The Beginning And The End – EP 20 Rivers of Jannah on Earth

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Amazing series consists of Short clips by Omar Suleiman for Bayyinah tv. Must listen.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam on the night of Allah slept with a large. On the night of the ascension. He says that he said to gibreel it is Salaam as he saw four rivers flowing out from beneath Siddharth and winter from beneath the low tree to have them visible and to hidden. He asked to read on Islam What are these rivers and the prophets lie Selim? He said the two hidden rivers are rivers of paradise. And the two visible rivers are the rebels are the rivers of at Neil and alpha rot which are the Nile and the Euphrates River. Now, the prophets lie Selim he says in another Hadith both of these are authentic, he actually names the two rivers that are unseen in Paradise, he

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says, say Han and J. Han. Okay, so say Han and J. Han, are two rivers that are rivers of Paradise, but there they are hidden. And he said, As for the rivers that have been exposed to you, they are the Euphrates and the Nile once again. So these are all authentic hadith. Now, it's very hard for us to understand these ahadeeth what exactly does that mean? How are these rivers were paradise don't these rivers get polluted? You know, how is it that these rivers over here are connected all the way to civil Atlanta? And obviously what we take from that number one is that the prophets lie Selim is saying that these rivers originated from Paradise as we originated from Paradise right? The prophets

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lie Selim, obviously knows that these rivers are in the ground here on Earth. So when the prophets lysozyme goes and he travels all the way to similar to the Manta also loss isonem is not making an argument that there's a physical that they are physically connected that there's just one long waterfall or stream that comes from slotted into her into these rivers but he's saying they originate from there, that these two rivers originate from there as as we do as human beings. And this is similar to when the Prophet slice and I'm For example, He said that the actual dates are from Jenna, right? There are very special qualities to the actual dates or when the prophets I send

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them said on the other hand, that fever is from the heat of hellfire. So when you come down with a fever, treat it with water to cool it down. Right Rasulullah Sai Salaam is mentioning a deeper connection. He's not speaking about the physical connection as we can see today, again, limited by our dimensions. So the question becomes why did the Prophet slice and um, specify the Nile and the Euphrates? And why are these two rivers particularly rivers from Jenna, and you'll find many reasons that are given by the amount given by the scholars. It seems to be that these are two rivers that benefited the prophets of Allah. Right. Obviously, the Nile River is a river that Musashi Salaam was

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placed in and you know, the river benefited Mousavi, Islam by the permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Likewise, the Euphrates just geographically where the Euphrates lies, okay, lies between Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Jerusalem, and so on, so forth. So all of the profits of Benny Islam, he can you imagine they were drinking from this river, they were benefiting from this river. And so because these rivers have benefited the prophets of Allah, and the benefit that they give to mankind in general, they are reverse of gender. And this is also true for mountains, the profit slice, and I mentioned two mountains of agenda. He said, Oh, hood is a mountain of gender and he referred to a

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poor, a poor is the mountain where Allah Subhana Allah spoke directly to Musashi snap, he referred to them as mountains of gender, so we find a consistent connection. So with that, in particular, for example, the prophets lie Selim, he spoke about, he spoke about this mountain of gender. And he said, I heard is a mountain that loves us and we love it. It's a mountain that loves us and we love it. And that's why we find that when the prophets lie, some ascended or hood with Abu Bakr and Omar and earth man, or hood actually started to shake. Right and the prophets lie Selim said, Earth to earth be firm or heard. You have upon you a prophet, a severe amount of truth meaning apobec, hero

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of the alojado and he prophesized Lai Sallam that armor and earth man would be martyrs because he said Shaheed into martyrs, so be firm, shook out of love and all of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So, there's a mountain that loves the prophets license, it loves the believers, and we love it as well. It's a living mountain, and these are mountains of Gemma and a poor of course being the place where Allah subhana wa tada spoke directly to His Prophet Musa alayhis salaam and we asked the last panel time to allow us to, you know, to hopefully be able to bask in the rivers of Genoa that are unseen to us the rivers of honey and milk and so on, so forth, and to and to, to be able to

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travel upon the mountains of Paradise, both in this world and the next.

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