Maryam The Chosen 19 – How Jesus (as) Defends The Honour of Mary (as)

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AI: Summary © The speaker describes a tourney where Z Leakey is carrying her baby, and her parents are nervous. She is not affirming negative qualities of her parents, but she is negating them. The speaker uses a movie as an example of how the Prophet's image has been portrayed, and criticizes the way Islam has been portrayed in media. The segment also discusses slander claims made by different people regarding the worship of God, including the idea that it is a sign of love for one's mother, and that people should not be associated with a certain prophecy.
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How does Jesus defend the honor of his mother as a baby without mentioning her at all? For harmala to have the burden to be more

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Lahore horrible Isla Nakula God Tiana ye tourney me to Cabela

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da Zanni cada John out of Bogota Turkey sorry.

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Well who is Z Leakey VG XORing novelty to circle car like your Pavan journey

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for Cooley was Shalabi Well, Connery Aina for him, Matt all in I mean, Shari a hard sell foodie in Nina. Talia lock man your soul.

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Fallon olken Lima Neoma in C

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Allah says flattered to be here coma so then she came to her people carrying the baby Kahlua Maria they said yeah, Maria laka dj t che and very you have brought forth a tremendous transgressive thing. Yeah, off the Haldol makan abou camera so Oh, sister of Aaron. Your father was not a person of evil. Well am I kind of okay Maria and your mother was not unchaste she comes carrying the baby. She's facing her people the anxiety that she had before. When she was sitting at that tree is long gone. It's been replaced with courage and the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala he doesn't bring the baby in the middle of the night hoping that nobody sees she comes right in the middle of the day in

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front of everybody carrying her baby for at that big coma. She came to her people. She came carrying the baby to her people if you allow me a quick tangent, just allow me this this little quick tangent please.

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It speaks to the linguistic precision of the Quran. I want to talk about the linguistic precision of the Quran. She carried him to her people.

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Not their people, her people. Allah subhana wa Tada talks a lot. The word comb people is something that was done through the attribution of the Father. And so you'll find all of the prophets of the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala is talking to them about their people. Or they are talking to their people saying yeah, call me oh my people. So no idea said I'm gonna say my people Ibrahim to say my people, Allah subhana Dalis clocking about the poem of Luth or the OMA srebp All of these prophets have their people being attributed to them, or they are being attributed to their people. Many mid SLM, even Allah says for at its behavior, Omaha,

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she came carrying the baby to her people, the only prophet who never calls the people that he was sent to my people, you can already guess who it is. It's a siding setup. Jesus always says in the Quran. Yeah, Benny is Salafi, oh children of Israel. Well, why doesn't he say my people because they're not his fault? Why aren't they his fault, because he doesn't have a father from them. And just that little detail is so beautiful with regards to the linguistic precision of the Quran. It's perfect, just perfect divine, back to medium. So ALLAH SubhanA, Allah tells us that medium carried ASA to her people. And they immediately, immediately everything that she had of currency, of worship

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of righteousness of all of that type of stuff. He gets thrown out the window immediately. And even what they say, Yeah, Maria, my kind of whoo Kimbra. So in your father was not a person of evil, and your mother wasn't unchaste. They're not affirming positive qualities of our parents. They are negated negative qualities. And that is much much lower than affirming positive qualities. So for example, I say about someone

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told me about blood and I say, Oh, he's not a thief. He's not a thief. What does that mean? He's not a thief. Like have I praised this person? No, I haven't praised them. I've negated the negative quality. It's completely different when I say you're not as trustworthy

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You're asking me I'd be like blood is incredibly trustworthy. Reliable is incredibly generous bill is incredibly when I say he's not a thief, right? I'm negating a negative quality. Yes, but that's different than affirming praise. And that's why you find that Allah in the Quran spends the vast majority of the Quran Allah subhanaw taala is what he is affirming positive attributes of himself. He's a man he's a him he's a he's a Kareem is a Jabbar. And he only negates very few attributions against Allah. So Allah negates that he sleeps. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah negates that he rested on the seventh day. Allah negates the heat oppresses anyone Allah negates that he forgets like these

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are a handful of attributes. Why? Because praise is not a negative in because praise is not in negating negative qualities. But praise is an affirming positive qualities. So it would have been much different if Benny slightly this is just a really a really nuanced insight into this verse, you get the idea of the qualities of Benyus smart II, like it's completely different. If they had said, Maryam, your father was our great Imam. And your mother was a beacon of purity. Like that's, that is affirming positive qualities of her parents, which they were her father was the one who led their prayer. And her mother was a beacon of righteousness. But they don't do that. They say your father

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wasn't evil, and your mother wasn't unchaste and the rush to accuse media that is the impure, and every time in place, you can have a person who does a lifetime of goodness. And then as soon as I don't even say that they make a mistake. I don't even say that they actually did anything. But as soon as there is a libre, as soon as there's some sort of doubt that is cast upon them, people buy into it hook line and secret people gobble it up, people are ready, willing and able to shoot down this person. And we learned that lesson from soilless media and they did the same with a sadaqa. They did the same with actual the Alana, the wife of the Prophet sallallahu to set it up. As soon as

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there was a slander to be said. People ran with it, the hypocrites ran with it. And Allah subhanaw taala revealed and sort of the note regarding Asha, he says Lola is Tomo. Allah says in surah a nor

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with regards to Aisha he says no, no, it's me two more. Why did you not when you heard it? London Manana. What may not be unfair to him Hira? Why didn't the believing men and the believing women think better of themselves? think better of themselves? Well, I do have a movie and say this is a serious slander. This is a clear slander. Why didn't you think better? He didn't say think better of it. think better of yourself. She's an extension of you. It's your entire community together. Medion faces the storm. They're casting already accusations against her formulated by the lowest and lowliest of human deficiencies. And with every confidence she points to her newborn, and he speaks

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in the cradle. The baby speaks interestingly enough, amazingly enough, what is the issue of the hour? The issue of the hour, the issue of the moment is medium, her chastity, her honor, her dignity. That's what the baby is going to talk about. Right? That's what the baby is going to speak about. She points to the baby. The baby is going to answer on my behalf what is the baby say? He says in me Abdullah, Italian Kitab Oh Giada Nina via I am the servant of Allah.

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He gave me the book and made me the Prophet okay. This is the part where he's going to mention his mom right? Which I didn't even move on. I kind of am awkward and he made me bless it wherever I am, will sign the bill Salatu was Zakat and he enjoined on me prayer and He enjoined on me charity, madam to higher as long as I'm alive. Well, Barbara and BYD that he and he made me dutiful to my mother, what image I need your bond Shakti and he didn't make me someone who is tyrannical and wretched. Okay, so where's the point where he says, My mother is innocent? You actually don't see it in the verse.

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You MAMARAZZI he says, and others of them have a city and they said, This to me was amazing. Okay. He said, He prioritized the accusation against a lot over the accusations against his mother. The first thing that Eastside is set up,

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make sure to discredit, make sure to make clear is not the accusation against his mother, but the accusation that would come against Allah subhanaw taala by saying that he had a son. And so he said, I am the servant of Allah. He gave me the book and made me a Prophet. Let's get First things first, let's get this thing straight.

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It was more important for the newly born Messiah, to declare a love free of having any partners than to declare his mother free from having any partners. And of course, in declaring himself the servant of Allah, He gave me the book and he made me he made me a profit. Included in that understood

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from that is that his mother is pure and innocent and good and all of that type of things. Because Allah subhanaw taala is not going to designate a prophets from Sefa, he's not going to designate a Prophet from Xena, that's not going to happen from some sort of unchaste relationship. But the lesson here is always we see, though he'd been given priority to by the message of the prophets, we always see them focusing on the worship of God alone, over anything else that could be happening in their lives. Yusef is in prison, and people are coming. And they're asking him for the interpretation of dreams. And he's been in prison for however long but the first thing he's going to

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do is he's going to call the prisoners to the worship of Allah, and Isa, his mother's being accused, there's a slander that's about to happen or is happening. And his first address is, I am the servant of God, he gave me the book and made me a Prophet, even in the face of accusations in the face of pain, or grief, or fear, they always prioritize the prophets always prioritize calling people to the greatest good, which is the worship of God alone, and telling them to avoid the greatest harm, no matter what harm they were experiencing, there is a harm that is greater and that harm that is greater is the worship of other than Allah, they prioritize the good of worshiping of Allah over any

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other good, whether that could be their reputation, or their emotional well being, or their physical safety. The Prophet sallallahu, Sydenham had a son

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who passed away, and his name was Ibrahim. And when Ibrahim passed away, so he's a child who's a young boy, when he passed away, the Prophet was incredibly grieved. A prophet was incredibly grieved at the death of his son. And at the same time and Eclipse happened, and the people took that as a sign as a miracle that the heavens themselves were grieving alongside the prophets, Allah Leidos and the prophets, Allah litas and and even in his grief, he didn't take that moment off. He didn't take the day off. He didn't take no he went and he ascended the member. He ascended his pulpit, the problem, Hamid, peace be upon him and he said, The sun and the moon are science from the science of

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God. They do not Eclipse for the death of anybody. So when you see the pray, when you see that Eclipse pray, that's it,

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even though

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it's his son, but more important, is the lesson that the sun and the moon don't Eclipse for anybody. Allah subhanaw taala they are simply signs that direct us towards a lot that direct us to the worship of Allah