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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the "monster's" problem, the "monster's" theory, and the importance of men being aware of their desires and limitations to achieve their goal of life. They also touch on the importance of direct ritual and prayer, honoring family members' privacy, and avoiding online activities like pornography and alcohol. The speakers emphasize the need to make sacrifices and be firm in actions to achieve their goals and encourage viewers to make a rational decision and avoid things that could lead to physical beauty.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum Peace be with you exciting topping today exciting topic every week, continue to tune in continue to benefit and we're bringing you to the guests and It'd be a shame if you lose out so I'm not losing out I'm here and you're here with me and we're excited because we're going to be talking about first for the brothers we can give some advice about marriage. For all the single brothers we want to motivate them to hurry up and get half of their Deen fulfilled and the sisters more precious than any commodity any gem jewel or diamond we're going to give giving some advice to the most beloved

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that are out there are sisters in humanity so the brothers and the sisters were balancing it out here on the D show. Don't go nowhere. We'll be right back.

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This is the

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Assalamu alaikum Peace be with you. Why would a castle Peace be with you brother Sheikh Omar Suleiman on the deen show.

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Thank you for being with us. May the Creator God Almighty increase you and all the best in this life in the hereafter people your nails instructor with a Muslim Institute Mischka Institute? Is this correct? And what's the other one? Mischka University and also Islamic learning foundation? You also teach a comparative religion class at Moscow is mesh cat. I mean, knowledge is very important, isn't it? Absolutely. In our in our way of life, our Deen this way of life of all the messages of God. It's not something esoteric that you know, only a few elite understand. It's something for the layman. For the PhD for the GED man, that it's clear, it's lucid. It's not Nebula, Is this right?

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Absolutely. It's straightforward. Slam cane. So that the, you know, a person who has a low IQ and as a bad one in the desert, or, you know, hanging out in the hood can understand that and also a PhD in physics can understand it and can comprehend it. Absolutely. I like what you said the guy hanging out in the hood. Yeah, he'll understand this message does lucid message and the academic Absolutely. But it's a problem. Now, if it's hazy, it's something like Hold on, I just can't get it. You know, the three gods and you know, four or five and a monkey God and you know, worshipping them and the creation these things go against the nature man, doesn't it? So the person who's been having a hard

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time he's been reluctantly opposing this. That's because what God put in him that natural disposition to recognize the truth. It's, it's a it's given the red light. But now if they're like one God, what did these guys are just saying worship God, it's attracted to this is that what God put it in us? Absolutely. And in fact, you know, if you study history, and this is one of the things that we do in my comparative religion class, if you study history, you'll actually, you know, there's this idea that, that early men were wildly polytheistic, they would just worship whatever they feared, or whatever they were amazed by. So they worship lightning, they'd worship animals,

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things of that sort. But actually, if you study history, you can find that monotheism was the inclination of men. And in fact, the things that they saw that put them in on they saw them as manifestations of God's anger, God's pleasure and things of that sort. But nevertheless, they believed in one God, and then you find that religion, you know, degenerated into first die of theism, which was Zoroastrianism, the concept of a good and evil god. And then it started to delve into polytheism, and things of that sort. So this is, this is a fact, you know, if you study, or it's, I can't say it's a fact for a non Muslim, but for Muslims, that is a fact, certainly in

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history has many evidences in that regard. So we want to take off with this episode, for our brothers in humanity that are tuning in, they might have just been changing the channel, and they're like, you know, let me check out this show the deen show, and they liked the message. And maybe they've seen some shows in the past. And the whole crux of the matter is that it's calling a person to reflect about the purpose of life. And the purpose of life should be given by the owner of life and the owner of Life is the Creator of the heavens and earth and he's told us to only worship him to one guy, right as soon as you add or delete then this is a problem. You start to add another

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associate to God, you may god into Jesus, or you make God having a son. This becomes a problem, doesn't it? Absolutely. Yeah. So God doesn't have any sons daughters. Does he have a DNA like us like human beings a zip code, he's like, you know, in the city here, there is not a man and he's not a man.

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We'd like that too. We don't say he's the man upstairs. No, he's not the man he doesn't have a human being he's no human being. And that just makes good old common sense. And now we got some people's attention. Now for the people who have also submitted to the crater. You know, there are many things that are distracting us. So we love to give the advice first goes to ourselves, because look, my ears closer to to my mouth. So I'm taking it in first, you're taking it and we want this to benefit all of mankind. Tell us now, we know that death is a reality, we're all going to die. There's a judgment day, okay, we're true justice is going to be served, then there's the reward of Paradise

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and we want to be in paradise. And then there's a Hellfire, we want to avoid that place. So it's best now that we critique ourselves so that at the end, we don't end up in some serious trouble.

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The root of the problem usually

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can be solved if we go back to the guidance to verbatim Word of God, the Quran and the Sunnah. There is a verse in there, instead of tober 924. Now I'm going to start it off, can you take off, give us kind of the explanation where God Almighty is saying, say, if your father's, your sons, your spouse's, the houses which you dwell in, and Allah is going over all the things that we're chasing in this life, are dear to you, that God are dear to you than his messenger and striving in his cause and weight to Allah brings his decision. Can you go ahead and expand on this because many times when we want to give the advice, the fancy house the person wants to be in, you know, the material

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things, the things that they want, they don't want to give up and it keeps them from submitting so elaborate on this verse from the Quran. Well, I think that what God is what God is telling us here is that it's only natural that you desire certain things we all desire nice houses, we all desire nice cars, we all desire, beautiful spouses, or in the case of women, handsome spouses, we all desire these types of things, we all desire wealth, but they cannot supersede your love and your desire for God. And, you know, in essence, it's not you know, and many times we found two extremes in religion, we found

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poverty, being praised and a person putting himself in poverty and asceticism and remaining celibate, and things of that sort. That's, that's something that's praiseworthy. And then we find, you know, which is the total opposite of that, which is that you're allowed to indulge in your desires, and just throw God in there, wherever you can, you know, and it's some super, you know, basically they call them church, Angel street devil. Yeah, right. You don't do anything during the week you do nothing we can say most of the angels and, and street devils also, we've got it in the mosque, too. You know, people want to live their lives in a way that's totally contrary to the

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guidance of God. And then at the same time, to make themselves feel good about themselves, they'll go and they'll pray to Him and call upon him. So in essence, what this first means it's and it's the balance between to Islam is a religion of balance. It's not that you shouldn't own anything, it's that nothing should own you except Allah. So you can want that stuff, but make sure that it doesn't become dear to you than God, and it doesn't distract you from your purpose. So that's what we should be reflecting on that this life is short, we do have a purpose. And we should be obeying the one who told us our purpose, the creator, right. So tell us now moving along.

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Why I mentioned this is because it's so important to really reflect because one of these things in the material world are distracting us. And you know, at the end, you'll be with who you love, right? So we want to love a law so we can be with a law. Tell us for our sisters, or should we start with the Berlin start ladies first, you know many of our sisters, may Allah preserve them, and they are the gems. They are the ones that we love so much. And Allah has honored the Muslim woman. She's not one that is out there parading herself, and one who is out there for that attention from men. So he's given her certain things that will protect her, the hijab, for instance, right? She's

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establishing the prayer she's trying to, can we elaborate and talk about the importance of the Muslim woman having her Muslim identity and sticking to it and not taking the identity from pop culture from Britney Spears, you know, from all the other things, and people who will only lead her to disruption? Well, I think that, you know, it's obviously all about perception. Many of the things that have you know, that it's a hypocrisy in our culture that a nun for example, can be covered from head to toe and can be considered being developed to God and then a woman, a Muslim woman who's covered head to toe is considered, you know, oppressed and things of that sort. This is the greatest

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way to show your honor to display your honor.

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The struggle of women throughout history is that don't judge me for who I am on the outside. Look at me as a human being judge me for who I am on the inside. In essence, the Hey job that state of being forces everyone to do that. You look at them for who you value them for who they are on the inside their their speech, you know, the way they think the way the skills

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They have to offer to society. All of this is appreciated in Islam, their scholarship, we have many women's scholars in their history, it's all appreciated because in essence, a woman was not judged in Islamic history by the amount of cleavage, she was showing her how shorter skirt was, it was it was about her development. And as you know, you get what you, you get what you're looking for, you know, if you walk into you know, and I take my daughter to, to a grocery store, she picks up a bag of chips, I'll let her eat that bag of chips, and then at the end, we'll just take it to the cashier, and we'll just let them scan the back, you know, the empty bag, and they won't mind that.

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But if I was to try to grab a mink coat, or something of that sort that's preserved in the glass, and that's hidden, and concealed, that cannot be touched, except by a customer who looks serious, and who can put something forth, you know, can demonstrate their seriousness, then that shows me that this is a thing of value. And it's not just for me, and many there's a misconception that hey, job is because men can't control themselves. And it's like a punishment, but it's actually to honor the woman, it's to honor her to elevate her, and to give her her do her due right and her due honor. So at hamdulillah we're, you know, we're thankful to Allah that, you know, and I and we always

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challenge the non Muslims to go into ask Muslim sisters was this forced upon you, me as a mom, what I used to have to deal with all the time, was parents who were afraid for their daughters who were insisting on wearing hijab, more so than than parents who wanted their daughter to wear hijab was women who were proud who were going into various fields, medicine, law, whatever it was, and by the way, statistically speaking, Muslim women are second and as a minority of women, in terms of their earning in this country, okay. So I mean, they're very proud women, they're very devout women, and at the same time and hamdulillah. They honor themselves with what Allah has honored them with. We're

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gonna take a break. We'll be right back with more here on the dean show, I just want to say very simple message is

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one of the beautiful things about our religion of Islam is the emphasis on direct ritual and prayer to God directly. There is no intermediary, the lights will go on after the party, and the party will end. It's very simple and very clear. There are no superstitious rituals, no strange incantations, the time is running out, we might not make it till tomorrow. And this is something that we need to think about.

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Back here on the deen show, with Sheikh Omar Suleiman and we, you expound it on the verse from the Quran, which is the verbatim word of the Creator, tamper, free, tamper proof, we have it memorized by millions is preserved To this day, is it right? So we talked about some of the things that, you know, a law is is talking about? And now we mentioned the importance of, you know, being grateful and thankful through obedience to the Creator. But now, let's say the argument comes in, Yes, okay. I agree. But now, if I wear this modest way of dress, the job, the whole attitude, obviously goes with it. Now, I might lose my job, I might not be able to get to the next level, in my business, my

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family, they are going to disown me, for example, now, does that fit in conjunction with this verse? Can you elaborate on this talk about it? Well, I think that you know, one of the things that we have to put out there from the start, is that many people will not choose Islam, because they're afraid of commitment. And in essence, what we see happening in our country today is, is the rise of non committal, uncommital religions, or factions of religion. So non denominational ism, unitarianism, so on, so forth, and although the message might be good, whenever you look at it from a general perspective, it doesn't offer any specifics of how to draw close to God. So yes, sometimes religion

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will be inconvenient and this worldly life, you will have to make sacrifices you will have to struggle because in any in life, anything that you want to succeed, and you're gonna have to make some sacrifices, you want to become a better businessman, you're going to have to sacrifice a little bit of time, you're gonna have to sacrifice some friends, you know, that are holding you back. So, yes, you will make sacrifices. But at the same time, certainly, countless times, you know, you see Muslim women who started off wearing the hijab, who started off concerning themselves and yes, they faced massive opposition and then handed it out last panel to add or open ways for them. And with

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time and the same people that were disparaging them for wearing the hijab actually came to respect them for wearing the hijab, I look at my mother, may Allah have mercy on her as a primary example of that when she worked a job she was the first in her family to wear hijab. And she was criticized she was looked at in such a derogatory way in, you know, by many parts of her family, but a lot they came to admire her and respect her for her for her job. So much so that when she passed away some of her family members, were asking for some of our jobs.

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Hamza Han Allah so Allah makes it either alone will make it easy for you in this life or the message and the blessing will carry over after you pass away and that will reward you in your eternal life in your in your hereafter inshallah, but you've got to make sacrifices men have to make sacrifices to, you know, it's not just for women to do men have to make sacrifices to.

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And you've got to understand that Islam does require a level of commitment, there's no doubt about it. I like what you said said, sacrifice, Ibrahim alayhi salam, the prophet Abraham, he was called to sacrifice. And this was a great test. So all of us in our lives were called by law law wants to see Is it true that are we willing to sacrifice what's more important? You know, we love our parents we love we have to we can't enter you know, Paradise is at the feet of your mother. So you got to respect your parents. But how do you now if let's say you have opposition from your father and your mother, you know, and your love is strong for them. But now isn't the point where you have to draw a

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line and say I love you and you kiss the feet of your mother and you honor them, but you say I love a lot more and I have to obey a lot. You just have to be firm about it. So the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said la Tolima fulfillment Seattle Holic which means there is no obedience to a creation when it entails the disobedience of the Creator. However, Islam never gives you the permission to be abusive towards your parents. Now that's why Allah says in the Quran, we're in jaha Daiquiri to Shri Kareem and a silica be here in Fallout Oklahoma, if they tell you to do something, which is against what Allah has told you just don't follow them in that, but you still need to honor

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them, you still need to give them your companionship, you still need to kiss their hands and kiss their foreheads and, and try to be the best son or daughter that you can be. And by the way that wins their hearts. Many times we've seen Muslims, new Muslims actually win the hearts of their non Muslim parents who were islamophobes by their character because they saw the massive change in character, you know, and they're in the lives of their children. So that is a way of winning their hearts. And we don't just do it to win their hearts. It's an obligation from Allah subhanho wa Taala. To be that person to be to honor them and to love them. But just to say, Look, I'm sorry, I

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just can't do it. Here. Ibrahim is and I'm honored his father and loved his father. Even though his father was out to kill him. He still honored him and loved him. And so I mean, that's that's the point. You know, you try your best, whatever you can do you do. You do? definitely tell us now. We're going to talk about the brothers. Now. We talked a little bit about the sisters, ladies first, the brothers now that we also want to encourage who are single, and we know that this is Is it true is half of your deen? Yes, getting married. So many of us

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have gotten sucked in with many of the negative things that are out there. Everywhere you go. You got some naked woman on a billboard. You can't even go to jewel Dominic's osco. And you got a naked magazine in front of you, you know what I mean? And I know a brother personally, that goat when he when he's there, he lowers his gaze he hates in his heart, but it'll take a flower magazine and cover her up.

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So, you know, this is our way of just doing a little bit, you know, and I'm sure the good people who are out there, you know, people of other faiths, they can understand this moral decline of society, Jews and Christians. So we don't like that our women are out there. You know, they're, they're being prostituted, it's not right. But now how can the brothers defend themselves? laws give us the formula. And they're just the urge is coming out and they're boiling up inside. And you know what, this is a major sin if you fall into boyfriend, girlfriend, and you're involved in illegal sexual *, * is on the rise. No Muslim should have any partners. What are your comments

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and suggestions?

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What I would say is, you know, what shaytaan tries to tries to do with you. And you know, when the whole john edwards scandal happened, there was a whole I remember Time magazine or Newsweek, that whole issue on the psychology of a cheater. And in essence, when a person cheats, what they try to do is they try to ignore reality, and they try to ignore the consequences of their actions. So for example, a person that's cheating on his wife will now pull out his wallet and show the woman that he's cheating with the pictures of his kids and things of that sort. He wants to ignore reality, he wants to keep that put away, right, he's gonna keep his cell phone on silent. He's not gonna be able

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to talk on the phone and things of that sort with this, but he wants to ignore reality and, and ignore the consequences of his actions so that he can ignore a temporary pleasure that's the struggle of life which they find with the devil and of course, in this regard, so in *,

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you know, engaging in premarital relationships, this has life changing, you know, this will damage your entire life. In essence, every relationship you go through a part of you will die with that relationship, you would have had some secrets that you've given to the other person you would have, you know, had a level of trust now that's going to go down the drain.

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You would have exposed certain things to that person. And so I mean, every time you go through one of those a part of you dies, your capacity to love dies, you become more suspicious of the next part. The next

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partner, the next partner, you become vulnerable. In one medical journal, I forgot what university they said that a woman who loses, who loses her virginity, by the age while still in high school is likely to have up to 17 partners in the next five years. Wow. 17 Yeah, because of the vulnerability, the the feeling of vulnerability. So this is for brothers and sisters, you go through relationship, you go through these things, it will have damaging effects on your life. In essence, even in marriage, even in marriage, you know, you'll still have those those lusts, you'll still have those, you know, you'll still be looking all over the place, and you won't be satisfied at home. And the

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last thing I want us to do, and that's what's happening here, and this, you know, here today, unfortunately, an over 50% divorce rate in this country. That means when you walk down the aisle in the United States in our country,

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you know, there's a greater than half of it, there's a greater than half chance that that person is going to be battling you in court for custody or for your wealth, half a chance. More than 50% of the divorce rate has risen above 50% at this point, but don't stop there. We know Islam is the self defense to all of this negativity, evil that happens. And now we look at studies. You mentioned a study from Harvard, talk about this study of people who have premarital *, and the chances of their relationship coming to an end just because of this. And Islam prevents this from happening if you just follow way of life from the crater, talk about this study from Harvard, absolute, well, I

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guess, like a 69% chance or something that your your your your marriage would fail? 7% right? Absolutely. Well, I think it's clear, you know, imagine a society, just imagine I'm not, unfortunately, a lot of times we'll do is we'll start to, we'll start to look at societies that already exist. I'm not talking about that. And it's not a utopian vision, we're talking about how to have happiness in the home. If the husband is not looking all over the place, and his only source of sexual satisfaction is his wife. You know, when he comes home, he looks at her. And Islam also encourages the spouses to look good for each other in the home. You know, I'm loving my best great

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companion, may Allah be pleased with him. Before he would walk into the house, he was started combing his hair perfume himself picks this close up, you know, and he said, Look, I like to look good for my wife, just as I like her to look good for me, you know, where there's where this is encouraged the spouses to dress for one another. So you have the husband, who walks into the house with AI and takes off his clothes right away with ironically with what's called the wife beater. Then you've got the wife in her in her Winnie the Pooh pajamas with cream all over her face whenever the husband comes home. And he's just seeing all those billboards that you're talking about. Now

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he's looking at his wife in that state, and she's saying, Where have you been? And what's wrong with you, then, you know, you're obviously creating something very unhealthy. So the wife will look elsewhere for satisfaction, the husband will look elsewhere for satisfaction, whether it's in the form of virtual satisfaction in the form of *, which unfortunately, is, you know, is killing killing, not just our youth today, married couples today has life altering effects. Yeah, right. So I mean, you just will never be able to have happiness in your marriage. So that's why Islam encourages you focus your gaze on your spouse, whenever you you get married, you should look

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for someone, one of the things that you should look for someone that you're attracted to, there's no doubt about it. But once you're once you're there, you're there. That's it. We're gonna take a break. We'll be right back with more here on the show. One God, wish him alone, do what he wants you to do. Put your desires this thing inside you that just wants this and wants that and you just can't get enough. You know what you never get enough until the dirts in your mouth. Don't let it come to that decency and honesty as the one who created you to guide us the first step hold on chasing all the women and the good times and the parties and this and that there's no one worthy of worship

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except Allah. Don't wait. You never know if this would come today for you.

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Back here on the deen show, with Shaykh Omar Suleiman, thank you for being with us. Once again.

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We are good. We're almost out of time. These sessions are very short. So we encourage people to continue tuning into the D show. And to follow up with maybe taking some of your classes at the Miche cat calm this guy University's cat University. Oh, motive if it's ever an

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org, yeah, so there's knowledge. I mean, it's not about just being one who's Muslim by name. It's about seeking knowledge being upon knowledge of people of action. And you need to have not only the good intention, but knowledge precedes actions. Is that correct? Right. So now that we have the knowledge, we know that Islam is the way of life that was lived throughout time by all the messages of God's submission to the one God and we have it preserved to this day tamper free tamper proof is based on evidence that if anyone takes a scientific analytical approach, they'll come to the same conclusion that you did. You read the Bible, and you went through many different religions doing a

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comparative study and you concluded I've concluded 1.5 billion

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People concluded this is the way of life from the Creator is not man made because we shouldn't have to follow organized religion organized by men, but from the Creator. Now tell us we know this. And now we want to stay away from *, gambling, alcohol, and all the evil things that produce evil results. And one of the best ways for men is to get married. Here comes the question. Brothers now, okay, the sister, you know, she's, uh, let's say, we're all struggling. We all have deficiencies right. Now, the brothers looking for a 10 and beauty. He's looking for a 10 and Dean, but you know, it's been 10 years. It's been 10 years. He's looking now. Now, either the brothers

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fast in every day, because we know what's bombarding us out there. Right. And it's really difficult. So or the brother, you know, he might be indulging in *. And so we're just keeping it real on the D show. Right? Right. Because we have real issues. So this is not something that is a joke. It's something serious. Tell us now, is this something detrimental to him finding the woman because now for the lesser evil, he might have put this in his mind. He's enjoying the *. And now he takes a look at a sister and he's like, Nah, that's not for me. And he keeps on he's been going through this for 10 years. Is it a problem with him? And is this hindering his path? The

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*, the self pleasure and all this? Well, the thing is, is that, you know,

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in the issue of marriage, you know, the first thing that if you go to a car dealership, what's the first thing that dealer is gonna try to get you to do take it for a test drive a test drive, yeah, you know, enjoy the leather seating, enjoy the rims, enjoy this, enjoy that. So that you ignore the price tag and you ignore the the things that really make it count.

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And in essence, and in no way shape or form by comparing a sister or brother to a used car to a car. In essence, what the car dealer wants to make you do is make an emotional decision rather than a rational decision. And Islam wants you to make a rational decision. And in order to make that rational decision, you need to avoid things that would distract you that would hurt your rationality. So obviously, when you look at these glorified individuals, online, people that aren't real looking, you know, and, you know, you indulge in that, then nothing is going to satisfy the eye anymore. And again, everything a lot. legislates is for your own good. Also, it's for your own good

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in this world. So Alas, trying to make it easy for you. So what I would say to those people, because look, I mean, let's face it, * and those types of it's so rampant and people are struggling with it. That would even be good in other areas. They're good Muslims, but they're struggling with that. Just think about the consequences with God. Think about having to meet a law and having to have that * played in front of you and having to explain to Allah that I was watching this in front of you, because a lot was watching you the whole time. You know it would get awkward if someone was watching you while you're watching * and a lot was watching you so

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this is killing your relationship with God because in essence back to the psychology of a cheater you're purposely trying to ignore God at those moments. No one is sitting there reading and while they're watching * or remembering god they're trying to forget that God's watching them at that at that moment so remember God is watching you and as a scholar said Enter to Roku Roku will lower low here you are in observance of a law and the laws and observance of you know so that's that's what I would say to those brothers and that way inshallah whenever the time comes you save yourself for the right Sister Sister save yourself for the right brother, then inshallah you would

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find that you would find that satisfaction and looking at them and you would find that satisfaction and being with them and the superficial aspects of beauty would definitely go away but the inner beauty would be your focus and that would allow the person to remain beautiful in your eyes for the rest of your life inshallah definitely before we go to before we cut out the person now we should be striving Dean is the most important Dean Islam the person is praying five times a woman is she's Islam she's not have 5050 Ramadan Muslims, you know what I mean? So they're in the deen now let's say she's not or he's not a 10 they might be a seven lower your standards will obviously there needs

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to be some attraction correct? Right But now if we're like putting this person we want a J Lo we want you know, what we perceive as something that's the most beautiful paint brush women you know what I mean? Are paint brush men, right? The Brad Pitt's and whatever. But if you see some of these people in person, you know, they're miserable and most of them are on drugs and if you see them with suicide, committing suicide and if you really see them at maybe if you went to one of these after parties were not supposed to be gone and you see me like man, this person is actually ugly, or they don't have or at the airports you know, have you seen plenty of out there for them like this is not

00:29:36 --> 00:30:00

what I thought this was posted. A person who submitted to God they got newer coming out of their face like so a person has disobeying God being living in a legal lifestyle. They don't have nor but they're painted out pink brush people, right? So now if you look at a person, you really want to fulfill half your deen and we're trying to motivate the brothers and sisters. So now you put your criteria Dean is first and you lower your expectations a little bit, man. If you do this

00:30:00 --> 00:30:35

For a law you do it right, you know to mean a law is the bone that pulls Love is in the heart not saying that you go with someone that's totally you can't even just, you know, look at them. But man, there's something a little bit there. Do you want to just go forward instead another 20 years and you're missing out having children you're missing out on all the all of this good? Well, the real talk is that you know what, you shouldn't marry someone that you're completely unattractive? Yeah. Okay. So it's important, but the basis of your pursuits should be religion and character, religion and character could Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. So you look for those two things in essence

00:30:35 --> 00:31:11

character, the word holyoake and Islam. And this is a linguistic You know, this is some lingo but the word Hello, can Islam means inner beauty. And Hulk means outer beauty. So we make the Dalai Lama center healthy * and colloquy Allah, as you beautified my outside beautify my insight. So we look for we look for the inner beauty of a person, the way that they treat their parents, the way they treat people, the way they carry themselves. Those are manifestations of inner beauty and character. And then we consider the other aspects we consider beauty, we consider status, we consider those things. But again, if the first two are there, the deen and the whole of the religion and the

00:31:11 --> 00:31:47

character, then the other things, you know, need to be satisfactory. You can't find a person who's perfect in all categories. That's virgin. That's virgin, that's virgin. Thank you very much. We're out of time. I wish we can hang out some more. I'm really benefiting. I'm sure the viewers are also may God Almighty, the creator of rewards. Thank you for being with us. Again, go and take his class. I'm gonna have a class coming up on comparative religion. Actually, I'm starting right now this semester right now compared to religion. What's this guy university? What's it called? It's called religions and doctrines, religions and doctrines. When does it start? Starting in a few weeks in a

00:31:47 --> 00:31:55

few weeks, how can people sign up? You could go to Mischka University COMM And also I'll be teaching a course with ioof

00:31:56 --> 00:32:26

It'll be online about refuting misconceptions about Islam. And then of course with a motive Institute I'm focusing on spirituality now the online one you got more room for people? Can I can I join this class? Absolutely. Every Tuesday night, I want to come I want to learn I want to benefit I love this topic when we talk about just Islam in general, but especially when we talk about comparative religions. I'll see you there inshallah. God willing, I'll see you there to make sure you're you're here with our brother, our shake so we can benefit. Get the knowledge be closer to Allah. We'll see you next time. We shall on today's show.

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Okay, thank you.

00:32:30 --> 00:33:06

And thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show. I got to benefit inshallah, God willing, you did also continue to tune in here every week. And the main message is, look, this life is short, we're gonna die. There's a day of judgment. And then there's the reward of paradise. And we want to get to paradise because this life is transitory. It's going to pass everything's in a past tense, I was there. I've been there, done that. And at the end, you're a loser because you lose this life, then you lose the next. Don't lose the next life for this life. Be the best that you can in this life. But prepare for the next prepare to meet your Creator. And the only way that you can

00:33:06 --> 00:33:37

be successful is by doing all the good that he's told us to do. Continue to tune in get the new DVD jr to Dean. And if you like what we had to say and you want to embrace the way of life all the messages of God don't hesitate. Be courageous enough. It's that simple call to worship the creator not as Christian give us a call one 800 662 right here Islam Islam and you will end up being truly living your purpose being successful in this life in the next we'll see you next time inshallah God Willing peace be unto you

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