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wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah

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wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Manoa but

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my brothers sisters,

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if there is one single thing in life, which is worth focusing on and working for that is quality,

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quality and quality is

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it's not exclusive to one particular thing.

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You can't say I am practicing quality in my work. But if I come to your house, your house looks like a disaster area after a storm.

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If I sit in your car, your car is full of all kinds of junk.

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Then there's no quality, quality, something that is belongs to you. It doesn't belong to the place.

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See, if I am a person of quality, then you should be able to see quality in every single thing that I am associated with. In my speech and my actions in my dealings with people in the way I dress in my if I drive a car, my car, in my house, in my workplace, in everything.

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The finest example of quality that we have is Rasul Allah is Allah Asana himself.

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If you take the beautiful descriptions of Rasulullah, Salam physical descriptions, they are descriptions of quality,

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every single thing from the top of his blessed head to the soles of his feet, every single thing is a description of quality. There is no evidence and no story or anything in the Sierra, which, for example, says that as soon as an asylum, somebody saw him with his hair disabled and his beard everywhere, and, you know, I mean, his clothes were in a mess, never. Everything was always perfect.

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It's not magic, it means that he took that much time and energy and pay that much of attention to his physical appearance. Similarly, if you take how he spoke to people

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now it's not as if he was never angry, he was angry. He would get angry. There's so many Hadees where it says Rasool Asana Asana is face became red with anger many times.

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But how did he express that anger? There is not one single instance in his life, where because he was angry, he used foul language, for example. Or he curse somebody No, never. He was angry. But that anger also he expressed, for example,

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I was referring to the Alonso one day

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got angry with blah, blah, blah, the alarm.

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And I was a divider that was a very hard, man. He was very tough. And he was very hard man. He had a very short fuse.

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To the extent as soon as an asylum told him he advised him he said if you get angry when you are standing, sit down if you get if you're still angry lie down.

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He said to another place, he said never be

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a leader over even one man.

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Now he loved him very much he loved him. He was one of his favorite Utsava but he knew his weaknesses. So he said Do not be don't even have one subordinate.

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Because if he has about any given his temper, but we don't know what he will do, so he said, No, don't have so one day he got angry with an ambulance.

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And he said to her, You are the son of a black woman.

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Now, obviously, it says our beloved was obviously near his mother was black. So it is not as if but the way he said it.

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He was not saying it as a fact he was saying it as a derogatory thing.

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So that I belong obviously was hurt. He complained processor.

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No reason or someone got very angry. But what did he say to

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our referee? Because he did he know. He told him, have you gone back to the days of Janelia?

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He said, Have you have you become like in the past, you know?

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Now, the point I'm making is that this is this example of quality of excellence.

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The effect of that,

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and I was referring to the Atlanta was such that he was so upset with this. He went to find southern Avila and he found him and he said to him, he apologized. He said I'm extremely sorry and so and so on. And he said now I will do this. He said I'm going to lie down on the ground. And I will put my face on the ground and I want you to stamp on my face with your shoe with your boot stamp.

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Life is beloved to Allah, Allah Allah. He said, Of course, I will not do anything like this.

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I will, then I will come, I will complement the source

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said novelas Allah, Allah were the first to do this. Now you want to become a competitor. Now, the point I'm making is that it's not a question of feelings. It's a question of how do you express this quality? Quality is extremely important, because quality is the only way in which

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you will hold yourself to a standard that nobody else will even dream of asking you, whether it's your client, whether it's your employer, employee, family, anybody

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but because of your own commitment to quality, you will hold yourself to that standard.

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Islam is all about quality, they for example, allow the Quran

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we know in the Wizard of Oz with when we are reading Quran,

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yes, it is true that if you some words if you read them incorrectly, then the meaning changes.

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But there are many other words, which you can read. Except especially in Mojave, for example, the you know the way you pronounce certain letters, you can pronounce them incorrectly meaning what change.

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For example, takes for example, Surah In surah. Joseph

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is a Zulu Zilla till our Lu Zala.

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Instead of saying that, if I say zarzuela Dr Seuss in Salah Mini has not changed, but I have not pronounced the Zoll and Uzza with the correct pronunciation. Do you think any teacher of that we will accept that

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know your character?

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Some of the guys say like most of our indo Pak Carisi very love zubi Allah humorless zalim.

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Everybody will know him a little bit.

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Now, the word the reason we say that is because in our language in odo, there is no differentiation between the three or four

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zazz sound

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as a boy, and God, there is no differentiation. Everything is a

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it's a different language. It's not right and wrong, it's a different language in that language, it is correct to say it like this, but in Arabic, every single there is a special place from which each of these sounds comes out.

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But this is what I mean by a commitment to quality.

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So no matter even if the meaning does not change, if you are reading this to somebody who knows, they will say no, this is wrong.

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Do it again.

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Do it again.

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Islam is all about quality.

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Take for example, the Elm of Hadith.

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The aim of hadith is the only body of knowledge

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in the world, in any field,

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which has authentication to this extent.

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What is what is its history right? Basically history. This is what as far as Sam said, this history.

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But in the era of Hadees this history, the authentication was done in such intricate detail, that it produced a new completely new body of knowledge called Elmo region.

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Ill melasma reality monitor,

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which is the histories of everyone who narrated that particular Hadith. So for example, you heard just now spoke about the first Hadees in Armenia. This is also the first Hadith in Bukhari, the first Saudis in Muslim in Oman Amma vignette okasada Elisa to Salah.

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Now this hadith, if you take the

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who narrated it, to whom and so on, so on, it goes all the way and we know the individual people.

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We know who they were, we know what was their reputation, we know which family they came from, we know the strength of their memory. We know whether that person ever told a lie or not. It goes all the way.

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It produced a completely new body of knowledge of authentication itself.

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That is the degree of commitment to quality that there is in our religion.

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So I pride myself on you. Let us focus on this in our lives.

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Believe me that this is one thing you will never regret.

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If you focus on quality, attention to

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detail with regard to our lives in everything, as I told you quality is not restricted to one area in every single thing.

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What do we do? And how do we do it, no matter how small it is, no matter how big it is,

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we focus on it. And we continue with it. And you do what it takes to take the pain to make sure that

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you are doing it to the best of your ability. And if you do that, you differentiate yourself. And then you put yourself in a place where you become what I call the natural choice of your client.

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I always tell people, it is stupid to compete, because they beat the competition. No, I don't believe that I believe that you must leverage yourself out of the competition.

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So you're not competing with anybody. You are the natural choice of your client. If your client wants someone there is no one else in the world, you are the only person.

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And if you do that, then you can charge a premium and your client will not only pay that premium happy in your client, your client will use that as a hallmark of his quality. He will say Mike, you know who my consultant is. My consultant is McKinsey, you know, my concern is my concern is our way.

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It takes time, it takes effort. It takes a lot of pain and it takes and all that you will do if you really believe that. And this is what we as Muslims.

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This is and should be our philosophy in life because this is our religion. Our religion is a religion of quality. It's a life of quality.

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You ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to become hallmarks and standard bearers for the quality that Islam portrays and for the quality that rasool Allah is seldom stood for and he taught us was Allah Allah Allah will carry Murali he was a member of us