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Serrato Salam right I should have been and we will also read Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah it he right only he was able to send him to sleep and

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my brother

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my brother and sisters

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hold we worship

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coleauxv worship

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You sure

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Allah subhanaw taala what do we mean by Allah subhanaw taala What is it our hardware resellers? Well

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let me tell you a few stories

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there was a man called Sutopo Yamaguchi.

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He was in Hiroshima

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when the first atomic bomb was dropped

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on Hiroshima

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blew up in the air, he spun round and he fell in a ditch face first.

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He got up

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brushes himself off,

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jumped on a train and went to like a psyche where the second bomb dropped

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just in time for the bomb you just arrived there in time for the bomb and that bomb dropped

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lift away almost 90 years old

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being in two atomic blasts one after the other

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one would ask you Who do we

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Now second thing and there are masala doctors here

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are doing some research to see how long can a person survive without water. Without food you can last for a long depending on how much

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storage you have. You can last for a long time. But without water.

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Three to five days max three to five days max.

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And depth by lack of water is not nice.

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It is extremely painful, it is very slow. Because there's massive dehydration. And as a result of which where there is enormous fatigue. And then the blood gets thickened.

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Fluids gets concentrated. Because of the concentration of sodium and potassium salts, you get dementia, your tongue will stick to your throat, it will be like your whole Gelert and down below is on fire.

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And your kidneys will fail. And then there is general organ failure and you die. It's not nice.

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And it takes some three to five days, like long. Usually three days is enough. But maybe five days depending on your physical condition and so on and so on and strength and whatnot whatnot.

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Right now.

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Do the sums

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divide 128 by 24 Do it do it do it. We're all for

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128 divided by 24 Do it.

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How much is it?

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128 divided by 24 point 35.3 That is five days and eight hours.

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A baby

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you're not talking about You're a grown man. You know Arnold Schwarzenegger, no, little baby five days and eight hours later is pulled out of the rubber

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not just alive. He's well.

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All that is wrong with him. He's got some mud on his face.

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That's it

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92 Somewhere sounds good. 90 by 24

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Then the old boy 10 The older remember no

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not just water, we are talking about babies. And there are a lot of people here Marcela, may Allah bless you who have young children, right?

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On an average a baby who is nursing

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has to be fed at least once in once every hour.

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90 by 24.7 3.75 Almost four days. 10 day old 10 day old.

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No food, no water, no milk. No mother, no nobody pulled out of the rubber. Healthy.

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Fine. Nothing wrong with a kid. He's not even crying.

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the duck the rubber and opened it and they found

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more than 10 hours after the earthquake. A little baby

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who was still attached to the mother with the umbilical cord.

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The mother died. That little baby is alive.

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They gave that baby the name I said this is a sign of Allah.

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babies alive 10 hours new one just born.

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Even the umbilical cord is not. We'll call it a mother guide.

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The mothers give birth to the baby's

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umbilical cord is attached.

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As well I mean, the whole family died except for the baby. Mother Father, four siblings. All gone except for the baby.

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And final one I'll tell you with just this evening I did.

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They heard some sound.

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And now we are talking how many days 10 days 10 days. They heard some sound

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and the dog up mother and two children alive and well.

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When they came out the mother says Can Can I have some water?

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10 days

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they should have died two times over

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10 days. Then

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what does you who do we

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worship? Who do we worship

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they pull out a kid who's about two years old.

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And the wind is good is fine. Laughing

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they won't give them the gift some food isn't I'm not hungry.

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You're not hungry. Five days after five days after the earthquake. You pull you out of the ground. You're not hungry.

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While you're not hurting.

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She says because there was a little girl

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who was with me.

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And this girl was playing with me and this girl would give me food and she gave me water. So I've been eating I've been drinking I've been playing I had a girl there was this friend of mine she was playing with me

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another little boy pulled out

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he's also well you want something great.

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He said why? He said because there was Uncle

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in a white so

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who would come every few every once in a while. And he would give me food and it will give me water. So I have it I have it hamdulillah

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Who do you worship

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why am I saying on this show?

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Not because I like telling stories. I like telling stories but not this is not

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you know why?

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Because if after this

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remember the earthquake in Turkey is a hot

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minute Elijah.

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If after this if somebody tells me that I have to sell haram in my shop otherwise how will I eat

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Joe Rob does din

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but czego Dharwar Honegger Badme

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xinda Asaba Delta. What do we

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have? We have Nicolas kilka with Rocky tequila Santos

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the RAM Jana Jana whoo

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keeps somebody underground for 10 days it takes them out healthy. He cannot give you a piece of bread

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without you doing haram.

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In Allah He won't

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believe me the arguments in our favor or against us has been established by this earthquake, you quit normal to you then this earthquake is not just an earthquake, you elect them. So this is the whole job in the light.

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This is the argument in our favor, Aug. That's up to us.

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Either way, walltime is given

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Yahara baitrunner Ruri. One 100 Okazaki like Oscar de la calma boodle duora, Nika Handwara.

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So have a Laila.

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This is our Jelena

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This is Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Just as please

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let's do ourselves a favor.

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Allah azza wa jal

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who was someone, let me lie to all of you that will love you.

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We asked the one who needs nothing.

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The Ask the one who's free from need.

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And all that He

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tells us to do, even though he doesn't need it tells us to do is to obey Him and obey Him for our benefit. Love wisdom of attorney. We don't obey Allah for for the sake of for the sake meaning for our benefit. Allah doesn't need our witness.

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Please let us straighten our lives.

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This earthquake is not just a normal thing. This earthquake is

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evidence for us or evidence against us. Just make sure that this evidence is in our favor.

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Let us go and correct ourselves. Let us go and clean up our act.

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And Khaled Ihara.

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Let the world turn upside down on its head. Nobody can do anything to you. Unless the last 100 milliwatts and Allah is showing this to us.

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And if there was one case, you would say yeah, you're not going to let this happen. That happened accident is not one case. There are so many cases one after the other after the other after the other three days somebody comes out Yeah. Oh, you know, after all three to five days, okay. Now five days somebody comes out. Yeah, three to five days or 10 days.

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let us recognize Allah subhanho wa Taala meaning we obey Allah subhanaw taala it's not just a matter of turning in Salah and say Allahu Akbar No, in the heart.

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala to fill our lives and our hearts and our minds and our thinking and our being which is no religion. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to fill our hearts with this Hashem. Ask us to make as among the multiple, ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us among those who take rebirth from these lessons who take lessons from these from these incidents, and who we ask Allah to make it easy for us to correct ourselves to correct our lives and to live our lives in a way which pleases Him so that when we meet him, he is pleased plus masala will carry Murali he was named after Dr. Pillai.