Living and dying on Iman

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should have freedom be able mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi. Right it he was have you salam to Sleeman Cassia

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from my bad idea was on sisters.

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Today's the day of Jamar and I ask a lot from heritage

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to forgive my uncle Marissa Celebi

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router Laurie who passed away yesterday.

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May Allah subhanaw taala Phil is covered with no and may Allah smart Allah make it

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a garden on the gardens of Jana

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and expand it and prevent and protect him from the punishment of the grave malice murder forgive his sins. May Allah subhanaw taala grant him genital for those dollar bill at his job in the company of Rasulullah is another highly hayride idea so similar to

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ask Allah subhanaw taala

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for all of this and ask Allah subhanaw taala for all of this for all of us, all of you and for myself when our time comes inshallah and today Ask you also for your dua for my uncle. My arm my chacha, my father's younger brother,

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about whom I just mentioned, Mirza Lubbock,

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mother's sister, the man must have been you.

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The biggest

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two things, one, that death, for a believer is a time of rejoicing for him.

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For a believer, man or woman, the day of death, the time of death is a time of joy for them for the matter what, because this is the day that they have been waiting for this is the day that they have worked all their lives for this is the day that they

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live their lives according to the orders of Allah subhanaw taala and the Sunnah, the method of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, they did it for this reason, they did it so that

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on the day of death, they will meet Allah subhanaw taala in a state where less pleased with them.

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So, though we are sad, because we have been parted from somebody we love dearly,

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for him or her, it is a day of rejoicing and dill joy.

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Like the end of a race, no matter how exhausted the marathoner is, when he or she crosses the final tip, it's a day off, it's a time of rejoicing Hamdulillah.

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As far as the people who are left behind are concerned, we take the lesson from a salsa Salam who said that the heart is sad, the eyes will be tears, but the tongue will say only that which pleases Allah. So I know that.

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So I'd have swayed me remind myself and you that,

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to wail, to cry to

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you know, make any kind of that kind of things,

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behave in a way, which is not in keeping with the

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noggin keeping with the

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dignity of Islam is private.

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So we must never do that.

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The second thing is

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that I do find myself and use

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that this time of death of watching somebody in his last moments of death of life.

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watching somebody as they are dying,

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is and shouldn't be the greatest

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awaken the greatest reminder for the believer

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to wash the body to shroud it, to put it in the cavern to place a lateral Janessa on it and to

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bury it

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and to start by the grave. All of these are

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moments of reminding

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very important moments where we are reminded that one day we will all pass this way

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without exception

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Without exception, and as I said, the true when the believer dies, it's a day of rejoicing So Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah that our beloved person died with the man.

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tragedy is when a person dies without him when a person dies without Lila, Hey Lola, that is the tragedy because then a door opens, which

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he was never allowed this door open in our lives, that is the door of the anger of almost vanity.

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So before I go further into this, let me just clarify what is the meaning of saying that somebody died with real hell Allah or died without lai lai La

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La ilaha IL Allah means La Ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul, Niger's, it doesn't mean the one part of the kalam only first of all to understand that.

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When we say I shall do Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, we are saying, I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. And when I say Shabana, Muhammad Rasulullah I am saying that I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam

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is the messenger of Allah and the Last and final messenger after all, that is

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to say that somebody died with this or did not die with it, or died without it.

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It means that this person believed this in their heart

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that they said it with their tongue

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and that they live their life according to it. There are three shrewd there are three conditions of the Kadima

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DOES the will occur below

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or below.

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These are the three conditions the three shoots of the Kalama

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if somebody does not fulfill any one of these three conditions

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then the person has not really entered Islam.

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Except the shirt, the condition of speaking with their tongue doesn't have to be spoken aloud before a whole lot of witnesses. That is the usual way in which it is done when somebody says also took shahada they did that in the masjid. You know, before it is that's okay that hamdulillah it's good. But even if somebody has said by themselves, this is underlined Shala this is this sufficient? But if someone just says the caliber without believe, like for example a teacher, a non Muslim teacher teaching what Islam and this teacher says Muslims believe in a shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah, masha Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah. So the person has said the caliber, but they don't believe in it because

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they are not mostly.

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So there is no does it mean there's no belief in the heart, but only they have just spoken it. Similarly, a person who may say that they believe it, they might, they might even speak it, but they don't live by this caliber. Now what is the meaning of living by the caliber?

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The first and foremost shaft the first and foremost condition of living by the caliber is to implement the schema in our lives to act according to it, and that first and foremost, manifestation of that is the salah. Because when I say Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, I'm saying I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. So when the time for Salah come to the time for breakfast time for namaz comes, what do I do? I pray, because I just declared, there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. So when the time for Salah comes, I pray, if I am saying there is no unworthy of worship except Allah and when the time for prayer comes, I do not pray. Then it means

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that I have said just the words of the believer there is no belief in my heart. And this is disbelief since it is not there. It cannot be shown in my actions which is Salah, and therefore I'm not a Muslim.

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Please understand this.

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This is not my fatwa, a Surah Surah sallam said I had a lady by Nana obey in Houma, Salah for one out of the hat of vodka fella Oh guaca Larissa to set up. So let's say that the heroes are these

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the differentiator, the differentiator, the dividing line, the distinguishing feature, the signature,

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what separates us from them,

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Allah had

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what separates us the covenant, what separates us from them who

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With us Muslims whose them anyone who's not Muslim.

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What separates us from them is the salah is the prayer from Allah that the one who refused to honor doesn't do it the one who

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who does not pray, who has rejected it Takata Guevara.

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That person is a disbeliever he has committed disbelief. That person is a disbeliever. Now what is clear other than that?

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So if

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you say that you are a Muslim,

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but you're not praying that believe me, stop fooling yourself. You're not a Muslim. You have left Islam.

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As I said, I'm not pronouncing the fear on you. I'm not saying you are not a Muslim. I don't even know who you are. I'm just saying this is what the rasa is said to us. The one who does not pray is not a Muslim.

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So the first thing to do with ourselves is to correct our Aveda which is, shall Allah Allah Allah, Allah, masha Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, and to start praying, if you have not been praying, start praying straightaway.

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There are five prayers which are forth in Islam.

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Start with that, make sure that you pray those five prayers and to never ever miss any of them. It is the easiest thing in the world and therefore, there is no reason to

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miss it.

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And then we can go further from there, what else we need to do but begin with this. Because if this foundation is not correct, then the rest of it has no meaning. The second part of believing in the calibre is

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earning halal and eating halal. And haram means that every means of earning that I have must be free from whatever Allah has provision. So

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it begins with making sure that you're not buying selling or dealing in any way with what Allah has prohibited. So any buying and selling of alcohol of cigarettes of vaping products of smoke shops of

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you know, I don't know all the all the Haram stuff that gets bought and sold by Muslim may or may Allah protect us from ourselves, all forms of gambling, all of these are

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haram they are prohibited means of earning, not fit for Muslims.

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Double the line of that most important that is do earn

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to borrow money on interest to borrow take back loans for whatever it is, whether it's education, whether it's for buying a house or whether it's buying a car or whatever, all of these are haram

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dealing in interest in any way, shape or form is haram.

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So also then, second part is eating. So earning halal, and eating Halal

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is to eat food which you're sure about that this is halal. And to make sure is your responsibility. Don't assume ask.

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As we know, all vegetables are hella halal, all fish and so on. But as far as birds and animals are concerned, which is poultry and

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whatever, I will do it

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to eat

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that meat.

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There are two conditions one, that the animal you're eating itself should be halal. And two that it should have been slaughtered in the weathered that was also a result of protests, which is called Serbia, which is hand slaughtered by a Muslim.

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A animal or bird which has been slaughtered by a machine is haram. It is like eating a dead body. So please don't eat it. It doesn't matter whether it has a halal stamp on it or not that responsibility to eat the right thing remains with you. And just looking at a stamp

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without checking.

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I wish I could say that all Muslims put 100 stamps only if they as of yet but they don't.

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So therefore to check. The easiest way to understand that if you are allergic to something, you wouldn't just take somebody's word for it. That there's that your the thing that you're allergic to is not present in that food. You will make sure because if there is a mistake, you will pay the price. Exactly the same analogy.

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So pray five times a day and Hala Italia this is the basic fundamental of

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Hola Hola Muhammad Allah, so Allah, which is the key to making sure that we

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live by it and we die with it, and then that the day we die becomes the best day of our lives. Of course, I won't go into the more details of not drinking alcohol and not, you know, staying away from adultery and fornication and not committing murder and so on. All of these are not gambling. All of these are clear. I don't think anyone has any doubt about any of these. So obviously, we should not do any of those. But the thing that people are always seem to be, I don't know why because that also is a matter without any doubt, which is the prohibition of interest based earnings and the prohibition of eating non that we have.

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But people seem to be always in a state of doubt about that. So let me clarify.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to live with the man on Eman and to die with the man on EMA or salah and the weakening while he was a good member I'm tickled overwash