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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah he no matter who you know who wants to fill on a two wheeler a villa haematuria fusina. When you see Tia Marina Maria de la who follow Moodle Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah hi namaha hola sharika Why should you know Mohammed Abdullah who are pseudo

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Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed kanessa late Allah Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim A knucklehead hamidah Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Anwar Ernie Mohammed Kamara Ibrahim Ali le rahima indika hamidah mushy

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yeah Latina mo choco la haka, Ducati hola como una Illa unto Muslim fine. Tonight in sha Allah we talking about here is huge and huge goggan Magog and the story of fusion huge was mentioned in the Quran. And mentioned also in the authentic center.

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their appearance will be one of the major signs before the day of judgment. So they are mentioned in the famous hadith of proto effeminacy the referee of the Allahu in which also La Silla mentioned 10 major science and their events or their emergence

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before the end of times or towards the end of times, will take place their emergence will take place after the appearance of a malady and at the Jet and after Isa and SLM returns to Earth as a just rule of so this is the order the road Emma are confident about this order and Maddie then after Maddie addition will appear and then a Sally Salim will descend to Earth aisa will eliminate the jam. And after this event, the shoes will appear. They are mentioned in the name Gargan mccolgan, in Hebrew, but they have different meanings in the Bible. And in the Old Testament, they have different sometimes they are mentioned as individuals not nations or, or tribes.

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And some other times are mentioned as peoples and nations. Yes.

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We said in the in the Old Testament there are sometimes mentioned as individual sometimes as nations and people. Other times are mentioned as region geographic regions like math and they have a story in the Bible that says God is a person who will live or a tribe of people who will live in an area called Magog or loutra.

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And in the book of Revelation, this is in the Old Testament. They are they are nations under the rule of Satan and the Lulu shaitan in the Quran and the Sunnah, they are clearly mentioned as nations to tribes people

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and they will appear towards the end of time now

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there are many people whose keep asking this question are the shayateen we have a clear evidence proofs from the Quran and the Sunnah, that they are from the descendants of Adam. But people keep asking that are the shadow team are the genies are the humans now that this is something that we are confident about it? They are among the children of Adam, they are

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people who are humans, and they are humans like you and me. They don't have any special powers even though we'll talk about some false description that is found in some classical sources. And unfortunately, some non Muslims have taken this description. Place it on the internet. And you know, it looks like it sounds like a Disney movie. We'll talk about it to the shala but there Odom as he said, they are from the descendants of yeah fifth or English Japheth. He's one of the three songs of new Halle Silla. In the Muslim dilemma Muhammad Rasulullah Salim said Well, I do know him fella, Sam, Abu Lara and ham Abu Sudan. And yeah, fifth Abu took Assam Arab and he said the sounds of new

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Ali Salaam are three Sham, the father of the Arabs and of course beside other ethnic groups, and ham was the father of the dark skinned people. Of course the Sudan, some people they don't know Arabic language they translate the Sudan as Sudan, Sudan, the country, as well as excellent did not meant Sudanese people. He meant here dark skinned people. And the third son is Yeah, fifth in Arabic or Japheth in English, and he's the ancestors of the Turk and some of them they said he's the ancestors.

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The Europeans and and the Romans and Willow to Allah Allah but what we are confident about that they are from the children of Japheth will Allahu taala Adam, so based on their description in the sooner they belong to the Turkic mango grace and the authentic sooner confirms this there are some Roma who try to stay away from this description. But this is well documented in Muslim dilemma Mohammed and some other ahaadeeth Rasulullah saw seldom one time he was giving a hotel. He was giving a hotel and he said in the Kotaku lunella do you say we don't have an enemy? Everything is fine. hamdulillah there is peace. We're not going there is no fighting. We're in Nikola Tesla, Luna, Ducati Luna I do

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want to Tsushima she said we'll keep fighting an enemy until the fusion huge will appear. This is the hadith of Rasulullah saw salah and then he started describing them he said eraldo Lu. They have wide faces several rune with small eyes, shampoo chef, Chef eonic drizzled with grizzled hair nikoli had there been EMC known from every mound

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swiftly swarming from every mount this is their description of the time of

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the end of times before the end of times when they appear before the day of judgment can

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imagine this is a description for some Lhasa Selim, he said their faces look like hammered out shields Jani they have wide and Round Faces. So the argument is that they are most most most likely they are Asians from North Asia you know this parts of Siberia maybe or Russian fourth a far far east and all those places well how to add our Paula hautala Adam, but this is the description our in this is many scholars are inclined towards locating DNA talking about this location that they said this people you know come from this area now talking about this false description that he's found unfortunately this false description he found is it is found in Encyclopedia Britannica, he took it

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from some traditional classical sources they said some of them they expand in their description and they said they are three groups of people are three types of people the first group they are as tall as cedars, you know the tree cedar tree is very tall, around 50 feet.

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This is the height of you know, and more. So, some of the cedar trees are are higher than that. And the second group they said they are as wide as they are told and in the description in Arabic or by two other NPR

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The height is four arms and the width is the same for arms. And the third is weird. The third description is weird though the third group they said they are able to cover themselves with their ears. So one of them is able to use one of his ears you know, the first ear as a bad and he's able to cover himself when he sleeps with a second ear. This is what looks like or what sounds like a Disney movie here. So but

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he said all these narrations week and a blue Kathy he strongly rejected this narrations and they said they are not authentic. Unfortunately, as I said the only you find this description in the internet so ignore all this this description. They are humans are strong, we have we will have no morals, they will appear at the end of time and they start killing people are taking their properties and that will be their behavior at the end of time. Now these stories in the Quran, and the sooner Allah subhanaw taala mentioned them in Surah gaff and in Surah MBM. That's it to Saurus Soraka chapter 18 source MBA chapter 21.

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And there is a connection between the two stories there is a connection. So here in sarathi Cafe they are mentioned. While last Hannah wattana told us about the story of the codename the Muslim King

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and the travel the stories of his travels men who are the car name so we have to tell to talk about the kerning we have to solve the problem about the car lane too, because there is a misconception about the car name

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in the internet. It is a big misconception and many books and many people believe that he's Alexander Philip, the Macedonian Emperor, who is known by Alexander the Great, but will so the hour

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roadmap, our roadmap. When I say our lm I usually talk about these qualified classical scholars who follow the Quran and the Sunnah. They said that he was a Muslim king who lived at the time of Ibrahim La Silla.

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The current name was a Muslim King, who lived at the time of Abraham La Silla, and decided he was a just ruler who was able to conquer the east and the west. And he invited people to the religion of the heat. It was not following the Greek philosophy, or following this and that or this ideology, who was inviting people to Islam, and he was originally from Yemen. But Abdullah would be happy here.

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He's originally from Yemen. So and this is the opinion of avionica here, even hajer even came here with a great professor even hazard the great muhaddith explains. Sahil Buhari, Ave, Jamia and his students will pay him among others. These are great scholars and they are highly qualified when it comes to history or Hadith or Tafseer or fake Mashallah. They are qualified scholars, they are authority in their field. So that was their opinion that there are nine is a Muslim King, who was just who was treating people with justice. And he was he lived at a time of, you know, Ibrahim La Silla. The other one who was called the karma into, you know, Alexander the Great, I don't know who

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was great, but he was great in one aspect. But I'm not sure about the other aspects, because there are many theories about his behavior and about his other things of his life, some private things of his life. But as a military commander, he was actually able to make some great achievements. And he was the one who defeated who was able to defeat at that time, the Persian

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Empire. So he appealed three around 300 years before he said Ali Silla. And between Isa and Ibrahim, there is around 2000 years, there are 2000 years between Raisa and Abraham. So there is a period of 1600 years between the Incarnation that is mentioned in the Quran. And between Alexander Philip, the son of Philip, who is the cold also the Macedonian

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Emperor is a scandal, a scandal in Macedonia. And he's the one who built by the way, not the current one is mentioned who is mentioned in the Quran. Alexander from Macedonia, he's the one who built Alexandria, the city of Alexandria in, in Egypt.

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So these are big differences between the two the cognate nozomu ahead following the the Dean of tawheed, the religion of Islam, of course, he thought they took this religion to heat to heat from Ibrahim La Silla. They said he lived at the time of Ibrahim Alayhi, salaam, Alexander, the son of Philip was a disbeliever. He was not Muslim. And one of his famous teachers is Aristotle, the Greek the famous philosopher, the famous Greek philosopher, Aristotle was one of his teachers. The third difference that as I said, well, Carmen was an Arab from Lehman. And the they named him a cyborg with the car name. And his name is famous. He's found in some Arab Arab poetry. Many Arab poets used

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to talk about his achievement, Dale Carnegie, who is mentioned in the in the Quran. So this is something that we have to clarify because whenever you check the Quran, you find that between paracas Alexander the Great, and this is something that has to be corrected.

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Because the only how any think about it Danny Alexander is a Katherine was a disbeliever. They think Allah subhanaw taala will tell us about his Eman and his faith and His justice. Because in his story, it's a beautiful story sort of the calf right?

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So if someone disbelieved in the last panel that Allah Allah subhanaw taala will not talk about his son and he's a man. And he's taqwa. After he built the set, what did he say? Karla hada Rahmatullah Robbie. This is from the mercy of my Lord. Dale Carnegie after he built He finished the building of said, we'll talk about it, there is a there is a great, great lesson here for leaders and for them and for anyone who is in a position of leadership. In humbleness, you keep talking about humbleness and humbleness of the pious people from the aroma of the heat, or the aroma of Mohammed Salim in general or the move to heat from Adam alayhis salam to the end of time.

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So basically in salted calf, you know, the Quran says that do coordinate travel in the land until he reach you know, he said he went to the west and he went to the east allow him to which place

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We don't have you know, clear, you know, locations, exactly. We don't know the exact locations of these travels. And then in the Quran, he says until he reached an area between two mountains,

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rare where he found people who are not able to express themselves. They don't they are not able to communicate with other people. So the language was very limited.

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I'm not talking about a huge measure some people who were actually who lived, they were neighbors of yours using measures. And yes, you should use we're attacking them all the time. And we're hurting them and killing some of them taking their properties. So they managed to convey the complaint to little coordinate those people. And they said, you know, that he, as usual, are doing great mischeif in the land, that was their complaint. And he said, he made an offer to the colonel in Shall we shall we pay you a tribute in order that you build a barrier between us and them, that was their offer, giving him money paying him for for this, you know, work. And he said, that is his statement.

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And it is a statement of someone who is a believer who believes in Allah subhanaw taala in the bounties of Allah, Who shaker who is grateful. He said that what Allah has given me of power, authority and wealth is better than your payment, which means I don't need your payment, I'll do it for the sake of Allah is the meaning.

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I have enough money, I have enough power, I have enough wealth, I don't need your payment, I will help you for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So but he said, Come and help me. So what it means that he didn't want to do it by himself, he had a big army. He has a big army, he could have done it by himself. But he said helped me in building this,

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this, this barrier, or this dam. Here what he's trying to do

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is you don't want to be

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responsible to be responsible, help me and I'll do it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala will help you, but you need to contribute. So do this and bring this and he was he was the one who planned for this. For this. Then, at the end, he was able to to build this barrier between the two nations with iron and copper. This is what the Quran said Hadid one has. And he said when you mix between the two of them, you know this material will be very strong. So this is what happened he mix between iron and copper. This is what sort of the calf says and yet huge and huge were powerless, he could not ascend the wall, and he could not dig through it. That was the end result. And at the end, he said

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has Matsumura be hidden say, this is my achievement.

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This is why I achieved this is because of my skills, my power has to be this is a great lesson for everyone. Whatever you're doing, do it in the name of Allah, do it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And also always attribute your achievements and your abilities to our last panel. This is how you keep yourself humble. And this is how we you spread peace, and you hope you'll be a positive member of the community, you don't create problems, you'll be part of a solution, you will not be a part of a problem.

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And so arrogance and humbleness again, same story, same story from the time Adam Allah is Allah made that mistake and ate from the tree. And it leaves refused to bow down to greet Adam with bowing to him and what did he say? And highroad Minho from that time, from that time, we have two paths, paths of humbleness, and the path of arrogance, and the people of humbleness will be inshallah engender, because of their humbleness, they will be achieved more, and they will actually avoid the path of Muta. kabiri, because Allah subhanaw taala if you stay go back to the Quran, find that most of the people who went to Johanna because of their

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because of their arrogance, whether they rejected the existence of Allah, or the worship something else at the end, they will be just rejecting the truth because of their kibble and they will end up in hellfire.

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But those are nine said for either Dora beija Allahu Akbar, or can be helpful. So he said, You know when the promise of my Lord so Dale Carnegie knew that the last fantana will allow for this dam or this barrier to be destroyed. So he knew about this promise that this berry will be destroyed before the end of times. So he said for either our Adobe Jalla who the

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unofficial lovely down

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where can I work?

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Or be how car, maybe your car and I knew that also people will will have doubt about this, this wall, or this story fusion Matthews is difficult to believe in it but because it is in the Quran and it is in the authentic center, that we have to believe in it, have to submit and believing it can be lower confident about the authenticity of our book, The Quran, the final message to humanity. And it is not difficult for Allah subhanaw taala to create in a group of people and then send them at the end, or maybe send their children allow and there are many possibilities here. There are many possibilities. So because the question that you might have is,

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Are they alive for all for this in a long period of time from the time of Carnegie 4000 years? If we say that the Carnegie's lived at a time of a brain, that's 4000 years, they are live from that time, and where are they now? So all these questions will come to your mind. So I'm saying here, there are possibilities it's difficult to come up with a conclusion, I didn't see any scholar who came up with a conclusion regarding here.

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But there are different possibilities and different opinions are mentioned some of them today, without without, you know,

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mentioning a clear conclusion about them.

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Now the promise of the Lord is the destruction as I said if this wall and the emergence of here is huge and huge before the end of times, this is what Allah mentioned in the second Surah so now we are done with this to their story sort of the gaff in chapter 18 we'll move to sorta till MBA chapter 21 Alice pantalla said header and footer It is usually a Jewish woman could luchador Binion siru work terrible waggle, Huck Tara SAP terabit feather here Shaka Sutton. appsero Latina cafaro Yeah, we're in an akuna fear of letting mainhand bacuna economy. So in Surah ambia i 96 and 97. Allah subhanaw taala. He said, until so life will continue until when Jews are let loose from their

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barrier and they swiftly swarm from every mount from every direction. And the true promise of the day of judgment has approached and then suddenly, the eyes of those who disbelieved will be staring in horror. While they say whoa, whoa to us. We had been unmindful of this. Rather we will wrongdoers, those who disbelieve in the eye to philosophy, no attack. So Allah subhanaw taala in this ayah basically, they're saying before the day of judgment

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comes, these people will appear. So this is something that is confirmed in the Quran in surah ambia at 1840. hottie as usual Jewish woman, Kali hydrovane. Uncle encierro. Now,

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in the sooner the proofs from the sooner about their emergence, we have many ahaadeeth I mentioned two or three of them today

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in a Sahih Hadith in Bukhari, and Muslim and only Habiba au Habiba was one of the mothers of the believers. And she narrated this hadith from another mother of the believers Xena been to Joshua the olana she said and aerosolize Assalam Allah Allah Haldeman, fasciae Saracen Lysa, Selim came to her house in a fearful state. Yeah, and he Rasulullah sallallahu, Kandahar, even fuzzier, he was afraid he was in a state. He was very emotional, in a state of fear. And he said, none is worthy of worship except Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. So someone when he's emotional, we Muslims, we sometimes mentioned and this was our solar system, did we say la ilaha illa Allah? He said La Ilaha Illa.

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Allah is worthy of worship except Allah. Whoa, and to the Arabs from a danger that has come here. Now why did he mentioned the Arabs only I will tell you about it. There are lemma he said. He mentioned the Arabs at that time because most of the people who accepted Islam at that time were the Arabs.

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He Rasul Allah says he knew that, you know, the people. More people will accept Islam, from other nations, from other tribes, more people accept Islam, but because most of the people 99 point maybe 99 of the people who accepted Islam, that few people anywhere from Africa and from a segment varies from person so he was talking about the whole society in that land at that time.

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But it is a danger that will appear at the end of time. And everyone actually many people will will face will have to deal with it on the day of job before the day of judgment. So he said an opening has been made in the world of

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goggan may call or Magog like this

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any individual cell and make made the circle with his thumb and index finger.

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So he got some knowledge why he didn't go there? sideways, this place could be in North Asia.

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in Siberia, it could be. I'm not I'm not this is not a decisive This is not a definite conclusion. These are possibilities but there are some losses, some got some way, maybe jabril came and told him that, yeah, huge and huge, we're able to dig through the wall, you know, this size will allow you to add on. So what was the response of Xena been to been to judge Allah and how many? She said, Are we going to be destroyed? Even though there are pious people among us? And Allah ku afina salehoo? That was her question. Because she was she we're thinking now about destruction, about calamities, about things that will happen, disasters that will happen. So she said nl aku Athena Solihull and this is

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something important. This is a message to everyone and a message to every Muslim and to non Muslims. I mean at the same time,

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as well let's SLM said now that not talking about that wall, they're not talking about the dam, they are talking about no corruption on Earth. So he said yes, when evil becomes widespread, or Nam, either Catherine Hubbard

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even if we have some people who are pious they do Clem Elaine and they pray in the massage and he gives a cat but if evil becomes widespread, and these good people this pious people are not able to make positive change in the community. So destruction might happen. And when it happens, it will affect everyone.

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Good people and bad people both. So that is the answer of Rasulullah sallallahu he said Nan is a casserole Hubba yes when evil becomes widespread.

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In a famous hadith of Noah signature man, this is a famous Hadith here. And this is actually a major proof in this in this subject.

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unfortunately, many people try to

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you know, try to

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ignore, ignore the clear meanings of these. These events that are mentioned in this hadith is a long Hadith that will talk about this part of Isa la sala many Jews and Jewish. So it's clear from this hadith that you will appear at the end of time after Isa la Salaam returns to Earth, because there are other opinions, as I said, other explanations or interpretations. So in this Hadith, Rasulullah Salim said,

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after a year, he was talking about some events, and then he said, oh how Allahu ala Isa, after a Salah Salem kill the shell, and it could crash to rebar, the Lee lay Donnelly had indicated to him for her is a bad luck to Allah subhanaw taala he said there was a loss, as Adam said will reveal to Isa la salud that have allowed for the emergence of some some of my servants. Yeah, huge, huge they are q4 but they are the servants of Allah failure Buddha, Buddha hasa. There is general servitude. Everyone is AB de la pinata incense that everyone has to follow the laws of nature and waterless hotel and the way las patella created this universe. The you know, you cannot go against the laws of

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nature in this life. You cannot survive without water. This is one of the laws of nature. You have to eat food. So everyone has to, you know, everyone needs some rest to sleep six hours, seven hours. These are laws of nature. You know, there are some exceptions. There are a few exceptions, but and they are classified as diseases or sicknesses or abnormalities. And it's abnormal for someone not to sleep for a couple of days. But these are laws of nature, no one can go against them. So all people are servants of Allah subhana wa tada in that sense, you know, so, but when we're Budi al Hassan when you serve Allah by choice, this is an obedient casa, special servitude, when you choose to

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submit your will to Allah subhanho wa Taala the people will go to Jenna for this choice for making this choice to worship Allah subhana wa Taala by choice they're making this choice they become they decide to become believers and to submit to His will and to believe in him. Then they will earn gender on the day of judgment because of you know of your deeds and the ram of the last panel that are both concepts are mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah. So here, Allah Subhana Allah is saying I have allowed for the emergence of some of them

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My servants, no one will be able to fight against them for her is a baddie Illa to take my believing service to the tour a tour is a mountain in the area of share. Wherever from La Jolla Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu whom equally had opinions he wrote this hadith is a Muslim and allow it allow for the emergence of Asian values. While the Swift is formed from every mount they come from every direction for Marula Kerala, hieratic Berea Ventura buena mafia, so the pass by the lake of Tiberius which is in Palestine now in the north east of Palestine, and it's called sometimes borrow Jedi oboe hieratic jelly in the Sea of Galilee. This is a famous

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body of water, a lake in in, in Palestine, fair Kowloon, where a hero whom Falco Luna, locket can behead him or rotten man. So the last group of them, the last group of them will pass by it, and they will say, they used to be water here once. So the first groups will drink that water will finish the water this lake and then the last group will come and say, oh, there was water here. Long time ago. Okay, Sedona de la Lisa was Hubble hotter. coonara. So so really had him hiring me at dinner. He said Prophet Isa and his companions will be besieged until the head or the bull's head, you know, Bull's head, you know, people when they slaughter a ball, usually the throw it right, and

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all care about it these days.

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And also last SLM, he said, until a bull's head will be more precious to one of them than 100 dinars to any of you today. 100 dinners was a big amount of money at the time of masala sauce, and these are golden dinars made of gold, pure gold. So 100 dinars was a good amount of money. So he said the bulls had to them will be more precious than 100 dinars to to any of you today, fire Hubble in Allah Isa was haba you know, they will be suffering from this, you know, being in that place not being able to reach water or food together, they will be suffering. So he said and his companions will be making, so the he RESA will solve this problem with no swords, no fighting, he will solve this

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problem withdraw for yourself Allahu Allah him and never for fear of copy him. Then he

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said in this Hadith, Allah will send a kind of form on their necks

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and then they will fold down dead all at once. fails beehoon first sec mot enough Sima Haider. Summa you got to be Nabila. Isa was harbor Hill and other than Isa and his companions will come down out of their place. Falaise, you do want to fill out of the mold they actually bring in lamella, who's a hammer homeowner home fair hapuna Viola Harris I was hubiera lawyer he didn't make it out again. So they said they will find hardly a hand span of land that is not filled with their stench of fear as usual statue fusion, huge so he's and his companions will pray to Allah again. Make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala to clean or cleanse the earth. For those who love biochar and Apple books. Then

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Allah will send birds like the necks of camels to carry them away and they will throw them wherever Allah subhanaw taala wills so this is in Sahih Muslim had Ethan there was a Muslim and this is something that will happen before the day of judgment when Isa after a Salah Salem come to this is how the they will die.

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And then after that people will enjoy life at the time of Isa will be peace on earth for around maybe seven or seven years. Because there is a la silla most likely will die after seven years. So after coming back to earth, He will say seven years and die. So who will live on earth 40 years 33 years before he was taken up to heaven. And seven years after he comes back to Earth we'll learn how to add so these seven years will be the best actually the best time you know the Islam will be established an earth and people will enjoy peace. And in the hadith of Sahih Muslim he said the law either was the bane of name, there will be no enmity between two people and there will be abundance

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of wealth people will be rejecting wealth they don't want money. They don't want money no one will accept so no one will accept that people will be looking for someone to accept soda. No one will accept sadaqa and until the Salah Salem pass passes away and Maddie passes away. And then a Lost Planet Allah as I said will be preparing earth for

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Last day, Miss Allah subhanaw taala and he will finally qualify. And now if you have questions, this is summarized in a version of their story. There are some Hadith that he mentioned them, but this is enough to know that this is a major sign that will appear before the day of judgment.

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Alarm handy shadow Laila