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Youssra Kamel Kandil
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their experience with Subhan project and how it has impacted their personal and professional lives. They emphasize the importance of letting light and autograph continue to grow and encourage others to take action. The speaker also mentions a 48-hour rule for saving from hellfire and encourages people to continue to practice.
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Santa Monica Rahmatullah but to get to so I just came home and I was living at my Ramadan decorations in the lights. And I realized Subhan Allah, the lights are fading, they're dying out, just as Ramadan is her last leaving us in sha Allah in less than 48 hours Subhan Allah just hit me really hard how we shouldn't let these lights of the beauty of the you know the salon and the therapy and the Doha and the Quran and the it calf we should not let that light ever leave our hearts and today I sensed it after people have finished the catalytic Quran which is something very beautiful Hamdulillah you know everybody's greeting everybody and congratulating everybody for

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finishing the Quran

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and there was a sense of like we're kind of done we're not done we're just starting Ramadan might be done but are almost done but our I bad at that we established during this month should be a starting point and a good push for us inshallah to continue after Ramadan. Don't give up now and don't think like a loss. It's over. We slept for eight hours. Really, really put your you know, your best effort for it. You know, the ending is what really counts. So make sure you continue to allow your autograph continue to grow and even if you wish to submit in your local masjid, or at home, there's still 48 hours of Mafia there's so 48 hours of saving from hellfire there's still 48 hours of doing

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good and acceptance and gates of heavens opened and seeming from hellfire. And remember, we are just starting. We're starting in sha Allah, you know a pattern or a routine or something or a light that flame that we wanted to keep glowing inside our hearts. Until the next door down Europe in sha Allah comes. Don't forget and keep on going and shallow. We're almost there set I'm on a kilometer away but it gets it

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