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Truly an inspiring and heart touching story! Sh.Yusuf Estes is very inspirational person. I hope that his story will inspire others.

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So why do bad things happen to good people?

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And you see what has that the beauty of Islam, the beauty of Islam is that it totally and completely explains to the point that you can become happy, not only with the understanding, but with whatever comes.

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Because it's, it's in the Koran, that Allah explained your purpose.

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If you thought that your purpose of life was to hang around here and have a good time,

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waiting for a chance to get into paradise, Allah makes it clear that that's not the case.

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As a matter of fact, in chapter 29 of the Quran, the very beginning of it, Allah makes it very clear that if you come to this correct belief that there really is only one God, and the worship is really on for boreum

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then at that stage,

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you're going to be put into some really big testing.

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Because as he says, Bismillahirrahmanirrahim leave Lamin a has been nasaan you'd recon Yakubu, Amana? Do the human beings think they're going to be left alone, just because they say we believe

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and that they won't be put into a big fitna

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as the ones before them were put into this big fitna

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to show who are the truthful and who are the wires.

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So you said I believe Okay, get ready.

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Because you now understand that it has to happen because it this is

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a way for you to know if you really do believe.

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I know it happened to me personally exactly like that. I came in, and a brother, Muslim brother came to our home, right after I did john. And he said, I want to sit with your phone, I want to talk to you guys and tell you what's going on because all of us have come to Islam at one time.

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He said, but I want to explain to you, some big testing is going to come to you and

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we've already been tested. We understand we know everything. He said you don't really understand. I said we've been through a lot you don't understand what for us to get to this point. And we had some business difficulties. We had lost, you know, some material things along the way and was really thought we knew what he was talking about testing.

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Little did we know.

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We had no clue what was going to come next. It became unbelievable the things that kept happening and happening and happening between July which is when we did Shahada.

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And January, January of the next year, which was that six months. That's six months. What could happen in six months?

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Well, they how bad it was from a guy that used to have, you know, membership in these major golf courses. I lived on a golf course walk out my back door. I was on the 14th all the Masters in the country club I belong to in Dallas. Have my own planes.

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Okay, home Zoo swimming pools, you get the you it was like right, nice.

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Six months later.

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I have an old school bus. That's all it's left out of all the inventory of all the vehicles I had old school bus and it caught on fire. And it was about to blow up with 40 gallons of gas in it.

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I pulled out the

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fire extinguisher

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and was going to try to put it out. And when I push the button and went

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it was defective.

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I didn't know what I was going to do. I got a tow truck I got it out. I threw a blanket over it got a tow truck took it out to a junkyard

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I was thinking why happen how can I be in such a shape you know,

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left the truck there and at this junkyard 10 miles off the main drag main road.

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Now as the guy there to give me a ride back out to the road, you know, just give me a ride out to the road and I'm trying to catch a truck or something and go back because you know, get it get home

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which was many miles away. Actually I was in Oklahoma and I had to go back to Texas.

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He said that's not included in the code.

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Once you Well, how much is it? He said, don't feel like it. Just go out there and somebody will give you a ride where it's an old dirt road. There it is.

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So I stood on the side of that dirt road I was really thinking What have I done wrong to be in this condition?

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A car went by it was the lady and I didn't want to write and then you know, think about that. Then another car came by nothing, then a small pickup you know, real small pickup came, had two guys already in it. You guys were going to turn up the freeway 10 miles. He said, Okay, get in the back.

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With no room to get in the front, get in the back. There's a lot of stuff. He said just sit on the stove. It doesn't matter. bags, bags, you know, get back in there's big bags. So what's that smell?

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These bags smell really bad. You know? They start driving. You know, it was freezing cold. It started hailing, you know, little pieces of ice hitting me hitting me hitting me. So I have to crouch down like this to get away from the ice. But it puts my notes right by these bags.

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What do you think was in the bag?

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Really good fertilizer comes from khanzir.

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Pig poop.

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Now here's yours truly right?

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I'm used to wearing heart chapter Mark suits.

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I'm here

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to get one.

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It was so cold. My eyebrows got ice in my eyebrows. You know, when we finally got up to the road?

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I said Do you mind to take me just to the other side because I need to go. He said no. We're going this way. Oh, Americans are really nice.

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I got out you think I got out they took off. And as I was walking under the bridge, I was thinking Islam is the truth. Islam is correct. I can't find any flaw in it. I really spent six months really looking hard. At a lot of the subjects that Islam teaches. It's absolutely true. There's no doubt. So what is wrong?

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What is wrong with me? What did I do? I had everything before I come to Islam. I get nothing.

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What is that all about?

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Is God mad at me. Maybe that's just it. I found the right way. But he's mad at me. Hamidullah that wasn't true. Because you and I know, I was mad at somebody. You got a serious problem. Not compared to that. But somehow I said, well, that's wrong. I shouldn't think like that.

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I went up the embankment up to the main part of the freeway, tried to get your ride big trucks gone by.

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And it was getting cold again. And I was thinking how, how

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all of a sudden, a red car came over the top of the hill like Lamborghini, you know, it's Lamborghini. A real cool sports car comes over the top and goes, wow.

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Because, you know, back in the day a that was yesterday, he goes over the hill.

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And they stopped and he started backing up. Now I'm thinking, why is he back? Who's this guy? He's gonna back up. You don't pick this. I look terrible. This guy's gonna back up. He's probably gonna run over me.

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Probably, you know, or maybe the some we used to do when we were kids, you know, you backup to somebody and they come run and try to get that. Yeah. Say you die to walk in. Yeah, run a while.

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I didn't really think there's gonna be anything good with the guy got back up to me.

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rode down to win. And he said, Excuse me, can you help me?

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said what do you need? He said, Do you mind ride with me? because something's happened to me. I can't keep my eyes open. It's only five o'clock in the afternoon. But he said, it's just like my eyes keep shutting in. I've got to get up to Dallas. And it's a very long way. Do you feel like you could talk to me keep me awake so that I can get there. I would really appreciate it.

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See, I don't know Do I want to get out of this nice cold weather into your nice warm car. Let me check my calendar and see if I'm busy. Turns out I've got an opening here. I'll get in the car.

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Got it a guard shut the door. And I'm still thinking is brand new by the way you can smell the new you like that new leather smell you're getting there.

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Now what?

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What's about doing to me here? We start going along and the guy says, Please talk to me, I really am falling asleep start telling me anything I said about what? He said, Well, let's start with how you wind up on the side of the road and why you smell like that.

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There you go. Let's do that. Let me take you back here. Your talk, I'll talk about everything I know I

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guess we could teach the CIA how to get stuff out of people now just put in the back of a pickup with a budget, a fertilizer, they'll tell you anything. But I went along with him and I began explaining the events that led up to me being standing there, which started out about a year back when my father wanted to do business with a Muslim.

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And how I tried to convert the Muslim to become a Christian.

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How a Catholic priests got involved in the story. And before you know what the Catholic priest accepted Islam

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my wife and I accepted Islam. Then later my father accepting Islam but then other things started happening. Our business down by Mexico went bad and somebody ripped off all our stuff. Stoller things, I had a brand new suburban, it disappeared with the paperwork in it. And I couldn't trace it, because I hadn't filed it yet. It was totally a strange thing. Many things. I'm telling you this story as we're going along, going, what happened? What happened? He's going wow, wow, whoa, wow.

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Then we came up to junction in the road. And this road, it comes into

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Texas from Oklahoma splits in one part goes to Fort Worth, Texas, the other part goes to Dallas, I need to go to Fort Worth, he needs to go to Dallas. There's a truck stop. I'll get out there. He said Do you mind?

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Really? He said I just want to hear the end of this story. Do you mind if I just go ahead and take you to Fort Worth? So I can hear the rest of it.

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Again, I have to check my schedule. But it turns out, there's this opening and we can go. And I'm still thinking what is this real? And as you're going along and I turn the rest of the story and he's gone.

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And all that because you came to a slam? I said, I don't know what else to say. He said that is beautiful.

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It's Excuse me.

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What part of the story did I miss? Well, I was telling it.

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He said because he said you know what? He said, I'm a Reformed Church of Latter Day Saints, Mormon. And he said and really, I'm fed up with my religion.

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And what you told me about Islam, it sounds amazing.

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So all he really heard me talking about was the tell he'd was the answers to the questions that alone gives you is when you come to Islam, the answers are there.

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But the incidentals that take place in your life, well, what are the things that happen in your life? So what? Well, the main thing is, you know, there's a law.

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And you know, everything comes from a law, it's all going back to Alon, you've got the real hard evidence, there really is God.

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And that's one of the beauties of Islam. Your heart is in peace because you know, it's all from Allah. He said, so all of this is from Allah said, Well, yeah, he said, That's beautiful.

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How can I knew more about this religion?

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Well, I said, you know, there's some guys I'm staying with right now. I didn't even have a house anymore. I didn't have any clothes anymore. And so I don't want to stand in this house. Come on, let's go over here. And we got there and the brothers weren't back yet. They were demolished it but they left food cooking. So the food was all on the stove. And we went in, served him up the food. We sat there enjoyed a meal together. He said, Well, I really have to go. You have any pamphlets or anything about this religion? I said, I don't really know what to tell you. But I saw some things laying there from whammy. You heard the network jalala manageable Islam. Yeah. Well, that's my first

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exposure to those kind of pamphlets. So I gave him some of those. And he said, You know, I'm gonna really look into this because this really sounds like something for me, and I sure do. Thank you. I really appreciate it.

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And by the way, he was at least 60 miles out of the way from where he needed to be. But he brought me right to the house. And there was a meal waiting for me a meal hot meal waiting for me. Now, I didn't know that was gonna happen

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a few hours before I was standing out in the snow and the ice, huh. And now here I am a nice warm house got food to eat? And what a lovely ride I had. And maybe he made shot, I don't know. But if he did, maybe alone will even count that as may give an effort to somebody to get to Islam.

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Now, in this story, I just told you, did you see any beauty there?

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Or did you just say, Oh, this guy had a hard day and it was really a lot of problems in blah, blah, blah.

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What if I had not been there?

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What if I had not been there?

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And the man fell asleep and had an accident and died and never got to Islam?

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What if Now, that's not the color of a lot. This is the way a lot wanted it to happen. It happened to coordinates man, I'm just showing you though. If you change anything in the laws plan, weird things would happen. A law knows what's best.

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And if you said, well, somebody died, how could it get worse than that? Worse, they couldn't live?

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Because maybe they died on the future. Maybe they died as a Muslim?

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Or maybe they died and because of their death, other people will get to Islam. Or at least other people won't leave Islam. You don't know and I don't know.

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It's up to him.

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Isn't it?

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The non believer is one that has a problem. Muslims really don't have that problem. You get upset, you know, some my dad died and and he did die. But you know what, because I was Muslim. I understood it. And I cried By the way,

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but it wasn't like the kind of crying that would have been when I was not Muslim. You know, oh, why am I bother? why this happened to me? No. It was crying like this. I was crying out of happiness that at least he became Muslim before he died.

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Crying out of happiness, because I know although I'll miss him for a while. We can be reunited in general together.

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And crying also because I know that this is Qatar of a law and all of us. We're going to come to this sometime. And by the way, the prophet SAW Salaam Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. When his son died and he was holding him. He cried. They said, even you're crying. And he said all of us we have our moment of this. We have finished we're humans. Oh yes. You can grow

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everything that you want to know about your life.

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Life in general or your life in particular is in Islam.

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Do you like to know how you're created?

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And what's going to be your ultimate and in this earth? Do you want to know it's easy?

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said in the Quran? The very first words he told you is Milan.

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Similar mon Rahim

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ikura this mirrabooka ledee Holla

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Holla insana min Allah.

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here Allah is saying and these are the first words reveal, recite in the name of your Lord the one who is the creator created the human beings from an Allah.

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And Allah is what today you can ask anybody? It's in embryology not the Yeah, it's that little tiny thing that you can't even see with your eye. But it clings to the wall of the uterus inside of the mother and it forms a blood clot and it shaped like that little worm looking thing or leech that they have down in South America. And by the way, all three of those things are Allah, Allah, Allah.

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And Allah have described it before people had microscopes. Before people even knew that human beings didn't start out as little teeny people that just grew up big inside of their mother.

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And a lot of described all the trimesters that are described all the shape being in shape and out of shape, like a chewed lump. All of the things that allow speaks about of you being created are in the Koran.

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And then your final outcome where you'll be, he tells you everything along the way, but the ultimate is kulu knifes and diecut. tomo. Every soul will taste death. Yeah. Wow. What do you want to know? Do you want to know about the creation of a lion he tells you about the universe. Do you want to know

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About the earth and he talks about the Earth and the Sun and the Moon. It's all there. Were in the Quran the speech of Allah.

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What? How much proof do you need?

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What does it take for you to catch it? He's given you everything. There's the owner's manual, not only for the human being but the entire universe, what do you want to know what you need to know? It's there.

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It's there.

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But the most important thing of all, is to know that you can communicate directly with him and you do not need an intercessor you don't need to go through a human being

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or an animal

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or a piece of wood or a statue. But you can use your heart and communicate directly with him anytime you want to.

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Isn't that a beauty of Islam

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and the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him he told us an amazing thing.

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Again, with this same thing, the same focus

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ajeeb amazing is the condition

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of the believer,

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because only good happens to them.

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When anything good comes their way they make shocker. Thank you to Allah.

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But any difficulty any fitness major calamity comes their way.

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They make supper, which is to be persevering, steadfast,

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and it's all good for them. He said, but only in the case of the believer. Only in the case of who a believer

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that's the beauty of Islam.