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Tonight on another heap Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Shia from day one was sullied Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was so similar to Steven cathedra and cathedra Houma Babu.

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Sisters Allah subhanaw taala you in this Colombi I mentioned is that many times. So to measure my last marathon, I said what a laser live in sunny la masa.

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Allah says that for the human being there is nothing more than what he works for.

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Now, this refers to the Akira as well as dunya.

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For the accurate, it refers to or it means the reward in this dunya also, it means what reward in his life and what we have to let

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the reason I'm saying this is because one of the

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characteristics of what is called the millennials, which is this generation,

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people, one 2000 onwards

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is a sense of entitlement.

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And the interesting thing, and this is one of the I see this as one of the

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signs Allah subhanaw taala.

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Because I travel all over the world, and I have friends in many different countries.

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The funny thing is that this entitlement mentality is across the world.

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And it is across races. And very interestingly, it is across economic strata.

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Because you might say, well, you know, if I if you have children, of parents who are wealthy, and they have this entitlement mentality that everything should come to me, but you can understand that after all, the father's got money, the same entitlement mentality is present present in people whose parents father is a manual laborer he's earning in our country, these are in equal to $1 a day.

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But the children, this millennial generation, that 2002 Year 2000 onwards, those who are born, which is maybe 2523 years old,

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they have the same entitlement mentality, whether they're rich or poor, whether they any race across nationalities.

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And that is a is a tragedy.

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One of the things that

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has been one of the ways in which it manifests, especially in countries like this in the West, in America

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is the children are living in their parents homes much longer than people of the previous generation.

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In our countries in India, Pakistan, in Africa and the Middle East, children do tend to live longer with the parents. Compared to people in the West.

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They always have been, because of one thing, we have large joint families,

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not nuclear families. But here, the moment you're 18 years old, you're out of the house.

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I remember having a conversation with a friend of mine,

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an American friend of mine, in I think it was what was here it was maybe 1994 or something. I was in Fairfax, Virginia. And then I he invited me to come to his place, I drove all the other mountain trail beautiful driving, I went there, and I spent two nights weekend with him.

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And the they were talking and the thing he was saying was that my 19 year old daughter is still at home.

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And I'm thinking in my mind, what kind of a talk is this midnight to daughters hope that's good. What's wrong with it? Because I'm thinking from my cultural perspective maker, in my country, variety year old daughter wants to leave home, the parents will have a holiday.

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But here the parents were saying, what's wrong with them? She should be living on her own.

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Now, the reason I'm saying this is

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because one of the things that happens with this entitlement mentality mentality is that it takes away your desire for competing

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takes competition out of your life.

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You become complacent, you become who you are. Okay? There is a big difference. If you understand this. There's a big difference between contentment and complacency. Big difference.

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Right not being content is not a good thing. Not being content is really a sign of not being grateful.

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But if contentment

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if complacency is being disguised as contentment, then there is something seriously wrong.

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If you are contented me the hamdulillah what Allah has

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given me, I'm happy with that. I'm grateful to Allah subhanaw taala for that, but I have ambition, I want to improve, I want to be better. I want to be, you know, more powerful, more wealthy, more influential, whatever.

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This content but Angela,

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you take the lives out of restaurants or sell them, for example, you take the diversa they were content.

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They were content. So that was why we have fun with Elon who's very wealthy, but he was content, but he stopped doing business

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takes our cup out of the law, he wouldn't even change his he wouldn't even get a new hope. Right? He's so bad, so many holes in it.

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And so many patches

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that the Sahaba went to his daughter

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over the house or the Olara. And they said to her, please, we they brought some cloth and they said Give this to your father

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and tell him to make a new soap because it is not, you know, doesn't look nice. He's ever worn in and he's he start with the rubber toe of his is got so many patches and so on.

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When she said to him, and they said I mean they do say that out of the lung. So they said don't tell don't tell him our name. Don't say who gave this? Yeah. So when she gave him the glove, he said who who brought this? She's annoyed I gave my word I will not tell you

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so he said to her

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tell me what were the claws of your husband like

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so she said I understand what you're saying I will not ask you to it

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is that I'm afraid that if I change my appearance if I get new clothes and all that then Allah subhanaw taala will not permit me to be with my two friends.

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The two I love the most Who are they

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say the number one masala Salaam and I will get to see the other one.

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So this is the level of contentment

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but did say the overall there are no stop the Photoshop.

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Lady stop the army from going from there to say to Iraq and Syria and then into into Iran.

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So contentment does not mean lack of ambition. Contentment means being Alhamdulillah happy and content and thankful what Allah has given me but I will continue to strive. Now you might say well, if you are content, why would you work you would work because you want to show what a Muslim can do you want to show what a Muslim business can be going to show what a Muslim country can be unsought.

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But complacency is just sitting there and expecting the world to come to you.

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Living your life as if the world owes you something. Let me make this very, very clear to all of you. The world does not owe you anything. The world does not owe you a drop of water.

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Nothing zero. That is the reason why if we get something we should show gratitude.

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Right? We should thank why because it's not something I deserve. So somebody gives me Alhamdulillah just allow him thank you may Allah bless you.

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The world owes you nothing. You want something we have to work for it.

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Now this situation that we have today is both good news and bad news. As I told you this part of it is bad news that we're a whole generation which is content to sit on its backside and know nothing and expect everything to fall into their laps. It's not good for Internet let me assure you it will not fall into your laps

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that's not how Allah subhanaw taala made it

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the good news is that those who want to break out of it believe me your competition is zero

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because everyone else is sitting on the backside so for you no problem road is clear. You can achieve whatever you want without competition

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that's a good news.

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Final point before I close also remember

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when you are young and you're walking on the way

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it's like driving to a destination right. So when you start towards the destination, the number of exits so the highway may number of options, many

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but as you pass one exit

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Is that exit is gone, you can go back to the exit.

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You go to the next one that is gone the next one that is gone until finally

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no more exits.

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The older you get, the less and less and less your options.

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So you want to start start early.

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The earlier you start, the better off you are, the more options you will have.

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The more you delay, the more you sit around, the less the fewer and fewer and fewer options.

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So that is what you don't want to be there.

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You do not want to get there

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he will come to me newly graduated.

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I graduated from UMass, one of the best universities in this country. Right I did engineering or whatever.

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But you know I want to get a job close to my parents. I want to get a job right here in West Springfield.

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So I saved in a fantastic great

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drive Uber

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drive an Uber and put a put a sticker there saying driven by a UMass engineer

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Yeah seriously

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get out. Take risk.

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Go see the world.

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Stand on your own feet.

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Right? Let go of your mother's apron spring the strings or whatever else you're how you want to

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go make a life for yourself.

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Do something development do something in life

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and do it fast. Because the longer you sit around and wait, the fewer and fewer options.

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The Sahaba will take the names or or any of the within quote big ones.

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You know what ages they started somewhere is 15 Someone is 60 You're not even going to rent this.

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Most of you know it goes to Madeira. Avila know, converts

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have the population

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60 years old 70 years old

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and now this generation 17 year old wants a mother to give him some warm milk to produce bit.

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Law Hello Nakota Hello.

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Please get out of this. Break out of this.

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I want to say to the parents to kick them out of the house. That's the other part of the problem. Parents also know what to do

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about their level.

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Take your life it is your life right hamdulillah you've got good parents you've got a good home that is always there for you.

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Leave it if you need to come back and come back. But get out do something make something of your life.

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala deliver a letter or to put courage in the hearts and to put aspirations and ambition where it should be and then to give you the direction so that you can really make something stand out.

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Make be role models be benchmarks for the rest of the world inshallah wa salam ala Nabil Karim Allah Allah He was a member of Africa holla