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-- The importance of learning from the past and avoiding wasting one's own lives is emphasized. The need for individuals to show unity and show their differences of opinion in public is emphasized, and the importance of avoiding mistakes and showing one's differences of opinion in public is emphasized. The importance of learning from the past and avoiding wasting one's own lives is emphasized, and the need for individuals to show their differences of opinion in public is emphasized. The importance of avoiding mistakes and showing one's differences of opinion in public is emphasized.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shadowfell MBA well mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Haile he while he was seldom at the Sleeman, kathira and kathira. My brothers and sisters, we continue with our class on the

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life of Musa alayhis salam and his people, the money Israel, and what they did and the lessons that we can learn and should learn from this beautiful story. The purpose Allah Serrano data

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tells us these beautiful stories of Zambia, Lima, Sarah, and those people is so that we can learn from that, and we can

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avoid the pitfalls and the traps, and the deception of shaitan that grasps those people, because we will be forewarned, to be forewarned is to be forearmed, which means that we don't have to suffer the difficulties that they suffered.

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I remember I said venue that Allah subhanaw taala told us, Zara has other kilbirnie well Buhari BMR cassava ad nasci luzia combine ella yamu La La Jolla, June Allah subhana wa Taala said which means one of the room that the trials tribulations, difficulties, calamities, sicknesses, pandemics, you name it, all of these difficulties that happen or come on to people are the result of their own deeds because of the deeds that come out from their hands.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala allows this to happen and Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah permits it to happen so that those people may get a taste of the

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of what they have done, a taste of the punishment that awaits them, unless they return towards Allah Subhana Allah. So the fact that we suffer from these calamities is not a sign of the

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anger of Allah subhanho wa Taala and his punishment, but it's a sign of His mercy and grace, that he allows this to happen so that we can think and we can return to Allah subhanho data. The key thing to do is to ask ourselves, why is this happening? Because it is our belief that nothing happens without the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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whatever Allah Subhana Allah wants will happen what he doesn't want will not happen no matter what no matter what anyone else may want or not want.

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So if we as believers as Muslims are in difficulties, if we have oppressors loaded onto our heads and shoulders, if we are enslaved,

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if we are in difficulties, then there is a reason why that is so and that reason is our own deeds. And this is what the story of masala salami The money is right also teaches us Why did the bunnies that I will have to wander in the desert for 40 years because of their deeds because they refused to enter the Holy Land which I love to hang out with and again

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so they brought difficulties on themselves and this is the law of Allah subhanaw taala whether it is money is right or when he's right or anybody, the same rule applies, because this is the law of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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musala Salah had left horn relay Salaam,

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there when he went to,

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to the to the mountain to tour on the hook of Allah subhanho wa Taala to make ethical up there and to form lots of hydrotherapy to speak to him. And that is where he was given the Torah. And this was

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by the grace and by the by the hadith of Allah subhanaw taala. This was etched on two stone tablets and Musa salam, the left Hardaway Salaam in charge of the money side.

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So when he came and I looked around and I told him before he came down from there, it was not a shock to him. And I told him already that this is what your people are doing your people have started worshipping a calf which they have created. Now imagine for most allyssa this will be something which is unimaginable and real is being streamed even for me. I mean today it is unimaginable I mean I asked one of my good friends was a rabbi asked what do you guys say about this? And he said Really? We have no answer. Why?

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People do that, because they saw the holdout of Allah this they saw the creation of this other power and majesty of of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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in the exodus in the, in the saving of the money Israel from, from Egypt from the route and crossing the sea and so on. So what they saw they multiple times and they were in, you know, they saw the power of a loss of habitat, and yet they

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fell into this trap of samory and where he got them to melt all the gold that they had taken from the people of Iran, which they had, you know,

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whether we should just hold on or what but anyway, they took it from there. So they were feeling guilty about his gold that they had carried away from from Egypt when they came. So somebody told them you know, give it all baby, we melt it and we make a an idol with this and then somebody had some

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dusters on sand from where Jubilee Salam had stood. And he threw that into the, into that melting pot. And this scarf which was created us to make some kind of a sound. And so this was very miraculous for those people. And they started worshipping the cup, right, amazing, you know, upside down thinking they were feeling guilty about having taken the gold from the Egyptian people who are destroyed by Allah subhanaw taala but they didn't feel guilty about ship. I mean, why do you think we're thinking about design I'm not saying that they're taking the gold was a good thing. But if they were guilty about that, how much more guilty should have should they have been about committing

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ship, which is obviously a far bigger crime than anything else.

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But that's how the, the shaitaan deceives us and makes us see things in a different light. For example, people are, there are people who are very particular about Salah Mashallah Angela is very good. They will pray all the five Salawat in the masjid and they will donate to the masjid. And they will do, they will be the first people in doing a lot of good work. But they will go and worship at griffes and Mohammed dargahs. They will make some new there, they will make some off of the grave and they stand there and they ask the person in the grave to make draw for them. I mean, incredibly, you really have to ask yourself, what is happening to these people? I mean, don't they have any

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intelligence at all and what is wrong with them? That they don't understand that they are committing open ship, they are ascribing to a human being and that also a dead human being are the qualities which belong only to Allah subhanaw taala. They are ascribing to that person, abilities and power and forethought and glory which belong only to last for hundreds. And this is the essence of shame. This is the arsenal of ships. This is pure ship.

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Open ship, right?

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Why does the user know everything? What is it here is somebody who's worshipping it's not as if there's someone who doesn't watch this person worships Allah subhanho wa Taala

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you know, for in any in all sincerity. This person means worships Allah subhana wa tada in the masjid, all of that, and yet they do this. So really, if you think about this, you know, this is what shaitana Satan deceives us And may Allah subhanaw taala save us from shatter and from his deception. So this is what they did now. hardily Salah was in charge. And so Musa when he came

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he said that the the news is not the same as witnessing something. Yeah. So even though he

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knew that this is what they were doing, when he actually given saw them his other conference, these other worship that they were doing, Moses and I was so totally shocked and so outraged that he was holding these Anwar The,

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the slates, the tablets in his hand, and he just threw them.

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Now, you know, to think about that, and how, how much of a

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shock it must have been for Musa alayhis salam that he had to, you know, he, he threw away those tablets there anyway. So the the longevity of it is that at the end of at the end of that Mozart is alarmed then

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he got hold of his brother, hollywood harmonies.

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And he said, You broke your promise to me. He said, you adore me that you will take care of these people or how come you didn't, you didn't stop them. Right.

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Now, when Israel blamed somebody, they blame somebody else for their for their sins. And this is a sign of slave of a slavish mentality, that we never accept ownership.

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For what our what our needs are, that's why we are condemned to live in that state forever because the only way that you can change something is if you own it. And if you refuse to honor it, then you cannot change it. And that's, that's, that is the, the curse of, of slavery. So when Moses wrote that I mentioned was that Islam grabbed him by a year by his beard, and His hair

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was very, very angry. So has said, Oh, my son of my mother, let go of my hair. My beard was poor man. He was.

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He was he was afraid.

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he asked me to he demanded, he said, How did you allow this to happen? and harmless, and I've said, Look, I, when I,

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I asked them, and I told them,

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that what they were doing was wrong, then they threatened to kill him, to kill me. And so he said, I,

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I was,

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you know, I was afraid that they would kill me. And also I was afraid that this would bring more division among them. Now think about this also.

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Musa Salam when he grabbed hold of harmless, harmless and told him to let go of my beard and hair, and so on, and do not allow our enemies to rejoice. Now this is

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so important abuse, a beautiful lesson is also of the importance of not showing, not displaying your st laugh, not display, displaying your difference of opinion.

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Which you have with your own inner circle with your own group, with your own

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team members with your own, with your own friends and family, not displaying this in public, this is a good lesson for us. So if you have a difference of opinion, then do that internally do it in a place where you are private, and where other people can't see you. Because people have fun with this thing they for them, this is you know, this is a news. So they will talk about it, they will gossip about it, and so on and so forth. And those who are your enemies will rejoice in it. So never display your difference of opinion. If you have a difference of opinion with somebody who's close to you, one of your team members and so on. Let your face out or face always show unity inshallah. And

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of course, you can have a difference of opinion. Allah subhanaw taala did not stop us from differing in opinion, but

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that is different from opposition and it will different from breaking relationships. That is what Allah subhanaw taala forbade us, he said, Dr. lifou, Allah Allah said that the federal law did not say that unless a law where does he movie how many let me follow when I said hold on to the rope of Allah subhanaw taala together and do not create divisions among one another, do not break apart do not fall apart, do not allow divisions to happen. Allah did not say that we did not say do not have a terrible right to have a difference of opinion is permissible. It just shows that people are that you are thinking

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you know that you are still thinking that you Your brain is functioning that you are committed that your your your, you are interested in the benefit of, of the of the issue or the situation. So hamdulillah there's no problem with deferring. But there's a problem with breaking up. So here was Ali salam, as I was saying to him, don't show this because

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people will rejoice. Second thing is now was it set up divided for him? Why did you not stop them? It's a reasonable thing was around the demand was not unreasonable. That is what how Elisa law has been set for has been lifted rules, but hadn't really said I'm doing the reason I did I did tell that was not as if I never told you I told them I tried to insist on it. But the reason I then did not insist even more is because then it was possible that they will be polarity they would possible that I would get the whole people when he said I would split up and they will be polar polarization or polarity polarization between some people following me some people falling salary and it would

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have created a bigger filter. So one of the rules in terms of preventing monka monka is to ensure that the way you do that does not result in a beer bunker.

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How many times people do this people are very quick and

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quick too quick to point out mistakes and quick to

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to in the name of one car in the name of preventing evil

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And this is good hamdulillah we should point out if there is a mistake, there is something wrong happening. But the way they do that sometimes it is so bad, that instead of focusing on the, on the Moncure, you get completely distracted with the way in which this person is speaking today. You know, it's a common thing, people make videos on YouTube, criticizing this chef or that shape, or this animal that, and the way they do that, even when what they are saying is true and correct. And even when they are producing the evidence to support their statements. The way they do that is many people use it, they turn it into like a stand up comedy, right?

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Which is really disrespectful of the color of Allah, and of the evidence that they themselves are producing, but they don't seem to understand that, and they make, they make so much fun and dance and, and, you know, play acting and histrionics that the seriousness of the issue gets lost. In other cases, people use the curse and they and they use all kinds of you know, Ill disguise profanity. That again, in the, the way the method of preventing Moncure is worse than the Moncure. So that is very important for us to understand that and not doing that because we don't want to create something which is even worse. Now when Musa Salam

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was given this explanation which I said I was very reasonable man I mean he was very passionate but he was very reasonable so when I when I said I've told him this he said, Look, stop disagreeing with me in public number one. Number two, this is the reason I did that. Because one they will they will they threatened to kill me. And secondly, I didn't want a bigger rift to form between the people who say this, I've understood, yes, this is reasonable. So he accepted that and he asked Allah subhanaw he asked Allah subhanaw taala. To forgive both of them is a bit fiddly, while Yaki

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matica and Dharma Rahimi, he said Oh Allah, and salt to Lhasa, rF busara Sara Sara Oh Allah, oh my rap, forgive me and my brother and make us enter into your mercy, for you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy then Moser is told his people to repent and Allah subhanaw taala prescribed punishments that those who worship the calf should be executed This is this may seem to be very severe, but it was a matter which was that severe First of all, she could still be very severe. But in those days, it was obscene for them. I mean, it was so soon after enjoying the boom and the magnificence and the glory and the generosity of Allah subhanaw taala that they turn and worship

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worship an idol. So it was a very severe situation and so a very severe punishment was prescribed which is that those who worship the idol dude, we're not talking about the old all the people but those who are fall in the forefront, that those were worshipping the idol and doing stuff with it. They were to be executed.

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So Allah, Allah, and was only Salaam in Georgia Baqarah Allah said and remember when musasa Elisa answer to his people are my people very you have wronged yourself by worshipping the calf, to turn in repentance to your Creator and kill the

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people who are innocent who didn't worship, kill the wrongdoers among you, that will be better for you with your rubs. And then he accepted a lot of our seller accepted your repentance. Truly, he is the one who accepts repentance and thus most merciful in the water over him.

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So this is the

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the thing is that, as I said, as I mentioned, this ship is such a big sin, the punishment was very heavy. Now a lot rather accepted the repentance. Moses took 70 of the best of the bunnies rile the best man on my knees right? To meet Allah subhanho wa Taala and they went to apologize for their sin. Then after having done all this, they went to make Dawa and this was a very special relationship that the Bani Israel had with a lot of handle data, thanks to masala Salah that this kind of thing happened. So Moses took 70 of them

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to apologize for the sale. And they waited at the bottom of the mountain and they climbed the mountain.

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There was a big cloud on the mountain and musallam and into this cloud and spoke to Allah subhanho wa Taala and then he came out, these men stayed outside and they saw the light in the cloud, about you know the the issue of fitrah I mean, despite everything even though they were the best people see the kinds of things you asked to when musallam came out. They said to Him we will not believe in your message until we see Allah with our own eyes. And imagine you

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coming here to that place to apologize, Allah subhanaw taala to make a step forward, and then they're there in a ridiculous demand

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and it's the same to their own lobby. And also, we don't believe you and

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unless we see allowances

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so Allah subhanaw taala sent the Thunderbolt as a massive earthquake, and they all died

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on 17. Now musasa was in a dilemma about what to say to the others because the Messiah is returned to the bodies right without these people, they would lose all hope because if Allah destroyed the rest of them, then what would happen to me this was a very, you know, serious matter as far as they were concerned that people would lose all hope and say by our best people went to apologize to Allah, Allah and Allah tala destroyed them. So now what about us we will be finished. So masala is a lab and this shows the how and when to remember everything is minilite. And only Allah subhanho wa Taala does all this only Allah puts in the hearts of his MBA, and so on. But from a human angle,

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this is what the the hearts of the MBA are, they are so full of forgiveness, and they're so full of care and concern for their people. And there's none of them which is more than that than our own dubby and they're also and the murwillumbah and they say they're mousseline. Muhammad Rasul Allah He sallallahu sallam, his constant figure and his constant concern was for his oma it to his last breath. The last question that he adds really Salaam before is his row left him was about Dumont not about his own family, not about his beloved

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wife our mother say that in Ayesha Lana she was right there in the room. He did not ask anything he didn't say What about my idea What about our future What about my father? What about the future? No. He said what about my own mom? Will my Rob forgive my mama

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so musala salam says here we school tomyam

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not Allah jaha rotten for opposite como saw equal to Anton down the road.

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And remember when he was zero Musa These are the people that are saying, you'll be the loser, loser, we will never believe in you till we see a law plainly, but you are sees with a thunderbolt with lightning, while you were looking in directly. And when you saw that, from my boss, and I

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mean by the multicam law conduct guru, and then we raised you up after your death, so that you might be grateful. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Again mentioned this incident, and Allah subhanaw taala said, In surah, raavan, Musa alayhis, Salam chose of his people, 70 of the best men for our appointed time and place a meeting. And then they were seized that with this violent earthquake and turn toward earthquake, he said, Oh, Ira, if it had been your will, you could have destroyed them and me before, but you destroy us for the deeds of the foolish among us. It's only your trial by which you will lead us lead astray, meaning allowed to go astray, whom you will and keep guided, whom you will, you are our Wali, you are our protector. So forgive us and have mercy on us, for you are the best of those who forgive and ordain for us good in

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this world and in the hereafter. Certainly, we have turned unto you. And he said, a lot right? And I said, as to my punishment, I have flicked there with whom I will, and my mercy embraces all things and we asked him for his mercy, that mercy I shall ordained for those who are the book the whole who are which is people who are buyers and who

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gives a garden and who believe in our I am Allah Subhana Allah

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Jalla Jalla who

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mentioned this

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in the intro to now

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then the

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Bashara off by affilorama hammer salary seldom was given to the bunnies Rial at that time. And Allah said Allah una sola nahi romila de Luna home October 9 the home with arati villingili moorambilla roofie when how honeymoon curry for you Hello along with a word where you have to remove Ali Baba is that what Jada oh and who is wrong? While lllt Avella lady Karina dalim ballerina Ivan ob was oh and also who was around Nora lady on Zilla who will hopefully hold Allah right that I said which means and those who follow the messenger Muhammad, the prophet who can neither read nor write, that is Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, those whom, whom the vine written with

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them in the Torah, that is people who they found the name of walls and sell them in their books on the vine written with them in the Torah, and in the in jail.

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In, in Deuteronomy, and in the Gospel of john sort of sort of mentioned, he commands them for almar off, which is Islam, and everything that Islam has ordained and forbids them from a moon car, which is disbelief, and which is quality ism and all forms of sales. Everything that Islam has as forbidden, he allows them as lawful at the bad, all that is good and unlawful and pure and beneficial, as regards things believe people food, everything, and prohibits them from thing which is uncovered is which is unlawful, which is evil, which is dirty, which is filthy, whether it is things material, or actions or speech, he releases them from their heavy burdens, which is a loss or

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hazard of governance, and from the fetters, binding that upon them. So those who believe in Him, Amazon seller, they honor him and help him and follow the light, which is a forum, which has been sent down with him, and it is they who will be successful.

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Now, interesting thing, after all of this, unfortunately, but he's right, having got all of this, still they hit the message, and they refuse to accept and refuse to believe and they denied, and also unlike some allies, and now musala is that I'm told when is right, that this is the word of Allah, and you must follow it, and give me a promise that you will follow it. The money Israel refused. And they said show it to us first, then we will tell you, if you will follow it or not. Now he's, you know, he has the tablets in his head. And

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he says this is the Kitab of Allah, politician.

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This is the beauty of the difference between the Chinese Rial and the Sahaba, which is our never questioned or sorceress and when he said this is what Allah said, they accept your data in general. How do we know Allah said this? How do we know you didn't think about this? How do we prove it to us show it to us? What is the evidence? No, because they believed in us. And this was sufficient for them and this is the lesson for us. Then we say we accept Islam we believe in Islam. What is the evidence the evidence has to be action. The evidence has to be action. That was when he decided all these laws are suspended a mountain over their heads like a cloud. And Allah says accept the law or

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this mountain will cause you to dust the model drop on your head. I enjoy the bucket Allah surrounds and as it

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weighs 1000 meters upon one after another Volvo como Dora. Hello ma Tina kumiko watching was Mero Carlos around la cena, but oh shoot a movie pulumi Malaysia, be Kofi him. Kobe, some Morocco behave, no calm in quantum of money. And he said, Remember when we took your covenant and we raised about you the amount saying hold family to what we have given you and hear our word. And they said we have heard and disobeyed. We have heard and we will not obey and their hearts absorb the worship of the calf because of that disbelief. Allah said say worst indeed. Indeed. Indeed. Is that which your faith and joins on you if you are believers,

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Or is not eligible. Avraham, Ghana who will lead to while one no unknown, him Hello ma Tina Khumbu was Peru, ma de la la quinta de horn. And remember when they raised the mountain over them, as if it had been a canopy, and they thought that it was going to fall on them. And we said, hold firmly to what we have given you, which is a Torah and remember that which is there in which is act on the commandments, so that you may fear Allah and obey.

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The lesson is that the one is when he said agreed, and the marriage should rule, but they may to rule on their cheeks, and it was almost Mesa like this. They were together like this because they're looking up to see if the model was that rebellious obedience is deprived of blessing is the problem.

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rebellious obedience is deprived of blessing. And that's the

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message that I want to give myself and you and remind myself I knew that there is no sense in

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in obey Allah subhanaw taala reluctantly, Allah subhanaw taala jello is our lab. And we owe everything to him, and we enjoy his blessings. And we look forward to the meeting with him and we request him for his forgiveness, and we beg him for his forgiveness, and we beg him to

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keep us in the company of Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah

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All of this is going to happen if you are reluctantly obedient houses of

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obedience with love. Obedience will show obedience with enthusiasm. Obedience readily because we love Allah Jalla. Delano. This is what is what is required in Islam. And this is the lesson from the story of bunnies like that even though they had moosari Sara himself the big Rasul of Allah with them, even though they had the Kitab of Allah with them, even though they had, they had enjoyed,

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bounties and they had enjoyed.

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What if you say, bounties and there enjoyed the

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blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala in so many ways, yet because their way of obedience was with reluctance, not with enthusiasm. They did something only when they were forced to do it. And even there, they try to cut corners and so on and so forth. Selective disobedience is selective obedience is disobedience is disobedience. Right, because that you know that the blessing was taken away from these nearmap. So even though they may struggle, it was not accepted by law. So

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that is the message to myself and you, let us obey Allah Subhana Allah, because we love Allah. Let us run to obey laws of habitat. Let us understand that obedience to Allah subhanaw taala is a blessing for us. Allah does not need our obedience. Allah subhanaw taala was someone who will love you will love you.

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He has no need, he has he does not need any of his creation. He does not need the devotion of the Creator. The creation is devoted to him. The creation worships Him because we need a lot of handle. And that is the thing to remind myself when you ask him to be pleased with you and our to be displeased was Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah Allah he was having made that to me was Allah Allah tala