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alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu aleyhi. While he was still he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira Sierra Nevada brothers sisters. Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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We are in the beautiful mansion, month of Ramadan Ramadan Kareem

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and we have been talking about how to develop taqwa. Because this is the purpose why? Allah subhanaw taala send sends Ramadan Allah sent Ramadan for us to develop taqwa. And therefore, we must think about how do we develop taqwa. And that's what we have been talking about. today. Let me talk to you about the one of the benefits of taqwa.

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Allah subhanaw taala in the ayat relating to Ramadan, Allah subhanaw taala in the middle of all those items, a lot of Bukhara Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this.

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Allah said Why is Asada Kava the Aeneid for any Karim? eg Buddha di is or the iron polyester g Bulli Will you may know be La La home your shadows.

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Allah subhanaw taala said that when my slave asks about me,

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or Bahama sallallahu sallam, when my slave asks about me, I am close to him in a very, very I'm close to him

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unless the audio data die is added, I

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accept what my slave tells me I will give him what he's asking me for yesterday Bulli while human ob, Allah subhanaw taala put two conditions Allah said let him

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believe in me that he max up what I tell him and let him believe in right let him obey me and let him believe in these are the two conditions of the acceptance of the

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promise of door in another place the last router is only as sturdy as it asked me and I will give you Allah subhanaw taala did not even put conditions for asking. You know unlike other other

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which have conditions, there are there are the conditions of the Hara and other conditions without which that event is not accepted. For example, for example, Salah you can display any way you like. There are there are

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there are conditions of Salah that must be fulfilled, but withdraw Allah subhanaw taala made this free of conditions. There are of course,

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give us guidance about the best way to ask Allah. But if somebody does not know that, if somebody is just making the law, he's just talking to Allah. Allah is asking Allah subhanaw taala in sha Allah is dry is accepted. This does not mean that we don't have to disregard whatever Saracen told us the guidance of the NaVi la Salaam is the best guidance. But in the case that I'm differentiating between salah and da, in Salah, the method is

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is the condition of is one of the one of the primary conditions of of acceptance of that of that a brother. This is the reason why if you make a mistake, we mess up the software and so on.

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But in what Allah made it free of conditions, because a lot smarter left his slaves and he lifted open to his slaves to ask him in any way they like. Because this is the connection another reason Islam that's why he's called the brain of Nevada. He said it is

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the Mako Nevada he said Why is the brain of other players number

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one is the body.

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Now here in this is Allah subhanaw taala say when my slave asks about me, I am close to him. Now Why will the slave ask about all those words? Because this is what Ramadan is doing for him. Ramadan al Karim came to bring him close to his robe. Jalla Jalla

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Ramadan came so that the slave becomes close to Allah comes close to Allah subhanaw taala. And when the slave comes close to Allah subhanaw taala What does he do? He asks about Allah. He talked about how do we get close to Allah by focusing on his majesty and grace, and by focusing on his Namath and focusing on his blessings which he blessed us with. When we do these two things, we get taqwa, we get this condition of the O and majesty of Allah in our hearts, combined with the hope and mohabbat of Allah subhanaw taala. So now, all of this is what this is asking about. Allah knows Allah xlm is being told when my slave asks about me. I am close to him, giving this

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Bashara tender and roasting and when allez close, what does the slave do? He asks, What is the mataas do when he goes to the honey? What does the bazooka do when he goes to the rogic? What is the modelu and he goes to the Malik

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he has because we are

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we are completely without any resources.

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Mazel Tov asked, he said Allah I am in need for whatever good you may give me I

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am in need

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for whatever good that you might that you can give me.

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So, Musa alayhis salam says I am in need, what about me What about you, we are all in need, all of us are massage. We need we are in need of the mercy of Allah we are in need of the forgiveness of Allah we are need of the, of the, of the of the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala of the attention of Allah subhanaw taala we are need we are in need for guidance we are in need for food we are in need for shelter we are in need for for our is above all we are in need for Allah subhanho wa Taala has cover over our force.

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Right? We are the biggest thing, the biggest need is Allah subhanaw taala must cover on force.

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And that's why you must be obedient. Those rantala whichever Angela Is it true, beautiful things. One, he said that this life is an instant, let it be an instant of obedience. And another beautiful thing, ma'am chavela is it he said that when somebody praises you, he is praising the cover that Allah has placed over you. He's not praising you, if he saw you, if he saw your reality, he would not be praising you. But he's praising you because Allah has hidden your reality from him. Allah has hidden your faults from him, Allah has hidden your weaknesses from him. So the person is praising you, because he is looking at the beautiful cover that Allah subhanaw taala has placed over you.

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This is the whole issue of tarbiyah. Where in our own tusky of our roughs, we are brought to see the reality of who we are so that we become humble in ourselves.

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Right? So Allah is saying, When my slave is close to me, when my slave asks about me, I am close to him, let him ask.

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And I will give him

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the Aleppo conditions. Remember, in the Quran, every promise of Allah subhanaw taala is conditional.

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There's no promise which is free from conditions. every promise is conditional.

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So Allah for two conditions, what is the condition? For least he will he will, you know, be that him obey me. Let him have faith in me, let him have believe in me.

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And that's the reason why we need to keep on checking. And that's where taqwa comes in, because who obeys Allah completely, unconditionally, without a mistake. The one who has taqwa. And if he makes a mistake immediately, he apologizes immediately makes us the far and he makes Toba. He turns toward a lot smarter.

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And that is a person who makes de

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nada so Lazarus lm taught us

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the correct way to withdraw and was rather himself

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in the, in the beginning,

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talking about zaccaria Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala told us how's the career Islamic?

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And he said he

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called to Allah subhanho wa Taala, NIDA and Javier he called one a smarter in a small voice.

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He felt small voice.

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There was a man who given the budget and he said yada yada yada.

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Florio voice, he said Your job is not deaf. Why is screaming

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in Islam there is dignity in everything Mashallah.

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There's dignity in everything.

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So even calling to Allah, we do that with dignity.

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We don't yell and scream and we don't dance. We don't be drums. You know, we do that with dignity in a state of purity. So the idea is that I was making the raw data and coffee in a small voice.

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And then what does he do first?

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First, he places himself before Allah subhanaw taala, in his brokenness, in his nakedness in his in his complete absence of resources. He's an old man.

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My bones have become weak. My hair has become white.

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My wife, she's an old woman,

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same situation as me.

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She is way beyond the age of childbirth. So he's placing first before Allah subhanaw taala

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his own reality.

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And then he asked,

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and when he asked Allah subhanaw taala he's asking Allah subhanaw taala not with any conditions.

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He's not asking us to think in terms of, you know, I'm allowed to ask Allah.

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Is it possible? I mean, do you think this will happen?

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Right? Do you think this will happen? So let me scale it down

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to what I think will happen. And given within that boundary of,

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you know, within course possibility,

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let me ask, he's not doing that.

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He is asking Allah subhanaw taala, keeping his sight on the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala his body or savato, not highly husar the world

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highly Hochuli a Shia Allah.

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Allah is the one who originated this heavens in the earth. He is the one who created the heavens and the earth. He is the one who created all things and all conditions.

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So when I ask Allah subhanaw taala, we're asking someone who is not bound by any laws, because he's the creator of those laws. He's above the laws. The laws are his creation.

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I'm asking someone who has no limits to what he can do if he chooses to do it.

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says give me an air. Give me a second. Give me some man to carry on this work of teaching of Islam.

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And remember, he's not saying you're not thinking, you know, my wife is too old. So if I'm supposed to have a son, maybe I should marry a woman first. He's not saying give me a son by another woman. No.

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Because you are not bound. She is old according to the laws of this world.

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But you are the creator of the world and the laws

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for you, what is your What is your

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so as soon as Arsalan taught us to make do it this way? He said glorify Allah subhana wa Taala talk about the greatness and glory of Allah. Allah column Luca Maja Mani Jelani YG, gwazi Mizutani

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said there was a slave who praised Allah subhanho wa Taala. These words are a bit like a lambda via really jeleva giancoli as initial tonic. He said, Oh Allah, I praise you, and I thank you and I glorify you all praise all times all glory is for you.

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COMM I am Mariela Jalali

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in keeping with the glory and magnificence of your countenance well as he muscle tonic, and in keeping with the glory and magnificence of your kingdom.

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See the scene which is behind me. See the sky see those trees

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that are starting to sprout buds. In the winter they were like dead completely.

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Everything was dead, dry, dry, dry.

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Loud about Donald. He's the one who revives the earth and gives it life back after it has died.

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his glory and we can't even begin to understand that. So surrealism, naturalism said, look at the glory of Magnus and the majesty of Allah. So this slave who praise Allah, he said, Oh Allah, all praise all glory, all magnificence for you, in keeping with the glory and magnificence of your glorious countenance,

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and then he said,

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what he has even supersonic.

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And in keeping with the glory and magnificence of your creation of your kingdom,

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Nabila column do come I am not really Jalali magic Wally as a muscle tonic.

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Muscle as a result observed the recording angels they had never heard a loss of animals are being described in these words. So they didn't know how much reward to write. So they went to one hotel and of course Allah subhanaw taala knows what is safe said and eat

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What the slave was going to say even before the slave knew that

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the angel of the Malacca went to Allah subhanaw taala he said, Yara

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your slave has described you in words and he is praised in words that we've never heard before. So we do not know what praised right what reward right for him.

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It was one in order to establish her jet in favor of his llevamos. Ask the angels, even though he knows what did he say?

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The angels say he said, Don't be like allow him to come if he was he was he was photonic what reward should be right for this last monitor surgery war right? His words, as he said them, and I will reward him in keeping with my glory and majesty and with the king and in keeping with the magnificence of my kingdom.

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So we put it as Allah subhanaw taala when we make dua, we praise Allah subhana wa Tada.

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ask Allah for the words. ask Allah to put the words in your heart that he wants to hear.

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ask Allah to put the words in your heart that he wants to hear.

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So Allah subhanaw taala

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praise Allah. And then he said that ask Allah what you want.

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Keeping in mind, this glory and majesty of Allah. Don't ask Allah like you ask some human being. Human beings are

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the most powerful game

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is modeled.

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We are all restricted.

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Our treasures are restricted today. Thanks for this COVID violence. Stock markets have crashed.

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What has happened to the wealth of people?

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Before this thing happened? We were saying Jeff Bezos is worth so much Bill Gates is worth so much Warren Buffett is worth so much.

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Today, what are they worth?

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Whoever had the most lost the most. We are hearing accounts in hearing reports of people committing suicide because of what happened to their wealth because the stock market crashed. The tragedy of it is that even when they had that wealth it was notional was it wasn't gold coins, there was not sitting in counting gold coins. It was notional wealth. And when it was lost also notionally it went

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even if it was gold coins, it is the notional value of gold.

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What if gold price drops gold coins are worthless. You see what I have learned?

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I have learned

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I have real estate.

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But guess what? in this country real estate is no is no guarantee for anything. Real estate prices fall.

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Nothing is a guarantee except what Allah subhanaw taala keeps for you what you have sent to him.

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Yeah, Allah Xena Armando un*able mean merasakan akumina Cabo de o la vie en v what a whole lot of Alaska. Welcome.

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Allah said Sen. Before you come send before you

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spend in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala send before you before a day comes when there will be no trade and no friendship and no intercession except for Allah subhanaw taala permits

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glorify and Magnum and and the magnificence of Allah

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and Nick

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present yourself to Allah subhanaw taala in a totally broken way. Now alonza don't make a draw and say all life you want give it No. You go and beg because you are a beggar. You go and beg because you are in need. Allah is not in need to give you you are in need for to take from Allah Subhana Allah so show that need so Allah without doing nothing

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or live for every breath I need you.

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For every single moment of my life, I need you.

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After I die, I need even more.

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della helped me jala helped me because I'm asking you help me because you taught me how to ask you. How do you How did Allah teaches? And let's say he aka Navajo, you're gonna say before the da, da, da da Mr. K.

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But before the law unless it establishes your contact with me,

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then no, I'm yours. I do not worship anyone other than you. I do not seek help from anyone other than you.

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I ask no one other than you and I seek help from no one other than you. yell at me.

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yell at me.

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That is the reason why it is so important to stay clear of shirk. Never do any shall never do any be that because you will need Allah subhanaw taala one day Believe me, no matter how powerful you think you are today, today we live like we don't need Allah Subhana Allah Allah for a living.

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What are the words is this COVID-19 is COVID when he wrote COVID-19 This is a great run of Allah. This is a great mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that Allah has reminded us about himself Allah stopped us dead in our tracks.

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Allah said go sit at home and remember me.

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raise my praises from your homes. Allah shut down the he shut the doors of his home of his houses. He shut the doors of his masajid he shut the doors of the sheriff and

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he said go sit in your homes and make your home into masajid. raise your voices in my prayers in your homes.

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Every single hamdulillah al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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We ask Allah to reopen the Messiah. But we thank Allah for turning our homes in the Masai we thank Allah for giving us the stovic

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to pray in our homes, to pray by Gemma in our homes, to read Koran in our homes to sit with our children and our families and remember Allah subhanaw taala in our homes, believe me, you know, and I know this would not have happened without this kind of stroke from Allah Subhana.

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Allah brought us to our knees because we didn't want to come to our knees.

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So as soon as someone told us asked like this,

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and then he gave us a secret. He said, If you send Salat and Salam on me before the DA and after the DA, then Allah will surely accept this draw because that is bracketed with durood with salatu salam ala rasulillah salam on either end of it. Allah does not reject.

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So what's the Mater manga sends rather than Salah Mondo pseudo Salah. glorify the praises of Allah subhanho wa Taala praise Allah subhanaw taala present yourself before Allah subhana wa tada completely broken and as a mirage as a person in need, because that is our reality. And then ask Allah whatever you want, keeping in mind and keeping your sight on the fact that Allah has no limits. His treasures have no limits, his power has no limits. His hoodrat has no limits. He is not subject to any law because He is the creator of the law.

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And then enter da with salatu salam on the sidelines. Again,

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this is the way to make.

00:23:05--> 00:23:51

While you can make do I in any condition, obviously if you are in judo, if you sit facing the facing the Qibla, if you are dressed properly, if you make dua after some good deed, which means after Salah if you make dua at the time of Soho, if you make dua at the time of the star, one of the one of the most moral doors one of the most memorable times one of the most, one of the most beautiful times for acceptance of God is at the time of your star. We'll talk a little bit more about the acceptance of our daughters these beautiful things with respect to the law. So I remind myself when you let us learn from this, let us practice this because we need Allah subhanaw taala

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right. So unless Mandela told us that when we asked about him, he's close to us. He told us to ask him, he promised to give us and he's able to conditions he said obey me and have faith in me

00:24:08--> 00:24:18

to ask Allah subhanho wa Taala gelato Rebecca lamda Maria Maria de la Riva Giovanni Aziz tonic allama calendar, aka sakurako lobia.

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Konami nasai mean

00:24:27--> 00:24:51

me, Allah, forgive us, O Allah, alleviate the suffering or enable us to make the best of this beautiful month of Ramadan. Allah Oh Allah make us the people based on who on whose door you will remove the suffering of COVID-19 from the world and give us that reward for asking you to help all of mankind was Allah Allah Allah Nabeel Karim Allah He was

00:24:53--> 00:24:57

a Yamaha vino and hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen serravalle rahmatullah wa