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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a violent confrontation between Muslims and their neighbors during a fight over Stan's graveyard. The conflict escalates when a photographer causes a war between good and evil, leading to the deaths of captive soldiers and the loss of parents. The conflict escalates when a photographer causes a war between good and evil, leading to the deaths of captive soldiers and the loss of parents. The importance of avoiding violence and not giving up on deadline and others is emphasized.
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Hello Mallanna Hema humbler Hello, I'm Bill Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi them gave him was the lead. Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah you early he was over Salam just even because he didn't consider from

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my brothers and sisters we continue with the story of,

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of the battle a mother and

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of what happened to Abuja and how Allah subhanaw taala humiliates those who are arrogant, especially those who are arrogant about human geladeira, who and who

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try their best to destroy those who are trying to do good. In the Name of Allah of the Ramadhan over the Ilana related the following story with regard to what happened over Joe, he said, I was in the thick of the battle, when two

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youths and these were

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almost boys, they were maybe 13, or 14, or something like that

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seem to be very inexperienced in fighting.

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He said, I noticed these two boys.

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And one of them spoke to the other in a quiet secret voice and said,

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set to a set of their own over the LAN. He said, He came to me, and very quietly said, please show me who is.

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I was invited over there and said, Why do you want to know? What's your intention? So he said that I want to fight him. And I want to kill him.

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And if I die in the process, then I'm shade.

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I'm the run over there. And I said, this was something very amazing to me that these two boys they are asking to fight, which was the head of the corporation is a famous warrior.

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He asked the second way, and he said the second way also said the same thing. He said, Show me where I want to fight him, and I want to try to kill him.

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So he said, I pointed to the man, I said, that's how

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they both

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rushed to him. And our jail was on his horse. He said the two of them attractive simultaneously. And he fell and they killed.

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Now they went back. They went to a solar cell of these two boys. And each of them claimed that he had killed a hotel by himself. As soon as a seller asked if they had wiped the blood of their sorts, and

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they said no. So he said, Show me the sword. And he saw that they saw the swords examined them. And he said that both of them had killed. So the honor of killing the enemy of rasa Solomon anyway, I mean enemy of Islam, was given to both of these boys simultaneously. When the

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battle was concluded, which was spoils were given to mod when hammer bin al Juma because the other mod bin al Farah was later killed in the course of the same battle at the termination

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of the battle.

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Sella wanted to look at and see where his arch enemy of jail was. So I'm delighted with Masuda Delano

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found him on the verge of death, breathing, breathing, his last

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his he went to him and he said, see how Allah has disgraced you. And

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I will tell said, I'm not dismissed. I am no more than a man killed by his own people on the battlefield. And then he said, he asked him, he said, who won the battle?

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we asked him, all of these is fine, but who won the battle? And then said,

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Allah and His Messenger, and you have followed difficult ways. You Shepherd. So Abdullah

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with a shepherd so he

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called him like that in a derogatory manner.

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So you've never saw them, beheaded him. And he took that to Salem, and who saw it and he said, Allahu Akbar

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Al Hamdulillah and

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Whew all Praise to Allah who fulfilled his promise and assisted his slave and defeated the country convert rates alone.

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And then he went out to

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his or the cops and he said this is the firearm of this nation. He said this is the federal of this nation.

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In some interesting stories also from

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from Battle of a brother, as well as a Salem advised his Sahaba to preserve the lives of an Ohashi, who had gone out to bother with the qualities unwillingly, because they had the fear the censure and the criticism of their own people. And among them, he named Al Abbas buildin, metallic, and our book three been hijab.

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He ordered the Muslims to capture them or not to kill them. I will never be in Ottawa showed great surprise. And he commented saying we kill our fathers and children rather than members of our clan, and then come to spare al Abbas, by Allah. If I see him I will surely kill you, I will strike you with my sword. On hearing these words, as well as sallam

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said to Mr. Catalano, is it fair that the face of the messengers assumes uncle be struck with a sword? Now, Amara Delano got angry and he threatened to kill

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a believer.

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And who then said

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that we later he said that extreme fear had taken grip of him. And he felt that nothing except

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shahada could save him from seeing something that he said, which heartless or salah, and later on, he was sure he was killed during the Battle of all Yamama. So he said, whatever he had to say, you know, out of his passion at the time, but this heart was also salah, and he was very afraid that Allah subhanaw taala would punish him for it. And he said the only thing that can save me shahada, and Allah is the one to forgive and he accepted his Toba. And it's the bar and graduating shahada in the Battle of Yuma against

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mosaic Malka. Another incident is Abu Bakr, even a sham had already done his best to restrain these people the McCanns from committing

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any act of folly against resource and sell them while Rasulullah Salah Salem was still in Makkah, to use to support him is to try to help him. So he was he also neither

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himself you know, he neither heartless was seldom nor did he say anything that was disliked by wrestlers or sell them or anything which was

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to about wrestlers or seller.

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He also was among the people who tried to

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invalidate the boycott alliance against Manohar Shimon Babu. Abdulmutallab, which I which I * had created so it was a good man. Here, however, in the battle, but he insisted on fighting unless his compatriot was spared and this is his companion was spared.

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Mod Hill bin Zayed Al Balawi with whom he was fighting replied that the other person was not included in the source or cylinder recommendation. And in that process

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a lottery was killed

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of the river route from Delano and omega in Calif now when I thought of was the

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slave owner of Belbin Kabbalah the alarm. And he was one of the most evil people in Makkah, but he was a very wealthy man. And he was a friend or is a personal close friend of Abdrabbuh. Now for the law.

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So before they became Muslim, very good, very good friends. Now in the battle, when the battle of Mother finished up the rock band or Delano saw Omiya

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been cut off and his son among the captives. So he had a drummer now for Dylan, who had collected some

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quarts of armor as his spoils of war. So he dropped all of them and he

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What with both of them, which is the walked with the may have been cut off and his son

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Bilal or the lion who saw may have intolerance and all the torture and all that he had done to him

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came up in his heart obviously, and he wanted to take his revenge. Now I've tried to,

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you know, ease the tension and

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try to address the embarrassing situation amicably, but without success.

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To build out of that and call the the Muslims that come here, this is the shatta and this is the enemy of Allah. This is the man who tortured me and to torture him horribly.

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He was to beat him until he was senseless. He would, you know, he was sometimes you put him in armor and lay him down the burning sands of the desert and put a rock on his chest. Sometimes he would put a rock on his chest and drag him his old back would be lacerated all kinds of things he did tortured him.

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So he built, he called them Aziza Come, come Come here, this enemy of Allah. So they got around him and others have tried to save them, but he was completely helpless. And finally,

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they killed

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son, and

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at this point

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he doorbells.

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So he killed us and then at that point, another one now, door is

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his son, he is his old friend. He told him to run and try to save himself, by the way, and help also was a fat man, and he wouldn't run so eventually they also killed him.

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Valve said, may Allah have mercy and Billa Lee, deprived me

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of my

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spoils of war and also my two captives have also been killed. Anyway, this is,

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you know, this was what Allah decreed for them. Because these were people who are.

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Were very humble to Islam.

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Another story

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that ought to understand is this the Battle of other wars and inescapable conflict between good and evil between

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Eman and Cofer

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between the hate and shirk.

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In this context, one Nakata with Iran who did not spare the life of any of the enemies, even his uncle,

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as when he's been a leader,

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he was killed in this battle by American photographer.

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They showed also very clearly how when the Sahaba became Muslim, the sole reason for them for friendship, and Walla, Walla, Bora Villa he died, I forgot this is part of our feeder

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that we have

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friendship and enmity only for the sake of Allah, not for racist reasons or tribalistic reasons or ethnic reasons or linguistic reasons or any other reasons. We are friends, or we are not friends, only for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Now, when the battle ended, the Muslims began to keep some of the

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some of the people the enemies, who

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had been captured, as the captives resource are seldom

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called trapped in mod. There are no

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and asked him, What do you think we should keep these captives are and ransom them? Or what should we do?

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sabihin rather than under several jasola captives, they should be killed, they should not be ransom.

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And so he said, This is the first victory of Islam over the enemies of Islam, and therefore we should not keep any captives.

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other one, who was of this opinion was our photographer. He said no captives. We this is a war between good and evil, between the truth and falsehood and let Allah subhanaw taala decide if Allah spare the life of somebody, they escaped, they escaped but if they come into our hands, and we will kill them, because that's what they will do with us. And so we will do the same. On the day of bother the sort of Okasha been Michelle as the broke salsa

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was SLM gave him a piece of wood, which he shook, and it turned into a long white sword. Oh, gotcha, went on using the same sword until he died in the process and the wars of apostasy in the time of one of the other organisms of Milan.

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When the mod had been concluded, Musa bin Omar Abdullah, he saw his brother,

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who was a polytheist being handcuffed by non Saudi Muslim recommended that the UN 30 tighten the knots of the of the rope that he was tying his brother with. And he said his mother is rich enough to ransom his mother meaning his own mother.

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I will as is most of the land is brother. He tried to appeal to his brother through the family tries

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must have been wiser. No.

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He said that the Ansari who is your cat who kept who's your

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who has captured you. He is more entitled to my brotherhood, my brotherhood than you because he is a Muslim and you are not and you have fought against Islam, when of order.

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And then he says the model the corpses of the dead to be thrown into a drywall and empty drywall.

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I will believer in Ottawa he looked sadly at his dead father who fought on the side of the polities Salem noticed that and he asked him about it. Whoever said that he had never had the least doubt that his father met the fate that he deserved. But he added that he had wished that he would be guided to the path of Islam and that's why he felt sad.

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But also someone whispered something in his ear, which comforted him

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the outcome of this battle. It was as mentioned, as I said before, and absolutely wrote and acknowledged us

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nominee as route for the qualities of the enemies of Islam who came from Makkah, and it was a clear victory for the Muslims. 14 only 14 Muslims were killed at home six were from the Mujahideen Mohandro and eight from the Anza. The Quran sustained heavy casualties 70 working and 70 vt take a prisoner, many of the principal men of Makkah, many of the leaders of the operation others, and some of our sorrows, resumes, most bitter opponents were among the dead. Chief of these was of course object. On the third day, I sort of went out to look at the qualities.

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he said what an evil tribe you are, as regards your profit. You belied me but others have believed you left me down while others supported me. And you expelled me, whereas others sheltered me. He stood over the bodies of 24 liters of courage who had been thrown into one of the wells, and he called them by name, and by the names of their fathers. And he said, would it not have been much better for you if you had obeyed Allah and His messenger? Behold, we have found that our rubs promise

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does come through.

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We have found that our rubs promise does come true. Did you also find the promises of your day come true? Meaning a loss right, della promised his punishment for those who refuse to obey His Novoselov Salah and who tried to kill him and was in broad trouble. So resources or ask them did you find the same thing to be true? Now one of them that I saw this and shows this amazing commitment to Thor Heath the whole time. So Marina Hotel said game or the long weekend with a seller. He said yeah rasool Allah why do you speak to bodies and souls in the eye? They're dead? I mean, how do you speak to them? So as I answered, He said by him in whose hand is the soul of Mohamed Salah Salem, you do

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not hear better what I'm saying than they do. Now it's very important to understand that this is one of the modules that it's one of the miracles of rasa salah, and it is not a proof that the dead can hear. The Quran is quite specific that the dead cannot hear and they cannot be made to hear

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Last Rantala mentioned very clearly in sort of Rome of elimination on the redeem for in Nicola to smear all Mota wala to smear also Medora either alone would be the Allah said so Verily you O Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam cannot make the dead to hear, nor can you make the deaf to hear the call when they show their backs turning away

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and that's one of the lead making a clear statement and saying also salaam you can you cannot live if Rasulullah sallallahu cannot do it. How can I do it? How can you do it? He's saying you cannot make the dead to hear. And neither can you make those who are either born deaf or those who are turned away meaning their hearts are sealed from the call of Islam you cannot make them here

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again and so the fact that Allah said well my yes that we are here oh well Allah what? In Allah you smear will when ye SHA one MA and Debbie Mazmanian mundo como. Allah says not alike, they are not the same the living and the dead, believers and the disbelievers Verily Allah subhanaw taala makes whom He will do here, but you cannot make those who are in their graves to here. Now, this is an even more specific i In the earlier ayat Allah say you cannot make them here and you cannot make the Deaf year here Lessing who are monthly Docomo who are in their graves, you cannot make them here. So if you go to the habit of starting to talk to you or talking to somebody in a grave, please

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that if you are talking to somebody in a grave, it means that you don't you don't understand the actual concept of life and death in Islam. Right?

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The person in the grave cannot hear you. I'm not saying that Allah subhanaw taala said it I quoted for you the ayat the from Surah to Rome, I am number 52 and certain fatter and number 22 There is no evidence which is stronger than this.

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So it is very clear for from this that we cannot make those in their graves to hear us if we speak to the Allah's around that or even give the example of the deaf who are not who we are not audible to even if they are right in front of us.

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It is mentioned the iTunes or the fat it is even more clear when I say you cannot make those who are in their graves, Montreal who in those are the goods we cannot make them here

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under be Musa mayhem Manfield. And you cannot make them here, what are their graves, but Allah can make them here if you want. And this also explains this is the explanation of the Hadith, which I mentioned earlier of bother. Whereas Surah Surah Surah spoke to people who are dead. So this was one of the modules that one of his of the miracles that was given to his asylum, and that specific time. So it happened that only one time. Right It happened only with him happened only one time it's not at the lead in Dean to say that we can do the same thing. The Quranic ayat is absolutely clear about this and applies to all of us. Now, you might say, well

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why do we say

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a Salam alikoum? Yeah.

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When we go to the cemetery, when you say a Salam alikoum Yeah, I know who you are making dua, you're sending Peace and blessings on the people in the cemetery. You're not talking to them, you're not speaking to them. You're saying to them may Salam be upon you, this is a dua May Allah subhanaw taala have mercy on you may Allah bless you. So to believe that they are listening to you imagine if you say a Salam Alikum Yeah 100 for war and you get a voice from the grave saying while a coma salave'a Yeah Abdullah for you will probably die of shock right there. Right. So this doesn't happen. So you say Salam Alikum Jacobo, this is your salaam, peace be upon you, all people of the

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grave and we continue to say that soon we will be with you in those graves. The purpose of grave is going to cover Stan a graveyard and the purpose of going to a specific grave of an individual might be somebody related to you might be a scholar might be anyone.

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There are only two reasons why we go number one reason is to make dua for that person.

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So if I go to the grave of a of a person, no no that person I go there to make dua to that person. dua for that person. Oh ALLAH forgive this

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Versa, all affiliates gray with no or like saving from punishment or reward and so on. That's one reason. Second reason is to remind myself that one day I will also die.

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So this is a salutary thing for me. One day I will also die, and the whole year and the bigger person whose grave I go to this person has also died. This person was much bigger than me much better than me much bulkier than me than I am, has had more knowledge than I have, yet he died,

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which means one day I will also die. What is my preparation for that day, that is the reason to go to the forest and make dua for the person in the grave and we remind ourselves that one day we will also die.

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The only exception is the grave also Elijah Salah when we go to Mercy, Sharif, and to the other. There we also say a Salar alikoum Ya Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam then we say we move and we say salam alikoum Yeah, the Allahu Salam Alikum Yeah, Amara Katana Delano and this is a special Baraka that is given to us what Elijah Solomon's companions by la semana della where they hear you. And as soon as an observer you say that I also respond to be here. We don't hear it, but may Allah grant that role to hear. But as soon as as a response now to send Salam on him, we don't have to go to the cover, we can send it from me can and should send it from wherever we are on the face of the earth,

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where we send roll on receivers and Salem and this is the way and the correct way of sending the route and salaam on then we Ali Salam salam ala Hadees This is a very important thing to understand. So even if you go to the grave or source or Salam, we just say a salam ala Rasulillah. And that is conveyed to him, even from wherever we are, we can send Ruth on him and Salatu Salam on him and this is conveyed to him. Now,

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therefore, going to agree and

00:27:04 --> 00:27:05

asking favors

00:27:09 --> 00:27:29

from that person, this is open ship, please understand this. Right, this open ship because very, very clearly Allah subhanaw taala prohibited us we say you're gonna we're gonna stay in Oh Allah, I asked help only from you. And I see I worship only you and I seek help only from you.

00:27:30 --> 00:27:43

This is something that we are making a promise and we are saying to Allah subhanaw taala we are declaring this to Allah subhanaw taala. To say that, and then to go and do the opposite, which is

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to seek help from some person who has passed away including thesaurus or making dua to anyone except Allah is haram. It is not permitted in Islam, asking the dead to intercede and to make dua to Allah subhanaw taala on our behalf, all of this is illogical, and it is against Islam. The person who died did not know you, he doesn't know you, he does not see you, we cannot talk to you, we cannot hear you. And all of this is from the Quran and Teresa Salah and we expect you that he's going to know you and make dua for you. This is also Matthew means there's no break.

00:28:28 --> 00:28:37

And second thing is that this is against our Aqeedah in Islam. So please stay far away from all of this. Because it is

00:28:38 --> 00:28:39

it is something that is

00:28:41 --> 00:28:50

negates our Islam it makes us exit from Islam. Obviously we do not want this to happen. So let us be very clear.

00:28:51 --> 00:28:53

Let me close this chapter by

00:28:54 --> 00:29:02

talking to you about some of the what happened in Makkah. It may have related to the first herald of bad news was

00:29:04 --> 00:29:57

Al Haj Salman bin Abdullah Al Jose. He came to Makkah and he told the people how their chiefs had been killed. The people there did not believe him. At first they thought he had gone mad. But soon the news was confirmed it was incredible shock for them. And it over overwhelmed the whole of Baca 70 of their people were killed and give us all community 70 was a big number 70 were killed among the Congo 70 all of the leaders who had gone there, they had been killed. So I was a fan bin al Harris. This is not I was a farm inhabitants not there was another fear he gave will have a full account of the massacre and the disgraceful route with emphasis on the role that the angels played

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in bringing about this end. I will

00:30:00 --> 00:30:00

or not,

00:30:01 --> 00:30:04

just couldn't believe it and he just couldn't

00:30:07 --> 00:30:16

you know, we couldn't accept this. So he started doing the beating and abusing and slamming of Rafi who was a Muslim.

00:30:17 --> 00:30:21

But he kept his commercial silent.

00:30:23 --> 00:30:32

And so he got beaten up now Omar Omar further another Muslim lady, she was the wife of Allah Busby.

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She was exasperated by will have started his behavior. And she struck him with a login crack to that. Seven days later, he died of an of an ulcer, and was left for three days and buried his son's heart. However, for fear of, obviously the people will be deciding them. But they didn't want to touch him. So they dug a pit and then using long poles, they just sort of pushed him

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into the earth and then they stood apart and they threw lumps of clay and stones and earth to cover it. And this was the shameful end of one of the enemies one of the worst enemies for suicide Salem. From day one. The whole defeat was a matter of great shame and grief for the McCanns in almost every house, there were tears and crying and really for the dead and the captives.

00:31:35 --> 00:31:41

They were burning humilation and thirsting for revenge and waiting and lamenting and crying. However

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they didn't say it loudly. They did all the usually they would have been on this broadcast because they're accustomed to well and more loudly. But this time they kept silent they kept their tears silent and because they didn't want the Muslims to rejoice by listening to their wailing Allomantic so

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they did not do it. Why do they didn't do it publicly like they used to do as well as the customer they were silent about it. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to

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these important incidents and to make them a means of guidance for us in the dunya and akhira are sal Allahu Allah will carry Valley useable

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