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The speaker repeatedly emphasizes that the message is from Islam and that everyone should be grateful for the people. They also recite a series of verse messages, including one that is a message of gratitude for the people. The speaker repeats the message multiple times and emphasizes that the message is from Islam.

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was on Allahumma barik Alley while he was happy when Allah Jimmy minister Nabisco netted What?

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Elijah Medina

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fonsi Pomona FCB, taco la he tarla fenomeno tequila, Allah Hamas Raja was a full access of operators due to a lot alone. And when we seek aid and assistance and dam we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness. truly human loss penalty Island guides none can mislead and human law leaves to go astray there is none who can guide and everyone is that there's nothing worthy of worship, save a lot alone. And then Mohammed Sall Allahu Allah, He will send them his both his servant and His Messenger.

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The blessings that Allah Subhana Allah has given us in our lives are that which we can never enumerate that which we can never account that which we can never fully comprehend or understand. Unless of Harold's Island says in the Quran, when to reduce metal law he led to suha were you to count or to try to enumerate the blessings of Allah led to so how you will never be able to do so you will never be able to gather all of them. And this is because most of the blessings of a law are beyond even our comprehension and awareness. And Allah Subhana Allah says as well in the Quran was the law are they equal? Now? There are men who have law heroes and what about cleaner now he is the

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one who has envelope to you. He is the one who was immerse you in his blessings law here are 10 lowball cleaner, those that are apparent those which you know, those which you can sense we're both Lena and those that are hidden, that you don't even know don't even realize that Allah has given you these blessings. And so because of this, gratitude is essential in the life of the movement, the life of the believer, and the scholars commented saying this gratitude is half of our Deen half of our religion, half of our faith. And today we will investigate the topic of what it means to be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala and how we can be grateful and thankful to Allah azza wa jal to

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realize, my brothers and sisters, that our very existence, our purpose of living, what is ingrained in our fitrah our innate human disposition is the concept of thanking the Creator. Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran in a Silicon Alley in Santa Minot for 10am, charging the battery for john now who sent me an basura Allah says we created humans we created men from you know fluids, and we gave them the ability to hear and to see. So Allah created us and gave us our intellectual faculties our ability to hear to see to understand in a day now Sabine and we guided him to the path whether through our fitrah or through the revelation of the prophets, Allah guided us to the truth. What is

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the purpose of all of this in meshech urine? We're in luck Nakamura, either he is Shakira, either he is grateful to Allah or he is capoeira or he is someone who has denied a lot of rejected Allah subhana wa Tada. We were created and given these blessings of understanding for this very moral question in my shack here on one metaphora will you be grateful to Allah or will you reject the loss of Hannah mozzarella? And notice that in this verse and in fact, throughout the Quran, Allah makes these two things the opposite of each other. Shaku shock to Allah subhanaw taala gratitude to Allah and cough. This belief in Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah uses these two as opposites of each other.

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For Cutrone, as korakuen was cruelly attacked for rune, Allah says, Remember me, I will remember you and be grateful to me and do not do. Be grateful to me and do not disbelieve. So Allah uses appreciation, thankfulness gratitude to Allah on the one hand, and cofrin Allah subhanaw taala on the other and this is because the greatest denial of Allah

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Loss of Hanover to Allah, the greatest denial the greatest cough what is covered more than the denial of the blessings of Allah as origin? The greatest form of ingratitude is to deny the existence of Allah subhanaw taala and his right to be worshipped.

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And so the blessings that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us are also of the purpose of testing us to see whether we will be thankful for these blessings or not. When should a man Allah his sin, witnesses the magnificent power that Allah gives him that when he asks for the throne of abilities to be brought to him, and it is brought to him in the blink of an eye, and so they met witnesses this this power that Allah gave him. He says Fila had done in the lobby, the abalone ash crew, and

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he said, this is from the bounty of my Lord to test me as score an app for Will I be thankful? Will I be grateful? Or will I disbelieve from an shakra in the NIOSH curonian FC, amen Kappa Rafa in the LA in Nairobi, Runyon Canyon, whoever is grateful, they are grateful for the benefit of themselves, and whoever rejects whoever disbelieves then indeed a law is free of need, and he is full, and he is generous himself, and to the point of blessings. Is this, a test to see how we will act with it? Will we be grateful to a law or will we deny and realize that when Allah subhanaw taala uses sugar as the opposite of cover, he is also telling us that sugar is intertwined with a man, faith in Allah

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is intertwined with gratitude. If sugar is the opposite of coffee, then sugar and enon are synonyms of one one another. You cannot have a man without being grateful to a lot of soldiers, and you cannot be grateful to Allah without having a man. If you are grateful of a lie, you must already have faith in Allah understanding of Allah xojo an awareness of the greatness of a loss of Hannah Horta Island. And the more grateful you are to allow the more faith you will have in him. And the more faith you have in him, the more grateful you will be, these two are interwoven and interconnected to each other. And show could as the scholars have said, gratitude has a number of

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pillars, number one of the pillars of gratitude is humility, that it is necessary for the one who is grateful to have a sense of humility to the one who has given him and the one who has blessed him. Because for you to truly be grateful, you need to recognize your own need. Now you are in need of what you have been given your you are in need of what you have what has been bestowed upon you. And if the person is arrogant, then they haven't truly understood that there is a blessing that they have been given.

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Second, is that you appreciate and you love, the one who has blessed you have the pillars of gratitude to Alonzo jealousy, is that you appreciate any love the one who has blessed you. If a human being does a big favor for you, they give you a job, they loan you some money, a human being does something out of the ordinary or above and beyond to help you with something. When you see that person you feel more respect for them. When you see that person you feel more love for that person. They helped you at a certain time in your life. If this is our attitude to human beings, what should our attitude be to the one who has blessed us with every blessing in our lives? And even the things

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that other humans have given you? Who is the one who sent you those humans to begin with? It was a loss of handle at Thailand, Allah is responsible for every blessing you've enjoyed, directly or indirectly. And so what should our love be for the one who has given us what should our respect be for the one who has blessed us, and it will tell you when to lie to Allah. He says the heart has been created to show love to the one who has shown it love our hearts in general, if somebody shows love into you, you immediately want to show love back to that one. And so a lot has shown us the Greatest Love and blessings than anyone else. The third pillar is to act upon the blessings in a way

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that is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala Imagine if someone gave you a gift, they gave you a car? Would you take that car and harm that person with it or use it in a way that is displeasing to that person? If somebody gave you money? Would you take that money and then flaunt it in a way or use it in a way that is disrespectful to the one who gave it to you? If they gave you the car? Would you destroy their property with it? Of course not. You would feel a sense of gratitude to the person who gave you when the last method Allah to Allah belongs the most perfect examples. But Allah subhanaw taala gave us and therefore for us to show our gratitude to a lot of soldiers. It means that we use

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the blessings that Allah has given us in a way that is pleasing to Him. And we see this in the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is spending

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All night praying to a life so gentle. And I showed you a long way I know looks at the feet of the Prophet and they are cracking and bleeding from how much he is standing in 200 from how much he is standing and clammy Lee praying to Allah and she said to the Prophet Sall Allahu Allahu Allah azza wa jal for Allahumma de cometa her, she said, O Messenger of Allah, you're doing all of this, your feet are literally bleeding, and Allah has already forgiven your sins. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Call Aisha akuna abdon Shakira, he said, Oh, I should not be a grateful servant of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah gave me this life should I not use this life to worship Allah

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Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah gave me this blessing of being able to worship him Should I not use it in a way that is pleasing to Him subhanho wa Taala. And the fourth pillar that they mentioned, is that you praise Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for the blessings that He has given you, that you praise a lot for the blessings that He has given us. If someone gifts you something.

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If someone gives you a gift, and you take it, but you don't say anything, you take it you don't say thank you, you take it, you don't show any type of, you know, showing that this matters to you at all. You don't say to the person, thank you so much for giving this to me, you are a great person for giving this to me. I'm so happy you gave this to me. You don't say anything, you just take it. Now person will think well, then you don't really care about this gift. I should give this gift to someone else. You don't clearly don't appreciate it. You didn't even care enough to think about it to say thank you for it. If this is the way of human beings then Allah Subhana Allah has given us

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every blessing, should we not thank Allah for the blessing, blessings that we have? Should we not constantly say and hamdulillah and so it's necessary that we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala and mention his blessings. And of course the caveat here not to mention his blessings in front of people in a way that may cause jealousy, not to flaunt the blessings that Allah has given you in a way that is arrogant, but definitely the believer needs to mention the blessings have a lot to say they have done a lot to think about the blessings that Allah azza wa jal has given them, and then it'll play him says, shocker to alarm implies manifesting the blessings of Allah upon us. So the hearts

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witnesses, these blessings and appreciates and loves a love for it. The hearts when we speak in Islamic lexicon, the hearts means your intellectual and your emotional faculties. So you recognize you think about you reflect over the blessings that Allah has given you. And this should increase your love of Allah azzawajal. So we have to manifest our praise of Allah first ways through the hearts, you think about it, you reflect upon it and you and you love Allah subhanaw taala. He said, second is through the tongue, the tongue should acknowledge and praise Allah for those blessings. And the third he says the limbs your body should submit to a lot so much and because of these

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blessings, I'm not going to do how long because Allah has given me all these blessings which I recognize and realize in the poor and realize uses the word sugar he uses it as in an active verb. Ally expects us to do something as a part of our gratitude to allies origin, Allah says Airmen shukra will call it a shocker. Allah says do work or family of Deadwood. In gratitude. Allah gave them blessings that wood was given the kingdom that is known until today the kingdom of David, Allah gave Sunday nine powers that no one else had, and men will enter that with a shukra now work with your gratitude. Your gratitude should translate into actions. People think that it's enough to be

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thankful to say hamdulillah give me this hamdulillah login to me that this is lip service Allah expects you to act with the gratitude that Allah says that you should have towards a lot as origin. And Allah says what Carlito mean, a bad yes shocker. how few of my servants are shuffled how few of my servants are grateful. now realize shakin is mentioned and Shakuni is mentioned. And both of them have the same meaning both of them in thankful but Shakuni is the emphasized meaning and some of the scholars they said that Shakira means to be thankful, but Shaku is the one who was thankful even when he is deprived, when the person doesn't have what ally is taking things away from them, unless

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taken away their money or their job or their livelihood or their house, something's been taken away from them, and still they are thankful to Allah, they still remember what Allah has not taken from them. These are this is the level of Shaku, you've gone past shakin because now you are remembering the blessings of a lot, even at a time where most people would forget. And one of the great examples of this was one of the people from Venezuela even when he was walking, and he's walking on the street and he passes by a man who is blind and paralyzed and poor and destitute on the street. And as he walks by this man he hears them and say, Alhamdulillah Lady for Bologna, Allah can feel bad

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he. He says that hamdulillah for the one who has performed

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heard me over so many of his servants. And this causes the man who's walking by to stop dead in his tracks. And he turns around and he says, How can you say this? You're blind and most people can see you're paralyzed the most people can walk and your poor destitute living on the street. Most people have shelter and homes. How can you say how is the law preferred you? And so we respond to him the same way he said, What's wrong with you? He said, in a larger Anneli listen and that Kira, Allah gave me a tongue that remembers him. We'll call him an Harsha. And Allah gave me a heart that is conscious of him. The reveres him well for the quality of Lila and in this way, Allah has given me

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tremendous favor.

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And this is something for us to think about to have even gratitude of the lives of agenne even when things have been taken away from us. And Allah subhanaw taala rewards immensely those who are thankful. First, the pleasure of Allah the validation of a large zolgensma as with those who have gratitude to a lot of Xhosa, we're in touch guru yoga hula, Allah says, if you are grateful, then a lot is pleased with you. So the more that we are grateful of a lot the more we earn the love and the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. The second is that when you are thankful there is no punishment. punishment is removed and punishment is earned through in gratitude. punishment is earned through in

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gratitude and punishment is removed when the person has gratitude to a less penalty Allah. Allah gives us the example of the people have said that in the Quran, the people whom Allah gave them gardens and Allah gave them fruit. And he said, Kudo Marissa played on the kuvasz. hula eats from the provisions of your Lord but be grateful for him. And when they fell short of the gratitude a lot turn their gardens, destroyed their gardens and turn the fruits bitter. Gratitude destroys. And then Allah subhanaw taala says in another verse, man, if Allah will be either become in Chicago,

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what would what would Allah do? I you What does the law gain by punishing you in Chicago to momentum if you are thankful, and you believe, why will Allah punish you? If you are thankful and do believe what is a login from it? I alone will not punish you. If you are thankful and you believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if you are thankful third is that Allah Subhana Allah will give you more with

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the in Shackleton as he then Alice has proclaimed in this verse and this is a number of emphasis emphasis in these in this wording well I am with and then our dear lord has proclaimed in Chicago Tom that as he then if you are thankful, I will increase what to incur for tominaga abolition eat and if you are ungrateful, if you disbelieve, then the punishment of a lot severe. If you are thankful Allah will increase for you. One of the self said, if you feel like your blessings in your life are decreasing, then look at the state of your thankfulness to Allah. Because the more thankful you are to Allah, the more that Allah will increase for you, your level of happiness, your level of

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contentment, your level of enjoyment With your blessings is tied to your ability to be faithful to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And instead, we live in a life where people complain all the time. Let me tell you that if you complain a lot will give you plenty to complain about. And if you are thankful, alone, give you plenty to be thankful about. How do you want to set up your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala and one of the self assurance assurance he said that even in the masiva even when you get the calamity, that tragedy in your life, there are still things that you should be you should recognize the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala. And he said, and the male side on the masiva

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in the candle delay here as our delfy haftarah nam, he said there's three types of blessings in every masiva he said number one number one for the believer anyways, he said and

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then second fee Dini that it's not in their religion. If you're a woman and Ally's giving you an we'll see but it's not in your deen. Right? The worst will see that as you lose your your deen you lose your religion, if you're a believer, and there is and we'll see by that it's gonna be something else. Right? If your child gets sick, if something like if your wife gets sick, this is way less than if she loses her Dean, which is worse. So he says The first is that it's not in your dean. The second that he says and Ireland's economic mechanics, he said that whatever it is, it is less than what it could have been. It could have been way worse. What why anything that you face in your life?

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If you think about it, it could have been way worse. And Allah subhanaw taala helps us by reminding us of the difficulties that other people have faced. He said why would the cat care in min mechanics, mechanics he said that it was going to happen no matter what the believer who believes in the author of Allah subhanaw taala you believe that a large zildjian has decided everything in this dunya and whatever tragedy happened to you it was already going to happen. There was nothing you could have done to it.

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verted there was literally nothing you could have done, no choice you could have made that made a difference. The believer understands and sees that he's like, these are three now I'm from a law consultant. This is why even when then we'll see what comes to Southampton. And even when the difficulty comes, you see it comes in into what occurred to me as he then knuckle. And if you do this, if you're constantly remembering the blessings of Allah, Allah will give you more, a low increase for you. But if we're constantly people will complain, I promise you alone will give you plenty to complain about.

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And of the blessings that we should thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for,

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you know, obviously the blessing that we should thank him for are those that we cannot enumerate, but some of them for us to think about is first of all, Islam, our guidance, our connection to Allah subhanaw taala will call you hamdulillah. And if you hadn't already had one, I could not deny the lowland hadn't Allah, Allah, that Allah has guided us and we would not be guided. We're not for him. subhana wa Taala and so the guidance that Allah has given us is first and foremost the thing that we need to be thankful to Allah subhanaw taala for the second is our intellect our understanding, alone, Allah Harajuku neomatik meta Allah, Masha Allah Kama Sutra, I will de la la quinta skoon,

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Allah says that Allah extracted you from the wombs of your mother, he didn't know anything. And he is the one who gave you hearing and vision and intellect. Allah gave us the ability to think of him as consciousness. Allah gave us understanding. Why did he give us all of this now

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that you may be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala third is the blessing of health. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said said Allah Allah Aafia Fenner had a landmark on Macedonia in Cairo, Manila, here is an ask Allah for health. For indeed nobody has been given anything after European IE after belief in a lot of religion. No one has been given anything after belief in a law greater than health in their bodies, and the profits, low health in their lives. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Now metarhizium of woman, female caphyon woman and as a Saharan ferok is that there's two types of luxuries that most people squander it is a What is it? He said, a sad health

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and free time. And so these are great, amazing

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types of blessings that a lot So Jeff has given us that we need to recognize and think about and free time is one of them. How many people around the world need to work day and night to make ends meet. At least most of us can go home and have a few hours with our family before we have to go to work again. How many people don't have even that have to work 20 hours a day sleep for hours to go back to work in order for them to feed their families. This is a blessing from Allah subhana wa tada when we have free time. And fifth, something we don't think about often but peace and security in our countries in our lands in our homes. Look at all the Muslims and the people around the world who

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are refugees, people who do not have peace and security. Look at our brothers and sisters in East East Turkistan, and China who are being you know, put in concentration camps, those have their own hinga who have been faced with incredible types of punishment and torment in this dunya people who have been robbed of peace and security. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when asked about harming me and he said be more offensive, you just said under Hokuto me forgetting who he is into that whole dounia that whoever wakes up, feeling secure in their homes and has good health and possesses enough food for the day enough provision for the day. It's as if all of the dunya has been

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given to this person

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Silicon Valley, Los Altos and Wonder

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Woman La Jolla. Before we conclude, I just want to mention a number of tips about how we can practically help ourselves become more thankful. The first is to prevent ourselves from becoming greedy, always wanting more, always thinking that we are entitled for more. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, we'll call upon an action takanashi caranas be content and you will be the most thankful on the people. And so if we want to be thankful to Allah Subhana Allah, this is has nothing to do with ambition, you can have ambition, but not to be those who are constantly constantly expecting more entitled to more not happy if they don't have more. That's not the way of

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the believer you should be content with whatever Allah subhanaw taala has a portion for you. The second is to be aware of your blessings. Be aware of the blessings that Allah has given you. Allah subhanaw taala says about profit and lacking Okay, now I'm done Shakira. He was a faithful servant of a lot and the Tafseer it's mentioned that heavy heavy likely is weak, but it comes from Mujahideen from an ambassador for many of them have a seat on that. They said that medicine cuts in lower Hamidullah.

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When a miracle cuts in lower Hamidullah when an issue but a lower hammer the law that more never wore any clothes, except that he said it handed in law, he never ate a single morsel of food except that he said 109 he never drank any liquid except that he said Alhamdulillah so he was consciously aware of the blessings of a law always thinking about the blessings of Allah always asking themselves, how has blessed me and thanking Allah subhanaw taala. The third is to constantly look to those beneath you in terms of the dounia you know, we live in a world where everything is geared to have you look your eyes turn your eyes towards those who have more than you. You know, what, how

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much does this celebrity make? What is their home look like? How much does this athlete make? You know, look at this person, look, Instagram is made for you to look at what other people have. Look at this person, look at what this person has look good, this person has the profits on the long run to usnm says enjoy them and who are doing it. When I turned to 11 Hall of Fame, no edge, there is no need to lie on it Jani. He said look always to those who have lesser than you don't look to those who have more than you for this is more likely to prevent you from under estimating the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala. When you're constantly looking to Oh, this person drives this, and this person

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has this and this person has that, then you underestimate what Allah has already given you. And there's already studies by the way, that show that people who go on Instagram and things like that, that are always looking at these pictures of other people, they become more depressed, they become more depressed because of this. And there was a study done in a university in the United States where they took people who had depression, and they made them do an exercise. And that exercise was every day they wrote down 10 things that they were grateful for. They did it for a month, and they found rapid changes in their health and in their state of depression, significant changes even their

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cholesterol was improving. Just because of this writing down 10 things they're grateful for every single day. And so always look to those who have lesser than you so that you do not underestimate the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala and to make up for a lot to help us, Allah, Allah mentions the prophets with a man. Well, Father, Bill, certainly an escort and arithmetic Alexia and I'm Talia, that will not enable me to be able to be grateful for the blessings that you have blessed me with. And when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to the companion Yeah, more in your handbook is that Oh, wow, I love you. Then what did he say to my eyes? He said oh yeah, more I do not let

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yourself end any slowdown. I at the end of each slot at don't finish except after you finish. You make the dua alone alone marinella. The clicker will show quicker, worse. neogothic. At the end of every prayer, when you finish the prayer, make sure you make this two are at the tail end at the end of it. using old law helped me in terms of your worship. And in terms of your thankfulness to be thankful to you for hosting that again, sorry, in your remembrance, and in your thankfulness and the excellence of your worship. And fifth is to thank the people in your lives who have helped you in your lives. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, la escuela mela is to announce that they

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have not thanked a lot those who have not faked the people, anybody helps you in any manner. Always make sure that you think that person and whatever way that you are capable of doing so. And finally, realize that no matter how much we think a lot of zildjian we can never fully think him. And it was narrated in some of the books that they would send to a lot as well. You know, he gave us guru Kawasaki like I never met and

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he said Oh, how can I be grateful to you? When my acts of gratitude requires gratitude? How can I be thankful to you and me saying thank you requires a thankfulness and in doing so then there's an infinite need for me to thank Allah subhanaw taala and so Allah responded to him he said an Anna Chicago Tony IE now you have he said now you have been grateful to me IE This is the maximum level a human being can achieve. Recognizing that you are constantly in debt to a loss of Canada Allah constantly in need of thanking Allah azza wa jal for the blessings that we have

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to see