‘And we sent down from the sky blessed rain…’

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continues to come to Billy's blessing. He says, when a

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meaner summer in a movie like a Batman he should never have been asleep. And an additional bonus blessing that nacinda we sit down from the sky mat and move out look at Blitzer dream. In the plan a lot of Zoysia he described certain things as being less than, for example, Kaaba laws origin describes it as being less than no would have eaten all the added nursey the lovey bacchetta mubaraka

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Alonzo Hill described a mosquito luxol and the surrounding area as being a biker massage Elisa, Japan Olivia Slavia de Lena Milan Masjid in Halong, in mystery, the oxen levy Bell now holder, there are things in the plan that have been described as blessing. One of these things is the ring that comes down from the sky. You see, just like people travel to Mecca, and travel to beat the luck this seeking the blessing, the natural blessing that a lot of social need for these lands, how much do we pay? And how much do we learn to go every single e yada yada if someone took a travel holiday to Spain, you don't intend to get every single e colossal Swanson you're

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never met God will Medina. But it is also described in the Hadith as being blessed. With a thin look this in the surrounding area is blessed. You find that the heart tends to love going there, Time after time after the one to seek the blessing that is in the slab for you below the sky. The rain that comes down has been described as a blessing in the same manner maca obeyed the knock. This has been described as a blessing. This is why in Salalah while he was used to get excited when rain would come down, you know what he would do? Some of them are wanting to send them he would rush out. If it's raining. He told the kids come in, they would run out. You see the image were coming in and

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he's running up. He understood the blessing that's coming down. We don't we didn't look at this word neubau I can water coming from the sky. It's a source of blessing. Hidden resources allow us to uncover himself. If you had a turban on you'd remove it. And he'd allow the water to touch the skin and assume that the news a lot earlier so it allows the water to touch his head. And he used to make and use this see that the dryer

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during rain is accepted. Why? Then he said the reason for why What did he say? Why is it Blizzard and why is this whole scene being painted? He said he knew who

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didn't know how howdy fuat didn't believe

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that it is fresh. It's new. It's coming from a law. Truth the condition. rain coming out of the fridge I think just came down from it. It traveled miles and miles coming for a street from a live session. So he used to have been in contact with him coming in one with him. let it touch the skin. let it touch the head. Right remove the

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privilege expose the skin and make it precise and then he says in the in the Hadith thing 1011 what oh, taught

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me tune in to type in two times dry is never rejected in a time with the army. With it with the army of Muslims against the enemy Allah. that analogy. When they are Allah hum comes from the word lamb. Meaning when when when, when the enemy have a lot of social in the army of loss of holidays in combat. When lamb meat is being cut flesh is being cut off only when the Tao is intensified in that moment, and it is accepted.

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model and when it rains as well. And there are two meanings for that either. It means

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the Hadeeth is rotten model. It means either when it rains as you're sitting inside making while and it could also mean under the rain as it's dropping water in the Vatican on top of you