Parables of the Quran – Parable #6 – The Accepted Charity

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And this is once again continuing on the theme of,

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of giving.

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And this is the very next verse in sort of Bukhara

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and so

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this is verse number 265, Allah subhanahu wa tada says,

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What made

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you feel

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he waited to be eaten in to see him came at a legion netting the Euro was also

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added to cooler.

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In the ilam. You see there have been

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loss of Hannah who with Tyler.

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He says here,

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and the metal. The parables are example

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of those who spend their wealth, seeking a loss of pleasure.

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And they are sure of a loss reward for themselves

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is like a garden on high ground, which is then hit by a downpour of rain. So it yields its fruit in double.

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And even if it is not hit by a downpour, then even a drizzle is sufficient. And the law is all seeing of what you do.

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And so

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here is the parable

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of the reward of giving your son the seeking of us pleasure.

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And so first of all, I mentioned the parable of the hypocrite,

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and the person of rehab, who shows off his good deeds.

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A lot first mentioned that in the previous verse.

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Why? So that the believer fears and doesn't fall into this trap of shame.

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Then Allah mentioned this next parable, to give comfort to the believers

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and reassure them of their reward. If the condition is that they give their best, they give their sadaqa sincerely and just beat them and to see him. They are sure of a logical reward.

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They have a cross

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and they don't have any doubt in their hearts concerning the reward for this for this setup.

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As long as it is done with a class

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and so

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the certainty that

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$1 that you give FISA law is far better than a million dollars held held back not given for the sake of this certainty that you have in your heart. This is a deep belief

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in your heart

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that you have to have. If you want the reward of Allah subhana wa tada for your charity.

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And so here it was, Hannah who went to Hana compares the saga of the believer who is sincere, a lot compares it to a high fertile ground.

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And so a garden

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that you have

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on a high ground

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it receives better sunlight and breeze

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and so it produces better fruit

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and also the rain that it receives.

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It hits onto this ground first, and then the rain goes down the valley streams to other places.

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But gardens that are on low ground

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they receive this water

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that comes with it filth,

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because it's mixed with the earth.

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Whereas a garden that is on high fertile ground,

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it receives the rain first.

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And it doesn't get flooded

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and it also receives better sunlight and a better breeze. And so, it produces better fruits.

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Now, if you add to that,

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a heavy downpour of rain as I mentioned here,

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then it will produce double

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of what

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it would produce on let's say average rain

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or it would produce double compared to any other garden.

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And then Allah says the elusive even for fun, even if it does not receive a downpour of rain,

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even a drizzle is sufficient for it.

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Why, because of its location, it is on this high fertile ground.

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And so, this is how your charity is when you give it for no other reason, then

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a loss pleasure

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and you are certain that Allah will reward you for it.

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And so, if you give a lot

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this is compared to that downpouring of rain,

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the reward will be great.

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But even if you did not give a lot

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you will be rewarded greatly.

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And that is compared to the drizzle.

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So Allah says even if that garden does not receive a downpour of rain, it just receives a drizzle.

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It would produce fine

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and good fruit.

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Likewise is your sadaqa as long as you do it sincerely for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa tada and you are certain of the reward of a lot.

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If you give a lot, you'll be rewarded greatly. Even if you give a little you will be rewarded greatly.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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whoever gives in charity,

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the value of a date

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that he earned through lawful methods.

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A lot only accepts that which is pure.

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A lot accepts it with his right hand. And he fosters it for him.

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Just like one of you Foster's his baby horse

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until it becomes like a mountain.

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Meaning that small amount of sadhaka that you give one date.

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As long as you know, you keep in mind

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the condition of his loss,

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seeking the reward of a loss seeking the pleasure of Allah.

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Being certain having this pain in your heart

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of the reward of Allah, making sure you don't know your sadhaka

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through an Amen well as as we spoke about in the previous parable,

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making sure that what you earn is halal. And what you're giving is halal. And you're giving it in the right places, making sure all of these things are there.

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As long as you do that, no matter how small your soda is, a lot fosters a lot nourishes it allows it to grow as a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says here until it becomes like a mountain.

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And then it was kind of without a concludes will la will be Matt town then winnable so you

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a lot is all seeing of what you do.

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The ending of this verse teaches us that

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matters that are related to intention

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are only known by Allah subhana wa tada

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who gives it sincerely, who doesn't give sincerely who gives seeking the pleasure of law who gives for the sake of showing off

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all of this is really

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To the intention, which is only known to Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's why Allah concludes by saying, and Allah subhanho wa Taala is all seeing of what you're doing. Meaning that Allah sees the appearance, and he also sees what is in our hearts.

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And so we shouldn't judge others, but rather we should only go based on what is apparent. As for what is in our hearts, whether we will be rewarded or not.

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Knowledge of that only belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Among the lessons that we learned from this parable

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is, first of all,

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the only sort of the only charity that is accepted by Allah subhanahu wa tada is the one that is given sincerely for his sake.

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With a man with a loss with acidic, truthfulness.

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knowing deep down inside, that this sort of car

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is far better than anything in the world, that this $1 that I'm giving,

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for the sake of a lot, it is better than $1,000 that I hold back.

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This is the only charity that Allah subhanahu wa tada accepts.

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And so we need to keep this in mind.

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And we need to be extremely careful. Which is why before you give, try your best to bring these ideas to mind to have this intention in your heart.

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That's why before you give, try to conceal your supply as much as you can

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make sure that when you're about to give,

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that you're giving at a time and a place

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where it is concealed as much as possible.

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Other people are not aware that you have given

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why because it is more likely that you will fall into a yard

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it is more likely

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that you will fall into that danger of showing off your good deeds, and then having your good deeds nullify,

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and cancel.

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And that's why I was with Hannah, who without it says

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into sort of Tiffany,

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if you were to give your subtle heart

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outwardly, apparently in two videos for the heart,

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if you were to do it publicly in front of the public and in front of others, funny I'm not here it's a good thing.

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Meaning that giving charity in general, it's a good thing.

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What into

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what 200 fukuhara for Ohio law, but if you were to conceal it,

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hide it, and then give it to the poor. That is far better losses for Ohio law that is far better for you.

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And this is what it refers.

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This is what it refers to it refers to as loss, it is far better for you and for your loss and for your Eman and to preserve and maintain and guaranteed reward in.

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The second lesson that we learned from this parable

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that what matters is not how much you give.

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But rather what matters is how sincere you are with what you gain

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regardless of how small

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and so what is in our hearts is more significant than what may be in our hands and our pockets.

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What is in our hearts is more significant

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and more important

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to rectify

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then what is in our hands have this wealth

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in our pockets that we want to give.

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It doesn't matter how much you give.

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It doesn't matter

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whether it's a small amount or a huge amount

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What Allah subhanaw taala looks at,

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but rather, what loss of Hannah without it looks at is what is in your heart of a man and his loss

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and a lack of rehab.

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That is what is more important to us of how to who, what.

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And so someone who may give 1000s and even millions.

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If he does not do it sincerely for the sake of Allah,

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then all of that wealth that he gave,

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it goes to waste

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as opposed to you, if you gave $1 $2 $5 a small amount,

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but yet you gave it sincerely for the sake of Allah.

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You gave it seeking the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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you gave it

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hoping for the reward of Allah subhana wa tada

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being certain of the reward of a lot

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than what you gave is far better

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than what others give. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to practice His laws in every single good deed that we do. We ask Allah subhanahu wa tada to gratis he man and his loss and your clean and certainty. We ask Allah subhanahu attack to accept from us our good deeds and our support and our charities. We ask Allah subhanahu wa tada to accept it from us

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not to allow any of it to go to waste. Well, Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Rajahmundry Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh