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The importance of not having a relationship with someone in Islam is discussed, with emphasis on practicing and not practicing. The conversation shifts to mental health, with one speaker suggesting caution and pressure on parents to give permission to knock at doors. The speaker also touches on "fiting into" mental health, where they emphasize the need for everyone to call upon someone and not give too much time.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala so that's that Mr. Lee come up with a light that over catches the other ones as he would come in here to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2012 day 10

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Today I'd like to talk about

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Doha supplication invoking Allah subhanho wa Taala especially in this month of Ramadan

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it's quite a very long topic but you know I'll make it short and sweet for you inshallah, we are making the HANA no easy, a lot of Muslim, those who are practicing and those who are not practicing, or are making that in this lesson. But there's there are certain etiquettes are there certain, really wonders of

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Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, He loves us to invoke him somehow.

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He loves us to supplicating but there is something that we need to understand is that we should not have them with each other. We should not have them the answer, as the Prophet Mohammed is not Islam says, use the jebadiah Heidegger made me doubt that was with me, Mr. Gently, that Allah will answer your call, as long as you do not has done the job but the answer, all you have to do is call upon him. And it is up to him to answer that call. When Allah to Allah, he's the only one who knows when what is the appropriate time to answer that call. For instance Moosa. So here's Moosa and his brother Hassan

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Moser invoking Allah Subhana Allah data and have only seen me

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more sir, calling upon Allah and making that against your home. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, This is in Surat Yunus number 88

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says by the audible membership I was

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on am also on burner in a day definitely I will no matter who's in there. Don't worry.

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It dunya

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savvy LIC Hello says

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Allah I'm wearing him. Harmon says

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wish to the Allah Allah obey Him. Well, you know had died I wouldn't either then and and Harmon says mean I'm done lots of houses by that i boogy bed that I worked on.

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Was Perez and Moses said, Oh Allah, indeed have given. Indeed. You have given Freetown and his establishment a splendor and and and wealth in this world, your life or Allah And now that he's starting to make his daughter or Allah.

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What a Motorhead, Daniela Benelli, urbanna neoliberal answer, really an optimist, either and worldly him, or our Lord, or Allah, obliterate get

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obliterated well, and then haven't said, mean? And then and then he says, and then Moses said, and hardened their hearts. And then how long does it mean? And Musa Musa as he kept on you know, making that against against without and Harun is saying me and then at the end Allah subhana wa tada comes in. He says in in the same surah Uranus in number 89 pod orgy bad word tokuma. Allah has answered your call. Moses.

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You know what look at you said with regard to this area.

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If the carrier ladies and gentlemen said that, feel that Moser that the answer came 40 years after the moves that made that this is one of the interpretations that the answer came 40 years after most I made that that. Why 40 years. You may ask? Why? Allah Subhana Allah knows the hikma to wisdom only known by Allah subhanho adad but the answer has to come 40 years later, not 39 not 41 it had to come 40 years later for hikma only known to Allah subhana wa Tada. Maybe Allah wanted to give more time maybe for the companion of of some of the complaints of how to maybe to become Muslims. Maybe Allah subhanho wa Taala over hikma. He wants to know the to intensify the agenda for our Formosa and his

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brother and also for the followers of masa. Only Allah knows we do not know. But Allah is the hacking and alene He is the knower subhanho data and he is the author of wise Subhana horadada he gives you an

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He knows what to give you some Hana, all you have to do is call upon him day, night, morning, evening, keep on calling upon Allah Subhana Allah and never despair, or cover a book with only St. Jude Law. And your Lord say call upon me. I shall give you, I shall answer your call.

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Now, maybe the question is,

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what should I do? If the answer doesn't come?

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Should I Quit making that? I've waited too long. What should I do? Well, the answer is ladies and gentlemen.

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You should be making more.

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Non modal.

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Is is really nice. It's just like the example of a mother who kicks out her child. Maybe he did something wrong, but what not just he kicked him out, you know, from home, and then he stayed out. He doesn't have anywhere to go. He has other homes and he's limited. He has no other way to go. He has nowhere. So he stayed back, you know, outside, knocking on the door, knocking at the door so that his mom will let him in knocking and knocking and knocking crying, crying. Maybe he maybe if you had a phone he would have called her. He's trying different things that his mother would that he mean, he cries he sits and then he comes back again. And then he keeps on mocking and bugging helped

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me please Mom, I won't do it again. I promise I won't do it again. Oh, man. Is that mean? I have nowhere to go. I'm in lost. I mean last month he's until the mother opens the door to let him in. And then maybe when she lets him in when she opens the door seeing it like that maybe she would hug him. Maybe she would come and then she would give maybe more than what he expected.

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Just likewise. If Allah Subhana Allah guided maybe for that reason that only not to Allah does not give you keep on knocking at the door. keep on knocking at the door. keep on saying Oh Allah Oh Allah have nowhere else to go. Oh Allah please. Oh Allah I need this. Oh Allah help me guide me Oh, I love this. Oh Allah if you've got an obvious trade or Allah have no idea where to go? Or Allah all of those have been lucky for me I love these this is the month of forgiveness Forgive me. Oh I love this Forgive me. I love these save myself and keep on asking keep on asking. Allah subhanho wa Taala comes with the answer.

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Either Allah gives you what you asked for on the spot, or Allah subhanho wa Taala would would have some evil that was meant to happen to you. Or Allah subhana wa tada store something for you as a replacement engine.

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But keep on making the

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it's been said just like you know,

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in the Lucha de

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in my mother in job, honey, honey lab De Lima Yes, mom and her sister boy. They say that Allah subhanho wa Taala may not give or does not give the answer or does not bring the answer to his. When he sees his the Lord. Maybe he doesn't give him the answer yet. You know why? Because he hears him, you know supplicating invoking an invalid and Allah loves that subhana wa Tada. So, Allah does not want to give you what what what you want yet why because he loves to hear you're simply treating him as if he tells you believe what you believe.

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And it's been reported in fact, but not by him and others. When the you know, non believer asks Allah subhanaw taala to be LGBT, give him what he wants. I don't like to hear him just give him what he wants. But when the believer when the the slave of Allah panna with the beaver invokes Allah Allah is up guys you believe this has for in Ohio and as much as you believe do not give him what he wants yet. I'd love to hear him calling upon me. just just just hold it just hold it for a little more maybe you know maybe according in fact you're gonna allow Allah please you know pure my son and a pure my daughter if you're an ally surgeon gives you that answer you know, right on the spot.

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Maybe you'll stop calling upon him.

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So I was not i'm not going to give it to you yet. I want you to call upon me more. I love it. I want you to call upon me so that you remember me that I'm here then I'm your loans. You have no other load but you try it all everything else. Did he not help you? They didn't come to me. I will help you. I am the one who answers the call of the needs.

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And ladies and gentlemen, this is the month of

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especially before your break your fast. Try it 1520 minutes before your break your fast these wonders happen at that time Mashallah glassberg edit and they said 1520 minutes before you bet your fast you come in sha Allah, especially you can even bring your family and then the last panel, invoking invoking ask him for anything that you want. Ask him for the good of his life and the good of the hereafter. I asked Allah subhana wa tada to help us

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To practice and to convey

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as I come along here for your attention and for listening a lot kind of what God grants

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mean. That's up tomorrow for another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2012. I say I still am