Adnan Rashid – The Father & Son Podcast #4 – Masjid al-Nabawi Special

Adnan Rashid
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As Salam alikoum Allah Tala, you're welcome to the brothers and sisters as you guys can see from the background, mashallah, we're in a very, very beautiful Mejlis setting. Probably the best of my journalists are in Michigan, Michigan, Neverwet hamdulillah him Medina. And the group of prophets of Salaam is behind us. A cupola is this way. As I was saying in the masjid, it's

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10 to 3am. So it's a very relaxed time to do this on the law.

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aamra So we've completed on the law on the law. So just to remind everyone, this is our father and son podcast taking place in much of the novel way. And we decided to do it here. They couldn't they couldn't be a better place of hamdulillah other than the Masjid Al haram itself. A lot of this place is absolutely amazing. So we decided to do our podcast in much of the novel we write here today because we happen to be together in Medina Alhamdulillah. So we will have Amara and after Amara. We came to Washington Napoli and Musa decided that we want to talk about our experience with Omar Yeah, definitely. I think Amara is I mean, obviously it is the some of the automotive actually believe

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Amara is obligated by some of the scholars actually believe Alma is obligated amongst them the chef is they believe, Amara is on obligation, just like Hodges right. And even if you don't believe its obligations are very, very important thing to do. You know, it's what is known as the lesser pilgrimage, the lesser Hajj and when people come on camera gives gives them a taste gives them an experience, there's a lot of people that haven't been on camera yet.

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And, you know, perhaps we thought our experiences would be good to discuss it. So obviously flying in now, usually what the experience is likely to be flying from wherever. So I flew in the UK,

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you fly in, and you have to get into a headlamp. Okay, and obviously, we won't get into every single detail and stuff like that. Right. But, you know, one of the things that some people may struggle with is, you know, the whole concept of the alarm. So the alarm is the intention, essentially, that you're making for going into, you know, a specific state of the intention that you're making for no smoke for you know, doing Hajj or Umrah, etc. And going into the state of your farm is a state and in that state, there are certain things that you can't do. So for example, for men, you know, covering your head, right? You can't do that. Actually getting into a marriage contract, you know,

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and there's other things are shaving your head clipping your nails. Yeah, having hair and sexual activity when when your wives Yeah, things like that. So you have to get into the meat caught. It's a specific location, there's five of them, okay.

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And you get him you know, even if you're parallel with one of them, then you make the intention for Hajj or Umrah. You say Allah Baker Lacombe, hombre de cologne, Muhammad said, etc. And then you're in the state.

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And then now you perform all of the things you do the love, you do say which is suffering Mattawa. And then you finish off your formula by either shaving your head or cutting your hair for women. They cut they shorten their hair. It's an amazing experience. I mean, discuss your experience. You flew in very quickly. Yes. And you've done something to be honest with with you that most people don't do. Yeah. Okay. Which is that you flew in straight away. Yeah, quickly when Daniel hombre de you in Medina. Yes. Absolutely. So I landed in the evening in Jeddah and I took a taxi from the airport. I was already in the State of Iran because when I boarded the plane I put on the Haram

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basically haram also constitutes two pieces of cloth. Okay, one to cover your

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waistline and the other one for you to wear on top. So there are these are two unsewn

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pieces of cloth What are you white pieces, they have to be white. And basically the idea is to bring you down to earth you have to humble yourself in front of Allah subhanaw taala your creator you could be a billionaire you could be a general you can be a king, you could be like anyone Okay, whether you are a king or or a street vendor or a vegetable seller, you know you are all equal and in front of Allah so you have to come into pieces of cloth to his house house with full humility. So I put on the Haram from Dubai airport and then I made my near mid air when they announced that we are now passing from the car so that's what they do Yeah. People know when you're when you're when

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you're coming on any of the airlines Emirates Saudi they know it because also the pilot will tell you or they will make an announcement but we're now passing over the meat caught. So make your intentions now basically make art is the boundary where you have to have to actually make your intention for all

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or hudge in this case, it was ombre. So I made my intention for hombre made here and then we landed at Jeddah then I took a taxi basically costed me like 100 riyals 20 pounds by 20 pounds 30 pounds 20 $30 Okay, so I was in Makkah within an hour, and then I went straight to haram hamdulillah after dropping my luggage as long as what to do, because well wait outside for, I think two hours. I think it was two hours. Yeah. So basically I did seven pull off around the Kaaba, then I did my two novels behind Mohammed Ibrahim, and then I went to masa basically to do my Safa and Marwa Sivan miroir. To mountains why do we do this? Basically this is to commemorate the sincerity and the dedication and,

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and in the love of harder for her family and Allah subhanaw taala because she ran between someone Marva looking for water when her son Ismail Ali Salam was dying of thirst. So Allah subhanaw taala. Despite her difficulties and challenges, she did not complain about it. And she was simply looking for water. Allah loved that action so much that Allah made it mandatory for all Muslims until the day of judgment to repeat that action. Between Sofia and Marvin we make plenty of dollars we pray to remove calamities to bless us Oh Allah we pray to Allah subhanaw taala for a number of blessings. There are so many doors you can make during these rituals. So within two hours it was done it was

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very easy then I went to the barber they are already outside the Haram doing the video for you and mashallah they drag you to the shops and then they shave your heads. Which is for like 10 yards. Okay. Tender ologies like two pounds to three pounds maximum. Okay, so you pay them and they shave your head. And that's it. You're done. So

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you can finish ombre within two hours. Definitely. Yeah, definitely. It's an absolutely amazing experience, brother, sister, those of you who have the money and you still thinking about it, stop thinking about it. Visit the house of Allah subhanaw taala is a huge blessing, bring your families or bring your children here or there, let them see. And they will have a sense of attachment to Allah subhanaw taala and to the deen of Islam and bring them to Michigan number week so they can have a sense of attachment to the Messenger of Allah salAllahu Salam and they can have love for the Prophet salallahu Salam you know Allah you cannot have enough of these places. Once you come here,

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you will see why we are advising you to come here. You know, there is no feeling like there is so much tranquility there is so much you know, there is there is there is some spiritual energy here in this place. Okay, I'm not only talking about Medina, I'm talking about Makkah. There is a sense of spiritual, uplifting, that you can only feel in that place in Masjidul haram in in that holy century with the Kaaba right in the middle of when you do the door of around the Kaaba, you know, there is no feeling like if you're concentrating if you have kazoo because, you know what, off is Salah, a powerful Salah Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said in one of the authentic reports that are off is

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actually prayer. It's like a Salah. Okay, so you have to be in a state of blue while you making power and there is no feeling like it so you can make different bars you can pray to a lot of Managua Ramadan for Sona while on top of Atlanta, or hamdulillah and Hakuna the middle for serene, or Allah we oppressed our souls and if you did not forgive us, then we will be the losers. Okay, or between broken Yamani one of the corners of the cover and huddle password. Another corner of the club between these two corners you can pair up Bernard duniya Hasina Avila Hera to Hasakah but not okay. Oh, Allah, give us the best of this life and the best of the hereafter. Okay, and save us from

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the fire of *. Yeah, so And the thing is, a lot of people do is I never really understood this. I never understood why people I mean, maybe you can guess why like, Why do you think most people in most groups when they bring people for Argent formula? They usually go to Mecca first. Sorry so they usually go to Medina first and then go maca rock and then go home from Mecca. Right? For me. That never made sense because for me and that's why I don't opposite way. Which is go into your camera first, which is you know, maybe the challenging part and then just come in with accent within. Exactly. No. Absolutely. Why do you think most groups do the opposite? I think there is a reason and

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are some of the brothers here some of the students in my in my personal assessment is that they don't want to land them in the middle of hardship. Because Amara is a bit of hardship.

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During the life around the cover, it can be some hardship, and then Safa and Marwah. You know going between the

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used to mountain seven times.

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Basically one run is one time then from miroir to serveis. Another time and then from Safa. Tomorrow is another time. So you have to go up and down seven times. So it can be hard for some people, you know,

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is definitely is directly linked to the answer you gave and it's actually that a lot of people find it difficult to be going to run on the plane.

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Okay, and they're saying that we want the people to come Medina first relax, yeah, settle down and then go and do homework. Yes. I mean, if you want to do that, you can do that. But for me personally, I just think, yeah, yeah, do it and then come within and you start you start with the the highest reward. Okay, no doubt the highest reward is Makkah. Masjid Al haram, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, the prayer in mustard haram, with Jamar with with congregation is equal to 100,000 prayers. And a prayer in much of the number of you where we sit right now is equal to 1000 prayers and pray in muscle OXA in Jerusalem is equal to 500 prayers. So this is a Hadith of the

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policy. So you start with the best you go to the best first or the highest reward, which is Maka karma. The holiest sanctuary in Islam, the holiest place in Islam is maca. So you start with Monica, okay. And you go through that hardship whatever it is, depending on how many people are in the Haram at the time. And then when you when you finish from your ombre. Then you can come to Medina and Medina is very relaxed by the way, even though it's so busy. You don't feel the hardship you feel normally Makkah you know, Medina is just like Subhan Allah is very, very spiritually, uplifting. Absolutely amazing. You know it, it has a very beautiful feeling about it. By the way in Makkah

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while you're there, you can do ombre multiple times. So the first time around is obviously when you come from the airport straight to the harem, you do your camera, but then you can actually go out the next day if you want to muster the Orisha which is the closest McCard boundaries Namaka you make the near again, put on the Haram again, and then come back into Makkah and do another camera. So you can do multiple cameras in Makkah, depending on how long you're there for. So you can do multiple cameras. But if you come in the first time, it's probably best to just do one. Yeah, you might overwork yourself. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Absolutely. Some people they've never been here before

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they have the money. They have the ability they should definitely come you know it's not about being practicing or non practicing. It's about having respect for Allah having honor for honor Allah subhanaw taala with your money and your money on your spiritual uplifting it's a life changing journey. Many people they mentioned this is a life changing, changing journey for them. And you know, let's be honest Hogenakkal is really expensive is extremely proper expensive. Now, some of the I think the minimum order Yeah, I think now the minimum from the UK I don't think it's like 10 to 1000 pounds, you know that now there's a lot of money Yes, the minimum and a lot of people don't

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afford can't afford it. aamra you can come for 1500 pounds, yep, 1500 pounds, 1000 pounds, depending on which hotels, what hotels you choose to stay in there are good hotels, they can be expensive. But if you choose like middle of the road kind of hotel then you know they are relatively affordable. Okay? And you know this mentality people have that I'm going to go for Umrah when I'm older. Let me do all my shenanigans do this and that and then when I want to change okay when I'm older when I'm elderly than I'm going to do for go for Hajj Umrah. This is absolutely wrong. And

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you're missing out big time. You shouldn't be here when you're young, okay? And you don't have to become one of the only of Allah overnight, okay, you're not going to change overnight, but at least give yourself that chance to have an attachment with Allah subhanaw taala okay, if you if you are a sinner, if you commit sins, that doesn't mean that this place is close to you. In fact, if anything sinners would benefit him more than then so called saints you know why? You know why? Because sinners need this place more than anyone else because when you come here, you realize how much you're missing in your life. You know, how much charm how much beauty how much spiritual, uplifting

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you are, you have been, you have been lacking you have how much you need, align your life, how much you need, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as a guide in your life. You know, this is why you really need to come here, you have to come here, but I also advise before you decide to come here with your family or yourself alone. Start with yourself. Okay, if you can't bring your families just catch a flight to Jeddah or Dubai and it's a very short flight it's very easy to Saudi Arabia, long flight Come on guys. You know you can easily most people in the UK can afford 1000 pounds 1500 Come here. Experience the journey experience the the presence here in this place for Allah He is absolutely

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amazing mind blowing, you know, one advice that we should definitely give them to people who

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Want to come? It's make sure you learn what you need to do before you come. You know I actually had like multiple maybe this will have a bed or something multiple Arab aunties came up to me and I don't know if I asked him if it was, yeah, like, for example Safa and Marwah. One of the out of Auntie's she came and she asked me she, she's speaking to me. She said, Do I have to go 14 times or is it how is this panel and I said, I said to him in Safa, Marwah, Adamawa

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and then etc. And then I said from marijuana to sulfur, etc,

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having him model our header, etc. This is one go,

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you know, and how to explain that. Right? And it's not a problem. I have no problem doing that. But you should kind of know this before you guys get to basic reading basic reading, where does it all start from? The off starts from hijra, last word, in front of hydro, hydro, last word, you raise your hand and you say Bismillah.

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And then your first circle starts. So you keep counting. Okay? So when you complete the seventh circle, that's done. Okay. Have done that. You go behind Muqaam Ibrahim, you pray to God. And then after having prayed to God, you go straight to Messiah, which is basically Safa and Marwa, okay and this is it's very easy, it's very, very simple. It's literally, you know, very, very simple thing to do. And brothers and sisters, look, we're here. I'm gonna show you the number we we thought we'll make this about Amara

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food, a food I mean, look on a food level.

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Just to quickly discuss it. If you guys like your fast food, you're gonna love it here. But I'll be honest with you, I'll be very honest with you after one week of McDonald's on hotties you're gonna feel sick. Yes, you're actually gonna start feeling sick. I'm probably gonna get McDonald's off to the right. Start with junk food. You know, yeah, and then you can try some of the local places right outside the hub as soon as you come out of the hub. You will see McDonald's in front of you use the Hardee's you'll see KFC you have all these options there but then there are other local options Arabic options for example Monday he said the reason I'm mentioning as well as that don't You don't

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always only have to see it as an of course it's an act of worship the reason you're coming here but also like a lot of people they save money for holidays when we go Maldives I want to go to buy I want to go here this is a great thing to do even with your wife you know you come here stay in the best hotel stay nice hotel you know go around in Medina there's a lot of things to do you know, because we've been here for a few days we've been relaxing etc we actually this trip was was quite long. So today we went out to a more relaxed in the mall. Check it out check that the shops you can do that when you get some time buy perfumes that gold is very cheap air cold is extremely cheap

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basis. There's plenty of gold in gold markets. So you can there's a lot of

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absolutes a lot of things to do. And you go you can see a hot, you know, yeah, we were there. We went to office mount. That was an amazing experience. We saw Jebel Rama as well where the Prime Minister Salam placed or deployed 50 of his archers, the Sahaba and we know the story, how they left the position with the video maternal release things.

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So please check out this video on Musa channel that we made. And yes, that's a very important video, it will give you some perspective into the battle of inshallah Tada. Okay, and what you can see behind us is the new

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basically, construction of much of the novel, when I'm saying New, that doesn't mean very, very recent. But it's it's basically it was made during the reign of King Fahad I'm actually not sure I don't Yeah, I'm pretty I'm pretty sure this this part was made during the reign of King Fahd about 2030 years ago. To be precise reason it looks very recent. It's been it's been well kept. The place is being taken care of. I've seen cleaners working nonstop DNA, they've seen them behind us. Yeah, exactly. They're gonna start over over now maybe we will hear the sound as well very soon. So we want to end this

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podcast. This was a relaxed one. This is a relaxed one. It's a motivational one you know, come formula come in. All our podcasts will be relaxed once I mean they all relaxed. Okay. There is nothing else to discuss at this stage. I'm going to Turkey. Okay, in November with Halal Everyone, please go and check out Halal I'm going to Turkey on a history tour. With a group of people you're most welcome to join. Please check out Halal Okay, you'll see the options that is an option but Turkey is an option for Spain coming in December. Okay Islamic Spain, londolozi, some doing history tours to teach history to

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Our youngsters, our brothers and sisters, those who are interested to check out again, hello getaways. The dates for Turkey tour are 20th to the 25th of November. Okay, you have plenty of time to organize yourselves, but it's best to book early so that we can book your spaces with flights and hotels. Okay? So check out the tour is very important. By the way, the old part I don't know if you can see behind me machines another week. The old part, the Ottoman part is directly behind us. Okay. I don't know if you can see it, because the new part covers it somewhat just okay. The lights in the distance. Yeah. And that pot has been kept as as it is. It was last it was built by was by the

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Ottomans. The Ottomans basically painted the dome on top of the prophets cover Mubarak green, okay. And the pillars are all the architecture is pretty old. If you look at it, you know, it's all so it has been kept in its original form. The rest has been basically you know, due to the expansion, the Haram took a lot of space around machinery, the old machines now we now must have Nabis massive, it's very, very big. We really want you guys to come and visit okay, this is an experience you will not regret seriously. Okay, you have in mind if you love Islam, this is one thing you have to do in your life. Especially when you have the money lying around in your bank account and you're just

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chilling you're just watching football matches, you're paying a lot of money for football matches and all that we would rather spend that money here. Come with your families and visit the house of Allah subhanaw taala in Makkah and Medina and then you will see how your lives change anything else moves some of the soul bones were here three, relaxing mushy, the lovely inshallah do come down. And make sure to subscribe if you haven't already, inshallah. And we'll see you in the upcoming summer I'm gonna go to Africa.

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