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AI: Summary © The French government is making efforts to fight COVID-19, including a concerted effort to ban garments in public schools and a new law on Bed taxes. Some Christian pastors are also speaking on the topic of being too modest, and some are promoting the use of a free copy of the qwatch website. The French government is also implementing a new law on high speed trains and at the airport, but schools need to be a sanctuary for secularism. The segment ends with a promotion for a free copy of the qwatch and a website for finding a free copy.
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Now abayas are a long loose fitting full length robe and they are typically but not exclusively worn by some Muslim Muslim women skin crawling videos show bedbugs crawling over seats on trains and buses in Paris as France battles an invasion of the insects and you dress modestly for the glory of God everywhere you go. Salaam aleikum, greetings and peace. How are you guys doing? Welcome welcome. I got some very interesting news for us. Video footage shared online shows the insects crawling over seats on the Paris Metro and high speed trains and at Paris's Charles de Gaulle Airport as well as appearing in huge numbers in cinemas and hospitals. The French government has launched a concerted

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effort to fight the bedbug invasion, with Transport Minister Clement bone stating on X that he was convening representatives from public transport operators next week to inform them about countermeasures and how to do more for the protection of travelers.

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In our country, I'm not talking to you right now. You're a solo you're trying to build a data center here, Islam is fine.

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Scribe if you have not already hit that notification bell if you've benefited from our programs in a past present, and God willing, you will also in the future so not to miss any of the programs coming out. Make sure you subscribe. Very interesting story source here says Daily Mail French citizens advise to cover their bodies to protect from recent bedbug outbreak in Paris the French government has launched a concerted effort to fight bedbugs which have appeared in huge numbers on public transport, in cinemas and in hospitals. Video footage shared on large shows the insects crawling over seats on the Paris Metro on high speed trains and at Paris's Charlie's de Galicia airport.

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Professionals are advising citizens to cover their bodies to protect their skin from being bitten by bedbugs despite banning garments. Cya simply means the loose fitting clothing out and in France right now because of the law that bans any ostentatious display of religion. The Education Minister of France says that schools need to be a sanctuary for secularism. However, these garments while they're very popular and commonplace in a lot of Gulf states, Muslim countries, many say they're not explicitly Muslim and that therefore this this law is being abused and taken out of context. As you guys know, recently, not too long ago was all over the news. The headlines were and are reading

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French court upholds the Baia ban in public schools now we're nicely I just want you guys to replace a buy it with loose fitting clothing. So let's repeat that these headlines again. French court upholds loose clothing ban in public schools are the reports read such as French schools turn away girls wearing loose clothing at as Muslim Rights Group challenge bands. So that was the issue that came up. And now recently so before it was the loose fitting clothing bed so basically, what France is doing is if a woman if a if a girl is wearing a loose fitting clothing because there are conditions to what's called the hijab, this makes it easier for women so it's just a dress loose

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clothing that goes like this rather than like this Okay, so what's the difference? clothing that's worn that goes like this, it doesn't reveal the shape of her body. It's not see through or transparent sluice fitting. So that's pretty much what the fuss was about. Women who want to dress in modest apparel, they don't want to be googly eyed. They don't want men staring at that staring them down, sexual gazes at at them. They want to observe a modest dress code that sort of day by the Creator of the heavens and earth god Allah. And now they're being given a very hard time because of this. We're legislation is being passed you

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And now this starts to come out where French citizens are advised to cover their bodies to protect from bedbug outbreak in Paris while banning a by loose clothing in schools. Very interesting. I want to hear your guys thoughts. What are you guys thinking here, when you hear this? So while we're on this topic of modesty, which for a Muslim woman, a God conscious woman is something that is extremely important. This is something that obviously, it goes for men also a man should be modest in his behavior and his character. But here we're particularly talking about the Muslim woman, one who has chosen to submit her will to the crater that happens an earth that's what a Muslim is. You

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can't walk out of this building. You can't go anywhere in public and not see flesh. *. seductress is dressing to appeal, dressing to look good. You know what I'm talking about. And short and low. And here are men who want to live right.

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men that want to be holy, they got nowhere to turn, because in a 360 degree circle, it's everywhere.

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But the problem is, is that they have to see it in church, though man aura have to fight that in church. And it's interesting now with this note will end but seeing many Christian pastors who are also speaking on this, who are fed up,

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ladies, girls, when you get up to get dressed, to come to church, you ought not to come here to show off late your legs. And if you're constantly having to fight to stay decent, you got the Wat wrong, war drove on. And not just for church, but for anywhere else with some of the indecency that they're seeing in the churches and outside the churches of people who also call themselves Christians. And let's hear what some of these Christian pastors are saying. Where we also co in line with, because most of women follow the example of the one of the best women to walk the earth is Jesus's mother peace be upon him and her they were the exemplar characters that Muslims also love and revere. As

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you know, no Muslim is a Muslim unless he or she loves Jesus peace be upon him. And his Blessed Mother, who women, Muslim woman, you'll see them imitating in the loose fitting clothing, the hijab, the proper dress code. So it's very interesting also to see these Christian pastors in line, because we have a lot in common and this is one of those things. So let's go ahead and with that, check this out your questions, you have so called Christian celebrities that look like this.

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You have some first lady in churches, Pastor wives, you look like this.

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You let your children go like this. You let many of the mothers in the church like this, you go to so called Christian concerts, and the women look like this.

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The Bible says in like manner, oh, like men also, women adore themselves and modest affair is so modest

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about this. That was very interesting to see that also coming from the Christian pastor, so let me know what you think in the comments below. Going from the banning of the loose fitting clothing and France to the bedbugs and fans. Let me know your thoughts. Let me know your reaction to this. What do you guys think? And we'll see you next time here to D show. Don't forget, if you've benefited from this, subscribe, hit that notification bell. We'll see you next time until then Peace be with you. I said I want to come over very good friend of mine, brother Eddie from the deen show, who I've known for a number of years from the very beginning. When he started I was among his early guests.

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And mashallah our brother Eddie has been very active in promoting Dawa, spreading the message of Islam and he has now taken everything to the next level. Eddie has now after a number of years on the deen show taken the Dawa efforts to the next level, which is that of establishing a Dawa center for the USA. He is about to launch it in its fullness but it has already started in Florida and he needs your support. This is an effort which began already some months back and they need your support for spreading the message of Islam in the USA. So my brothers and sisters reach out to support him we need your support. Now

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I cannot leave without giving you a gift if you're not

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Get Muslim and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking about, and you'd like a free copy of the Quran. Go and visit the deen We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you. And if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time until then, Peace be with you as salaam alaikum

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