Reminders Do Not Ignore The Orders Of Allah

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of knowing the will of Allah in various situations, such as when a wedding or when there is a sadness or when there is an order. They also mention the use of "we" in these situations and the significance of knowing the will of Allah in relation to various events. The speaker emphasizes the need to be mindful of what is happening and not ignore the orders of Allah.
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Alhamdulillah without him, you know, Serato serratia

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in nominal misery Minamoto v mon. Last one there on the Day of Judgment, definitely, we will

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call the majority mean we'll call the criminals to account

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won't tap the moon into gravity, as I said, we will extract retribution.

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They asked a lot smarter to save us from being classified as Muslim. The reminder for myself a new is what we've been discussing for the last two three days, that when the IR of Allah subhanaw taala come, Allah Subhana Allah sent his Nabhi to be obeyed. He did not send in a way to be disobeyed.

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Allah subhanaw taala sent his book to be obeyed, he did not send his book to be ignored.

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So if the book of Allah subhanaw taala come before us, meaning that if the gamma falassarna data if the orders of Allah subhanaw taala come before us. And if we turn away from them, if we refuse to do them, then we get classified as the odd one.

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May Allah save us from that. Now therefore, any situation that we are in any action that we are contemplating planning to take,

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therefore, it is essential for us to check and ask and say, What is the will of Allah in this?

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We are saying will of Allah, we don't need to see a dream, we don't need to know where he's going to come on, as the will of Allah has been made clear in the book of Allah subhanaw taala. And indeed, so now there is a setup. So we check from that, if I'm willing to do a business deal, what is the will of Allah meaning what is permitted in this deal? And we do that what is not permitted, we do not do, no matter how much of benefit the shaitaan shows us, in disobeying Allah.

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Similarly, if there is any other matter that we have to deal with, whether it's a matter of happiness, whether it's a matter of sadness, for example, if there is a wedding, what is the will of Allah in this

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in the celebration of this wedding, what is it that pleases Allah, you do that you don't do something which displays the law,

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because there is no hiding that if you do, if you celebrate happiness in a way with displeases Allah subhanaw taala, then it does not take long for Allah Subhana Allah to turn that happiness upside down.

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And that's why we see a lot of situations with do with weddings happening with all sorts, then two months later broken up.

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husband goes on the wife goes on wedding is broken. Why? Because we will have invited the anger of Allah in an event where they should have been happy. Because Islam prescribes the way of being happy. Islam prescribes a way of also expressing sadness, for example, if somebody passes away or some sadness, then Islam tells us how to express that sadness. We are going through the month of Muharram, where our Shia brother, they are apparently expressing sadness at the Shahada of Satan, I was in it or the alano.

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Of course, it is a it is a tragedy, it was a tragedy is something which would never happened. But it happened that is history.

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But in order to express sadness,

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they use methods and they use Ways and Means which are all

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they're all they have no dignity. They're completely private and in Islam is screaming and shouting and waving and nodding and going out into the streets and beating yourself and cutting yourself and cutting your children. What is

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not Islam

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is all invention is all invention. An entire ideology got created and invented, because it serves certain people who run the show.

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So even though the event that you are mourning, the event that you are expressing sadness for as an event, which is what money is

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No doubt about this nobody, no Muslim who can call himself a Muslim will ever be happy at the shadow of the grandson of God.

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No matter whatever the cause was, no matter whatever the reason was the fact that the grandson of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam was killed by Muslims is a matter of great shame and a matter of great tragedy for this entire room. It is a desert.

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But there is a way of expressing it in the way of remembering it. We remember the Shahada was Mr. galana Why? Because he stood for rock. So we say okay, let me change my life and let me also stand for ACA let me not

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collapse and calculate in the face of oppression. Right? That is the way to say if you want to celebrate this as I was animalier Delano, then you come back come to Islam completely anti Islam that what what did you represent you represent Islam. So therefore, you have

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not expressed sadness in ways which are not cannot keep objects and then call them alums and then you know, you make pseudo to that. And you may draw to that, that share that like worshipping idols in temples, what is the difference?

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So Islam prescribes ways of being happy and ways of being sad and so on and so forth. I'm giving you only two examples. But the point is, that when the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala, there were Allah subhanaw taala has told us and shown us how to do things, if we insist on ignoring them. And if we insist on turning away from them, and if we insist on doing our own thing, then we come under the definition of people in this ayah Allah called remote and Allah said that I will extract retribution from the most remote. So I remind myself and you never do ignore the orders of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Always wherever we are, in whatever scenario situation we are, there is a hook of Allah then

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we do what Allah has ordered. And if there is an order, which Allah Allah we do what the Summa says, and we do not do anything else.

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And inshallah is that that is right for us in Juneau, Alaska. For sal Allahu Allah. Allah will Karim Allah Allah. You