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So now you're saying here that the belief, part of the aqeedah is to believe that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah subhanaw taala and then there was a Salah was his last and final messenger. Now they are the action part of the second part of the karma, which

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is to follow Him and to obey in everything that he told us to do in everything the way he used to do it. Once again, like in the earlier case, if there is something which does not go against the Sunnah, then you have you're free to do that, without any problem, but if there is something in which as soon as Allah Salam has decreed something, but he has stated this is the way to do something, he has given a ruling on something, or there is his way of doing something and if somebody deliberately for Muslim deliberately goes against that, then this person would be

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guilty of a major sin and of all depending on what it is, it might be something which is serious enough to nullify our belief itself, nullify EMR. And not everything is the isn't that

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not everything is that serious, but definitely, it's something for us to keep in mind and to warn ourselves, not to fall into that trap.

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My brothers and sisters, this is the essence of Islam, the Islam Islam is this though hate.

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And here I'm talking about

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two parts of the heat, low heat and COVID Robo Viet, which is to the belief that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. And the belief that I must be handled alone is the one to seek help from, that he is the Rabbul aalameen He is our he's our creators, sustainer maintainer protector nourisher that all our needs

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are fulfilled by a Muslim handle the data, who is himself not in need of anything from us. colo Allahu Ahad, Allah has solid lamea lead What have you learned when lemmya Kula This is our belief about Allah subhanho wa Taala

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that he is

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free from all he wants, and he is free from all needs. So this is the fundamental appeal. Now, as I told you, where does it translate, it translates into the action part of it. And that is where the first part of that action is the establishment of Salah because although here it is about worship, so when I'm saying here that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah, what must I do? I must worship Allah. I can't say that I believe that there is no one word worthy of worship, except Allah but when it comes to worshiping Allah I do not worship right I'm not watching somebody else. But I'm not also worshiping Allah. This is something that is

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a very very great problem in Islam I'm Allah protect us in for certain further we are too sleepy

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azahara Sir, we are miserable. We are very busy and

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Muslim. By the time I'm traveling back home, and when I get home for a shower, I'm so tired. Now what kind of thing is what kind of life is this? So it is extremely important for us not to fall into this trap and to ensure that we

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that we follow and we pray the Salah at its correct time, the Salah is the manifestation of La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul lai lai la Allah is the obedience of an advantage. So Allah,

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salata decree, established the salah for my Vicar, so when Allah

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Allah, if say hamdulillah your labia already Alhamdulillah la Vega lamella

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How is it with this is where that Muhammad also law part of the karma comes in, how is it to be done? I learned this from Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa he was how is Salah to be done the way it was realized.

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This is the following of the sooner the Salah is a beautiful example

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of this whole concept of Islam which is we obey Allah in the way that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam obeyed.

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This is the connection between Allah and His Nabi and his Salah. The connection between the orders of Allah and the Sunnah of Rasulullah Sana sometimes people wonder, what is this emphasis on so now Why should I follow this on because that is the only way

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That is the only way that you have of obeying Allah subhanho data, any obedience required to action.

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Allah gave you gave us give us a hug. Allah said worship me.

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He has already how,

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how should I worship the way Muhammad SAW Salah worship me

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what is the way of Salah the way it was was nice and

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what is the way of Psalm of fasting the way it was faster?

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How much I give Zakat the way rasulillah salam gives aka how do i do Hutch?

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What is it called one day Manasa Coco, take from me the monastic take from me the

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the the way, and the important points and the rules of making Hajj.

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to the following of the Sunnah is critical to the

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to the whole of Islam, because if I unless I follow us on how do what I'm supposed to do in

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the method, as soon as the method without the method, I cannot obey the instruction.

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Right. And Salah is a very, very good way of good example to illustrate this.

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If you if you do not want to follow wrestlers and sell them

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then how do you pray?

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What is the method of praying?

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Because obviously, I cannot pray any way I feel like praying because that is not acceptable by Allah. Allah, Allah subhanaw taala accepts what natural Sonam did.

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Because that is what Allah swatara taught him.

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And he taught him that so that we could be taught that by him. And he said

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to the following of the Sunnah, and this is an example and this is the the the template for everything else in life.

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So the Salah is not only when we are talking about Salah is not only about Salah, but that example applies to my to everything else in my life. How do I pray, I pray the way I'm prayed, how do I buy food the way he ate his food? How do I treat my family the way he treated his family? How should my house be organized the way his house was organized? How should I do business the way he did business?

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If I'm in a conflict with somebody, how should I behave the way he behaved? If I'm angry? What should I do do what he did? If someone harms me or someone

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transgresses on my rights, what must I do do what he did?

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This applies to everything

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in the shadows that applies to everything.

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And that is the reason why it's so important for us to understand the importance of the tsunami of resources

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right so this issue of it is very very important

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to ensure that we believe the right thing and that we act upon the right thing as I told you it doesn't end with belief. Belief is where it starts belief is the is the fountainhead believe is the Energizer it is the engine

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but if you have this guy or if you have this train which has the engine but has no wheels

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it has no means of locomotion he's got no gear system which transfers the energy of the engine to the wheels then it's going nowhere.

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So also in life so ABS engine I believe lie Lie Lola, but then my actions are not bearing witness to this belief. I believe Lie lie lie but I am doing something which is something else.

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I wasn't in my desires.

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Then where is the line item

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and that's the reason why it is so important for us to learn this Deen and to practice this Deen in the way that also a nice and a Salaam practiced it

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out of existence I inshallah next session we'll talk about rather than other things. But I want to

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emphasize at the risk of repeating and I don't mind repeating myself many times, it's very important for us to repeat so that we get this into our system.

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The importance of the character feeder.

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That's why remember all the kinds of cultural practices we have all these, you know the knee as we do on this one, that one and the man that we have we

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We did with I don't know what are the English words for NAS and monitor and all then although the horrified we do mela protectors, you know that anything making dua please do not do things which will negate

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all the good in your life.

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And the one thing which is guaranteed to negate all the goodness in your life is shark

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is two giant partners where lots of anotehr do is to worship somebody other than Allah, or to worship someone along with them to seek help from other than Allah or to seek help from Allah and somebody else.

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No, Allah is unique, and lots of habitat is unique, there's no one worthy of worship is no one worthy of seeking help from except him jealous.

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So, that is we are very clear in our minds, and let us follow that and not get sidetracked by each other into doing something which will be which can only be harmful for us, there is no benefit in it whatsoever. Right? So I request you please keep this in mind. And then the purpose of all these classes is to now reflect in our lives and say, What is my life like? What do I really believe? And how am I practicing that belief?

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Do I believe a lie Lola and is this lie lie lie reflected in my actions. And the first and foremost of those actions is Salah.

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So am I praying the way I should be praying?

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I bring on time by praying.

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At least I'm trying to make an effort to have a quality of Salah which is like that also vice versa. I know you are you can't get there I know I can't get there doesn't matter. We make some effort.

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And we ask Allah subhanaw taala for his mercy on us right that is almost

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ask Allah to please with you and never to be displeased and to make it easy for you to obey Him and to make it easy for you to follow us on of navasana Solomon to get the sweetness and beauty of that in your life. For sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi

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wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa

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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah Shafi Lambie, Abel mousseline, Muhammad Rasul, Allah is Allah Allah highly highly, he was able to sell them, this demon, Kaziranga see Rama Babu, my dear sisters, in our lesson on living Islam, I want you to reflect on the statement which we say all the time, and which we have heard many, many times, which is that Islam is a complete way of life, that Islam is not merely a set of worship rituals. It's not simply a set of beliefs. But it is something that covers every aspect of life. If you are whether you are a ruler or the ruled, whether you are wealthy or poor, whether you are a man or a woman, whether you are old

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or young, whether you are European, or African American or whatever. Not whatever nationality, whatever it is, Islam has answers for you for your life. And the questions are related to your life, no matter who you are, this is our belief.

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Now, I want you to

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reflect on this and to ask yourself this question and say, What exactly does this mean? Islam as a as an answer for everything in Islam, you know, the complete way of life? What what are we talking about? What What is this complete way of life?

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I think God is

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not to answer that question for you. Islam is divided, or rather, Islam covers what we say, five separate aspects of life. The first one it covers is the appearance it is the creed, it is the belief system, because Islam is the name of a belief system, it starts with that in the heart. That's where it begins with a belief system which is the second thing which Islam covers is the manifestation of that belief system in terms of our dealings and our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that is the area that the worship of Allah Subhana hawton. The third thing that Islam concerns itself about and which image it talks about, is muamalat which is our dealings

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with people. And not just people what everyone and everything that lives in the world in which we live. So whether it's human or whether it's AI or whether it's bird, whether it's a tree, the environment, the the air, the water, all of this, come under the section of mamilla, which is our dealings. Number four is o'clock.

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Is our manners, right? How do we conduct ourselves? Now you might say, well Marina is the same thing. No, Marina is a Clark. But Accra is also something which is not only Marbella. But it's our own comportment our whole way in which we think and we behave in our lives, right, irrespective of whether there is dealing with somebody or the other or not. And the fifth one, the last one is the wash era, or the

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the culture the society that we create. So there's five things which is Aveda, the create a vahdat which is the worship

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and these two relate to the cause of Allah the rights of Allah subhanaw taala on us, third one is babila which is our dealings and these now these three relate with the

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with people, so dealing with people dealing with people and so on. So for samaveda which is dealings number four is a flat which is our manners and number five is Mashallah which is the society that we create as a result of this belief system and this is called Islam.

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Now think about I want you to give this some thought and say what how do we assess ourselves so if I'm if I want to assess myself and say the How am I doing with living Islam? How am I doing with practicing Islam? Then I must look at myself on this framework of these five things right? Now why must I even think about this? Why must I even think about how am I leaving Islam because that is what literally is what you take to the bank. What we what counts for us in this Deen is our actions is our ama. As soon as it is famous

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advice to his favorite daughter, say that father was

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the daughter of an Amazon seller, he said to her Fatima, do not believe that you will stand over Allah subhanho data as the daughter of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam you will stand with what Allah is based on your

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on your on your actions, right. So, if the daughter of Louisa Salaam is going to have to be concerned about her actions, then what nice, but what relationship, what connection Do I have and you have which supersedes and which is a bigger connection than the one she has? Right? Her connection with each other seldom is the absolute top there is nothing that can become superior to that connection, as being the daughter of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam despite that he himself right this is not somebody else's interpretation, he himself is telling her do not rely on that connection, that connection alone will not suffice, the connection is a connection. Connection

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is good inshallah. But the connection is good, or as good as your ama. If the Amal do not support the connection, the connection does not work. The Baraka of the relationship, the vertical of the Nisbet comes into play only when the actions are there to support it.

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There are many advantages of this nature of this connection. For example, as I became Louisa Solomon said, jasola, please make dua for me that I must be your companion in Jan. He said, Please make dua for me, that I should be you're combining the agenda. Now. So that's the reason I'm said to him, I will make the DA but I want you to help me with your actions. Now what help does the DA and we need think about that? What what help? I mean? Maybe that's enough, right? To Why is he saying because he wants to emphasize on on us that do not deal rely on anything other than you or the person's actions are what Allah subhanho wa Taala counts and what was valterra ways and which Allah subhanaw taala

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will reward us for and we ask Allah for his reward. So it's very important for us to remember this in our in our lives now.

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Therefore to come that's the reason why we need to practice Islam. But I observed all this in relation with Why do I need to practice Islam because that's the only thing which will help us. It is not the belief alone. It is not acquiring knowledge about Islam alone. It is not what I read, it is not what I how much Koran I memorize. All of these are good things and I'm the lover you should do that. But at the end of the day, it is that which I do. My actions are the things which will help me or which will sabotage everything else that I have.

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That is a very, very critical matter for us to keep in mind. So let's come to these five things to just start with the first one, which is our aqidah. What is the correct Islamic Uffizi? I'm not doing a class on that either here. So I'm not going into the details of it, I just wanted the basic, broad fundamental things right. If you get that basic fundamental thing, right, everything else will fall into place, inshallah, and by all means, feel free to study the aqeedah in detail and so on and so forth. But right now, the first and foremost fundamental thing is what it is law in a law who will hammer level so

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this is the basic fundamental akiza of every single Muslim man or woman no matter who they are, no matter where they live. Without this akiza you are no longer a Muslim. You cannot be a Muslim. If you are not a Muslim, you want to become a Muslim. You want to enter Islam, this is the this is the creed, this is a belief that you have to hold in your heart. And what is their belief? La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, what does that mean? There is nobody worthy of worship except Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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There is nobody worthy of worship, except Allah Subhana Allah and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the raw soul is the Messenger of Allah subhanho wa Taala and he is the last and final of his messengers, after whom there is no other prophet and there is no other messenger

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disharmony, what is understood and part of Muhammad Rasul Allah satellizer.

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So it's not enough to say Mohammed Salah Salem is the soul of Allah and also somebody else. Is there a sort of a lot? No, that is that that completely negates your Eman. If you say that somebody else is also meaning somebody after resources right before him Yes, of course, there were there were many ambia we are talking about after him after his asylum. If somebody believes that, that another individual, whoever that is, irrespective of that was in Abby, or is in Avi was and also what is also then that person who believes that has existed and left Islam, that person is no longer a Muslim, that person has left Islam, if they can call themselves what they want, but you are not a

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Muslim anymore because you do not believe that Muhammad wa sallam is the last and final messenger, believing that he is a messenger and believing that He is Allah He is the last and final messenger are intrinsic, and part of the same belief. And this is what I know this

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is absolutely clear, where I last ran out. And I said that he is hard on NaVi. And remember he said he's hot on a beat. He's the seal of the prophets nabee because every Rasool is an abbey, but every NaVi is not necessarily a rasuu. Right. And as soon as somebody will come with a book come to the Sharia, every Navy doesn't come with that. But every resource obviously is an AVI and that is how he becomes a resource because I last ran into gives him more than he gives to then he gave to other ambia and that's why Allah will not say

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NaVi, because if the door itself is shut, then the higher steps are not necessary. We don't have to say anything, because we are saying here that this the door to know both the door to the salad, the door of the Rahi has been closed and shut after Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam left this world when he left this world, the door of where he was shut forever. It will never open again until we meet Allah subhanho wa Taala inshallah, on the day of judgment,

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the basic fundamental belief is what is a shadow Allah, Allah, Allah Allah as a person I say this, I bear witness that there is nobody worthy of worship except Allah. And I bear witness or shadow No, Mohammed Rasul Allah. And I bear witness that Muhammad wa salam is the raso is the Messenger of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that is the last and final messenger, after whom there is no NaVi, and after whom there is no raso.

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Right? This is very, very important. So when I'm saying this shall Allah Allah Allah, Allah, I am negating the worship of everyone and everything other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. Please remember, that by worship, we do not mean only making such that we mean worship in every form, which is asking for help from a person other than Allah subhanho data. I'm not talking about asking somebody to get a glass of water or a cup of tea. I'm talking about helping the sense of somebody a human non viola, right, somebody who's not not the Creator, who is not almost

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asking them to

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Help you asking from the hips meaning somebody was passed away somebody who's died for example, going to a grave of somebody whether it's gonna be including the grave of himself, if you go to the grave of of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam himself and you stand there and you make dua and you say rasulillah Give me a giant yada so alive lost my job give me a job, you also lie mongering Give me food jasola I'm sick, you're me. Then this is open shark and if you believe that and if you say that then you will left Islam, you are committing shirk standing in front of the or all the of Rasul Allah is Allah May Allah subhanaw taala protectors. So this is the similarly if you ask help from

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the Malacca us journalists, or whoever, right, may Allah protect us we do all kinds of things. So this is very important to understand. Worship means to make sudo and so on, so forth. But worship also means to obey, in opposition to Allah subhanho wa Taala worship also means to follow desires in opposition to the orders of

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worship also means to seek the help of anyone other than laws, right? And that is the reason why instead of the Father we are what do we say we say he can do what he can assign, we say Oh Allah only you, I worship and only you I seek help from. So imagine if you're saying that in Salah, and then you say salovaara comes when you go and make dua, and you will and you seek help from this or that so called Saint or is this or that Sufi or this or that share or this or that alum or this or that? Wali or this or that nahi nahi nyla Hey, Roger, you are violating the basic fundamental creed of Islam And believe me, every single person that you are seeking help from will actually become a

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witness against you on the Day of Judgment. They were good people, they were the only Allah they were people who really worshipped Allah subhanho wa Taala. They were people inshallah, who Allah subhanaw taala counts among his among his favorite slaves and earlier and they are the last people on the on the face of the earth, Who told you to do what you are doing.

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Right people ask people as they seek help from Shahada Gilani, they call him wholesome and they seek help from him instead of seeking help from Allah subhanaw taala and then they criticize the Shia because she asked she seek help from Allah Vitaly Rolando instead of seeking help from Allah, this Yeah, I leave on that.

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And then our people, the Sudanese, we say, Yeah,

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what is the difference? What are the difference? And the Christian say? He said he said, they asked him for help. So what's the difference? I would have been sisters, please understand, if you are asking anyone other than Allah. And believe me, there is no harm. There is no criticism here of say that Ali or say the other father Gilani or Susan isolation, they are all free from blame, they are innocent of the,

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of the ship that is done in their name.

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And on the Day of Judgment, they are the first people who are going to reject all those people who commit shirk in their name. Please understand this, the one that you are committing ship in ocean with that is the person who is going to reject you. Number one straightaway.

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Read the closing I had

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asked this question to Sally, Sarah, did you ask Did you tell people to seek help and to worship yourself and your mother other than worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala. And what I'm saying here is that you know what I did.

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And I did not tell anybody to worship me or to seek help from me, instead of seeking help from you,

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same logic applies to anybody else. So very important for a straight straight forward. As I said, I'm talking about the basic fundamental issues. And that is, stay away from shirk. It's a very, it is the worst of since Allah, Allah said, Allah will forgive everything. exception.

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So let's not fall into that trap. Second thing is

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about that. So what is the what? How does that how does it happen? Number one, believing in believing it in our heart, that I lahoma her mother also that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. I know that I hold this in my heart. I believe this I am absolutely firm on this. I will not change that no matter what happens to me. This is the position of a Muslim. And then what does he do? karar Melissa, this is the home miracle

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He had he bears witness to it in his heart and then he speaks it out he declares it with his tongue. Melissa, where is that Sharma ilaha illAllah, WA Shaoguan, now Mohammed also repeat after me, let it be, let it not be that we especially people who are born Muslim Think about that. When was the last time you actually said Allah Allah Allah Allah, Masha Allah Allah Muhammad Allah so Allah with complete and total belief and with with with with firmness and with sincerity in your heart, most people do not do that. That they just take it for granted. I am born in a Muslim home and inshallah I'm a Muslim I don't have to do anything insha Allah May Allah protect you a mellow, smarter accept

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it. But believe me Bob being born in a Muslim home is not a criterion of being a Muslim. Islam is a is a matter of belief, consciously accepting a set of beliefs and living by them. So does the miracle. And then mal will occur is to act on this basis with the icon with our hands and feet and our eyes and ears and so on and so forth. So I bear witness in my heart that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah subhanaw taala and then Mohammed Salah Haile you I'll use Salah is the Messenger of Allah and the Last and Final messenger after whom there is no other messenger. And I declared this with my tongue I says, Allah, Allah, Allah, Masha,

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Allah and then I live my life according to this declaration. So what is the meaning of living my life according to the declaration

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it means to obey Allah subhanaw taala and to follow the Sunnah of Hamas also lie samosa. So lie Lala is to accept and agree and make this promise to yourself into Allah, that you will obey Allah and you will not obey Anyone in opposition to Allah subhanaw taala

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right. So if somebody else is giving you an order or an instruction, which does not come into conflict, with what Allah subhanaw taala audit, then there is no problem.

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But if you are getting an order or instruction, sometimes those orders and instructions from ourselves, it is our how it is our desire, it's our heart

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which comes into conflict with what Allah has ordered. Then to follow that, instead of following what Allah ordered a ship.

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And that is what I was reading that I said, All right, Manny tada Ilaha under the kuno Allah He will kill sotto voce Vergara data center. Mr. Seller? Have you not seen those who have taken as the object of their worship, their desires?

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And then unless one of the

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men emphasized this, and he said, Are you going to intercede on their behalf? Meaning what? Meaning Allah is saying do not intercede on their behalf?

00:33:10--> 00:33:17

Now think about this, what is the meaning of saying they're worshiping their desires? They have made the desire into an object of worship. What does it mean?

00:33:18--> 00:33:24

A person is Drink, drink, a Muslim drinks alcohol, right? That's his desire, he wants to drink alcohol.

00:33:25--> 00:33:29

So when you worship is he is he putting a bottle there or she was legal and making sure that no,

00:33:31--> 00:33:38

the fact that he is drinking alcohol, when Allah has made it Haram

00:33:40--> 00:33:45

is a sign that he is worshiping his desire instead of worshipping Allah.

00:33:49--> 00:33:54

So anything that is in conflict with the order of Allah,

00:33:55--> 00:34:02

to do that, instead of obeying Allah decision, and this is what is prohibited.

00:34:03--> 00:34:14

So we need to be very clear in our minds about that and say, I will not do something which Allah subhanaw taala has privately because that amounts to shirk, because I'm allowing my own desire

00:34:15--> 00:34:27

it sometimes it might be something which comes from outside somebody else's forcing you for example, you are working in an organization and your boss says at the time of size, he does not give you time he said No, you cannot pray here.

00:34:28--> 00:34:29

You will not be allowed to pray here.

00:34:32--> 00:34:35

Then for you to continue in that job is to

00:34:36--> 00:35:00

be committing shear going away because you are now disobeying Allah subhanaw taala ordered you to pray. Okay, so you didn't pray at the beginning of the time, but before the end of the time you're supposed to pray. But if your boss says sorry, you cannot you will not be allowed to pray you will not be given time you will not be permitted to pray while you are at work. Then to do that work is free.

00:35:00--> 00:35:00

I read it for you.

00:35:02--> 00:35:05

Similarly, Allah subhana wa privata dealing with interest.

00:35:06--> 00:35:13

Allah subhanho wa Taala rioted, dealing with interest. Now, instead of

00:35:15--> 00:35:32

obeying Allah and not dealing with interest, you decide to deal with interest you decide to take a bank job, you decide to accept his job because his fancy multinational bank and you've got his big job as vice president whatnot. And you are saying well, you know, I just okay.

00:35:33--> 00:35:45

Now what you're committing ship, because you are buying the enmity of Allah subhanho wa Taala because you are accepting a declaration of war from Allah subhanho wa Taala. What sense does it make me

00:35:46--> 00:35:47