Mirza Yawar Baig – Lessons from the Anbiya #11 – I love the Messenger

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers stress the importance of Islam as the religion of evidence and the need for compromise in order to achieve goals. They argue that Islam is restricted and requires acceptance and that individuals can choose their ways based on their beliefs. The speakers also criticize accusations of evil and discuss the duality of Islam, including the importance of worship and obeying someone's desire. The duality is not just for everyone to do things in the right order and the "we" of the creator is related to the "we" of the creator.
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I will add another evil hungry layer of Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Aisha Philippi with Mussolini. Mohamed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa, he was able to send them to Sleeman cathedral cathedral. My mother, my mother says just

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this brings us to a very important element of the life also relies on Selim. And a very important element of his Dawa, a very important element of his inviting towards Islam. And that is the question of compromise.

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The question of compromise, the question of saying that every way is good.

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All roads lead to Rome, and so on and so forth.

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I want to make this very clear,

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to myself and to all of you that is that all roads may have led to Rome at one point in time, obviously, it was a figurative way of saying that Rome is the center of the world. All roads may lead to Rome, but all roads do not lead to Allah.

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Only one road leads to Allah and that road is Islam.

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Every other road leads away from Allah subhanaw taala does not lead to Allah, no matter how

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persuasive or how,

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you know,

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how it may look? Right? How suggestive how persuasive how seductive,

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how appealing how

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logical that may seem. All roads do not lead to Allah subhanaw taala only one road leads to Allah and that road is an Islam.

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So Islam is fact Islam is truth. Islam is a religion of daily religion of evidence. And the evidence is from the Quran and the Sunnah as we have said before.

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It is not stories, it is not grandmothers tales, and it is not traditions, it is not hearsay.

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And that is why it is extremely essential in Islam to ensure that we stick to facts, and that we do not tell stories which are inauthentic.

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There is a great temptation to do that. A lot of the world a lot of people in the world of Dawa, you'll find that, you know, to make their speeches interesting. They bring in stories from all over the place. And they say, once upon a time there was a man in a village and he did this and this is the hold on second. Once Upon a Time is the line for fairytales there is not a line for Islamic delete number one number two,

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which man which village?

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Right. So this, this is very, very important in Islam to understand this and to be clear that Islam is the religion of the leader of proof of evidence, it is not something which you dream up something from somewhere and then we

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and then we imagine that that is evidence there is not evidence.

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They asked a Surah Surah salam to compromise if you think about this and say,

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you know today we like to say oh, let us be reasonable, let us be let us compromise so on. There is no compromise in Islam as far as the Akita is concerned as far as the unity of Allah subhanaw taala as the only one worthy of worship is concerned, there is absolutely no room for any doubt and there is no room for any

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compromise Allah subhanho wa Taala is who he said he is, is not something else.

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So they asked him to come and my salon a salon, they said, You worship our gods for one day and we will worship Allah subhanaw taala for one month and they said you worship our God for one day and we will worship your God for one day and all kinds of you know, permutations and combinations of compromise. Rasulullah, Salah Salem refused. Now they saw this as being unreasonable, they said he is rigid. You know, I mean, imagine I sometimes think that

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had does hola Selim been alive today? What are the

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what are the kinds of statements and what are the kinds of names that they would have called him?

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What are the kinds of things that they would have

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said to him and about him?

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Now, this is an issue even to this day, because especially if you look at you know, what we call nice people, reasonable people who follow other religions, they are willing to do anything.

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For example, they're willing to stand with you and worship. Obviously this volume is not worship because if they don't believe in Allah, then they're just going through the motions, but they are willing to do all that, but we cannot. So it seems as if we are being rigid and that we are

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are being obstructive and so on. But we understand do no need to get intimidated with any of that. We are not being rigid and obstructive. We unfortunately are. I mean, I don't say unfortunately daily, because it is very fortunate 100 right that we have Islam, but I'm saying that unfortunately in a in a transactional sense, we are not permitted to compromise because we have no authority to compromise.

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This religion does not belong to us, this religion belongs to Allah subhanaw taala like gave it to us. So it is not ours to chop and change and to and to twist and turn and to do whatever we want with it. It is not ours, people say why can't the Quran be changed, I say for the same reason that one of my books cannot be changed, which is that you are not the author. If you want to gin my book, there's only one person in the world who can change my book and that is myself because I'm the author. The author of the Quran is ALLAH SubhanA, Allah Allah and Allah is not changing it. So you cannot change it, I cannot change it you can do, you can go through the motions. If somebody wants

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to, you know,

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change the Quran, rewrite it according to their own will and do print they can do that. It is no longer the Quran. It is no longer the Quran, it has lost its authority, apart from the sin that the person is committing, which is Cofer, but leave that aside.

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It is not the Quran anymore. Therefore it is not binding on the Muslims, it is not the Muslims religious book, you can throw it away you can trash it, because it is no longer the Quran.

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Now, people who

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fall into these traps are the people who create with that to people who create all kinds of customs and traditions and they create all kinds of you know, Formula, Formula in religion.

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And all in the name of attracting people and this is another very big fitrah people don't know about you know, if you if you do this people will come for the people they will if we sing how are we if we have you know music and dancing and so on, because people like music and dancing they will be attracted towards Islam for that, please understand Islam. Using a means that is prohibited is prohibited. By them means is prohibited using that means also prohibited in Islam it does not Islam does not doesn't allow you to do something haram in order to do something Allah for example, Robin Hood is not halal in Islam, meaning to steal from somebody to give to somebody else is not

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permissible in Islam, that you can give charity from what you own from your own from your own property. But I can go to a rich man's house

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and steal his car and give it to a poor man who does not have a car who needs a car. And I say well, I you know I'm doing a good deed No, you will go to jail and you should go to jail because you are stealing. So, this is the basic principle in Islam. So, if somebody is creating a story creating a pod using a means for example, you know music and dancing for example, in the name of attracting or for for the

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purpose of attracting people because you think that attractive people or or some other kind of thing you know, whatever you say I mean I don't want to make a list of all the garbage that happens, but any kind of action or any kind of gathering or any kind of

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thing that attracts people it is essential that that thing is in itself Halal that that thing which you are doing that activity that you are doing is in itself permissible. If the activity is not permissible, then to do that activity in the name of something good is also haram it is also prohibited and salted or permissible. Sometimes people have in Milan parties right so say was inviting all the non Muslims to come for two to get together for it. First of all in Islam, it is a religious ceremony. What does either either have to do with anybody else, of course people can come and eat our you know special foods that we cook and so on. Of course most welcome. No problem with

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that, but they are not celebrating the eat for the simple reason that they are not Muslim at this. The two festivals we have two festivals even further and needs another we don't have three festivals or 10 festivals, this is a two and these two are religious ceremonies. These are religious actions and they are obviously only Muslims do it

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and only Muslims can do it. So you have an in Milan party in the Milan party you have you know a song and dance session. This is not possible this is not permissible even though your intention was good or umbrella. So when if you have a good intention, then do the extra step and do whatever you want to do in a halal and permissible way. Why must the good intention always be done with something which is not permissible? So the whole issue of compromise is a very important issue. That's why I'm spending so much time on it. Please understand in Muslims do not compromise about their religion with anyone or for any reason. That was

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Do not compromise because

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as I said, this is not this religion is not your my personal property. We don't own it.

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We didn't create it.

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You and as soon as salam did not create it Allah subhanaw taala said this Deen Allah subhanaw taala said Allah Yama commands to lacantina Calm we're at mom to La calm the Amity. What are the Tula Kumari Slava? Deena Allah said on this day I have completed my blessing on you and I have completed your religion I have and I have chosen Islam I have to in Islam, or the to love I'm pleased with Islam, to be your religion. This is something that is a gift from Allah subhanaw taala we treat it as a gift we value it we we thank Allah subhanaw taala for it and we do not play games with it.

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then the Quran tried some other ways. By by tempting him and challenging him in the abattoir, there are no said the leader, the Quraysh

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sent someone to call the source.

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So and this was also meant very eagerly, so maybe their hearts have been softened. And so therefore they're calling me they want to accept Islam perhaps. So they he went because they can't, you know, he was very happy. And so he went eagerly. Now when he went there,

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was one of the leaders, he said, we have called you to reconcile with you. So we want to, you know, different video games. And then he said, we have never seen anyone who has brought so much evil for us. So evil honest. You have reviled our ancestors, you criticize the religion, you cursed our gods, and you've done everything to bring about a rift between you and us. Now, first of all, these allegations are false as well as nslm did not revile anybody's ancestors. They were his own ancestors. He did not curse anybody's gods. He only said

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stop worshipping idols, stop worshipping gods that you have created, worship the one create a new ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And he said that you have three of your previous the customs and traditions of your life and so on. So what was wrong, and that's not the same thing as rewiring and cursing and whatnot. So these allegations are false. Anyway.

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So then he said that I said, you are presenting this because you need if you is it then is always if you are doing all this, because you want money.

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He said we will collect money for you, and give it to you until you are the wealthiest among us. So he's not talking about small amounts of money. He said, we make you the wealthiest we give you the

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fee if you're doing this for money.

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Name your price kind of thing, right?

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Then he said if you want power, if you're doing it for power, then we will elect you working. So be willing to live with you as our ruler, but of course obviously, meaning

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follow our religion.

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You follow our religion. So if you want power, we will elect you as our king if you want women, he said we will choose for you the 10 most beautiful women and give them to you.

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He said if you are obsessed with devils D'Ivoire issued if you are possessed or something that's the reason why you're saying all this. We will spend all our money until you're cured. That's what I said what you have said does not apply to me.

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Right? He was not doing this for money or power or any of that. He says I have not brought this message seeking wealth or honor from you. Neither am I interested in sovereignty over you am I interested in ruling away he's Allah subhanaw taala has sent me as a messenger. He has revealed a book to me and has ordered me to give you good news and towards Bashir on one of the I have brought you a message from my Raja Dorado and have given you counsel giving you good advice. If you accept my message, it will be good for you in this world and the next. If not, I will wait for Allah subhanaw taala decision when he will decide between you and me.

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Right this is the

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response operas. Now, this I'm mentioning to you also, as I said this my whole idea of this series is not to tell you stories. The idea of this series series is for us to learn from the beautiful life of Rasulullah Salaam and apply these in our lives. So what do we learn from this that there is no compromise in Islam, number one, number two, we don't fight we don't argue we don't get into altercations. We say it like we know this is the truth and the truth is shallow Allah ilaha illallah wa Shawanda Muhammad also Allah, there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. And that Muhammad Salah Salem is the last and final messenger of Allah subhanho wa Taala after whom there is no

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messenger. This is our creed. This is our belief. We believe this belief by

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This. So it is our creed, this is our speech and action. That's it.

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We have no, we have no quarrel with anybody. We don't fight with anybody. If somebody wants to believe something else most welcome, please go ahead.

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But as far as we are concerned, this is our belief, and we are not willing to change this belief. For any reason whatsoever there is no there is no limit to that. There is no

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there is nothing that we will

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take in exchange for this belief. There's no money, there's no power, there's nothing including our lives. If somebody says that, unless you leave this I will kill you with no problem. Life and death is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala you can either kill or give life if Allah wants me to die on this Alhamdulillah Emery?

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It is as simple as that.

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So they said, Well, so are you, you are rejecting our offers. And then they started, you know, literally is just sort of mockery, because they said, you know how narrow our land is, you know, the MacArthur Valley, the narrow valley. And he said, you know how poor we are, and how difficult our lives are. So why don't you tell your,

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your lawyer to and

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to move these wider to tell you a wrap to move these mountains, and give us some rivers like Syria and Iraq like the Tigris and the Euphrates and tell him to bring back to life, our forefathers and of course I even keel up. And if they tell us that you are speaking the truth, and we will believe this marketing making mockery of it, and so on.

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So again, that's what I'm saying, that is not why I have been sent, I only brought from Allah subhanaw taala what I have been sent with, and I've conveyed it to you, if you accept it, that is your good fortune for you on the earth and the hereafter, and if you reject it, then I will wait patiently for Allah subhanaw taala to judge between us.

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So again, and again, they kept on saying, you know many other things, which

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I don't want to say here, it's painful for me to repeat all the

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garbage that those people said.

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So, but again, the the deprive of resources continue to be the same, he did not change his genuine reply.

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And this, again, as I mentioned before, is the way of the unveiling of Salah, which is that they do not

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change their way, because of what somebody else says they don't indulge in altercations.

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They don't indulge in,

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you know, arguments. They don't do all that as far as they're concerned. They do what Allah has sent them to do, which is to present the case. And they leave the result in the hands of Allah subhanho data, as salam said to them.

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Now think about this.

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If you take ourselves to the time of Rasulullah Salam and say, What options did he have?

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of presenting his case of his Dawa? What options of the hour did the prophets of Allah have?

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I see that he had three different options. One was that he could have become the king of the Koresh, he could have accepted the kingship or he could have become the king because he came from the premier family came from the you know what would otherwise have been a royal family or a noble family. The chorus did not have a tradition of royalty and nobility so they didn't call it that but the man Hashem

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and the man of the Moto, if they were the chief people, the man of the Madonna were literally the high priests of the Kaaba because they had the key to the kava, they used to give water to the, to the,

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to the to the high judge and they were responsible for the other Kava. So these people were, they had a very high status. So and Asana, Asana was a very popular figure with them. So for him to become their chief and the ruler was not difficult. So he could have done that. And then he could have brought out, you know, he could have started preaching from a position of strength of being a ruler. Second thing was he could have compromised, you know, one of the stuff that they were saying, you know, you worship one day I worship on design zum zum format of that, he would have come to some conclusion, some kind of compromise, and then gradually, he could have tried to make changes. A

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third option he had, which was quite a strong option was to become a social reformer first write a social reformer, the the society was written and Riven with all kinds of social evils. There was prostitution they were that

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realism, there was gambling there was, you know, all kinds of

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inequities. And obviously, these are things which

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were begging to be changed, which needed somebody to fight against them. So Rasul Allah would obviously have been, have become a social reformer, and

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he could have, he could have fought against social evils. And he,

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you know, then and then he could have tried to change the he could have sort of conveyed his theological message, and he could have tried to change the religion of their religion, right. But that's not what he did. This is the again the

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again, the thing about

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the dow of the of the American system, it's not what he did. He was told by us raw data to go out and warn people about the ACA and to tell them to worship none other than the Creator. And that is what he did, he did not change.

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He did not use any of these methods. Although these methods may seem to be more logical, and so on and so forth. He did not dilute his message he did not beat about the bush. He didn't use some other way of saying something, he conveyed his message in a completely clear and direct manner, without any change. Now,

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In my view, the reason is that the source of all goodness is truth.

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And the truth is that the only one worthy of worship is Allah subhanaw. Taala is the creator and sustainer of the universe. Everything else comes after that. Once you accept the Creator,

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then you ask what pleases Him. That is the basis of Islamic law. So first, there is the hit.

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Show Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah. And then there is taqwa.

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Though heat and tacos, this is the combination the winning combination of Islam and double

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door leaders to accept that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. And Taqwa is to live your life in a way that pleases Allah subhanaw taala, a lot, no compromising that with anyone or anything. This is the essence of Islam.

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There's only one word your worship was only one

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entity worthy of worship, and that is Allah.

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And everything else comes after that. Now once you accept the Creator, when you ask what pleases you when you do that, that's the basis of Islamic law, which is what pleases Allah. Today's problem is that instead of the unity of belief that was almost preached, we have accepted into a duality of Allah and ourselves. This is our problem. Our problem is that we commit shirk.

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Not by worshipping idols, but by worshipping ourselves. And I'll tell you why I say that why even use the word worship because worship is to obey

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somebody or something. And if you obey somebody or something

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in opposition to obeying Allah, then you are committing shit.

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Right? The

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will they've been Hatem, the son of hematite? Well, they will have them on their land or before he became Muslim. One day he came to his asylum and he had a he was a Christian. So he had a big cross, on a chain down his neck. He was a friend of his or salaries to come out, he was a Christian. So he had a big cross on the neck. Also as a result of reciting the act of Soto anywhere Allah subhanaw taala said and they have taken as their gods. They're

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priests and monks

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mean Gunilla or Baba Mindu nila, they have taken us there Rob, other than Allah.

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when as soon as I saw this and reciting this I had, I even had him said to him, he said, Yasser Allah, we do not worship our monks and priests. So Rasulillah Salam said to him,

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is it true? Or is it not true? That Allah ordered you to do something but your priest tells you to do something else and you follow the priesthood you don't follow on?

00:24:56 --> 00:25:00

Or even how to suggest that is true. By priestly means is pauperization

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Trouble, whoever you know the no matter how high in the hierarchy

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then there is nothing I've said, is it not true that Allah subhanaw taala permitted you to do something but your priest privated that so you don't do it?

00:25:14 --> 00:25:22

You follow the priest and what Allah? And even Adam said, Yes, that is also true. And if you see if you think about it, if you look at the theory, in Christianity,

00:25:24 --> 00:25:36

Jesus is quoted in the Bible, I don't quote the Bible as a as an evidence because the Bible as we know today has been changed. So we don't use that as evidence. But I'm saying in that changed book also, there is this

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where Jesus says, The God your Lord, the Lord is one.

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Right and they brought the Trinity. So here is

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here is, is a result of being quoted that Allah is One. But the people follow trinity which came from their priests.

00:25:57 --> 00:26:08

In the Bible, it is very clear that pork is prohibited. It is not permitted to eat pork, but they say Peter permitted it. So their priests permitted it and they eat pork.

00:26:11 --> 00:26:18

Allah subhanaw taala pointed men to marry women and women to marry men. But

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Christian priests have made marriage, Catholic priests have made marriage haram on themselves. Right? So something that Allah permitted, you bribe it something that Allah privated you permit. As soon as an asylum said, this is a bad, he said, This is worship.

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The worship was not only to bow your head or to prostrate before something, you're prostrating by your action, because you are obeying that entity, that individual that person in opposition to Allah subhanaw taala. And this is the duality this is what we have done. Where we now worship ourselves. We worship our desires, and this is worship because Allah called it worship. It's a foregone Allah subhanaw taala said, our ADA manita Hara Illa, who Hawa and under the googly, you were killer. And he said to Mr. Selim, have you not seen those who have taken their desires, as their objects of worship as their deities? Have you not seen those who have taken their desires as the as as the

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Are you going to intercede for them meaning do not intercede for them?

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Right? So, worshiping desire is worship, it is shift like worshipping an idol. What is the meaning of worshiping desire, it means to obey a desire in opposition to the Helcom, and the rule and the soul of Allah subhanaw taala.

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That is the meaning of worshiping desire to obey something in opposition to the outcome of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So, it's very important for us to understand this. So we have today accepted a duality of Allah and us, and may Allah for us our standards that Allah wants, and I want, if the two coincide, then all is well and good. If not, then what I want will take precedence over what Allah wants, and that is the source and the root of all evil.

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Right, even if what I want is done with good intentions, that is not the position of the slave. That is not the position of

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the slave of Allah Spanner, no slave of Allah subhanaw taala will do that, because that is not the position of the slave to

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to do what Allah does not like us to do, unless around Dallas, it was good. Unless Montana said, make such that and draw near to Allah.

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Because from this obedience, comes the power of Allah behind everything that we say or two. And that is why Allah subhanaw taala said in the famous Hadith, I could see

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that my slave drawers, close to me by fulfilling the fry by doing what I have enjoined upon him. There is nothing more beloved to me than what I have enjoined upon my slave, and my slave comes close to me by doing what I have enjoined upon him. And then he continues to come closer to me by doing more supererogatory on our field. Until Allah's viatera said until I become the eyes with which he sees I become the

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yours with which he hears I become the hand by which he strikes and I become the foot by which he works. And Allah subhanaw taala says that if anyone

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shows enmity to my slave, then I will take revenge and I will.

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I will protect my slave and I will

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you know, destroy that person who's the enemy of my slave.

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And that's my identity and I declare war against the one who shows enmity to such a slave of mine. And then Allah subhanaw taala said if my slave asked me for protection, I will protect him if he raises his hands and asked me for something I will give him and Allah subhanaw taala says I do not like to, I do not hesitate before anything as much as I did before taking the life of my slave because he does not like death and I do not like to hurt him. This is a famous I used to buy.

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It shows us the value of obedience to Allah subhanaw taala with all of this

00:31:10 --> 00:31:24

comes from obedience to Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us his obedient slaves and to keep us in a state of obedience and to take us obedience. Masala Allah Allah Allah will carry while it was named after

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