Mirza Yawar Baig – Lessons from the Anbiya – I love the Messenger #25

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © -- The speakers discuss the importance of understanding the meaning of "medestimate" in religion to determine whether one is good or evil. They stress the need for a "medestimate" to determine one's good or evil status and emphasize the importance of making all efforts before making a change. The speakers also emphasize the need for confidentiality and maintaining confidentiality in order to avoid embarrassment and loss of acceptance among older people. They also discuss the loss of acceptance among couples and the use of gay language in media. Finally, they describe a nuclear family collapse and the loss of acceptance among older people and the use of gay language in media.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Allah somebody lo and behold Alameen wa salatu salam ala Elijah freedom BIA even more Salim Mohammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah Heidi. He was he was salam does Lehmann cathedra cathedra from Abbado, my brothers and sisters

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thinking about the mission of Rasul Allah is seldom,

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the Quran is called unfor THON,

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because it separates the good from the evil.

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The Battle of brother was also called out for crime for the same reason.

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Islam will always call its followers to make the choice between good and evil. So, let us be prepared.

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And this is coming from a interfaith dialogue session

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which, which had Jewish rabbis,

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which is basically reformed and conservative Jewish rabbis and,

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and priests and Christian priests of various denominations.

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And one of the things that they talked about, and they mentioned was their attitude towards their religious books.

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Because I had these people who are talking and saying things which were,

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frankly, I mean, if it was something which was, if somebody spoke like that, about the Quran, I would say that this person was being highly disrespectful, maybe to the point of committing covert,

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but these would be verbal, they're not. They were not speaking about the Quran, they were speaking mainly about the Torah, the Bible.

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And so I listened to it obviously for a while.

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And then I said, and they were talking about argument, and they said that we have arguments, and we don't just accept the Bible of the Torah, we said, well, this is what it is, this is what it says, But my understanding and my reading of it is different. And I go by my reading, meaning that their understanding and reading of the

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religious text of the sacred text, no matter that, in their case, it has been changed and so on. But still it is considered a sacred text. Their point being that my argument or my understanding about that, is at the same level as the text itself. So effectively, they're saying when Allah said this, and I'm saying this and both these statements are at the same level.

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So I said to them that I said, we also argue, as Muslims also argue, we are extremely argumentative people.

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And we argue about the text we argue about the Quran and the Sunnah and so on and so forth. But our arguments are based on one fundamental principle there is a there is a fundamental principle on which all our arguments stand and at which all our arguments end. And that fundamental principle is that the text is correct, that the text is correct, number one, number two, that the text is unchangeable. This is the Word of God this is the word of Allah subhanaw taala it is correct, and there is no question of any doubt that it can be anything but correct. And secondly, that it is unchangeable because it is the word of Allah subhanaw taala It is not our word and so therefore we

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do not change it. So this is so what is the argument about the argument if you want to call it argument maybe more correctly, it would be you would call it a reflection to try to understand is how my current my life at present, the challenges that I face, the decisions that I'm called upon to make and so on how these sync with what the text orders need to do.

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And what we try to do is to bring those out, we don't say believe it because whether you like it or not believe it, whether you understand it or not. No, we say believe it because it is right. And bring your understanding to the point where you see how it is right. So when we within course argue or when we reflect and introspect, and we debate and we we have discussions and dialogue on the text on the Quran and the Sunnah. They all come from this fundamental basis to say that this is unchangeable. This is completely and totally correct. There is no possibility of doubt or error in it Larry Murphy, and we say that

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we need to rethink and we need to understand and we need

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to reinterpret our realities in a way where they sync with what must have an alternate told us. So we take lessons from this to apply in our lives. Now this is the issue of

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the Quran being the Al Furqan. The criteria between good and evil is not only related to or restricted to haram and halal, this is right that is wrong, for example, and what Allah has prohibited and what he permitted. That is obviously part of the part of it, but it's not restricted to that it's not that is not sufficient to understand what is what we have to expand it is to take this and say, how does the Quran and the Sunnah, how do the Quran and Sunnah apply to every aspect of my life, that is the focus on the understanding that we need to go with.

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Now, so laser selling made elaborate

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preparations for the Hijra.

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All of this is also for us a

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great education in

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the whole business of planning and strategizing, and anticipating in a way where when the time comes to make the change, that change is

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beneficial and we take care of the any potential problems with the change.

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So it is very important to make all the effort that is required for something before making dua for success. And that is the reason why I lost ran out and I said, Yeah, you will live in a monastery, you know, be somebody was solid, in sort of the Baqarah Allah said, or you will believe dig help from summer and summer here is doesn't mean you're sitting there and waiting for things to happen. Several means

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not just patients, as we wrongly understand patients as you know, doing nothing but patience as in making every effort doing all that we need to do with patience, meaning that we we don't do it in a hurry. We don't do it half heartedly or we don't miss things, we make sure that everything is done. And then we stand and we make dua and we ask Allah subhanaw taala for his cell, the virus example of this is the is Rasul Allah is Allah is sometimes behavior in the Battle of Brother, where he took all precautions. And he used all the resources, they will meager resources, they will not he didn't have much, but whatever he did have, he used it on very positively and very powerfully, to the best

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of his ability. And then he stood in the end he made Dwayne Israel, Allah helped me as you promised to help me and do not allow these people on my followers to die here do not do not allow them to

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be defeated. Because if they are defeated, if they are destroyed, and they will not be anyone on the face of the earth, to worship you.

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So this was his dua, Salah Salem. And of course, I was wanting to reset, that Allah sent the help of

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an army of Mullah Iike of angels, who came and fought alongside shoulder by shoulder, shoulder to shoulder with the Muslims against their enemies. So making the effort, sometimes they forget this and we do not make effort. And we simply make dua and we ask a lot, and then we don't get what we asked for, and then we are disappointed. But we need to remind ourselves that effort is absolutely critical. Without making the effort, if we make the then more than likely that dua will not be accepted.

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Also, an important part of the effort is the whole is whatever is required to it's not just material, but it is picking the right companions, right kind of team, if where there is confidentiality is involved, to maintain that confidentiality, to maintain that secrecy, not to turn down the play The the, your plans, and so on all over the place. This is one of the very important and probably one of the main reasons that good efforts fail, because you publicize them too early. So it is

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you know, it's like It's like planting if you if you take a fully grown oak tree. It's a huge, massive, massive tree and it's extremely strong and it's you know, roots going deep down in the earth. It can withstand all kinds of storms and so on. But the same oak tree, when you plant it and it and it sprouts, it's a little green

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needling. At that time it's not so it's very weak, you know, one flick of the finger like that you can break it, anybody can pull it out, throw it away. Anything can do, if it's grazing animal can eat it, and so on. So it's vulnerable, it is weak, it is incapable of, of surviving, unless it is protected. But once it grows to its full size, then there's no problem. This is what we do, unfortunately, with our,

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with our projects, and so on, you talk about them too early. And

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as a result, it gets attacked, while it is still a growing short and then of course, it is destroyed. So all the dreams,

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you know, the left high and dry. Now you might say, well, you know, if I need help from people, I if I don't talk at all, I'm not saying don't talk at all, I'm saying No, put on Facebook, right? Don't don't publish it all over the world. If you need help from people go talk to those specific people, people,

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people who are with whom you you know, you have confidentiality, people whose

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people who's

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who you trust and so on.

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So, therefore,

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and then we can you know, and then the thing can go from there, right?

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Though this is the important thing, too, so not not send it all over the place.

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I will look at who was very well known, all over the all over the

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ages and so on, but he was not he was a much more private person. So when sometimes in the met people in the desert as they were going, somebody would recognize a worker sit there for the landowner, and they would say, Who is this man? And a worker said, defer the landlord say is, this man is a guide, and he showed me the path. So now you know, he's

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he's telling the truth. But not necessarily in the way the man is asking the question. Is the guy he's the he's the one who's

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who shows us the truth. This is the job of the

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of the Navi. But guide in this case is

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a div doesn't mean Delano doesn't mean it as someone who just showing the way geographically is talking about showing the way

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in every possible.

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possible way.

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I just have the Alana is the director of the whole story of Israel as far as how they allow and

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who was the

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was the sister of ISIS on the Alana.

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I just didn't know that I would dedicate when he

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when he got wind of this that I woke us up from the alarm when

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I left.

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I was l came to the house and

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he asked her where is she asked us about on the law now open the door where is

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a worker but the alarm? So

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she said I don't know.

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So Allah has slapped her on the face.

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You're limited man when there was no one to defend. So, he

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this is the idea is not just a matter of physical slap, the issue is that here is this bad. I mean, who was the daughter of one of the

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person who was a judge among the Horatia, who was a different the law who was also a judge. So somebody with that kind of is, this man is treating his family in this way.

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Then her grandfather who was at that time, who was at that time not Muslim, he became Muslim after for the maca.

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He came and He said to them to the to the two granddaughters, I see that my son has put the two of you to suffering

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because he left he took everything and he did not leave anything behind for you. So as Abu Bakr was blind, so as

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she put some rocks into, you know, some stones into a leather bag, and she took the hand of our grandfather and she said fill this and he felt it. So essentially, this is gold inside this and he left it for us. So protecting the honor of your men is a sign of nobility.

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among women,

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women who make fun of their men who mark their men, their husband, and you know, brothers fathers on, and we'll talk about their men to others, are without shame and without honor. And obviously, the same thing goes for the men. So treating each other with respect, honoring each other. I'm not saying you don't have differences with each other, of course, you have differences and you can, when you have a difference, you talk about it as you resolve it. But being insulting be a mocking, then especially before others, just a moment, I see I've seen this thing, men and women, they joke, but the joke is not really laughing with people are laughing at people. And the joke is the joke about

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each other, in front of others, very shameful, very simple, very regrettable. And that is not something that

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is, that is the door. The second thing is that all workers are there for the long haul. So imagine his

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his, this was something that really

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characterized him always, that when it came to Islam, he gave everything I mean, people gave, like many of the data

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in the rest of the talk, where as soon as I saw them was fundraising.

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For the Battle of double,

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gave everything. So similarly, in this case,

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with respect to the hijra, he took everything from his house. And he enabled and he gave it in the path of Islam, he gave it resources and and for his pelvis.

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Again, as I mentioned before,

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as soon as I took with him, the best companion, and his entire family were one with Him. In that, in the in the sense of, you know, my family, I mean, his wife and his children,

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were one with Him in spending the Wrath of Allah subhanaw taala. In the love for us was a Santa, I will consider for the man who was, was wise, he was intelligent,

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wonderful human being. He was a great leader. He was knowledgeable. His particular specialty was

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genealogy. He was an expert in the genealogy of people, which was a very big thing in among the Arabs. And it's a it's a, unfortunately, we have lost this thing that's very sad, because we don't know where we come from. We don't know our roots. I mean, I don't mean myself, I guess I do know. But actually, most people, they don't know their roots, they don't know where they come from. So they lose the

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they lose the heritage, because they you know, history is our heritage. And because if you if you come from places and from, you know, a lineage which is honorable, which where people are your ancestors were people who did some good things, scholars, and so on, so forth, and other kinds of things, people in positions of power and authority, we used it well and did a good job. All this gives you a good feel, it gives you a sense of satisfaction, it gives you a sense of competence, a sense of trust, self respect, and all of these are very important things for

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for the person. And these are things which

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in the old days, when people live together and big joint families, this is what the older people, the older people, Elder, the elderly and the elders, this was their job, this was something that they did, they brought this, this whole, they were the repositories of history of the family of the people of the race of the community. And this the transfer to the younger generations. very sadly, one of the verb in my view, one of the biggest losses that has happened to us in this whole issue of modernity and modernization is the nuclear family, which is the joint family being broken up where elders are discarded, relegated, left somewhere, either in or people who are old people's homes or,

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you know, by themselves to live their last days in in an orderly way, even if they are materially well provided.

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So the family is opting to do without that knowledge and that experience and that entire wealth of life history that the elders can bring into their lives and they think they are, they're doing a good thing. They think that these are useless people. This whole concept of that you become useless. The day you turn 65 or the day will turn 60 or something

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Think this is a industrial related, industrial revolution related thinking where people's physical strength is equated with everything else. And when a person becomes elderly and maybe they can't lift weight anymore, they are just thrown somewhere and put out to pasture. There has to be a difference between a bullock and a human being, you know, but unfortunately, they don't seem to be.

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in some cases,

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while they were going on this during the

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process of Solomon, and obviously for the lung, they kept their

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identity secret. And you know, as I mentioned, you know, Dylan would say he's my guide. In other cases, they would give to some people and they would reveal their identity. One of them was bullied or slapped me on the lateral

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became Muslim and then later on, he took part in 16 out of 19 battles that the Muslim fought

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he gave our two thieves

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and they accepted Islam he gives our to a shepherd. He milked one of

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them. This is what he's doing on the way the two thieves and they accept Islam and they give the order to shepherd he milked one of the goats the shepherd had, the shepherd said none of them had milk. But this goat gave a lot of milk. There was some sort of accepted Islam, but told him to wait until he SallAllahu Sallam had declared himself openly and also as SLM and a worker said yes or no or traveling in the hottest part of summer. They went down in the valley to go back to

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Bobby Arbor, off.

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The sun was almost at its zenith, and it was extremely hot.

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It was Monday, the 12th of robiola. Well, when Ross was ready reached Medina. The answer is to go out of Medina every day because they had news that he was coming so they would work within every day and wait for our sources.

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But when the sun got very hot, they would go indoors. One day there was a Jewish man who was on top of a high building, and he saw on that particular day

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he saw a worker siddik

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And as soon as the sun up when the alarm was

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coming, they were dusting

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in clean white clothes, because they went away with the libre of the law who was returning from a trade journey. And he gifted them new clothes because they had they were their clothes had been traveled stained. The Jews saw them called out to the Arabs, the toppers wife says oh Adams, the one you were waiting for. Right?

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So of course it was great rejoicing

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and singing and so on.

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You know some of those machines we're using today as well

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as a salon stayed in the house of Saab been hated

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or they're

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in a bachelors house as it were, because there was a lot of because there were a lot of people coming to visit him. He didn't want to didn't want to disturb

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any person who had a family who had women in the house. He built the budget of Koba and

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today if you will pray that in magic Koba to aka to have Salah in this budget has the reward of an aura

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Salah in Medina number Sharif one Ricard has the reward of 1000 but God and Salah in the Haram in Makkah, Masjid Al haram, one regard has the slough off 100,000 McCart

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sent word to Medina asking permission granted the people of Medina

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sent out a large delegation and they said

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come in and you will be safe and you will be obeyed. So they sent out a big delegation and this was the message that the delegation communicated you will be you come in and you will be a word processor will not entering as a guest. He was entering as a ruler. The answer meant is very clear. When he near when he neared Medina, people came into the streets to greet him. They climbed on top of houses and trees

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to see him calling out to

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Calling out one another and

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beating drums and singing and dancing in the streets and has been Malik Delano. He says that

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I witnessed two days in Medina, one the best day and the other one, the worst day.

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The best day was when the solar Sun Salam entered Medina and the worst day was the day he passed away and I witnessed both of them. And this was our as the Marika Vilaro, the the was the companion of the servant also lives on Asana for the entire time that he stayed in Medina, Medina, as we know it was called yesterday. And when the solar system came there, it got the name of Madina, Munawwara the city of brilliance, the City of Light,

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because as soon as I came there, I remind myself I knew that this is the

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this is also the

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reality of bringing the Sunnah into our lives that our lives become Manawa they become full of light and beauty, resorts and asylum when they came to. When he came to Medina, he wanted to stay with relatives upon a job. They went from the coverage. And

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the sister Hashem married one of the women of UNRWA Jr. And so the maternal uncles of the router labor from Burma Raja

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so he asked who is closest to me in relationship, so I will you will Island sorry. He said he also Allah I'm closest to you in relationship and also assassin upstairs in his house.

00:26:56 --> 00:27:01

Also, we know the story where his cabin, people will

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try to grab the reins of the cabin and pull the cabin to their house and so on. And I'm set here Memorial Day lever she is under control. And this is a must have and that's managers control. And this camel came and stopped in front of a view and inside his house. And that is where as soon as I saw him dismounted and he stayed there. Now it was a two story house. And Rasulullah Salem persuaded about you while on Saturday.

00:27:31 --> 00:27:36

To allow him to stay on the call the ground floor like in a very cozy first floor.

00:27:38 --> 00:27:46

And your brother Avalon is why they didn't want to stay on the first floor as he as he used to the first floor because we don't want to stay above you.

00:27:48 --> 00:27:50

And then

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but he knows and I'm persuaded

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then what happened was that that night or the next night, I'm not sure if it was the same night or it was one night later. But whatever it was the on top when they were there, they were they had a container of water not wanting to stay at on the ground floor on the first meeting the first floor ground floor because he said people will come to meet me if I want the top floor that people have to pass through the ground floor to go on top and it's a disturbance for your family so he didn't want that he he also he prefer to stay on the ground floor because he didn't want to disturb the family of his host so anyway finally they agreed to stay on top then that night there was a

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there was water in a container in there

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on the floor on the top floor and this somebody not at all so it's been there was one all over the floor. Now they ran away on Saturday and his wife they ran to mop up this water and they had nothing else to use but their own

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some some extra clothes and blankets and so on all of his the use to mop up the water so the water wouldn't leak through the floorboards and fall on persona eyes. This was the level of love of the of the of the interview that we did, of course everything was wet. So they had that night they froze I mean they it was a very cool night. And it was very

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it was not comfortable obviously. So when as soon as I heard about this the next morning he insisted that they should change and eventually so he went and you know he

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the other day they insisted about he was sorry and invited insisted that this was awesome short steps though this is not good. He agreed that he stayed in the house for seven months. The admin tab it

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was the

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man who got the first

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gift for a sorcerer seven, he brought a bowl with bread crushed in milk and butter. And he said towards rasa Salem, my mother sent this for you. And obviously syrup said May Allah subhanaw taala bless her

00:30:16 --> 00:30:27

sad being on the bar that are the alarm who was one of the leaders of the answer. He brought a bowl with bread crushed in meat gravy

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for him and so also this continued and people would bring food as gifts for as little as salam. Every day. We as we will continue inshallah with our

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with our lesson on the Syrah of Salem, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to learn from his beautiful Syrah and to benefit from it for some of the hara anime Karim Allah renewer savage named

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