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Abdul Nasir Jangda
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of the beginning time of fudger, which is when the time is at the beginning of the meal. They explain that the ruling is that the beginning time is when the meal starts, and that people should not stop eating until they have confirmed their information. They also mention the issue of the prophets calling the meal at the wrong time, and encourage people to follow the rules of the meal.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu this Abdi Nasir Jenga from Calum Institute coming to you, once again with the special session of the column Hangout. 30 days 30 questions about the month of Ramadan? So a question that we got quite a few times. And I'm sorry about answering this question a little bit later in Ramadan, but we just got around to it. The question is, when do I stop eating? So who? When do I stop eating my sanity? When do I stop eating? So who? So the answer to that question is that the Quran tells us that is basically at the time of the break of dawn. And that is basically the beginning time of the fudger prayer. Now, I'm going to answer this question based on

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my own personal circumstance here in Dallas, Texas, where I live. And that is, we don't have a Masjid in our neighborhood, down the street from me calling the athon on a speaker system on a sound system. So because of that, I don't hear the sound being called, what I basically have to rely upon is the time of the beginning of the Federal prayer, and I can put an alarm for that or have an Amazon app in my phone. But that's all irrelevant. Basically, I have to go by that time, the time of the break of dawn, some people argue, well, it's the break of dawn, just go outside and figure it out. The problem with that is as well, that we have a lot of light, and we have a lot of pollution

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and things like that. So a lot of times it's not so easy to identify the break of dawn in the horizon by looking up at the sky yourself. So we rely upon the time that is basically told to us

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that this is the time of the break of dawn. So we rely upon those charts, the timetable that you get from your Masjid, or your salon app in your phone. So to add on time for fudger is that time where you have to stop eating and drinking. Now there's a couple of misconceptions here, there's first and foremost, there's the issue of insock, here's the beginning time of fudger. Here's the beginning time of or here's the time when you want to stop eating, that was a recommendation given by some scholars, to basically I guess, to be a little bit more cautious, there is some difference of opinion between scholars about exactly how we calculate the beginning time of so often fudge it to

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kind of steer clear of the difference of opinion. That's that little 10 or 15 minute window. So they say you want to stop eating at this time. But we're recommending that fudger starts at that time. That's, you know, something that there's a difference of opinion about so you can take that as it is. But generally speaking, the ruling is the Quran mentions the prophets a lot. As I mentioned, it's the beginning time of fudger. So that's the easy way to basically stick and go by that. But if the mom in your community is recommending that you do implement the exact time, there's no harm in following his recommendation, but that's what it is, it's a recommendation, the actual ruling is you

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stop eating when fudger time starts, because that would be the time for fudger regardless of when your machine is calling the other. That's the second issue. The second issue is that even if you are in an area in the neighborhood, or you're at the mercy of doing etica 4pm, and they are calling the alarm, because you're in the machine, you can hear the alarm being called, it's not necessary that the other than that the person calling the alarm will make the event at the exact minute when that time of fudger begins. He might be making the 10 minutes before the fundraiser comma the fudger Jamaat the congregational prayer, so you don't want to wait for them to start calling via them

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because he, you know, fudger time started just running around these numbers off funder time begins at 5am. You pray fudger at 530 so the more than says are called the alarm at 515. And you ate until you heard someone other than calling the oven. Well guess what you ate 15 minutes past the time of where your fast began. Don't make that mistake, follow the time because the more than might not be calling it the second time starts. The third misconception is a lot of times people are like No brother I heard that there's a Hadith of the prophets. A lot of them said don't stop eating. When you hear the event being called. That happens when you don't really confirm your information.

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There's a Hadith of the prophets a lot he said where he said, Do not stop eating when you hear belies other than because Bilodeau the Allahu talana used to call the night as on the agenda would signify that now it's time to start eating your food and wrapping your up wrapping up your worship for the night. So beloved cozy at the end of night. prefetcher. So don't stop eating when you hear but I'll call this add on, but wait for the azaan of Abdullah bin omac tune because Abdullah bin tune he calls the add on for Salatin fudger and so that when you hear that on, stop eating and drinking, so that's a quick breakdown of the issue of when do I stop eating so who, when fudger time

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starts, I hope and pray everyone's benefiting from the month of Ramadan. Does that come along later on for tuning in. Again, remember, you can send in your questions. We got a few days

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Left sending some really good questions in sha Allah. You can tweet them to us. You can leave them on our Facebook page. You can leave them in the comments of this video, or you can email them to us questions at alum institute.org does akmola Hara was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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