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Hello Kumara amatola here about a cattle, my brothers and sisters Guess what? I am in my little yard Subhana Allah, you can see the vehicle at the back there, the little Toyota Auris, Mashallah, I hope you guys are well, I thought I'd just give you a quick message to say I'm doing fine, Mashallah, I hope everyone else is fine. And

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hamdulillah today, I just want to say something very, very quick. My brothers and sisters, it's not the end of the world, there will be a lot that's going to happen. But everyone Mashallah, it's this is the time not of making money. This is the time of reaching out to others, with whatever money you've made all along. This is the time of not saying them and us it is all of us, we're all together. This is not the time of differences. This is the time of unity. This is the time of sticking together. This is the time of being very, very strong. This is the time of loving, loving for the sake of the Almighty reach out to humankind. This is the time when the real you has to show

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up, it's not going to be about you or me, it's about us, honestly. And this is why don't try and make money out of this situation because you are going to be in the same predicament. And you don't want someone to make money out of you remember that. So people are charging an arm and a leg for basic necessities. I think in many countries, that's illegal. But from an ethical perspective, it's also illegal, ethically, it's wrong. So remember, my brothers and sisters don't abuse a situation like this, you have to come up and for the sake of the Almighty reach out to others, the wealthiest of the wealthy are helpless. The most powerful of the powerful, are helpless. The most famous of all

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are totally helpless. Those who are the most beautiful and pretty of all are helpless. Those who have the best jobs are helpless, they are equal in the same line as the homeless SubhanAllah. So let's reach out to everyone. And remember, if you've made a lot of money, this is your time to give back that money. What are you going to do with millions if you're going to die in the next two weeks, you'd rather use that money to save so many lives by the will of Allah He will save your life Subhanallah so remember this, my brothers and sisters, it is not a time of panic, we will get over this by the will of Allah. But the next few weeks, perhaps into a few months, it's going to be very

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different. be strict. Remember to be patient, remember to be kind, you know there are people who are hand to mouth earning everyday. And that brings them their plate of food. What about them, reach out to them. I was so impressed when I watched not just my Lahore in the UK giving food to the homeless but so many others. And I've seen so much giving, you know giving it's a time of giving. It's not a time of making money. This is not the time to milk money from the people. It's a time to give money back the big companies, the big people, those who are wealthy businessmen, it's your time to give back to society and community to reach out to those who are really going to struggle the homeless.

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If you have people renting your facilities be relaxed, don't let them worry about the rentals. Don't let them worry about things alone will help you alone, open your doors when you reach out to others and make it easy on them. Give them perhaps a month or two. Grace, what are you going to lose nothing. Poor people are actually worried they earn a salary, they have to buy the food they have to buy so much they have to pay rentals, they have to pay bills, even countries and even huge parastatals and various other or companies that are providing essentials like electricity and water and whatever else. I really feel that a message should go out to them to say this is the time to be

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very, very kind and to reach out to others to give them grace. Give them grace, you know why humanity is in it together. It's not about Muslims, or Jews or Christians or anyone else, or Hindus or Buddhists or whoever it is about humanity. This is about humanity, to show that you're a human being before anything else, and show that you're a Muslim, show that you're a believer, you believe we're all in it together. You need to reach out to people if you don't, at a time like this, trust me, you're really not fulfilling your duty that you're supposed to have on Earth. Because like I said, if you're if you're ripping people off during their time of need, you are going to have a time

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of need very, very soon and with your billions. You won't receive the help of the Almighty can Allahu fionnula Abdi McConnell Abdo Fiona, he he the Almighty says to us through the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that the assistance of the Almighty will continue to be with someone for as long as that person is busy.

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helping another. So if you've made your money, it's the time to reach out, reach out to those who work for you, those who work with you, those others who are in need, like I said, Those who are wealthy those who are landlords, be very, very kindness. This is not the time to go and demand to go and make issue and so on. Give people reprieve, give them time, give them a little bit of leeway. SubhanAllah we're in it together. My brothers and sisters, if you have something, share it with someone. This is the time of sharing. This is the time of caring, if something has worked with you, then share it with others. I want to share with you something very interesting a few days ago, like

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about four or five days ago and by the way, the date today is

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Tuesday, the 24th of March 2020 it's afternoon here in Zimbabwe a beautiful quiet day as you can see. And Subhanallah I want to share with you something interesting. About four or five days ago, I said that I had a scratch in my throat some of you remember that. And you know what some people misunderstood it to say the man has COVID The man is dying the managing ICU, some said he has died already and so on. That's all incorrect. All of it is just tale Subhanallah I want to tell you something, there is something called the black seed oil. That works wonders. A quarter spoon half a spoon. Last thing at night, let it go into your your throat you you can actually swallow it and it

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will have a biting feeling at the back of your throat as you lie down for about 10 minutes after which you can have a bit of hot water. That last thing at night. First thing in the morning. Some people cannot take half a spoon it's a bit too hot for them.

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You know it has an after effect maybe. But when I tried it that day, trust me my throat. The scratch had gone well I'm sure it's the prayers of all those who thought I was dead. May Allah bless you all.

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Together with hot water a bit of vitamin D have some vitamin C have a bit of protein have a bit of zinc, whatever you can eat healthy exercise, look, I've got a little yard I'm going to move my head to show you. The back is very it's not so big. It's very small. But Mashallah, this is where my kids would actually spend some time where we're fortunate there is an enclosure, we're much more fortunate than the first world countries who live in high rise buildings, those who live in high rise buildings who only have a balcony. We in Africa have a not only Africa in some parts of the third world, we have much more space we have land. Imagine It's amazing. It's a gift of the Almighty

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when Allah takes one thing away from you, he's given you other things. He's given the first world so much he's given the Third World some other things a different type of so much. But it's it's a matter of being able to look at it. We are all blessed. The Almighty is blessed us like I said, we're going to come out of this by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala my brothers, my sisters, so I shared with you the flaxseed oil, that doesn't mean I'm sick at all, please, but I'm sharing it with you because I love you I care for you. Something's worked for me or for anyone else. I'm going to tell you how and what it was. You know, don't drink cold drinks at all. Everything you drink should

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be warm, preferably if not warm than at least room temperature. Remember that. You know the some people have told me that they steaming their face with boiling water sometimes with all with menthol or VIX or something in there has really helped them so panela so that's something you can go by, I'm going to be back with you in sha Allah. Perhaps later tonight, this video if it saves, I'm going to push it up onto YouTube as well let everyone benefit from it. A lot of people are sitting in lockdown. A lot of people are sitting in self isolation. A lot of people might be in quarantine, whatever you're in, I pray that Allah has mercy on you. It's not going to kill the whole world. It's

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not the end of the world. Like I said, yesterday we are we are worried and concerned about the elderly from amongst us, we are concerned about those who have a an immune system that's not as strong from amongst us. That's what we are more concerned about my brothers, my sisters, I'm so happy to be able to speak to you and to share with you a point of benefit, at least the Almighty, I asked him to bless me and to bless every one of you has given me this chance. He's the one who's given me this chance of sharing a bit of goodness. So at least if I'm helping you he's going to help me right. That's how it goes. Once again, those who are wealthy, it's not a time to make money. It's

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a time to give, it's a time to share. It's a time to think about others think about those in a worse position than you you know, some of the medications that were announced somewhere here and there. The the some of the malaria tablets and whatever people said may work may not work in some countries. They are charging an arm and a leg for it and it's up in a lot of countries. It's not even available in my country. Very I don't think that we are even ready for the first patient. May Allah make it easy for us and for everyone.

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But at the same time, I do have hope in the mercy of Allah.

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And we're in it together. Like I said, it's not about who you know me or whatever. It's about us as humanity. Every one of you we care for everyone. Please be safe.

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And I pray that the almighty bless you here's the back that I was saying I would show you can you see? Mashallah, there goes hamdulillah now at least you know the vehicle Salaam Alaikum guys