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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah villum Eva mazzolino Her mother Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Steven Pythian cathedra, among other one brothers and sisters. The

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final probably this is the final one, I thought, I thought the last one will be but some more thoughts on this issue of real politic

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in Muslim leaders,

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as I mentioned before, I just want to reiterate that, unless we had data centers to establish a standard, he didn't send us to compromise that standards, to suit our worldly benefits. And no matter how important those worldly benefits might seem to be, no matter how important or how religious to be to us, Allah didn't send us for that reason he sent us to uphold the standards. Now, wait, we were talking about leaders who might not fit that bill, and who might not

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stand up to that standard, leaders who compromise the standard leaders who do all kinds of things, which are wrong, for example, leaders who imprison their opponents.

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without trial,

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Islamic extremism, Muslim history is full of this, just the crime that the person committed was that he disagreed with the leader, the crime that he committed was that he,

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he opposed the leader.

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Now opposing a leader is not a crime. It's not a crime in Islam, and it's not a crime anyway, in any democratic free society. So you cannot

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imprison a person for that crime. But just to imprison a person is keep them locked up. And, you know, family is, of course, much worse, because in prisons, people are tortured and whatnot.

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Then people are murdered, because they oppose the the ruler or the leader. So you have a situation a situation where you have somebody like this, who's willing to do all of these things. And

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the question being asked is what you see they are

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potentially they can

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get for globally for the Muslims, this big goal. You know, whatever that goal is, the question is, that question I would ask myself, if somebody asked me to support that person is that this is the person who betrayed his own friends. This is a person who imprisoned his critics. This is a person who allowed so many on Islamic things. So many things Allah subhanaw taala made haram to happen in his own under his own rule, how can I trust such a person?

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So before I am going to support somebody, I need to be able to trust them?

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If I cannot trust them, I cannot support them. So what can we do? I mean, how am I going to support if somebody who I don't trust? And my question is Would you trust a person like that? Would you would you trust a person of that kind? Now, this is a very important question to settle for ourselves. Because a person who's not true to Allah, a person who doesn't care about Allah, a person who doesn't care about us was salam. A person who has no concern for the pleasure of Allah and what Allah made halal haram Waters was

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permitted or prohibited. How can you trust that person? If that person is not true to his own creator? How is he going to be true to you?

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It's as simple as that. Take for example, countries, Muslim countries, which allow interest based banking, every single country does that they have major interest based banks in the country. Now Allah subhanaw taala declared war on somebody who deals in interest. So if a country and a ruler has an interest based banking system in their country,

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and they have signed for loans and interest based loans, they're paying those that interest they're borrowing and lending money on interest and so on. Then, technically, as far as Islam is concerned, these people are people who have accepted a declaration of war from Allah subhanaw taala, which means that Allah is their enemy. Now if Allah is that enemy, how are they going to succeed or win?

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Whatever they set out to do? They are bound to fail. Because if Allah is the enemy, if we believe that even though Allah is their enemy, and this is not my opinion, this is the Quran. Even though

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Allah is the enemy, these people can win. Then we have to question our own human.

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You know, the problem, our problem

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Imagine that Islam is simple. Allah subhanaw taala made this Deen simple.

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We complicated. We take the simple lien and we convert it into a very complex thing, which puts us into trouble because then we don't know what to do with all the complexities that we have created. The simple thing is

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what I hold myself to, I will trust somebody who is true to Allah subhanaw taala. I will trust somebody who's true Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and I will not trust somebody who has no problem. Openly disobeying Allah subhanho data and is also a satellite seller who has no trouble going directly against what they ordered, who has no trouble committing haram and allowing haram.

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Such a person, according to me, is completely and totally untrustworthy. I will not trust the person. If I were to hire such a person, I would not hire that person. If I am not willing to hire somebody like that to do as you know, small whatever little job in my organization or my home, how can I trust such a person to lead me that person will lead me to work? He will lead me to the disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala he has made himself an enemy of our life. I follow him I become an enemy of Allah, why would I follow him?

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That is my point. Whether this person can win a particular goal are not Allah subhanaw taala said Allah subhanaw taala sometimes

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does his work using a fossick using a person who is destined for the Hellfire using a person who is a

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who that who disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala.

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That is Allah subhanaw taala as mancia that is his decision.

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But for us,

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who do we follow? We follow a person who is a fossick a person who is

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you know, who is openly disobedient of Allah's man

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who doesn't care about Allah subhanaw taala and his Deen? Or do we follow somebody who's the opposite? For whom? Allah subhanaw taala is the income first.

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Because when we're on the Day of Judgment, when we stand before was valid, they will understand and be judged for our decisions.

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And those decisions and those judgments are not going to be colored by the reasons why we did harm.

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Let us understand this very clearly in Islam. The law is very clear what is halal is Allah what is haram is haram.

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Allah doesn't did not say what is haram is haram. For given certain, such a reason, I mean, meaning that it's not haram if something there is a reason to allow it. Except survive. I mean, that's the only thing where it is literally a matter of, you know, life and death.

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Now, obviously, that doesn't apply to any, you know, in any country and poorer and so on. It's a personal individual thing. I'm starving to death and I'm allowed to eat something which I'm not allowed otherwise, if I'm fasting and my life is in danger because of that I'm allowed to break my fast and so on.

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But other than that,

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what Allah subhanaw taala created and made halal is for our benefit, what he made Haram is for us to

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stay away from for our benefit.

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And it's very important, therefore, to be clear in our minds with this and not confuse ourselves. Because final points, if self interest is the greatest motivator, then let me put it in, in, in the language of self interest.

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What this person whoever this person is who you are following or you want to follow while you're thinking of following has done to the people, as I mentioned before, to the people who trusted him and to the people who you know who interacted with him. What is your guarantee that the same thing won't happen to you tomorrow?

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What is the guarantee? Remember, the hallmark of Allah, the boundaries of Allah? Are the safety nets. They are the seatbelts, they are the doors they are the gates that guide us against all dangers or corruption.

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Once you open that door, believe me my brothers and sisters, you have no control over what comes in.

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And before you know your religion has gone the way of other religions completely

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bears no resemblance to watch the prophets of rice and brush.

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And if that happens, the people who open that door will be responsible for their acts for their action and for the action of destroying the religion. For everyone else.

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After them,

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be very careful, never open the door which is a sort of a celestial object.

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There is no benefit in opening the door, which the Rasul of Allah said, Alas, no shots, there cannot be any benefit. This is our email.

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And if we open that door, and we will have only ourselves today,

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don't open that door What Allah made Haram is haram.

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What Allah prohibited is private, it is private of our benefit.

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And if we somehow shatta and convinces us that we know better than you are saying that you know better than Allah, You know what that means?

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Stay far away from anyone who advises you.

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That breaking the laws of Allah subhanaw taala is necessary for world against or any gains.

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Stay far away from such people. Don't listen to those to that advice. Because remember, if you open that door, one day, you will cry tears of blood. Because what comes through the door will come into your home and will come into your life and it will destroy you and it will destroy your families and it will destroy your lives. And you will know that the reason that is happening is because you were the one who opened the door

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was Allah Allah Allah will carry him while he was a member of the Gohara