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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of avoiding lying to oneself and avoiding giving up on agreements. They also touch on the use of word pleasures and confusion surrounding Islam. The speakers emphasize the need for people to avoid giving up on promises and agreements, as well as the importance of changing behavior and avoiding giving up on everything. They also mention a man in Missouri who found an envelope and handed it over to authorities, leading to accusations of fraud. The speakers stress the importance of speaking the truth and not letting go of everything.
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In 111, salatu salam ala shuffelin, via Radha Ali, he was happy

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the series of

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reminders about the balance sheet,

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and the assets and liabilities.

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And today, I'd like to remind myself a new

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word, another one of these

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that we must guard ourselves against.

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And that is the liability of telling lies.

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lot smarter said about the manager who will

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be market driven.

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And as for them, there is terrible punishment, because of the lies that they tell, because they're liars.

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remind myself and you that telling lies

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in endemic

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epidemic, that is there in our society.

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And we Muslims, technically, you should not fall prey to that we should be free from this. But May Allah forgive us we are as much unit as anybody else.

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With regard to the moroccon, the lie that they were, that was mentioned there has to do with the issue of Africa itself with the issue of Eman itself, because they were pretending to Muslims actually, they were not. But this extends to any kind of life.

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Absolutely any kind of like a man give notice or a salah and he says Allah I have, I do many bad things.

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I commit many sins.

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And I can give up only one of them

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will tell me which one to give up.

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And he told me, all that used to do.

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sola sola Sallam told him give up telling lies.

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Although if you look at it, the man was to commit many other things.

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Much bigger evils. Rajaratnam didn't tell him to give up drinking or to give up give up Zin out of hatred and give up lies.

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The man went back.

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And he made this as he made this promise to himself that he will give applies.

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And then now he goes to his pub, or to his bar or something, and he was dying to go there. And then he thinks to himself now tomorrow when I wake up, and he asked me, did you have a drink yesterday? What will I do?

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Because I can't tell like

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and so also with other things,

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so also with all the other sins that he has to commit, the ones that every time I now

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thought of committing the sin, immediately, the thought that would come to me is now my mate.

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And he asked me about this, what will I do because I cannot tell a lie. And obviously I cannot go to Salah Solomon said yes, I committed Zina. Yes, I commit, I lied, or no, yes, I drank or I cheated what he covers, he can't do that. So just that one thing, not telling lies, saved him from everything.

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And that's the reason why

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I was alone in one of these, he said, Do not even tell a lie as a joke.

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So it's not a lie that you are telling to, you know, to cheat somebody or something. That's a joke.

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Like we have many jokes.

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As soon as Allison said, even in a joke, don't tell a lie.

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So, find ways of humor, which do not involve telling lies.

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And we live in a world where lying is not only accepted, but lying is admired.

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Somebody was telling me the other day that the traders in the stock exchange and in banks, who are trading in futures and so on, and who are involved in big scams, as a result of which bank sank or whatever it was, it was huge losses.

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Now, technically speaking, some trader like that you would say, Well, you know, his carrier is finished. I mean, he is he will never find a job in that line for the rest of his life. But in today's world, actually the opposite is true. Not only does he find a job, but he is now much sought after

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by other people.

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The ones who are who are cheats, the ones who have cheated. The one was ones who have successfully

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scammed the public,

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in Wall Street, as well as in India and abroad.

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Articles I'm not I'm not making this up, believe me, they publish articles on those traders and those stockbrokers and those people are much sought after people are running behind in general, I want to hire this guy, because he's very clever.

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So the definition of cleverness

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today means the ability to tell us the Havana hotel Villa, what kind of a society are we talking about?

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Whereas in Islam,

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even writing down have a an agreement with Allah Allah has mentioned in the Quran in the intro to Baccarat is at the end of the day in the whole, the IRA, which is the longest day of the Forum has to do with recording of a transaction. But the thing to remember is that the transaction is not being recorded, because it is presumed that one of the two parties will renege on the agreement, one of the two parties will default on the agreement deliberately not that's not the purpose of recording purpose of recording is in case we forget. And in case this transaction now goes beyond that generation or goes to some other people, then there should be something recorded in writing.

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And therefore

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this is not to say that the word of the person has less value than something which is written down, which is the opposite today. People say no, no, it is not. If it's not, it doesn't matter. I don't have to stand by my word, I do not have to stand by my word. As long as it is not written down. This is the opposite of Islam.

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This is the complete opposite of Islam. And Muslims word is his bond.

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Writing down is only for the purpose of recording and remembering. And tomorrow if I save it, then I have an agreement and whenever I drop dead, then I then there has to know, you know, what was his agreement between my father and our What? Where does he go? So there is a piece of paper, then this was the agreement. So that has the paper now with him to say this is the agreement that was made.

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But if there was no agreement,

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the word is equally or even more heavy, when even more binding.

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And even if there was no agreement, it would still be bound and unsafe to stand by that agreement, which was made between me and him. Even if there was no pay. That doesn't mean that because there is no paper now he can no No, no, no.

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So the word of a Muslim

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is his bond or his her bond.

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Once you have given your word

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in our languages, we had this word and it's observado.

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Today you do you're doing a business deal somebody comes and gives you 10 of his money. Have you been any applicator.

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This way, the other way, that's the end of the story somebody gets tend to miss what he will do. We'll go back on this other deal and then he's around but we haven't written on the water level. Where is where is that?

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Where's your prestige?

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You know, is that because of lies because of lies.

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That is the reason why it is very, very, very important for us to be very clear in our minds.

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truth is what this Deen is.

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What is what is Allah subhana wa Tada. One of his names one of his glorious names is what al Huck

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Colin hopko mirabito

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and hubco hallak las olas hopko Mira Biko

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truth, this data is truth. And that is why somebody who does not accept Allah subhanaw taala or somebody who joins partners with Allah subhanaw taala. This person effectively is telling a lie. He does not accept Allah. So what does it mean? He's denying means what he's lying. He's joining a partner with Allah, this is a lie.

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And this extends through life.

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I mentioned this many times before. There is Africa during the apartheid regime, which was a very strong Christian.

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You know, ethos, the government with the Christian government.

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The Dutch Reformed Church.

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officially a Muslim, did not have to take an oath. In court if he was giving witness

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officially by law,

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a Christian had to take an oath on the Bible.

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Government is Christian.

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And they're all people. If they were if a Christian man was going to, you know, to bear witness in the court. He was going to give witness he had to take an oath on the Bible. But a Muslim was not required to take an oath. Why?

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Because I say Muslims do not lie.

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We do not need to get a Muslim to swear on the Koran or something. Because it's not necessary Muslims do not lie.

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Sadly, that is not true anymore.

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Seriously, we have to ask ourselves

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that we belong to a dean or we claim to belong to a dean, which is based on the truth.

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We are the representatives of that Dean, we are the representatives of a way of life, which is based on the truth, no matter what happens in the world.

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The Muslim did not come to live his life, according to the rules of the world. The Muslim came to teach the world how to live their lives, the Muslim came to teach the rules to the world. The Muslim didn't come to live his life by the rules of the world. He came to teach the rules to the world.

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So it doesn't matter though let us not fool ourselves here. But this is how society is led society anyway.

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Let society be anyway that makes us

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we have to live our lives, the way we have been taught by Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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because that is what we believe in.

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And if you don't do that, then we are lying. And as I told you,

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I said very clearly when I leave home be Makkah.

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For them there is a dreadful punishment, because of the lies that the one other thing that I would like to mention, painful though it is, is this mistaken conception among Muslims, that it is okay to tell lies to somebody who's not a Muslim?

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Brothers, I want you to reflect on this. What was the title of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam,

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among the mccanns before he declared Prophethood,

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the title that continued with him, and the thing that that his worst enemies, were forced to say about it. And the title was sad, the cold I mean, the truthful and the trustworthy.

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So who was he telling? The Who was he speaking the truth to who were there any Muslims at that time? This is pre Islam, right? I think about this, think about this. This is the biggest,

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this is the biggest misconception that schatten has put into our minds. And very foolishly, very foolishly, we have accepted it. And thereby we have neutralized the biggest and the most powerful way of Dawa, that we can ever give to somebody by being truthful to them. So how LA, just the other day, in our newspaper here, there was a report that how a homeless couple found an envelope was 10,000 rupees lying lying on the pavement, and they took it and they handed it over to the authorities now imagine, and they were not Muslim, they were not Muslim. Think about that. I'm just thinking in a what if that had been a Muslim, there is a case of a man in Missouri, whose whole life

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he has dedicated to, and he spends hundreds of 1000s of rupees. And he's been doing this for over 25 years, to feeding the people who are mentally deranged. Now imagine this is a man who is feeding people who are insane. As we know, we have a lot of these people you know, wandering the streets in India, and I don't refer to our politicians I mean, they're part of that but they don't need to be fed. I'm talking about the the people who are mentally deranged are walking on the, on the streets. This man finds them he feeds them. These people. They don't even know who the man is. They are people who are, you know, who can't even thank him. tu tu, tu tu tu put it precisely the Who is he

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doing it for again, he's a Hindu man. He's not a Muslim man. truthfulness goes a long, long way, believe me, and it's not okay for Muslims, to be untruthful to anybody in the world.

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We are supposed to be truthful, to the whole world and everyone who lives in this whole world is a big mistaken conception among the Muslims that they feel that it's okay to sell alcohol to non Muslims. It's okay to sell pork products to non Muslims. It's okay to sell * literature to non Muslims, all our 711 shops and so on. We have these gas station shops have this stuff. And when you ask the Muslim brother who owns it, and you say Why are you doing this? There's no no but we don't say we don't sell to Muslims. We sell only to non Muslims. So while I mean just think about what kind of logic is this and where did we get this logic from? It is haram for us to tell lies, no

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matter who we are.

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Telling lies to remember Hydra Talalay was, was traveling, collecting a hadith of Rasulullah. Salim, he was told about a man who lived in a particular place, and who had a hadith of Nabi sallallahu sallam. Remember how he traveled, and he traveled for miles and miles and miles, and you traveled for months to get to this place. And when he went to this place, they asked this man, look for this man, they said, he is out in the field. his horse is he's trying to get his horse to catch his horse. And this man was out in the field. And he had his hand in his pocket. And he was just sitting with his hand in his pocket to the horse.

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pretending that there was something in the pocket for the horse. Now the horse rooted that in the horse came to him, and the man caught the horse. Remember, he went and met him. And remember, I said, Can I see what is in your pocket? And the man said, I have nothing in the pocket. I just I just did that to catch the horse. Remember, he turned around and went back, they asked him why you went all this way to collect the heavies from this man. And you did not take the Hadith. I mean, what sense does it make? Remember, he says, if the man can tell a lie to a horse, if the man can tell a lie to a horse, how can I trust him to tell me the truth about the headmaster of Nabi

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sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam? You know, these things sound like fairy tales of allergy, the kind of rigor, the kind of truthfulness that our self had, and our self insisted on, and we then we wonder, Where has it gone? Where has it gone? And why has it gone? Please do think about it. My brothers and sisters, think about this and say, how, why are we like this, we have to change, we absolutely have to change. I just want to, I normally do not talk about myself. But I want to tell you one story, which is a story of a very important story of my own life. I was 21 years old. I lived in Ghana, South America, I lived by myself and I was living in an Iowa I wanted to go to the US, I wanted to

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go for a holiday to the US West. I mean, at that point in time, you know, I mean, 21 years old going to the US, so I applied for a visa in Georgetown in the at the embassy, and obviously quite expectedly I was refused. Because I was a within course, somebody who was highly likely to emigrate illegally. So this there it could be with now. Soon after that I was with a friend of mine.

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Father Thurston real, who was an Anglican priest who lived in Georgetown. She'll still live he still lives there. Part of Thurston real. They were a dear friend of mine. And I was at his place. And Father, he asked me said, what happened to groceries? I said, Well, you know, they refused. So Father, he said, Look, I'll tell you what. And he told me a day, a few days later, he said, The, the US

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console. I don't know whether it was a Consul General, or it was a consular officer. But he said, He's a very dear friend of mine, he's coming home for dinner. Why don't you also come? And we'll talk about that writer job. So I turned up, and this console officer of the Consul General, whatever he was, man called Dennis Goodman, Jewish gentlemen. He was there.

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We spoke father. He said to him, he said, You know, he applied for a visa and he didn't get it. So Dennis told me, he said, You know why? You know why? I said, Yes, I know why. So there is opportunity. But

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when I said, you know why I told him, Look, I am not going to stay in the US illegally. I said, let me let me assure you about that, that I am not going to stay in the US illegally. I still remember. Dennis Goodman looked at me directly. And he said, Do I have your word on that? I said, Yes. You have my word on that. He said, Okay. Tomorrow is Monday, please come and see me and the consulate.

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So next morning, I went to the consulate. And I met him he took me across to the to the visa section. And he made me he asked me to stand

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outside the counter, and he went

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he went behind the counter. And like it happens in all US consulates, the place had a it had an hour glass window, and there was a mic that you spoke into. And another mic on the other side, where the consular officer speaks to you. Now, it so happened that the consular officer forgot to shut off her mic while Dennis Goodman walked into the place so I could completely unclearly overhear the entire conversation. So this consular officer Dennis Goodman goes and says, Look, this guy outside there is going to apply for a visa Please give him visa, says consular officer

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already had my passport because I had given it to her. So she said to him, the dentists we have already refused him a visa. He's a high risk candidate because he's 21 years old.

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He's got no moorings anywhere in the world. He, if he enters the United States, he's not leaving. Let me tell you that. Right he is going to be an illegal immigrant. I will nothing against the guy. But obviously, this is my assessment. And as we know, the consular officers assessment is final. Nobody can force them to do anything.

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Dennis Goodman goes, please give him a visa. I'm requesting you. I can't force you. I'm requesting you Please give him a visa. He gave me his word that he will not stay back. You know, this woman burst out laughing she said he gave you is what is a geezer Dennis, man. Come on. I mean, you know, he gave you a word.

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And he said, Yes, very seriously. He said, Yes. He gave me his word. And I believe him. So I request you please give him visa.

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Now, obviously, the woman didn't want to refuse the Consul General. So she said, All right. I will give a visa, but it's your neck. And these were her words. And I remember when I lived in Georgetown embassy, I this is what I heard her say. She said, I'll give him a visa. But it's your neck. And Dennis Goodman walked away didn't neither of them had any idea that I was hearing this entire conversation.

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She stamped my visa, she gave it to me.

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Three, four months later, I was I went to the US on holiday. And almost from the minute I landed in the US, everybody I met was after me. They said Come on, I'm going to take you to meet this person. And that person. I said for what? He said, Oh, they'll give you a job. I said, I'm not here to get a job. I'm here to have a holiday and I'm going back home. They said Are you mad? Are you crazy? You have got this great opportunity. And they told me the opportunities Ramallah and you have got this great opportunity to change your life and to do this and that, and you are going to go back and you're not going to stay here. I said, I gave my word to the man. People fell off their chairs

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laughing they said you gave your what you gave your word. I said I gave my word to the man. And that's,

00:22:07 --> 00:22:18

you know, that's all there is to it. As far as I'm concerned. people refuse to believe me, to the extent I got so pressured, I got so pressured, and that I was in such a state that I actually

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free *, my trip. And in those days, it didn't cost you anything to change your tickets and all that I pre planned my trip. And I left the US two weeks before I was due to leave. And when I told the people that I had actually

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pre booked my trip and that I was leaving, or people are so upset, you won't believe it. They're so upset. And they said you have no gratitude and this and that all sorts of things. But Allah has one law till today. That is a decision I'm so happy about because I stood by my word and I was 21 years old. And I stood by my word, and I did not do what I had given my word to a man and the man I spoke to was a Jewish man, Dennis Goodman, I don't know where he is, I hope he is well. But my point is that the key is that if we walk, if he says something, we have to walk the talk, if he can't walk the talk, then it's not worth the breath of text to talk. So my submission to myself, my submission

00:23:14 --> 00:23:36

to you and my reminder to myself, mothers sisters, is do not let go of the truth. The truth is all that we have. And if we let go of the truth, then we let go of everything that we have in our life. So let us be very clear, that we are never in that position, where we have learned away we have learned the truth go because of this or that consideration, so on and so forth. I remind myself

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that I have mercy on us, Allah subhanaw taala always keep us on the path to truth. May Allah subhanaw taala always and inspire us to do what is right. Because at the end of the day, all that is material is risk. The thing that we have control over is that which is not material which Allah has given into our control and one of those things is the truth. So it is always make sure that we always speak the truth we don't tell lies and what lies if we make a mistake sometime immediately make our Allah subhanaw taala I'm not saying anybody nobody's perfect, maybe we do tell a lie after all of this. It doesn't matter inshallah we tell the liar and we make toward Allah subhanaw taala

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but we make sure that we do not die except in a state of Islam and that is in the state of having spoken the truth irrespective of what were the consequences. Salalah highlanda will Karim Allah Allah He was heavy his main bureaucratic camino al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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