the people of the hellfire. Look at how

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in this Hadith, all of the good that she did from worship and charity was undone by her ill treatment of her neighbor. You know, sometimes we tend to look at Islam only as these certain acts of worship and we forget how important it is to our faith to our Islam to treat people well now regarding the extent to which Islam instructs us to be good to our neighbors. We see in the Hadith that we're discussing today. The prophets I send them said that jabril captain and joining me to be good to my neighbors until I thought that he would make them heirs meaning they would inherit from me meaning they are so very important. Think about it, who inherits from us, our family members, our

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close family members inherit from us and the parcels that are missing that jabril came in gave so much instruction regarding the neighbors that he thought that they would be in that position that place that rank of our own family members the narration of a 112 in other Battlefront the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Leysin movement and ladyish Barrow was Yahoo Jr. He said the believer is not one who fills their stomach while their neighbor is hungry. This means being aware, being attentive being cognizant of the needs of our neighbors, just as we would do with our own family members. Last but certainly not least, this headache underlines the point that our neighbors

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have rights upon us and we have to be good to them. Regardless of their faith. I'm delighted and I'm acting upon what he had learned from the Prophet sallallahu I didn't send them first asked about his Jewish neighbor. So one can even argue that if our neighbors aren't Muslim that we have to make even more of an effort to pay attention to their needs. This is so we don't end up neglecting them and therefore missing out on this essential part of our faith and allows Pamela tiada knows best. I will see you in the next episode, inshallah Jada said I'm on a coup de la E. Au barakato Hey, you're still here watching this video. The video is over. But I'm glad you're watching. Thank you so much

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