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To learn whether he will have the desire of Billa Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sheila Villa be able to see her mother also is another highly value seller. This Lehmann cathedral cathedra

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and ABI Abdillah Normanby, mushy or the Allahu anima call, summary it also lays

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a hole in Al Allah by Hindu in Al haram of a in a way the Houma Omoro was that we had Lai, Nicosia, Rumi, the nurse

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or the authority of the light bin Abdullah Abdullah Mohammed bin Bashir within Ottawa.

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As soon as

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he said, I heard him saying, the Hara is clear on the Haram is clear between them are matters which are unclear, that are unknown, most people now it's very important to be very ad so therefore his resume said, The whoever is wary of them, whoever is very of these unclear matters, has absorbed his religion on it, which means he has kept his religion on us safe. And we're intelligence in them has indulged in the Hara. And then he clarified is there is like a shepherd who herds his sheep too close

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to the sanctuary of the king. And

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therefore, there is a danger that the sheep will graze inside the sanctuary that was the the sheep grazing the sanctuary, the king will be upset and the shepherd will be punished.

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And then he continued, he said, every king has a sanctuary and the sanctuary of Allah is what he has made her up.

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There then he said the lies within the body a piece of flesh, if it is sound or body sound, if it is corrupted, the whole body is corrupted, very little speech is the heart. Now,

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very important to understand this is again one of the three I had these which are considered to be the essence of religion. The first one is in heaven, I want to be DAPP.

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The deed is based on

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is based on its intention.

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In the second one is when

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he said about the

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innovative matters where he said man fee and Marina had these

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are what the one who innovates something in this matter of hours which is love that is not have it will have it rejected when Avila Armineh laser ally for whoever

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whoever does something which we have not commanded, we will have it rejected. Then we have also the Hadees which we

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hear in Mazuma where he said Kulu Kulu that you're gonna call the dinar everything which is an innovation is guidance and all this greatness the five.

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So, these are the other two and they just won

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the this hadith where he sets

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in Valhalla Yun with Alabama bein Aveda, more wish that we had is the third one and these three encompass our whole religion.

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So, the important thing to understand here

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in this in this Hadees

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is to one is the first and most important thing which is that

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not to fall into the trap of playing games with a loss of

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what is clearly stated, we go with that.

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Where there is doubt, we leave that which is doubtful for that which is not doubtful. There is a Hadith narrated by

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Al Hassan Ali or the Allahu anima, the grandson of Rosa, who mentioned this, he said that my grandfather said, so lots of upset leave that which is doubtful for that which is not doubtful. So this is this is being careful, this is not playing games with Allah subhanaw taala. So what is doubtful we do not fall, we do not go there

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until we satisfy ourselves again, how do you satisfy us yourself by looking for the delille by looking for the

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evidence of that in the Quran and the Sunnah, there is no third place. Many people fall into this trap of say, well no I'm not I did not innovate. I'm just following this shake, I'm following this, this school this, this, this whatever, you know, group

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and so or follow

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This fatwa I have a fatwa from this or that organization. Please understand this a fatwa is a ruling is not a ruling of advisory opinion. It's a legal opinion by

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today, of course, everybody gets fatwas. But that is not valid. A fatwa valid for advice given by both dmft That

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is a legal expert.

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And so therefore, it is opinion, opinions can be right to business can be wrong. Hong Kong is a ruling and the person to give the Hong Kong was only and only are so nice

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because he gives the Hong Kong and he gave welcomes ACCA based on the ACA on the home of Allah subhanaw taala. So, if rasaan As Salam is not legislated, something is not said something is not defined something is not ordered something then as far as we are concerned, we don't follow the order of anyone else, no matter who that other person might be. So where there is a ruling of the resort and as we follow that, where there is no ruling we do not do what there is no regard we go only by the ruling of us which is based of course on the Quran okay.

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So, leave all doubtful matters what is not doubtful. Similarly Haram is clear. For example, interest based rulings, he just based dealings Allah subhanaw taala is privateer it is clear drinking of alcohol or any kind of intoxicants, drugs and so on is haram. unless prohibited, we don't do that. Eating of pork prohibited. We don't do that eating of any meat which has not been slaughtered in the Slavic way called Serbia. We don't do that. It's developed any kind of

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premarital extramarital relationship between a man and a woman without the virus without Mary being there. Without DECA is haram, we do not do that mistake learn from this. And so these are clear what is halal haram, what is halal is also clear, which are for example, to make the guys clear, so we make Nick if you want to have a relationship with a with a with a minor one, but

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to eat something, which is we have dinner we eat, if there is a doubt, we don't eat that. So, these are what is clear is clear, what is not clear is clear now meaty,

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if we are instead of that, if we follow this, you know,

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doubtful things, then division has been observed people who followed our food things are actually doing haram for because the doubtful itself, maybe your opposite, they don't they're doing that secondly, to go for the doubtful when

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when when it is not clear, obviously, to go for the artwork itself. So you are disobeying the order we are we sort of set up

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by doing something which is which He prohibited us from doing which is to go for doubtful things. He said stay away from the from the doubtful for that which is clear right.

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Now, also,

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in Islam, there is a concept of this little village called Southern

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blocking of the beads, that means you block any action, which might lead to higher up there, which also gives this example of the

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person who had a flock of sheep, and some of it is going into land, which is off limits. And so the person keeps going closer and closer until the sheep are going to stray into the sanctuary of the king. So in addition to services stay away from that.

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That's why for example, things like free mixing between genders,

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between men and women

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I'm using Amazon is private and not because you know, not because every

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man or woman, you beta, you are going to be fornicating with them. But because all of this leads to that, even if you don't do it, you might say well, you know, I've been mixing with men and women I've been going to parties all my life but I've never been unfaithful to my my spouse ever fornicated Abdullah good for you, but your action itself was because the means that something might even if you didn't do it, it is something that

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leads to that the other people will do that. So, if you are going to be doing something which is fall into that, it is prohibited.

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So all the things that lead to Haram are also prohibited. There was also the example of

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the heart because this is the ultimate this is the

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this is the basic fundamental thing, which

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gets corrupted and with the heart gets corrupted, last Rotella mentioned knucklebones ilim laminata Allah who believe in laminata La Habra compensative

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On the day, the only thing which will benefit is a heart which is pure which is

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which is free from all forms of corruption. And therefore, we by myself I knew that the it's very important for us to make sure that our heart is always pure and the heart gets gets corrupted. When we fall into doubtful things we ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from that, and to keep us on that which is pleasing to Him was a law that will carry while he was a member of tickle