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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa salatu salam ala Asha PMBA will will salute

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Allah Allah He

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does live and Catherine cathedra, home avato.

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And we read the Syrah

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look for what were the changes that the Sahaba

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in the lifestyle

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after they accepted Islam,

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then we see

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three important

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elements, very critical elements.

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Now, it's important to think about this because we live in a society which are not Muslim,

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just like us, our lived in a society which was not Muslim.

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We live in

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undergarments, which are not Muslim, which means that the law of the land is not special here.

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And this I have also lived,

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especially in NACA,

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in a regime, which was not Muslim. So the they did not have laws as we have locked, but there are customs and practices and so on, which are also not rooted in Islam, obviously, because it was not there.

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Yet, they managed to create a way of life and they managed to create examples of

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examples of conduct character, which, to this day,

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or later, they are an example for us.

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So what did they do?

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The first thing is our did was

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they changed, where they spend

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their free time

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to think about it, they did not change their businesses and so on, except, except when the IRS came, prohibition of interest, which was in Medina,

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then, of course,

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those who are in the banking, business and so on, they change the law bars, and so on. But until then,

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their trade is over was in agriculture, somebody was in animal husbandry, they were shepherds in various things. Those continued, those did not change people when they went to the caravan

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to yoga and all that.

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But what changed was what happened in their freedom.

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In their free time, they spent their entire free time in Python, which was the

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it was the equivalent of the vs.

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Person who had

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the house in which he used to be here to teach us to

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this, how to spend their time there.

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So the first thing that they brought in their lives was that they spent as much time as possible in the masjid

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because not call them assay that that type of activity, that's what it was.

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The second big change that they

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was in their list of friends.

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Now, again, I'm differentiating the two things,

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business they did with anybody, whoever, whatever you are selling someone Someone wants to buy to sell. There's no problem with that as long as somebody is paying by paying the price which I'm done, I will say

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you're looking at the optional relationships, which is friendship.

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Who are their friends,

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their friends were no longer the people of

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their tribe and so on and so on indiscriminately. Their friends were other Muslims.

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So they changed their friends list and their friends became other Muslims.

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And the third thing that it was that they entered into Islam completely.

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Whatever had been practice had been prescribed. They did it totally.

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Not partially.

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Now, if I compare this with our own lifestyles today

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Do we have deficiencies and all of this?

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If you ask yourself how much time do I spend in the budget? We have the answer

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and it's not a purchase habit it's a no no no you should also buy you must have some events.

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Create some events, then we will come.

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The Masjid is not a cinema theater, but you will not your entertainment please

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come to the masjid souterrain cheetah, read Quran come to the Mexican come to the brain often, whatever do you want?

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If there is something happening,

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but we have made the budget to the alternative for MGM, that is not what the Saba had

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the most is the house of Allah, I come here to connect with them was one of the event No, it is not my issue.

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Second thing is who are on the list of our friends?

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May Allah help us even though we have people on the list of our friends, many of us whose names are Muslim,

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but their behavior is very far from Islam.

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Now, I'm not telling you to sit in judgment on them that is not our job. But at the same time, if you have Muslims who do not practice Islam, this is even more harmful than a non Muslim who does not practice them.

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Because that was that is not understood expected. How will you at least not a Muslim, but if it's a if there is a Muslim who's not praying if the Muslim was eating or drinking,

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the Muslim was behaving in in ways which are not permissible. That's a bigger problem. Now in that to add to that is the issue of our children.

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You know, so many times people who have reverted to Islam, young people will revert to Islam.

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So whenever I get to talk to them, I'm always very interested ask them what brought you to Islam?

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Why Islam, especially in today's world, where Islam gets a bad rap from everywhere, so, how can you become Muslim?

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Almost invariably, without exception,

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you know, what they say? They say I had this friend and used to pray.

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In my college, my roommate was this Muslim

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boy or girl

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and they will pray on time in the room itself.

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This is the power of friends. Now, please understand is I am saying this to you for one angle, which is for the non Muslim the power of a Muslim

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friend who prays but remember, for your Muslim child, the opposite is equally powerful.

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Which is a Muslim who does not pray or a Muslim who indulges in Haram or a non Muslim who is not almost not and that person does whatever they do. This is equally powerful for your Muslim child if they are exposed to that on a daily basis.

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So how much time do you spend in the mosque? Number two is how much time who are our friends and who are friends of our children? This is something that we should be concerned about and we should know.

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And the third thing is selective obedience is disobedience.

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Right select obedience is disobedience. Selective obedience is arrogance. Allah subhanaw taala tells us to do three things I say, but I will do only two.

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So you may want me rootsy what's sorry, I want to see I will do it. Because the third one I like, you know, either I like or I don't like whichever is

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selective obedience is arrogance is kibble.

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And Allah's father clearly mentioned, selective obedience in the Quran in surah baqarah. Allah's wrangler said to me, no, not the Bible. Kita we will talk for Hoonah we

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are going to be selectively obedient. Do you take do you take something from the book and you leave out something from the book?

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Do you accept something from the book and you

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deny the other things in the book? Selective obedience you pick and choose.

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And then what did Allah say? Allah said the reward and the word reward there. Jezza is used as a in a sarcastic sarcastic way because Allah is not mentioning

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Just so he's measuring so as I mentioned in the punishment, who is going to Jezza?

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My Yeah, follow Derek. His union Phil hayati dunya. Starts Here right here. The punishment is that the life of this world will be made very hard for them.

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We will be constrictive on occasion we'll have to do.

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Well yo Allah Hara radula Rashad villa. And on the Day of Judgment, they will return towards the worst of punishment for who?

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Allah not just our photographer not for the opportunity, not for those who completely denied Kerravala this is for those who selectively

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practice Islam

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so we seem to have this argument which are not what you're after they're doing something

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after all, doing something is not is not an argument in Islam. Because Allah Santa Rosa you know, or the Holo fish Simic, Africa and fully completely. Please understand, I remind myself when you Allah is not pleading with us Allah is not begging not requesting as now the biller. Allah is giving you a hokum and Allah is evil don't do that I will punish you is not a request please excuse me can you please do something No, this is your home okay will salary know how much Allah whatever has been prescribed for you five Salah five Sana. Now I will pray this that is not the choice is not given to us he will start with Sir all the vessel.

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Garnet Allah Momina kita mama Buddha has based has been established on you and it is forgotten.

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So also other things.

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And what was the result of this lifestyle of the Sahara. By spending time in the masjid meeting with Ross was a son of learning the connected almost changing their friends list and being with people who are obedient to Allah subhanaw taala and practicing the deen fully and completely what was the result of that in the same generation as also vice versa them in one generation, Allah subhanaw taala completely turned their destiny 180 degrees from being the the most oppressed and weakest of people they became the role models they became the leaders of the community.

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And then after that, Allah gave them for the heart, they conquered territories, they got money, they got government, they got land they got everything.

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Because of this

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I remember I said when you let us learn from this era of Raso licenser that is the reason why I was one of the recent is the me that is why he caused every action and every time of history to be recorded, so that we can remember and we can practice in our lives. If you don't do that, that same record will become a cudgel against us. We don't want this. We want it to be 100 in our favorites era we did our best that is trying to do our best to the best of our abilities and promote it and help others and our own families Gela over half of Villanova, now co founder and CEO denodo Phenomenal progress. Now I love the film

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because he

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doesn't have in economics all the way from the government. The federal Rahimi was someone

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he was a member of the government