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Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The importance of learning from past experiences and embracing and internalizing the idea of weakness is emphasized in Islam. The negative impact of sadness on one's health and mental health is discussed, along with the use of science and behavioral therapy to help people overcome fear and anxiety. The speakers emphasize the importance of trusting Islam and embracing one's potential to achieve one's dreams.
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Haman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa Salam wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala early he was talking to he Jemaine on my blog and

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I want to touch on a verse that is important for us in general. But in regards to obviously what is going on and Philistine may last month Allah protect them and feed them and nourish them in sha Allah to Allah. Initially with Eman

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we know that the bottom border of Russia, that borders between Egypt and Palestine was open. But it's not open indefinitely. Apparently, there's only one group that's allowed to go in. And this is a group called Unruh Anwar, again, it's hard to pronounce it un RWA. And let's see, it's a United Nations affiliate group, that they've allowed

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trucks to go in because there are hundreds of trucks outside at the border. And apparently, they only allowed 20 in, but there's a need for like 600 a day to be let in. I mean, in the hundreds that's needed for all of our brothers and sisters there. So I had the opportunity to do a fundraiser with Islamic Relief, and they are partnering with this, this organization to let some of the these foodstuffs in. But it's not I mean, obviously, the prohibition and allowing them in the timeframe, I don't know what the timeframe is. But there is at least something getting in. But it's not. It's not, it's not enough. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow that door to be open to allow many

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more trucks to get in there. And obviously, for the electricity to come back on the water to come back on. And as we know, as they say, it's an open prison, but you know, Israel, they have they have the authority over the power in the food and whatever, you know, you know, supplying the general Hierarchy of Needs of food and drink. They control that. There's one verse that I want to remind all of us because throughout all of this, we have to remember that it is ultimately back to Allah subhanaw Without and trusting in Him. And all of these things that come to us. It's ultimately because of him and what's taken away is because of him by his divine wisdom.

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In the Battle of hearts, Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the battle or hurt in the chapter of Allah Imran roughly in the verses 130 in 130, to around 170, roughly 7080 or 180 Alas, $1 mentions and are recited in the first Raqqa there's one verse I want to capitalize on, but it's a whole it's a it's a compilation mashallah to Batticaloa, when speaking to the Prophet, salallahu alayhi wa salam when they were in the battle, and the province of Allah, it was settled, we know that the Muslims were not victorious at that time. And what's interesting about the battle or heard is that there was preparation, but there was also a level of disobedience and disappointment. Because we

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know there was what's called the Jebel aroma. There are individuals that were appointed to be on a certain mountain, if you've made aamra, you've been on this Jebel overmatch, a small mountain that's next to right in front of the mosque they have there. And you see her and these people were supposed to see the factions from both Sophia and his other battalions. Other two battalions, they were two are going to come around from one back back said were hurt, and some others were going to come around the edge of the room, and some were going to come straight in. So the people that weren't the Jebel, the Romans and Romans, the ones that were throwing the ones that had the arrows, they were

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people that were there watching overseen the process and told them not to go down from the mountain. So when Holodomor Lee was able to defeat Abu Sufian, who was the enemy general at the time, he wasn't Muslim, but he did eventually embrace Islam process and marry his daughter later in history.

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When Harlem really defeated them at that moment, you see the people at the mountain, the top of the mountain, he saw they saw that people were picking up the war booty they were picking up the arrows and bows in the the weapons. So this is artillery that they can keep and they can keep for themselves. And artillery lasts for years. It's not like food, right? It lasts for years. So the next war you can gradually use it again. So they came down from the mountain and some of them stayed and they said, No, we should not go down. But some of them stayed but the majority, majority of them went down.

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Boosted Fianna is battalion, they saw what happened. And they eventually ransacked the Muslims came from behind that some scholars mentioned and conquered the Muslims, and that's how they were defeated. So it was a level of disappointment. There was a level which led to a level of weakness, right. And that's Subhanallah from this battle of Odin, many lessons learned. And that's the most important thing is that the lessons that we learn from this era of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam the lessons that we learned from the defeat of the Muslims at that time, but in actuality, in actuality, it is a victory because the lessons that we learn in any lesson Muslim history and non

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Muslim history. It is supposed to be a lesson learned, as they say those who don't know history

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are bound to repeat it. If you don't know the history, meaning you didn't take the lessons from that historical event that will benefit you, you're bound to repeat it. Allah subhanaw taala says in the beautiful verse, when he tells the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, after all, we live in a straightforward regime.

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He says, energy he says,

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will lead to he knew. Well, he has no one Tamil Atlona in control, meaning

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Allah subhanaw taala says and this is a general message for all of us, and especially for our brothers and sisters in Palestine. It is to prohibitions,

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a congratulations with a condition to two prohibitions, and it's a congratulatory statement with a condition. So the first thing he says, led to he knew and do not become weak.

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mean one

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and that's even Subhanallah and the chapter is Chapter One medium, or sorry, what does Zakariya say,

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in the beginning of the chapter

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nine, exactly. This is one of the Alpha many wished Allah Tzu Shaban, that my bones have become brittle, why not have more alpha is bones when means become weak. Right? And Allah is the Prophet sallahu wa salam even says, like the Hadith, he says that sobre como Luan a sobre, como one, that people in he mentioned people in later times, they will be affected by one. And then they said, What is this one? He said Herbert dunya, will call out here to note,

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he said is the love of this dunya and hatred for death. As we define that one is which would be in our time.

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So the promises so that's an understanding of weakness, but it's far beyond what we say of the physical nature. It's the weakness even in understanding Allah subhanho wa taala. Meaning that when whatever you encounter, you don't bring it back to Allah subhanaw taala is hikma and wisdom?

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Because with that anchor of understanding, embracing and internalizing that Allah subhanaw taala is wise in doing this. I don't know why, but I trust in His wisdom.

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And that's how I stay strong. Well, that time he knew what that time was No. And he says Tarzan and Hosen is sadness, but the scholars even define it even more because he lost his letter, let us know this has led to harmful posing is a form of sadness from that which has preceded you that which happened in the past. Like right now many of us are sad, because what is happening and what has happened to our brothers and sisters, we have community members here, we've seen in the WhatsApp text messages, their family members have passed away Hosen sadness,

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but the hopes for that sadness is for us to learn from it. And to learn more about a lot from it, okay from his predestination, and to allow that to be a means of strength ultimately. That is why even when it comes to mourning of a woman, a widow, there's also something called Dead. In fifth in Islamic law, the woman has 10 days is a 10 day period where she can mourn. Now, there's a time periods where last month Allah understands that we as human beings, this will take place. So Allah says the latter he knew to he knew Walter has no those are the two prohibitions.

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Not saying that if you have it immediately, It's haram and you're a sinner. But it's a form of encourage you say, Look, don't be sad.

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Don't become weak. Don't become weak because of the what?

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Sadness. You see the connection letter he knew well, that ties in and then the last one thought it says, What untouchable alone

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alone comes from the blue. And you are the ones that are lofty, meaning the believers Why are you lofty? Alt initially because of your belief in Allah, how many people when they face a sad situation, and they don't believe in Allah? What may they may they do, and they commit suicide.

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They may become nihilistic the meaning of life is what does it mean? There's no meaning of life. Right? Many things that takes place for those that don't have an anchor that is transcendent, something that is beyond them, something they know that is beyond their existence that they can trust in and rely on. And for we as us as Muslims, it is one it is Allah subhanho wa Taala it is a creative Avenue there. So here he says antimony alone, and you're not alone because you went and you went and fought and Jihad because of Allah subhanaw taala to make his word, the highest word and to defend the deen of Allah subhana wa

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Allah. So what about the ones? If you're doing that? How can Allah subhanaw taala lead you to your demise? When we say demise? We don't mean demise in this tangible world, we mean demise when it comes to the demise of your Eman with Allah subhanaw taala when you stand in front of him, when those hard times came, did you become weak? Did you become weaker? Because your sadness? Did you let the sadness persist? Did you come back to Allah subhana wa Tada. He says until long

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until that no, but with the condition, here's the condition in control, meaning, you notice everything that I talked about weakness, sadness, it's a reality takes place. But Allah is saying, do not let that persist.

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Although it may happen, do not let it persist and be a normality for you where you are sad. And you disbelieve ultimately can disbelieve in the Mercy of Allah. Many of us now Subhanallah you know, we see what's going on. We may ask, Where's the Mercy of Allah on this? I have a number semester, where's the Mercy of Allah? And then if y'all and listen, I told you before my Father said during the Iraqi war, if y'all are Muslims, and you're on the right path, how can this be happening to you as Muslims?

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You're you, you my son, you left this face of Christianity, where we have all of these good things. We have all many churches on the block, and we are living in prosperity. But then you're supposed to have brothers and sisters are going through this. This is mercy. This is our man, this is the Merciful One. And he used to hold his neck like he said, how the Muslims are held like this. This is what you you're professing that you want to become. This is the truth you're telling me.

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It is important for the Muslim to think beyond this life and beyond what they see on television, to know that that is a mother of Allah subhanaw That's what he's predestined. And to trust that there's an ultimate wisdom behind it with the fact that when you think about it, you're sad, you cry, but at the end of the day, you say what has to be Allah, we need medical care. Allah sufficient for me, you know that if you see some of these videos, there's a video someone showed me Subhanallah is relative. He's walking through the street. And so there's things that you see people that he sees on the street, they're deceased blood everywhere, you say has to be aligned it molecule has been alone,

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it really has been aligning and want to kill. He's saying it over and over Allah sufficient for us. And he's the best one that we trusted, Allah sufficient for us. Sometimes you have to say it, to remind yourself, this is the wisdom of Subhan Allah Subhana Allah when you say this, the crutch of Salah you have to think Glory to Glory to Allah because if I didn't have Allah subhanaw taala who knows what would happen to me mentally, psychologically, what would happen to me spiritually what would happen to me? What would happen to me if I don't just mention the name of Allah sometimes to remind myself so when we say Subhan Allah hospital Allah when it molecule hospital, Allah sufficient

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for me, when you feel those times of sadness and anxiety, anxiety, and

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how many times we've separated a fight sometimes you still have a relaxed, relaxed

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Hamdulillah that does something. It's even a Science in Psychology called CBT cognitive behavioral therapy therapy, where you ask yourself questions and sometimes you answer them. Last month I was saying until I learned in contempt meaning if you are from the mood meaning you are at a lofty position with the condition that you are a movement and a movement is someone that has Eman and Eman is something that is a concept of the initial belief in Allah, trust in Allah, but it is act and this is important. All of us is Sharla meaning we all have Eman. We all believe in Allah. We all believe in His messengers, his books the last day, the day of judgment, predestination we believe in

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all of this in sha Allah Hamdulillah.

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But the man won't Some scholars say this Islam Eman and if Sam. Right.

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The Islam is we believe in these five pillars of Islam and even the six pillars of the man. The man is where when the trial comes? Is that belief in those things activated?

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This is what's important.

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Is it activated? When you face a time of trial and tribulations? Do you make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala do you call in Allah? Do you trust in Allah? When people come to you and they say, as I said to the process of in nanescol Gemma are looking for show him.

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People have gathered, they're gathered to come against you a prophet. All these people are gathered to fight you. They want you to die because of your message.

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There's so many nations that are against our brothers and sisters in Palestine that are funding and some of us with our own tax dollars unfortunately, may be funding this effort.

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Right? Everyone is against this What does Allah say? What is Allah Subhana Allah? He says that in the NASCAR Jim Furyk showhome physique, Shadowman

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when they told them be fearful, they will not be going said all these people are gathering against you on

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You scared? It's like they're saying Aren't you scared? But Allah says increased them in their email

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is your Eman activated in times of hardship, turbulence tour in the beginning you will be fearful naturally. But at that time of fear what happens in your heart? Is it activated? Do you trust in Allah when your innocent children ask you Baba Why would this take place? You give them yes the generic answer we trust in Allah. You teach them the meaning of hospital Allah I'm Annette want to kill. You teach them the name of Razak. You teach them the name of Allah subhana wa Tada. So this verse is so beautiful because in these turbulent times, brothers and sisters, it is the time for these things that we know in our Eman in our heart to be activated and it is activated with dua. It

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is activated by doing actions of heart and we will talk about that being the Allah. So let's remember this beautiful verse in the chapter Al Imran will last month medalla says do not be weakened Do not be sad. And you are of the lofty ones if you are the true believers. May Allah Subhan Allah make us of those that do actions that believe to increase us in our Eman in him to further engender more actions that belief which will further make us stronger may last month Allah make our brothers and sisters and Philistines strong and keep them strong in their Amen. And keep them strong in their awareness of Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah Subhanallah feed those that are

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indebted to that are hungry and bless those with water and bless those with any type of nourishment that they may need. The thirsty ones may last month Allah bless our brothers and sisters all around the world in any type of any type of help that comes to where they are thankful and know that it is from New York or Bill Alameen May Allah Allah forgive us if any of our shortcomings and making to offer them are doing what we can if he was not in our capacity to help them be the last one that would make us are those that come close to the Quran and look at these beautiful messages, messages, timeless messages of the Quran that are consistent and never change. May Allah subhanho wa Taala

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bless our brothers and sisters and allow the assistance to come to them in abundance and then being thankful to you will still allow us and we're going to be in a Mohammed water

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