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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should have been on Babel mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, WA leaves, it was salam to Steven cathedra cathedra.

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From Abbado, my brothers sisters, we had our annual interfaith Iftar meeting the other day Monday. And in that meeting, I met a very interesting person from Brattleboro was the rabbi from there, and first time meeting him. Very Nice Person. And he asked someone, he asked me after that he sent me an email, and he asked me some very interesting questions. And I thought I'd share that with you share the question with you and my answers, because I think that some of these questions are probably also in the minds of some of our people.

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The root of these questions, of course, is what the what people have done to the Divine books that were revealed. And thereby they created their own problems. So his question was, he says, Mister, why do you believe that every word in the book and he's capitalized that the book by which I guess he means the Quran should be accepted literally.

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And then he says, example that the first life on Earth was Adam Anomalisa. Now I have no idea where he got that from. But anyway, this is an issue that dominates so many people in so many religions. So I said to him,

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that Allah subhanaw taala said in his book, how we live in a shakedown regime, who are lesbians, Allah Allah, Ecole Kitab Amin who is to mock Ramadan now model kita vivo Bucha Behat Pamela UniFi Hulu hymns I won't forget them your own Amata Shabbat hammy nobody Oh I'll fit. What would evolve. What would evolve we? Well my Isla mood that we know who Allah rasuna Villa elmia Oh Luna arm and Nabil co lo min and Europe Bina memoria the Karela Alba. Allah said it is he Oh Mohamed Salah is he was sent down to you oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, this book, the Quran,

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the book the Quran, in this area that are entirely clear and they are the foundations of the book which are there and they will do that for it and so on.

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And other IR which are not entirely clear. So as for those in hoods, in whose hearts there is a deviation from the truth. There is fitna in their hearts, there is a disease in the hearts. They follow that which is not entirely clear they're off seeking fitna seeking trouble seeking trials and seeking for its hidden meanings. But none knows it's hidden meanings save Allah. And those who are firmly grounded in knowledge, they say we believe in it, the whole of it, clear or unclear, are from our general and none receive admonition and receive wanting and guidance, except people of understanding and this is in Persia authority.

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Now, this is our basic belief that the Quran Al Karim is the revealed word of Allah subhanaw taala, that it is not a creative thing. It is the actual speech of Allah subhanaw taala, who spoke to us through His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, we accept it as it is, and believe it to be perfect and good for all time. We believe that since it is the word of our Creator, there will be things in it which will always be unclear for us. We believe that if Allah subhanaw taala had wanted to make them clear, he would have done that. So we don't ask questions not we conjecture or philosophize, we accept whatever he told us as the truth. And I said the capital T is intentional

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and are most grateful to him for revealing it to us. So whatever is clear and commanded we obey without question on interpretation according to our limited understanding, and what is not clear we accept it as it is and leave it alone.

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And then I said as we will statement about, example, that the first life on Earth was Adam, I said the Quran does not say that at all. The Quran does not say that Adam was the first life on Earth. The first life on Earth was not human because when, when Adam and Hauer these be upon both of them were sent down from heaven. They found everything they needed to live including food and shelter already there. That includes all the life on birds, animals, and so on and whatnot came before that, before they read the shows that they came before. The Quran only says that Allah subhanaw taala created other than Hawa Ali Ali was set up as prototype for the human race, and started the process

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of propagation of the human race from them. This does not preclude the possibility of multiple humanoids and so on. But it states that we humans, as we know ourselves are the children of Adam and our alayhi wasallam. This is like saying For example, you know that if you look at a girl

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Will you say that every other form of private via the form monkey, from the chimpanzee to the lungo, to the Capuchin, to the squirrel, monkey and so on, are evolving to become gorillas. I mean, it is this is obviously nonsense. These are all independent species and they exist simultaneously. And there's nothing wrong with understanding that, that that I said, that is why other than our own persona whenever infants or toddlers or teenagers, thank goodness, they open their eyes as adults, Adam was created Oliver CERAM Ali Salam in his own image, that is the image of Adam as Allah subhanaw taala conceptualize it.

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Adam was created in His own image was that his, his Anomalisa himself, like a table would be created in the image of a table as the carpenter conceptualized it. The devil doesn't look like a carpenter. It wouldn't be much used as a table if you did. So also, Adam didn't look like Hola, la. Jolla. Gelato is not his child. He's not the child of Allah, we are not children of Allah. We are children of Adam, and how la hummus Ali Musella. That, to me is perfectly logical and not in conflict with anything in science, including the Origin of Species, which incidentally, I have read, refer to the last section of it, where Charles Darwin himself stated that he did not intend it to be taken as the

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truth, but as his journey in the path of discovery, and that's my words, and his meaning. Our problem is that we take doctrine and try to make it human and take human words and try to make them in a doctrine and that is why people are anguished. The anguish belongs to those who wish for it. In fact, there is no need for anguish. Finally, the book, the Quran, Al Karim is a book of ayat, it's a book of signs, not a book of science. So we don't look for specific facts in the Quran. Just like we don't look for specific divine commands or guidance in a book of physics. For each branch of knowledge, we go to its experts, remembering that all knowledge comes from the same source, Allah

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subhanho wa Taala DeLillo.

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Then is there is a good deal with the challenge of accepting neutrally all that is in the Torah that is the justification for slavery the justification for stoning young person or disobey is meaning adultery, and much more. Now, I said to him, that there is no justification for slavery. If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong. The only slavery is a slavery to Allah subhanaw taala. To our Creator, slavery to man, slavery of man to man is haram. Now, this is the problem with changing the Scripture, if you change the Scripture is no longer scripture. As for storing the adulterer, the law in Islam is as follows both parties, both participants, I mean, the people indulging in adultery for

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want of a better word, must be married. So obviously to other people's if two married people commit adultery. And then there are four independent eyewitnesses to the act. And this means that they must actually see the act of penetration. Clearly, this is possible only when the act is done totally in public, which is not that uncommon in the summer, in many countries in Europe and in Australia. I'm not sure what America stoning in that case is the punishment because such an act happening in these circumstances means that society has been corrupted to such an extent that a strong horrible, brutal, brutal Wake Up Call is necessary.

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In practice in all the years of the life of our Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa sallam, he ruled for this only in one case, and that was for a woman who confessed and kept on insisting that she be punished over two weeks, two or more than two years, until he sentenced

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when it was done, a few drops of blood spilled on one of the men who cursed her. When the surahs nslm heard that he said, Don't curse her. Allah has forgiven her. Her repentance was enough for all the people of Medina, if it could have been spread out for them. A man came to overthrow Hatha Delano, who people think was a very he was very strong, but people think he was sometimes very severe and confessed to adultery. He asked him, if they were witnesses, the man said there are no witnesses except Allah. But I'm so troubled that I want you to punish me with a punishment that is prescribed because I don't want Allah to punish me when I beat him over the law said, Repent to

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Allah and don't talk about that which Allah chose to cover for you now go and he sent him on his way with a whack of his Dora, which back was stick, but that's it. That's how we understand the

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stoning law. And it's interesting that he

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doesn't say that this question. His next question, I will tell you tomorrow Inshallah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us free from all Schuko cancer bohat all doubts and

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and confusion and to make his Deen clear, which he already made, but make it clear for us to

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to follow in a way that pleases Him. Or Salah

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Along with Gary while he was happy remember how to get a holiday