Motivating Yourself For Ramadan During Lockdown

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In Alhamdulillah, not better when I start a new moon esto fue una tubo la when are we learn him in sruti and fusina. When we say at Dr. Medina, Miguel de la Hoefler mobile Allah, wa may you deal with Allah hurry Allah wash How do I learn in a no law? Why the hula surely cannot, why should I do and not to move on a sumosalad Allahu alayhi wa sallam all praises for law, we praise Him, we thank Him, we asked him for his help. And we asked him for his forgiveness. We seek refuge to the law to Allah from the evil ourselves and the evil directions. Whoever is guided by law that no one can guide them and whoever is misguided then no one can guide them except for Lahore to Allah. I believe that there

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is no god worthy of worship except Allah. And I believe Miss Mohammed's law law he was and then his his final messenger and my God, first of all my dear sisters and brothers as salaam alaikum, warahmatullahi, wabarakatuh.

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Panama, there's been so much happening. And I know that for many of us this year, you know, we feel very distracted with all that's been going on. And not having any lessons or, you know, massages are closed. You know, we feel deprived of having that social network around us, that usually helps us to motivate, motivate our souls for Ramadan.

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And one of the problems a lot of people are complaining about this year in particular is, you know, not feeling ready for the coming of Ramadan.

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So we need to realize that, you know, regardless of the situation, whatever external factors that are facing us at the moment, you know, our goal for Oman is still the same.

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So that's why if you're not feeling motivated yet, the first thing you need to do is to review your goal from Oban. You know, go back to what is your goal, I remember buying the first place. Now a little diner. If we read into Barra, he tells us clearly what is the goal we should be aiming for? When you said yeah, you're looking at Amazon, who divine equals cm or Canada who divine and living in your poverty comb, Landa Can

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you believe fasting was prescribed upon you just as was prescribed for those before you learn the content, the point that you may receive,

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that you may reach a higher level with a level two, either a higher level of awareness, a higher level of you know, consciousness of a loss of pantalla. And so that shot alone when you leave from Oban, you feel your emotion is increased due to how much acts of worship and acts of neediness to a loss of pantalla that you do in this month. So that's why, you know, first of all, review that goal and go back to that goal because the goal has not changed. Yes, the circumstances have changed, but our goal is still exactly the same.

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And the number two, you need to renew your intention. You know, it's upon law, despite whatever circumstances we're facing right now. your intention needs to be to do your best. Okay, you do your best, despite your circumstances, and a little talent tells us what made you mean biLlahi Yes, the Apocrypha, whoever believes in Allah, Allah guides their heart. So as long as you have that sincere intention for lava Tana, to do your best in this month, Allah will guide your heart to strive and to get the best out this month and sha Allah

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and suppiler law, you know, despite all the circumstances were facing this year, there is no reason why this from a bond can't be the best one you've ever had, you know, it's definitely going to be the most memorable Ramadan that most of us have ever had, for sure. You know, a lot of the previous Ramadan we've had, it's, if you think about that, it's like repetitive, like, it's been the same thing over and over every year, but this one is gonna definitely be one that's very memorable for all of us. Because Subhanallah you think about this year, almost everything has been taken away from you. So now, it's really just about you and Allah. Right? You know, each year, I usually give

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reminders to my, you know, to the sisters at 10 my lessons, you know, one of the advices I usually give them is you know, free up your time as much as possible from any of the distractions that you have in your life so that you have more time to focus on your eBay. But Subhanallah this year, we find that a lot of Donna has already done that for most of us. He's taken away so many of those distractions that you know, take up a lot of our time. You know, as you can see being in lockdown, you're saving a lot of time, you know, the normal time you take normally traveled to work or to school to uni. That's been saved.

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For you a lot of you know sisters in particular who tend to cook a lot in this month and preparing for crowds that come over you know that's going to that time has been saved for them. So they you know, all that time that people tend to spend in the kitchen preparing and you know getting the house ready and all these things to the guests all of that time Michelle is going to be saved so we have more time for a better inshallah

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and then on top of that, you know, you've got the time saved from you know, the time that people spend like you know socializing we spend a lot of time socializing some people they spend all night socializing you know, so this year will be what we can call a very simple type of Ramadan and this Ramadan will all be will be all about you and your personal relationship with Eliza Jen sha Allah

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and one of the greatest lessons you're going to learn from this year's Ramadan inshallah in particular is how to have true a second and the prophets that alerts them he explained to us was what is Allison and Tabitha law her cat and the cats Oh for in them to go into rubble for in them we rock that you worship a level two either as if you can see him and even if you can't see him, then know that he sees you. So this is what this robot is going to be about in particular because this from Oban there is not going to be anyone except maybe your closest family members who are going to see what you do. So her thoughts this month is going to do it purely for the sake of a law you don't

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have that social network around you anymore to see if you're fasting or not. And whoever prays at night during this month Ramadan they're going to be praying it purely for the sake of Allah insha Allah because you know we don't have that message to go to this year we don't have that congregation of people around us to notice whether we're coming to pray taraweeh or not, you know what to notice how many records we pray or how long we standing prayer that's going to be all between us and allies budget alone.

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So a lot of ways this trauma bond My dear sisters and brothers is going to be like a test to see where you really are without law

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you know, it's like think of this Ramadan as a test to see what you really would do when there's no one around to watch what you're doing. You know, when you take away all that socializing and the usual excitement, what will your evaluable law really look like? May Allah give us tofield May Allah give us success inshallah, in showing a lot how sincere we are in this month be in the lab.

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The other thing is well, the next step we want to take in you know, trying to motivate motivate ourselves and getting the best out of this month right is Cincy Toba to Allah. It's very important for anyone upon entering into Ramadan that they make Cincy Toba sin see repentance back to Allah you know do a lot of is still far a stop for a lot of for a lot. The reason being because since like since we have done a lot of shackles on our hearts, and they can come in between you and getting the guidance of a level to Allah guiding you towards those good deeds in Ramadan. So make Allah is still far ask Allah you know a lot for you know make Toba return that to him, you know, ask for

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forgiveness for any sins you've done. And on top of that,

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it's very important to let go of any bad feelings towards others because that's another thing that can, you know, be like an obstacle between you coming close to a lot in this month. You're so busy thinking about that other person

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when you should be thinking about a lot alone to try your best just to let go especially in this month, let go of any bad feelings towards others and just enter it with you know a clean heart in sha Allah as much as possible. Then the next thing is to plan how you're going to spend your time.

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Sisters and brothers in so many ways. We are truly blessed that Allah tala has chosen for us to spend Ramadan while the lockdown you know, think about what is the one of the biggest complaints so many people out there have right now. You know, did board that's one of the biggest complaints people complaining about right? But for us, my de citizen brothers we're going to be busy with our Madani data. So we're gonna have so much to do in this you know, panel are giving us so much to do because he's brought on a bar in the very time that we're in this lockdown. So not only that, from his blessing upon us, is that all that we're getting busy with is counted as the bad the false it's

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counted as a better as worship acts of worship, that we're going to find in our scales of happiness on your piano in sha Allah Subhan Allah remember

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Couple of years ago, I went for a major operation, you know, and I was in the hospital. And I was looking at the other people in the hospital, you know, people who don't know a lot, right. And when when you're when you had a major, major operation, you can't do a lot. You have to just lie there and, and I was looking at them I was thinking to panel Oh, how blessed Am I as a SEMA. I'm sitting here in my bed, I have so much to do, I can revise my forearm, I can read my Koran, I can do this card, I can do thicker I can do this, I can read about, you know, can seek knowledge. There's so much I can do as a Muslim as a panel. Whereas somebody who doesn't have any men, what do they do all

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day, just life is so empty, sitting there watching television, trying to find something to fill in their time. Whereas with us, we've got our routine, we've got our bond routine, which you know, fills in our day. So we become so busy focusing on achieving our magon goals. We don't have time to feel bored. So what a blessing that Allah chose, you know, this time while we're in lockdown to, you know, that would be, you know, meeting room abroad at the same time.

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And so Pinilla also the way that what I'm thinking about as well as the fact that it's well like a blessing that Allahu Allah shows that while we're in lockdown here that we would be going through Ramadan as well. Why because, you know, when you're going through a hardship and especially with now we're going through a collective hardship.

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Can you imagine how much more our you know, rewards are multiply for us in sha Allah? How much more Are we going to be getting for our patients due to this hardship that we're going through because Allah with Allah has blessed us with the month of Ramadan, at the same time, we're going through this hardship.

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So it's a kind of a lot, this is what a huge blessing from the last panel upon us, because remember that the greater the hardship, the greater the reward, inshallah

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Okay, the next thing, so I was talking about plans we need to make for a bond. So when it comes to them a bond, you need to have, first of all your overall plan, what are the things that you are personally hoping to achieve out of this month? Now, remember that we're all on different levels and stages, okay, so don't compare to others, you think about what is your personal best that you're hoping to achieve? Obviously, somebody who is fluent in reading the Arabic, you would expect them to complete reciting the whole Quran this month, at least once if not twice, or more, okay. But for somebody who is not as fluent, one of the things I used to do is I would start off at the beginning

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of the Quran, and try to get through as much as I could, and then each year, I try to get through a bit further each year until I could reach the end, okay? Or maybe for you, it's going to be reciting rosamma, every day you're going to read, you know, recite the last part of the Quran because you're familiar with that. Right? So you've got to look at what is what is the best plan for yourself. And I suggest if you're not really very fluent in Arabic, to get the English translation with the with the Arabic next to it, read read the Arabic with the English next to it or your other language, so that you can get more out of the Quran because it's not just about the reciting. We want to feel the

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Quran this month as well. Right.

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So that's the first thing Have you plan for how much Quran you hope to achieve? How much you you know, you want to read and then also you need to have your plan for you know your prayers at night just because you

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just because you know, you're not going to the message that doesn't mean we don't pray total, we're okay. So it's very important that you maintain your prayers, despite you know, going to the masjid. And I just want to say something here and that is that one of the things you need to do is, you know,

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it depends you know, the level that you're going to be praying inshallah, in this month will depend on your own personal ability, but what I suggest for you is that you retain the same type of routine that you used to be upon before, you know, in previous years, whatever you used to do in Ramadan before I try to maintain that now but in you know, in your home, okay, so how much used to pray in the masjid before you try to maintain that so that's, that's in relation to the prayers but you know, for some people you'll be able to pray like, long regardless because you know, the point is you can hold the most half and recite from it as you know, and totally for other people, you might

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have to pay pray mini rock out, okay? If you're like a new revert, or somebody's new to Islam, or you know, you're not, you know, very good with Arabic you might have, you may only know in any class, so then you're going to try to pray as many records as you can in the night. Okay. Tafseer What's your goal for tests you

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Do you hope to you know, read from tafsir charity as well, charity, um, you know, think about what charity that you want to give in this month. Also secret deeds, you know, there are days that you might want to achieve, inshallah like what makes Ramadan sweet? Are the secret deeds that you've done just between you in a loss of control so that when you look back on a bond, you know, you've got that sincere deed that you know you did that was between you and a loss of cantata.

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Maybe it's like there are so many people going through hardships right now, so many people going through hardships, so many people, you know, maybe your secret deed could be getting some food and pasting on somebody's doorstep that you know is in need. Right? So there's so many deeds Subhan Allah, Allah is opened up a huge realm of righteous deeds for us, in fact, due to this trial that we're going through, the other thing you could do you know, the other thing, another part of your overall plan would be, make sure that you don't leave from a bond except you've done many heartfelt drawers. Okay, heartfelt to us, where tears came from your eyes, right? Really big loss of pantalla

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for the agenda and to be saved from the fire. Besides that, tober tober is very important. You know, try to you know, repent sincerely back to Allah Think about your past sins that you have done, things that you've been battling, trying to give up. This is the time to really turn back to Allah and beg him for his forgiveness inshallah. Okay, so now we come to you know, the main aims about you know, the main aims we want to get out or by first of all number one your main aim out of Ramadan should be perfecting your fasting as much as possible because the more perfect your first is, the greater the reward. And as the profit sort of lovely was then told us men sama donavon, amen. And

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what is urban warfare? Allahu Metapod Dima means MBE right. Who ever fasted Ramadan out of Cincy, amen, and hoping for the reward from Allah, his previous sins to be forgiven. That's our goal, citizen brothers. That's our aim, we want to reach you know, the most perfect level of fasting with a loss of pantalla. Now, if we look at what's going on this Ramadan, we can see that so many of our usual distractions have been removed. Okay, the normal things like socializing and all that, like we said, it'll be removed. So what's the main one we're going to have to watch out for mainly social media. If I think about what is the main distraction, it's going to be our test for this Ramadan,

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it's going to be the social media. So you know, watch out not just social media, but the internet in general, right. So we need to really be careful from in regards to what we look at with our eyes, you know, watch out for the skins of the eyes. Watch out for wasting time.

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Watch out for the backbiting and slander that goes on online. Okay, these are a lot of the this is a lot of things we need to be very careful about when it comes to guiding our fasting in Ramadan. You know, read with regard to social media, like as much as possible, try to limit it as much as possible, you know, if you can possibly spend your day any better and treat yourself after moderate when you break your fast to go on social media to give yourself that, that that timeout, that's fine. Um, but try to limit as much as you can. And I know that the panel right now, we're actually being bombarded with the amount of, you know, talks and lessons and things like that online. So what

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I suggest is you just pick some very basic ones because you don't want to be spending your whole time doing passive activities by you know, just watching when you could have been reciting Quran you know, being with the Quran because remember, this is the month of the Quran, ultimately, okay? So, I would suggest you if you're going to be looking for what to watch during Ramadan, online, I will be suggesting things relating to the Quran. And then but don't spend your whole day doing that, you know, you've got to have your time for a better your time for prayers and these things.

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And the other thing is, well, you know, this year our one of our biggest tests this year being in lockdown is not to become angry and, you know, getting into arguments with our family members, it's definitely going to be a test.

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We all know that when we start without, you know, loved ones, it can become, you know, you can easily fall into arguments like we've also a bit stressed, a bit vulnerable, it's, it's a lot easier to fall into having, you know, getting angry with each other. So, just remember that he's gonna be part of your test of fasting and remember what the prophet SAW Linus and reminded us that if you if one of you becomes angry, and you know someone tries to provoke you while you're fasting to say in the sign in in the soil, verily I am fasting so what does that mean?

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When you say InDesign, first of all, remind yourself that you're trying to fast for the sake of Alon, you're trying to perfect your fasting. Because if you get into an argument with someone, if you start swearing, or, you know, in general, if you get angry, you start arguing, okay, it's definitely going to reduce your reward for your fasting and you want every, you know, you want to get as much reward as you can for your fasting, right? fasting is different levels, not everybody's fasting is the same and you want to get the maximum for your, for your fasting inshallah. So when you say, in your sign, you're reminding yourself about your, you know, try to be sincere for a line,

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you're fasting, but you're also reminding other person Give me a break, you know, I'm trying to fast. So please just let me let me help me to protect my fast.

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And that leads me to the other thing as well here, which is, you know, focus this year in particular, on showing essentially, to your family members. You know, as I said before, like this Ramadan will be about having a son with a lot in particular, but also having a sense with your family. Okay, because normally, you know, it's so easy for us to smile and be nice with everybody, you know, our sisters and brothers and those outside the house, but the real test is you will be showing a sin with your family. And what did the Prophet said along with them say, hide from pytel from the army, he well enough hydrocone Anthony, right. The best of you is the best to his family.

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And I'm the best to my family. Now. I know a lot of sisters, we all love to quote that about, you know, our husbands. But the honest truth is, this is for everyone, like as sisters as well, the best of us are the best to our families. And same with the brothers. Right? So this from a bond will be a test to see who really is the best of us, you know, when there's no one around to see.

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So that's the first thing your aim is to perfect your fasting. And that will be through how carefully you protect, you're fasting, and you're good treatment of those around you.

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Then the second thing to aim for is perfecting your prayers, perfecting your prayers, trying to pray your prayers on time, a lot of people focus on the night prayers, but then they forget or they neglect the fourth press. So you don't want to be you don't want to be you know, sleeping in for your fudger prayer, praying your prayers out of the times, okay, that they are the priority, okay? And the most love of dates are to either walk the hell right that the prayer in its time is the most beloved of days to Allahu Allah. Okay, so make sure you try to perfect your prayers with assure to Allah, you know, his submission. And and you know, it said to a loss of pantalla and remember what

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the Messenger of Allah so law of oneness and told us about the reward for those who maintain the night prayers in this month, men are not on a bond, you know, and what the seven who fail on that who met the Fatima mean them be who ever stood in the nights of Ramadan with Cincy men and hoping for the reward from a level to honor his previous sins will be forgiven. So this is why my dear citizen brothers, just because the massages are closed, do not deprive yourself of this reward, you know, focus on praying during the nights of Ramadan, if you've got your family, then you can do it in gym now, you know, you can either get your husband to lead or you've got a son who's old enough

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to lead or if you're just you know, a woman by yourself with some young children, you can you know, lead your family, okay, and do what you can even if he only knows what it costs, that's fine, you know, pray every rep counts to any class, if that's all you know, if you know more then whatever, you know, whatever stewards of the Quran, you know, recite them. And if you can read the Arabic then

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you know, read from the the most half, you can hold it in your prayer. So this is and as for when you can pray totally, just to mention that as well. It's important to mention that, you know, when this is total, which is basically the night prayer, so you can pray at the beginning of the night.

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And that's recommended for those people who they feel they might be lazy and you know, you might start getting tired and then you might sleep all night and completely not pray. Okay, so those people I really strongly suggest you pray in the beginning of the night, but you know, you can pray it in the beginning, you can pray it in the middle of the night. You can also pray it towards the end of the night. So it's all open. It's very flexible, but the most important thing is to spend some of the nights praying to a local time like some of the time of the night praying to Allah subhanaw taala and the other eight

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will be to live with the Quran as much as possible.

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And pondering over the a 's and especially with in real life in, you know, in light of what we're going through my sisters and brothers, you know when you think about what we're going through the Quran to be more meaningful to us this year than any other year, because when you read the as, and you think about the trials and tribulations that came to people with people before, and then you think about what's happening to us right now, and how lots of pantalla is trying to bring us back to him and humble us. And you know, realize who is or realizes who is the strong and mighty? And how are we are we okay, so aim to live with the Quran and really try to ponder over the verses this

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year, when you come to verses about the verses of junda. ask Allah to be from the people of Geneva, when you come to versus the fire of Allah to protect you from being from those who will enter the fire. When you come to verses that speak about, you know, those who do not believe all that the hypocrites ask the Lord to protect you from having those characteristics. And when you come to the verses that talk about them, what we need, ask about Allah to give you those characteristics and make you have more of those characteristics, because they are the characteristics that leads to agenda.

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Okay, so that's the our overall plan, right, that's our overall plan for Ramadan. But now we come to the second part of our planning, which is the daily plan. And this is also what helps you to, you know, really make the most of your time and you have a daily plan. Okay. So the way I suggest normally, for the daily plan, start off waking up a little bit before, before the time for support. So in the night, you wake up a little bit before like maybe half an hour before it's time for support. So you can play piano leave, because this is the best. This is the best part of the night when we know that a little toddler answers the door, right. And so if you can wake up at that time,

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and then you know you have your so forth, and don't neglect having support because the support is, you know, first of all it is you know, there's blessing in taking support and the messenger of a loss of alone. So he tells us also that the angels ask forgiveness for those who eat support. So just that me taking up that meal, before you fast you're getting rewards and has an app for it. Then to pay your sooner or fidget when the event goes pay sooner. And your foot surgeon pray Of course, then if you can see and remember a lot, right so you can sit and do decode and you can get your Dropbox account you can recite do us do decode, read Quran, if you can stay in your prayer place.

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doing that until the sun comes up. Right. And then once the sun comes up about 15 minutes after the sun's come up, you can pray slough of Buddha which is the and you know the prayer that can be prayed from the time the sun rises up until just before dawn, okay, and whoever does this prayer, it is a sort of pop on every joint in the body which is 360. So it's like to drink sugar to Allah when you pray subtle go, when you pray that you have prayer, it's like you're thanking Allah subhanaw taala for what he has given you of this, of this body of his healthy body of hamburger, right. So, so if you want to sleep after praying that prayer, then you can sleep for a while and then wake up and you

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can take the ball again. And, and you can pray more. Because just to mention that the do how prayer, you can pray it as rakatan which is to broadcast or you can pray up to eight regardless, you pick two by two. Okay? So make your day basically your aim is to make your day filled with a data filled with acts of worship as much as possible because we know that the husband has greatly multiplied in this month. So spend your time between prayers and you know reciting put on doing because, and of course you obviously have other things to do, right? So you have obviously housework to do you have you know, you might have to help your children. They've got like, they've got their schooling,

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they've got things like that. So that's why it's very recommended for you to have done something bad early in the morning because you might have to get up for example, even into uni work, right, you might have to study so if you've done your event or first thing in the morning, at least you've done something towards your day. Then you focus with your intention for a lot to go about your responsibilities that you're rewarded for as well. All right, and you can be doing as well while you're doing those responsibilities, like before you wash the dishes Bismillah you know, whatever you've got to do, try to remember lolich you having a

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right from your study Jason Jason as car let you know in a lot, so kinda law 100 in de la la la hotpot, you know, do some as caught in between. The main thing is to try to keep pushing yourself back towards, you know, acts of wish you can show as much as possible. All right. So that's our morning then we've got the

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we've got

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the prayerful Dover. And now I just want to mention something as well. Another of our goals for this month is to try to create what's called the 12 robotic press, the 12 robotic press the 12 prayers, which are the Sunnah prayers that are connected to the foot. So to pray to rocket rocket, same before budget for rockets, before you paid insurance, and then to a rocket team after though they too often operate too after Russia. So our aim is to pray 12 the laughing the process that a lot of them told us that whoever prays these 12

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extra prayers, these 12 robots in prayers that a lot of time will do for them to house in Jannah. So this should be an aim especially in Ramadan, if we don't normally do it, we try at least

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as much as we can. Okay, so that's the full recap before though, then you go presidential, okay. And then whichever you have to do maybe have to cook something like that in the afternoon, or you've got work to do. And then you've got after, again, don't delay your prayers, make sure you try to pray them within the first half an hour or maximum one hour so that you get the maximum reward for your prayer inshallah.

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Then as as nobody comes close, right, try to make dua just before Madrid, many of the oil and gas said this is a time when the fasting person's dry is particularly accepted just on the moment you're about to break your fast

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because they said because this is when the fasting person is feeling in need, and feeling the most vulnerable just before they're ready to break their fast. So make a lot of drama at that time. And you know, when you're making drama, in particular, make drama that Allahu taala saves you from the fire and makes you from those who are forgiven and writes you and records you as being from amongst those who forgiven in this month inshallah.

00:32:28--> 00:32:43

So, you know, you probably all know, but you know, break your fast with an odd number of dates is recommended. And then praying mumbling straightaway, before you go and sit down and eat your meal. And then after that,

00:32:44--> 00:33:20

after you have your meal, it'll be time for a shirt. And again, you pray your soon after shirt and then inshallah you can pray your total weight, which I already went through before. So that's basically an outline for a goal, like you know, the way that we set out our day the daily plan. And like I said, it's a panel on the fact that we're gonna be so busy focusing on all these different things we have to do all day, the time will go to panel that we won't feel the time because we're very focused in in moving from one activity to activity to the next but what are those activities, you know, acts of worship you're doing for a law that you've been rewarded for some kind of law.

00:33:21--> 00:33:33

Okay, so this is this is the basic outline inshallah and you better remember that all this a bed, you're doing all these acts of worship you're doing in this month, all of that is helping you to reach your goal.

00:33:34--> 00:34:00

In this month of a taqwa Okay, all these acts of worship all this what is the purpose of all this you know, fasting and prayers and Vicar and drama and all these things we're going to be doing it's all to get the top of a lot to get that higher level with a lot of pantalla that higher level of consciousness of Allah can tell us that we leave this you know, relate this on Ramadan changed and better than we were before we came into it inshallah.

00:34:02--> 00:34:19

So, you know, be from those, you know, your main aim at this month is to be from those who get the forgiveness of a love of Allah and a save from the fire that is your main aim out of this month. And so the Allahu Allah records you as being from those who enter a jungle in sha Allah.

00:34:21--> 00:35:00

So this Ramadan in particular, spend your time really pondering over the names of Allah to Allah in particular month for us in particular this month, to spend our time really pondering over the names of a lot of Tyler, you know how Allah is a one he he's the one who we are all in need for. He is the one who is completely independent of us. You know, as Allah says, Yeah, you and ness and to move around, you know, law or mankind Philippi You are the most portable law. Well law who will one you will need a law is the most recent

00:35:00--> 00:35:47

And he is the most independent, he has shot with Eva calm way to be helping jaded woman that he can ally he VIPs. So Allah says, if he wants, he could make all of you young, he would be gone. So kind of like you're the hero, were yet to be helping God and bring a whole new creation 130 catalog, e bi Z's and that is not too hard for a lot. So in particular, you know, I'm thinking about these verses, in particular now showing our vulnerability like we you know, mankind in general thought they're so strong with their advancement and you know, the technology and then your whatever they have as a panel of allies humping mankind for this virus upon a law. So in particular, this month, focused on

00:35:47--> 00:35:49

a lot of names, oh, we ran

00:35:50--> 00:36:32

out of money, you know, and show your feeling of weakness to a law realize how truly weak we are, and how to be vulnerable, we are to lots of pantalla and you can show that through your short to align your drive to him in this month. And the other thing too, would be, you know, if you feel alone in lockdown, and you're feeling alone, and vulnerable due to not having a social support around you. It's a great reminder of how alone We're going to be feeling on the Day of Resurrection when we make the loss of pantalla you know, you know, today when Allah says, yo yo you're feeling mobile or mean epi what would he what what are the what saw he bet he was the need be cooling re in

00:36:32--> 00:37:10

Milan home Yo man eating Shut up you will need on the day when a when a person would run away from all of the who they love. And everybody would just be concerned about their own self. So this is a great reminder this month of Ramadan in lockdown is a great reminder for the loneliness, we will fill in your piano and to remind yourself of how much you're going to be in need for these prayers that you're going to be doing this month, how much you're going to be in need for this fasting that you're gonna be doing in this month, how much you're going to be need on that day. With that for that Vicar and that drop that you're you're going to be doing this month in sha Allah. So keep all

00:37:10--> 00:37:54

of that in your mind. And all of that will help you to be motivated. And remember that a day will come we'll be standing in front of a block of Tyler alone with no one to help us no support whatsoever. And we'll see the fire in front of us. And at that moment you'll be wishing for any dry you said any sort of how you gave any prayer you did just to save you from that fire. May Allah protect us May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us May he not that one of us leave this month except he forgave us and entered us into Gemini, your enemy and I asked a local to Ana to protect all about Omar and you know to have mercy upon all of our deceased and I asked a lot of Tyler that he brings

00:37:54--> 00:38:19

us back or returns all of us back to him in this month in a way which we have never ever you know being this close to Allah subhanaw taala like we will be through this month be late to Allah worku ob Heather was stopped for a while when he went home was a pentacle Longhorn will be handy. Nash had one that you learn how he learns nesto suka one or two Hoylake Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh