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In London

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salatu salam ala chef in India while he was having he won

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less than $1

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which is most taboo to say today and tomorrow.

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And Manuel Bonilla, Luna Xena Tula hair the dunya, Bahia de Sala hat,

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as well,

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as well. And the children that you have

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are the Xena of this dunya they are beautification

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and adornment. They are a decoration for this life of dystonia.

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But what remains is what you send before you are back here to solid, what remains are the good deeds

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and there are bigger, higher amama

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that the good deeds are the things that remain with your

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IRA and myself and you, it is very important for us to make a balance sheets

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of our lives.

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And I strongly advise you to do that today before you go to bed.

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Sit down and make a balance sheet

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of your life.

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And as you know in the balance sheet, there is an assets and liabilities, two columns.

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So, what are your assets?

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And what are your liabilities?

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The assets are all that all the things that we have done, for the sake of others ran out.

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And the liabilities are all the things for which Allah Subhana Allah will question.

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So make an account of that make a clear account of the actual assets and liabilities, some of the assets will have

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commercial value, they will have a

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money value, some of the liabilities will have a commercial value, some of them will not have a commercial value.

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One of the assets that we need to put in that balance sheet is the special talent that Allah Subhana Allah has given you.

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So sit down and make this list and what is it that Allah has given me which is special?

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What is a special talent that Allah has given me?

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And list those. For some people it might be one thing and for some people it might be more than one thing, but list those talents.

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Because believe me Allah, Allah does not give anything for free.

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If there is a talent along with that talent on the liability side, you have to write down where it uses talent.

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Yesterday, one of the great singers of the subcontinent passed away my de aza.

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Allah gave him the talent of singing and give a beautiful voice.

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So when I viewer, I'm not sitting and doing the balance of ideas,

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but I'm saying that if Allah has given you a voice, then that voice is being used for what

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that is the point of making, if Allah has given you a beautiful voice, this voice was useful what to do what

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similarly for somebody, Allah may have given you a strength.

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Right? Some people who go to the gym and spend a lot of time many hours pumping iron and at the end of that they still look like a dried person. I mean, that's a different matter. But for other people, they go to the gym, they don't even work that hard. But Allah put Baraka and there's weightlifting or something and they come out looking you know, very nice big muscles and so on. Now, what is the challenge, what is the use of that strength? This person was spending three hours, four hours, five hours in the gym, pumping weights, what is that person doing in the night this is telling me that strength with Allah has given him

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the strength is being used for what

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similarly somebody for some people, Allah subhanaw taala give them a very sharp mind.

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The same matter the same problem, the same issue, which a lot of people now look at and they sweat over it and they you know, it doesn't simply they can't make head or tail of it. They are very confused. But you bring that issue before this person. And in one second, he will tell you will put his finger exactly on the spot Salah you're on the standard neuro very sharp and very bright mind. So what is his mind being used for?

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What is Allah What is his mind be used for? for other people, it might be just plain physical health. Right? I'm not talking about great strength and this and that. But Angela your knees work and your hips work and your joints work.

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My mother from the time she was about 60 she has to

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Walk using a walker because of arthritis, terrible arthritis can't move. And under law, we have people who are 60 and more, who are running marathons and who are running, you know, even if they're not running a marathon, they are certainly able to jog and they can walk freely without pain, and so on and so forth.

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So I've given you a body which works, what is the use of this body? Where is it being used?

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His body which works is being used with

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balance sheets, very important because this balance sheet, believe me whether or not you and I write this balance sheet, this balance sheet is being written for us as I speak.

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A lot of analysts wouldn't want someone to write the assets, and someone to write the liability Yes. On both shoulders

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24 seven, whether you are asleep or awake, they are there. They're not writing when you are sleeping, obviously. But minute you are awake,

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they are writing the Kevin got him in there writing things. One night he has one night gullibility is one that is a good one at the back.

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So this balance sheet is very important for us, I remind myself to make a balance sheet of our lives.

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And in the leadership excellence course, in Elysee, we teach this and the question asked people is that right, this balance sheet from this perspective perspective is that if I drop dead now,

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what will be on this balance sheet is

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not what you plan to do. I intend to donate a million dollars to build a Magellan fund your intention is that

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right now, your drop dead intention has not happened that million dollars sitting in your bank. Now, tell me

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the point is that the point is that if I drop dead now and this is our akiza, that anybody can drop it at any time. If that is the akiza In fact, then what is my What are my assets? What are my liabilities? What do I do with opportunities that come to us?

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For example, hamdulillah we had a journalist who came here last couple of days, he spent year

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and we announced two lectures, one on business transaction, the other one on marriage. The marriage lecture of course, as expected had more women than men, the hall was full business transactions, not that many people

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know why

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it doesn't matter we he's not judging a ticket is not getting any money out of it, even if one person comes or nobody comes next no difference to him or to me or anybody else. My point is, here is an opportunity for people to come and clarify their doubts and ask their questions and learn something but you make no effort

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then when you stand before on a panel that I with a lot of transactions that you have done which are either wrong or which are you know, kind of foggy, then what is the answer? Then you say well, I would you know, I never had an opportunity, you know, to

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not true opportunity was brought to your doorstep. Now what more can anybody do?

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Apart from Robert from bringing somebody who has knowledge and offering that to free

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then we ask for a single piece of work nothing free.

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On top of that, you get a free cup of tea and as many as you can eat.

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Even then, if people don't want to cover

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what can anybody do? That don't let the do the wrong things and then you know some of it.

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So very important for us to are to look at our assets and liabilities the time Allah has given me Allah has given me good eyesight Alhamdulillah What am I reading?

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Allah has given given us think about this just today news that then magmar in Burma, Muslims are being slaughtered.

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Think about the forest is only what No. But people are dying, people are actually dying, they cannot sit like this and after Salah them further and listen to something there is no safety. A lot of I don't think they can even probably praise a lot of otherwise.

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Even if they have that have the desire

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to save them as well help them but Alhamdulillah Allah has not put us in that situation.

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So what do we do with that situation around because Allah has given us a man. What are we doing with his armor?

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Only to lay down and sleep or what's

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the reason why we have been the well I remember I always tell people we are very fond of watching television, watch television, the television is out just against you believe me.

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What as much as you want because that television is giving you information.

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So entertainment is giving information and the moment you have information

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And then the question comes, what did you know? What did you do with what you do?

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You might say, well, if I don't watch television, don't I have the innovation? Well, you still have it, but maybe not to that extent.

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Right. And then, of course, in the television, there's a lot of other stuff that happens. The point is that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us a life he has given us talents, Allah has given us assets and strengths.

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Let us take stock of where we are using them what we are doing with them. And the sooner we start, the sooner we start thinking and underlie these two guys are here.

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As Alan said,

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they're listening carefully, and they haven't gone to sleep or something. The earlier you start thinking like this in life, the bigger advantage you have over everybody else.

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Maybe I got I started 40. But I was thinking like when I was 10, then what I got a 30 year advantage over everybody else. 30 years is a long time, believe me.

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30 years is three decades. 30 years is a long time, the whole world changes in 30 years, and you are a 30 year advantage in terms of your thinking,

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see where it can take you. So teach this to your children, sit down with your children and make a balance sheet for yourself? What are your assets? What are liabilities, right? Everything.

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If you are good looking at the assets,

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and as far as I could have made you anywhere, anywhere, anywhere you want it but hamdulillah as far as I gave you a good shape Allah

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that's an asset now what you do with your assets,

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and so on, and so on. So I don't want to I don't think I need to list everybody's assets. But I do think that it is the job to do before going to bed tonight. Please make sure. What do we do with our time? This is a question that will be asked on the Day of Judgment. The questions are what what did you do with your life? meaning your time the time that was given to you on the earth? What did you do with the time that time was an asset? How did you spend it? What do you do the time?

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What did you do with your youth? In that time, there was a period when you when you had strength and power? What did you do with that period?

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What did you do with the knowledge which was given to you? Whatever it was, whether it was a great amount of knowledge, whether it was a small amount of knowledge, Allah is not asking that Allah is not ask me how much knowledge was given to you know,

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whatever was given to you? What did you do with that knowledge was an asset. What did you do with the knowledge? Just think about that we are we read the Quran. We spend our whole life decades 4050 years. And then you ask someone to these sort of other resources that you have for us that easy reading from the Koran, or is he reading a lot of Bhagavad Gita? Or is eating something from some English book or what? Because you cannot understand a word you cannot understand a single word or what the man is saying. Why? Because there's no time and no effort in learning the street.

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What is the opposite of Allah? Please?

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You learn everything else speaking English? is not your language.

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Start your life without all of us beginners. Is it the hour? Is the language of any one of us here today? I know. For all of us English is a foreign language how do you how is it we speak it? Well, because it makes an effort. So how come How about we don't make an effort to learn the Quran.

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And I have been sitting I witness against those who have made don't make an effort as much as Believe me.

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Don't make me a witness against you. I have sat here I've told people come I will teach you.

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You don't get what you want me to fall out of it.

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I already learned that some of you and you deal with it.

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Literally. So the fact that that which is wrong. If your judgment is wrong in Surah, Tova, your Salah is not valid the person brain behind you which Allah is not valid.

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What is this? Who has made the effort?

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Allah, Allah gave us his color.

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And we have no shame that we stand before him and we decided to drop water level. I'm not talking about Lohan and June and no, I'm not talking about any of that. It is not necessary to recite the Quran in a good tune. inshallah, it is good if you do that. But if you don't know that, that's fine. But the correctness of the recitation, the correctness of the pronunciation, where the outcrop

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there are people within Alhamdulillah Allah, Allah Allah and he will stop three times

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when the walk of the

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look in the book

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please don't play games with yourself. Allah has given us time Allah given us knowledge. Take the time, make the efforts minimum at least you will have some are just devala masala maybe I tried. I didn't succeed but at least I tried. At least

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I made some effort I went and sat somewhere was done was that for half an hour, whatever minutes, one hour a day or something.

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And when I when we don't nobody asked for money or nothing we asked for absolutely nothing. Just come and sit. And sitting here gives no benefit other than the pleasure of Allah knows that

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I was capable.

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We spend time to go to parties, we spend time to go to the club, we spend time to go to every wedding in the city. So voila, there's so many. How is it that so many weddings are there that many people are? They're getting married? Everyone is getting married four times? or What is happening? How is it that so many weddings Allah Allah knows best? In the digital, you can survive without cooking food in your house? Every night you got one party somewhere.

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So you got time for all that. What we do not have time to spend half an hour, not even every day, maybe every alternate day. So maybe three days or four days a week, half an hour to learn that.

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And I've said this a million times, all it needs is maybe two weeks of effort. After that is a matter of your own practice. As you listen as you practice. You can be very good at Abdullah, many people have come they have learned.

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But others don't make the effort.

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Okay, you don't like my face? Don't come here, go somewhere else. Learn the kurama Well, I'm not saying learn from me. Don't learn from me learn from wherever you want, but learn the column of data and do not recite it wrong. I'm only talking about one simple one single matter. There's so many other things that we can talk about. We won't do that we won't go there. But do think about this, make a balance sheet, make a balance sheet, what are my assets? What are my liabilities because that balance sheet is going to come with us and we don't want that balance sheet to be such that when we when our eyes closed, that this balance sheet becomes a source of problem for us. We don't want this

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we want inshallah, to have a balance sheet, which will be an asset for us as an asset or back to solid with Allah subhanaw taala are the good deeds and May Allah subhanaw taala help us and enable us and give us the week to increase those good deeds and then May Allah subhanho wa Taala increase them by himself on his own by His mercy, because that is his Shan as as gentle as Allah who was Allah Allah Nabeel Karim? Allah Allah. He was having his main erotica or Hama la hibino. I will have to rely on