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William James Miller, email hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was a huge man, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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are y'all doing Alhamdulillah night number 15. And for those who've been

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following us on our way, that's, that's 300 Records, 300 records or hamdulillah 600 soldiers, Allah accept all the acts of Riba that all the standing and fasting and every part of that you recite the Quran, with he recited a lot with the recited little, it's not about how much you do, it's the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if you were slow to begin the month, no problem. It's how we end the month as well. And remember, the best part of the month is the ending of the month. So if, if you are a bit slow out of the blocks, then now is the time to get all your energy. That is no bonus, like the last part of Ramadan and take every night as a potential might feel a little harder. It's

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not just the 27th night, it's not only most likely the last 10 nights, but even outside of the last few nights there were times that a little cousin fell on the 17th night for example, that I'm about to take every night as an important night and ground for all of our success and Rama and all the goodness of it. We also begin with a question. So as happens sometimes people we come in we rush to the masjid and we happen to find that the shy is finished and we haven't performed be shy about always starting now we confused. Do I make a shy in one corner? Or do I join the Gemma and stand behind them and they can issue this is the question. If we maybe three or four should we make a

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jump? And then we have the anomaly sighting photography and then we have another second Gemma and then there's a confusion. What is the what is the ruling on this issue? So Martina jablow the Roland Martin ninja Who is he? He is that's a hobby that the navy seals and sees when the fuqaha or the scholars will be called left the AMA who the scholars of Shafi Abu hanifa Imam Malik these are the formalities of the scholars when they are coordinative kiama Martigny, Japanese the Imam is the Imam of all the scholars of what a great Sahabi died in jihad, so many great blessings of modern medieval professors who said to me last he said to him before, you know, Jamar, I love you so much. When you

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go to Yemen, you my governor, when you come back, you will find my cupboard here, but just know that I love you very, very much. So it was his habit that he would be obviously was a man of knowledge that he laid his type in sorta, but he wanted to be in Jamaica with navy seals on them. So you would make a Shai within abyssal Salaam and then he would go to his tribe and he would lead them in Gemma point of this is that he is obviously making a novel ishai is horrible, isn't it so solemn, and he's nothing he was the man making a novel sada and those behind him are making a followed surah so this is a very clear indication that you may join the gym. Yes, they are making pottery his knuckles for

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the mom is near is nothing but you're making a photo. It's not a problem. It is better if you come to the masjid maybe in a group, and it's between ishai and tarawih. And you've got five minutes and so long as it's not yet. And you make a Gemma in the corner before thorough it starts. Okay, but the minute thoroughly starts and you find yourself recite softly Don't disturb the Jamaat, because it's also a hadith about not having to Gemma's in one Masjid. Because this creates animosity, it creates competition, so we shouldn't have that. And if the Jamaat is going, then you stand behind the Torah, and you make you a shy, you just get up off the rocker and you finish your forecast. Allah knows

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best Alhamdulillah we continue with surah Yusuf. And we mentioned that his brothers came and abused his brother, sorry, Sam came, and they were looking for grain. And now the use of gave him only 10 camels instead of the 11. And he said, Come back again to me, and then I'll give you the full load but this time you bring your brother with me you enable the brother, bring him with if you don't, and if you don't bring that brother within, not only Won't you get any green, I don't even want to speak to you off this right then I don't trust you. I can't trust you guys. So they said inshallah, we will go back and we'll do our best to persuade our father to give him to us. And also without

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them knowing how to return the merchandise to them, so that when they open the bags, and they realize they had the money, they can go again and make a trip and buy a second helping of grain. And so they told the Father, Father,

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what more do you want? We've got our money. You can see the Aziz of Egypt is a good man. He's given us excellent, rainy seasons very well. Because go a second trip and let's take our brother Binyamin with so this is where we interview yesterday he the father in abeokuta, Orlando Silla who Morocco I will never send him with you had to do any movie on minella nibi until you give me by Allah you swear by Allah you give me a vow and obey Allah that you will surely bring him back Illa and you have to become except if it's basically out of your power, you are overpowered you know out of your control for them to musika home. So when they gave the word by Allah color Nabil Yakubu said, Allah

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Allah man akula key that Allah now is over this a witness Allah is the witness of what you have seen. So now we talked a little bit about this

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And yesterday it was nice when I left the masjid. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah hamdulillah you all think these things right? So you're in, when we say we say Samba, which means the vow that we use a last name and as you know, we only allowed to swear by the name of Allah datasheet it is an act of ashiq if you sweet as you find, you know, maybe people will say in the books on the grave of my mother, or by my father or by this is all haram it's haram chick, you're not allowed to this we can only sweep by the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala and you can use three liters we said what law which is very common, well I did this Well, I didn't do that. You know, this is what we do. When you

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can also say don't lie, and we can say biLlahi by Allah I sweet XYZ and Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned this in the Quran, it was decided last night. Allah says, Now you will be left with a monocle Moroccan you appeal to a man *a Farah who is a surety Misaki mean also tema to the moon Okay, so to know the hurry Raka MLM eg for cm, am dedicated to a man who either have to follow a man who come

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from it

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to Rama. Allah says, If you broke your vows by mistake, you assume that and you broke it and Allah says, Allah will not punish you for what you unintentionally broke your vow. So like the brothers here, they said by Allah, we Sui will bring him back, unless it's out of our control. So they didn't break the oath deliberately. Allah says, I won't hold you to account if it's out of your control, but a level punish you he says for you deliberately if you broke your vow. And if you broke your vows you saw By Allah, I will do this and you deliberately didn't do it. Then what must you do? So you assume but and maybe as a child, you took it lightly.

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Gonna do XYZ and you know, you're not gonna do it. What do you do now, so you make Toba, but it's also a cafaro, and expiation. Now, what is the expiation, Allah says then you feed 10 poor people with food that you eat. So repeating meals, and feed 10 poor people on a scale that is average with what you what you feed your family, or you close, you give close to 10 poor people, or you free a slave, you can choose all whichever one is easiest for you, you choose that and whoever cannot afford if you can't afford to do any of that, then you need to force three days if you broke a vow. Also, this is the explanation for the oats when you have sown, and Alesis and protect your oaths,

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meaning Be careful when you use all those names. And it's vinyl it's become too easy for us to say well lucky for everything, whether it's the cricket match the soccer match, whether it's garbage, what law is everything, this is the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah says protect your oats is not something like to something easy. The hadith of Neville says the one who lives his the prophets, Allah says there are three on whom Allah will not speak to on the day of karma, nor will he look at them or praise them. And these will be a severe part three types of people who have a very difficult time on the kiama of them, the three of them, they are lost and doomed and they said no. So Who are

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they? He said the one who lives his government hang below his ankles and this is a long discussion about in the past, they were those who put the comments below the ankles out of pride. And they were so for example, imagine you have clothes that is barely covering yourself and you're someone has so much clothes that he actually has to take any walks and either exit so this was a form of keyboard to just make people feel defeated. Yes, of course today people don't leave the clothes under the ankles or the pride but if you keep it above your ankles and that's why we saw our grandparents, our grandfathers before Sala they roll it above the ankles Alhamdulillah This is the fault of the sooner

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that even in that little bit we follow the sooner then of course the one who reminds others of his favorites and other three people one was clothing is below his ankles. There's only four main sisters so vinyl is the opposite today. The sisters the fences above the ankles and the main because this one is the opposite sisters your clothes must be below your ankles please see the mom Shafi so ankles and panela he's lost his he man's handle so close those ankles close those ankles. Then as for the second person is the one who does a favor and he constantly reminds that person. Remember what I did for you then when are you going to pay me back and when you witness and you remember when

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you when he saw that was actually a curse on him is actually haram and the last one is the one who sells his products by means of a false use of last name as a false You know, this is what law he This is like made in China law he this is you know original well I only for you. As I sit back to every single person, this is severe we finally look at the punishment Allah will not look at them and they're cursing at FGM the Prophet also also says beware of swearing swearing me taking oaths soon barring too much when selling for if the sale is obviously with haram when you if you if you sway falsely, then a lot of times they will not look at you and if you selling and it's correct,

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stole the blessings taken of the barricades taken out because you've used a lot as a last name as a marketing gimmick.

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So do not use Allah's Name, easily do not use it. It's a serious matter. As Hannah was just in a light note, the prophets of Salaam was really into it, you know, in tune with his wives. So he says one of the ways of the Prophet along with swear he would say, I swear by the one in whose hand my soul is, whose hand is the province in all attend, so I swear by him. So the Prophet says to Ayesha, I know when you are mad at me, and I know when you are happy with me. So just how do you know how do you know when I'm upset? So he says, Are you happy with me when you sweet? I showed me the Summa, she would say I swear by the load of Muhammad. Right? Then he says, He says, I know you're happy

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with me. When you're not happy with me. You say I swear by the load of Ibrahim, you don't want to mention my name, right? It's only I swear by the load of Ibrahim. And I shall be honest, he smiles and says, Yeah, it's not a big deal. I just lift your name. I didn't leave you I lift your name out. But this is how the porcelain picked up on these finer, finer things back to nebia coupe. So he said swaybar Allah and so the sons of Yaqoob as bad as they were in the past what they did, they knew if you take a vow of Allah, it's a serious matter. And so they swore each one by Allah, we will bring Binyamin back, and then they'll be a cook gives him advice, something of parental advice, sometimes

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to our patrons gives us advice, come back before maharrey don't take the time to do this. And you know, use you know, you just Old Navy Yaqoob is giving advice to his sons like this. And look at Allah says, well, Carla, and abeokuta says yeah, Bonnie Yeah, my son's letter, the Holloman bourbon, why don't all of you into the city from one gate before in the past cities that have water around it? And you had few different entrances? So he says, Don't all of you enter together in one day? What do you mean Bobby Mutharika, each of you go to different doors? And we'll see why he sees it. And then he continues, warmer opening and criminal law human Shea and I cannot put but I cannot

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protect you against the decree of Allah in any way. In the law, that ultimately the decision is Allah, Allah Ito Can I put my trust in Him? Or are they even later working with our chiune that and those who are reliant they put the trust in Allah? When Allah says and so when they entered when Hazel Amaro boom, boom, they entered like Libya, who advised them each one in a different law, McKenna uni and whom Allah himanshi in

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enough Sierra Cuba, Aloha, they this could not stop them for the plan or that plan for them. Except it was something inside Jacobi felt and intuition. And he needed them to do it. So they did that. We're in analysis about NaVi jacobina, who are in Lima alumna who, that he was a person that possessed a lot of knowledge that we gave him he had intuition. Well, I cannot lie on the moon, but most people don't know, what is this all about? So that we are who felt that there was a bigger plot at play. But if any new Allah subhanaw taala is a plan, but he doesn't know what exactly Allah's plan is, but so we take our precautions, Allah subhanho wa Taala plans, but we take our precautions,

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Allah gives you the sickness, Allah gives you the job, Allah gives you the money, it might it's out of your control, but you still tie your camel. So he says when you go into the city, don't all of you go in together? Why number of reasons. You see, when we live in this is 11 strong young men walking to the city. Even when people seem that old group of young men coming up automatically it feels like this trouble. You already have suspicion on you. You are foreigners in a foreign land. You are all emotional like mentioned that not only never use of abuse was exceptionally beautiful. But these brothers were also good looking so you don't want extra attention on you. So he's

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basically saying, Don't draw too much attention on you and once like never use feces, don't flush your, your your string, you don't have the you don't you don't need to let the whole world know about every blessing that Allah has given you. You don't have to put it on Facebook and social media, because this invites hazard upon you. And this invites ill feeling and animosity, yes, sometimes we proud and we happy, don't cheat with the whole world to those who have good intentions for us. Because as a result, this hazard is real, the evil eye is real, but just the feeling of that hazard can harm you. So Allah says maybe a coop had a deep intuition and he understood that there

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was something deeper at play. But even though they tie the hammer even though he tried to circumvent the plan of Allah, Allah says my plan will always come to pass and this planet even though they came in from different doors, the plan of Allah was really in effect, and we'll see inshallah tomorrow what Allah has installed for these brothers. Last night's question. We said in the Quran, there are three types of novices or new foods that are mentioned which one is not mentioned, the knifes that is fasting, the knifes that is fasting is not enough in the Quran is the knifes that is regretful the woman the nuts that is my inner contented and enough that is a Moroccan be su that is

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encouraging Param that is the three knifes so the first thing the body is the fourth thing stomach not the fourth thing that's when tonight we said which is not a letter of vowing of somebody in costume. Which one is not bad.

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Which one is not a liter of vows. inshallah, tomorrow we will have a short Ottawa and then of course, the Maharaja those who would like to sponsor a pot on the day of eat, please contribute family 3000 and maybe get together to view 300 in each feed poor family on the day of each circular Hey Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh