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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shortfilm Babel mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Steven cathedra cathedra.

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The next question he asked me, he said, which leads to my next question, do you believe that God actively intervenes in human events, when he will actually take place? He says example Hitler's so on? Is this God acting to punish those who have disobeyed Him, as we are told, was the case with the slaughter of many human many Hebrews and their exile to Babylonia.

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In the book of Jeremiah,

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I said to him,

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there are two aspects of this question. One is what Allah subhanaw taala told us that he did in specific cases, like ordering Musa alayhis salaam, for example, to execute the Jews who made the golden calf and worshipped it.

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This is information that we are being given. This is not a ruling to be applied by us if you find a Jew or a Muslim who decided to build or buy and worship and he would have left Islam and Judaism but it is not our job to kill him. The Quran tells us about some events like this, which happened as admonition to want us to stay away from such actions. Secondly, are the ads where people point which the people point to in this context are also the ads which people point to in the Quran, which order that disbelievers must be killed where you find them first. First of all, those Ayat were in the nature of battle Odyssey

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and are not even and have not, and have never been

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intended or interpreted to apply to any situation of peace. Muslim history is ample witness to the fact that Muslims, Jews, Christians, major Hindus, and so on all live peacefully and collaboratively throughout the ages. Andalusia and Baghdad were famous for the Jewish scholars who lived there and all the wonderful work they did and and and Muslim patronage. Ditto for the way the models and the other Muslim rulers treated in the scholars in India in all Muslim lands, including the Amaya Abasi, Ottoman mobile and other Muslim empires. people of other faiths practice their fates and were permitted to do so. Including to have courts that ruled according to their laws not according to the

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Sharia. Jews and Christians were not compelled to go to the Muslim Sharia courts, some did, because Sharia law is not as severe as Judaic law.

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There's a very interesting

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lecture by Dr. Reich as a Granda, the head of Austin school, it says how Islam saved Western civilization. I will post it in the link in the

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description so you really must see it. Then I said to him, the second aspect of your question is If Allah subhanaw taala intervenes in human actions, or to put it in another way, the questions that atheists and others ask about wars and genocide, Hitler tragically is not the only one who did it. Disease starvation, and I guess we should add environmental pollution, global warming to this list. And if you allow me a financial system that has eight men with assets, more than 50% of the rest of the world put together, they ask the question, if there is a God, why don't you do something? My answer to them? He did? He made you and gave you a lot? Does God intervene? No, he doesn't, though

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we don't deny His power to do so if he wishes. Why did the Holocaust happen? Because those who were with Hitler, every single one of them educated, intelligent thinking human beings, decided to cooperate with him. People sold him the material, the machinery they know how to annihilate 6 million innocent people. People developed and built the gas chambers and sold them to Hitler. He didn't donate. They didn't donate them free of cost. He didn't steal them. He paid for them. And they took the money. There are records of all this and some names may surprise you, incidentally, not a single Muslim name in that list. Then it happened because all the world leaders of the time,

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including those this country, chose to sit silently and watch it happen. It happened over several years Rama Hitler built the concentration camps. Global's created the propaganda machine or criminal law that criminalized and demonized Jews, laws were passed in a democratic way to disenfranchise them in their own country. Almost all this took years and was not done secretly. Everyone knew what was happening, but they did nothing. So who is to blame? Incidentally, that is what is happening to Muslims in so many countries in the world. And we are seeing the same game with the same audience doing the same thing, which is nothing.

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Why doesn't God intervene? He did. He created those people at that time he created you or me today. And then he told us that there is a day of judgment when we will all be count to account call to account. In Islam, there is no special treatment for anyone because they are Muslim. Murder is murder and the murderer will be punished if not here, then most definitely there.

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that he was a Muslim will not save him, unless rather created his world and the entire universe and created laws to govern them. Some are physical laws, like the law of gravity, others are moral laws all apply to anyone in their purview irrespective of whether they choose to believe in them or not. The effect of some loss is immediate of others. It is delayed until the day of judgment, but there will always be an effect Make no mistake, Allah says in the Quran

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in surah ro zaal facade of Al bardawil Buhari Viva Casa was at Nasi Lucic owned by the Lizzie Amarula um your your June evil that is corruption calamity is suffering has appeared on land and sea because of what the hands of men have earned by oppression and evil leads that Allah will make them taste a part of that which they have done in order that they may return by repenting to Allah subhanaw taala. Now when you jump out of an airplane at 10,000 feet, and refuse to use the parachute, which is strapped to your back, and when you reach Mother Earth and become one with her, you complain and say, Why didn't God do something? Why didn't he save me? Well, he did. He gave you

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a parachute and taught you how to use it. You decided to ignore that. So the law applied to you and you paid the price? Or maybe you decided to alter the parachute for your own reasons, which made it ineffective, same reason? That is the answer to those who want to change the word of Allah the Quran, claiming that they know better. If you worship God, if you worship Allah, then how can you know better than him? What's good for you? Who do you follow? When it comes to your car? The manufacturers manual or your own whims and fancies? You do that because the manufacturer always knows his product best. Allah is our Creator, and he knows what's best for us. If I say that I know

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better than he does that I'm being delusional. And of course, then I would have left Islam. Final thing. The reason you can't change the Quran is the same reason you can't change my book. You may like it or you are not but you can't change it and if you do, you will be committing a crime, copyright infringement or copyright violation. You are not the author and so you continue. Allah is the author of all the divine books we know. We know what four or five were mentioned in the Quran. The war to the elderly Sarah so Sophie Brahim to Bramalea Salah, the Torah to Musa Lisa injeel to easily CERAM and the Quran to Rasul Allah Hi Salam Salam of these Zabu and Sophie Brive are totally

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lost. The Torah exists but with changes Injeel is also lost as the original was in Aramaic and was not done. And after he saw his sunnah was raised to the heavens, alive and not crucified, resurrected, his disciples dispersed. What we have as the New Testament is in fact new, not divided. The Torah is still has some parts which are divine, to some extent, the Quran is totally preserved, on the other hand, hamdulillah because Allah said no, no, no, no, no no Jelena Decra are in Allahu Allah have resumed Allah said we have sat down to decode the the melody the remembrance of Allah which is the Quran, and we will protect it to the Quran is totally preserved every aspect from the

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first by memorization by writing my practice in a legal system that is based on it, or alteration, even to the extent of a single letter is totally haram, and has always been clearly understood and fought against tooth and nail, so that people didn't try. Not that people didn't try entire movements rose and failed, and what is Allah for example, and so on the rows and failed, and that is why when you listen to it today, you do so with the awareness that you are listening to Europe, to Allah subhanaw taala speaking to you, in the voice of the carry the recited Carambola we still carry that is a feeling that I cannot possibly describe. And I thank Allah subhanaw taala and all those

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who stood up against all alterations Now very important for us especially I'm thinking

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now that we are nominal Kareem and I'm sure all of us have the opportunity to

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listen to the Quran in therapy, I hope you are praying in places where

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a Quran is recited

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in the way that it should be cited which is

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in a beautiful tone.

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Not slow but definitely not like an extra strain. You know, and then in a way where

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you can you can enjoy the beautiful words of Allah subhanaw taala and that's that's very important for us to keep that in mind. Because

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you know,

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that that is the very the truth of it.

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I want to end with another thing which

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show that certain shows the the time on the time though, which is that one of the universities where I work as a as the Muslim chaplain, or the head of our interfaith group is a Catholic priest was a very dear friend of mine. He sent me a message, the university decided to cancel the invocation and blessing at the commencement, the DUA and the blessing at the commencement, because some people don't like the mention of God and prayer in the commencement ceremony. Now, it's interesting in a country which is plagued with mental illness, which is like an absolute epidemic. This is the this is the this is the result of this conversation has been going on there for a while. And as they saw,

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sorry to see that the president of the university

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agreed and canceled the

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the comments with the invocation or blessing. Now to two questions arise for me out of this. They did that because some people complain they say that they don't like the mention of God and prayer in the Commencement Ceremony, okay, fine, you have the right to like or dislike something. But what about those who want to begin? Who liked the the idea that we begin with in the name of God, that we believe it begins? And if Allah that you begin with a blessing in the name of God, what about them? Don't they have rights? What do you say when people reject invocation and blessing? And second question is, what do you say when people reject DUA and blessing in the beginning of the year,

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you start with that, and then we complain about mental illness. Now, the conveyed interesting whoever nice quote from J. Krishnamurti, which I use all the time, he said, It is not a sign of health, to be profoundly adjusted to a sick society, it is not a sign of health, to be profoundly adjusted to a sick society and we are truly sick. We are very, very sick and we don't even realize that it's like pancreatic cancer, for example, a very rapid and lethal cancer, but you do not realize it until it reaches a terminal stage, right? You feel perfectly healthy, and so on, but it usually goes very fast. And when it reaches that, there's no cure for it. If you have that you will

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die or you will die anyway but I'm just saying that you will die with that cancer. So it is very important for us to

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ensure that we remain connected with the last minute and because one day we will meet him and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make that the best day of our lives in sha Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry one Allah He was having a bad article