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salam ala Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala, mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam to Steven

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Komodo, my brothers and sisters.

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Another big lesson we learn from these ayat and incidents of

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the Battle of our hood is the fact that the time and place of death, everybody is decided almost ran out.

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When africaine tried to spread the word that if the Muslims had not gone to, they will not have died.

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But Allah subhanaw taala says that, of course, he is saying and insights which I will put before him, he said that a person's time and place of death is fixed. And he will go to it at the appointed time, irrespective of whatever else you may be.

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Now, if we just reflect in our lives, I know myself I know many incidents, not one, where this is true that the person at that time in place went to

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for his debt went down. Let me give you just one example. I was a planter with a D planter for 10 years. And one of the states in which I was in which I was working as a manager was part listed in Iowa in Annapolis,

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in the equipment or the stream download in India.

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Now one of the things we do in D is that in T

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among the D bushes, we plant a tree called grevillea Robusta, which is also called Silver oak. Now this tree is planted at a specific distance to give about 15% of shade to the tea bush, the tables need some sunlight, but also needs shade, if there is no shade at all, then the table the leaf tea leaves will get burnt. And that is not good for the quality of the trees. Therefore these trees are planted. Now to regulate the shade. We do every year what we call shade regulation

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where some of those branches of the gradient tree are chopped off a laptop. So for that the gorilla tree there is a straight tree just go straight.

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And then the branch is on top. So

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we have people, men who

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climb up the tree. And then they go to the place where the branches are they sit on the on the branch like that. And then they love

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some of the other branches to ensure that the requisite amount of

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shade is obtained on the tea bushes. So we had this gang of shade loving people one day and they went and they were working. And

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one of those workers doesn't matter. This is the whole T field

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which has maybe,

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you know, say 4050 hectares, so about over 100 acres or 2.47. So that's about over 200 acres. And it's got trees all over so yeah, you got a man here you got a man the riverbank spread all over the place.

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So one of them who was sitting up and you would have been at a height of about maybe 1520 feet up from the ground. He's sitting up there.

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His in his fork of the street like this. And he's chopping he's chopping some branches. He felt unwell.

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So he came down so when he came down the supervisor was there some of the other some of his other friends were there they asked him how he is he said are not feeling too well. So then shall we take you to the hospital hospital was literally from where this man was

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the hospital the ARPA the state state hospital was less than half a kilometer

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right so you could see the hospital from from where the man was you could see the hospital less than half a kilometer

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they would have taken the taken him there in you know maybe five minutes

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if that

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he's an honorable hospital. Imam okay. So just give me some water. They gave me some water we have usually have tea there which is without milk. It is a black tea sweetened with jaggery with raw sugar and very nice to taste and then the normal. So they had there was a tea was that's what they use on tea.

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He bragged that he sat with his back to the tree. And

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he said I'm fine. The supervisor told him you want to take the day off to take the day off. You want to go to the hospital. We'll take it

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last visit. No, absolutely. I just felt you know, I'm fine now. And I'm going back. So he clammed up back on top of the tree. He said there, he left a few branches. Suddenly his knife, and that's a big machete

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just fell from the tree, thump on the ground. They looked up.

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And he's like this

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date. I think about this.

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This man died 20 feet up in the air in the fork of a tree. Why?

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And interestingly, the man felt unwell, he came down, he could have gone to the hospital. He could have been taken to the hospital, any number of possibilities could have happened. That didn't happen. He climbed up back to the place which was mocked for his death. And he died. So in his color was written that this man would die up in the air, you know,

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20 feet up in the air sitting in this tree. And that is where he died. There are many, many, many incidents of people who die in some very strange kind of circumstances. And of course, there's a very beautiful incidents.

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For example, one of our great teachers and also a very

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good friend of mine, because he was my seniors with a friend and I mean that in the most respectful way, Mara useful Patel, how to Larry.

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I was going to South Africa, and in Dubai airport in the lounge. What do I see?

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Him and his wife.

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So I met him and you know, we were very happy to meet him. So I asked him, I said, Where are you with Milan? He said, I'm going to, I'm going for over assuming first to Madeira. And then I'm going for O'Meara to market so as you make dua for me and so on until I'm sure he did.

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He went to Medina. Then he went for Amara, he made Amara he sat in the MATA in Masjid Al haram, looking at the cover

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today, and when we met in Dubai,

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which was a few days before he was to die, he didn't know he did not even plan to go to Makkah to die. I mean, I'm sure he would have blocked us for that to happen like if it were Abdullah, but this is not what he had planned.

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But this is what happened.

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Another great

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chairs another great ally, with world renowned and also again one of our teachers

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modernised say that I would have said

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he died at the age of 87 he had had a stroke. So he was

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he was partially

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and used to use a wheelchair and his grandson grandson meaning grandnephew because he had no children. His grandmother used to take care of him.

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And I heard this story from him. I had gone after he passed away, I didn't get to meet him I returned from America I was living in America at the time I returned the year 2000 returned to India and it was my intention to go and meet him

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in Lucknow where he lived and this was the 27th of Ramadan which was also a Friday

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and my intention was that finish Ramadan in I was in Delhi so as British Ramadan in Delhi complete eat and then go to Lucknow and meet Mara before I went to Hyderabad which is where I was living. So I was in Delhi I was actually went to the to the markers and you know, Rita Ravi and so on.

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And the following day was the 27th so it was the 27th night the following day was 27th day and it was Joomla and Joomla. Together it was the last Joomla of our and that morning at banana passed away.

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So later on almost a year later

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I went to Lucknow to actually do the Kia colon which is in raebareli on the back of the gym not

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from the from that from where from where modern houses will look down. You see this very beautiful place. So I went with my very good way my very dear friend and my star also had Marana rushing

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down barakato so what it was when there and this is a story we heard now in his room, very very spartan Absolutely. One very thin,

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almost threadbare carpet with at some point it had pattern and color and all all that was long gone.

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That was the floor.

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There was a there was a

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car a bed

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Oh with just a wooden plank on it, and then a very, very thin cotton mattress which is almost like nothing you let you lay down on the bed was like laying on on a stone floor

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on the bed and the bed the backward two bolsters very, very thin round boosters. Across from where if you sat on the bed and you right across the room was a cupboard in which was filled with books, on top of the cupboard, were some

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some mishaps. And to the right was the door leading into the, into the battle.

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So the reason I'm describing so you have a picture in your mind now, on that day on the 27th of Ramadan.

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The year 2000, which was a Friday, the IS is the grandson, when he tells us that he said that the then Martinez practice was that every Friday he would take a bath, and then he would put on his clothes for him as he would actually put on including his Sherwani and so on, and of course, his water on the head all this he would put on, and then he would sit on that, on that on that bed.

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And he would recite Surah to cough. Now one of the habits so he would just recite from memory, and he would recite sort of graph and

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then they will share that whoever was in housing will come and sit there and we will listen to him residing so to come. He said that day

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to help him with his bath and so on. So what's the address? And then he helped him onto the onto the car isn't Barasat there? And then he said to me bring the most of

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the Quran Liga.

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So this young man he said that you know, I thought thought in my mind was Why is he asking for the most of you either have is and he recites sortal cough by from memory that's his usual practice. Why is he asked him anyway, he said I turned to take the most of from the

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from the top of the cover. And I heard him start reciting Surah Yaseen

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not so to use certain sets to be seen. And he said, I turn around, I had the most of them I had, I'm looking at him. When he came to the FBI, she ruled the mafia to Algerian Corinne Ellis, rather than give them the Bashara, give them the good news of great reward with him. And he leaned down, he leaned back against the bolster, and he passed away.

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So he passed away with the Quran on his on his time. As a reason I'm saying all this we ask Allah subhanaw taala for hardware Belhaj We ask Allah to take us in a state of obedience to take us in a state of sudo take us in a state where we are reciting Quran. But the important thing to understand is that Allah subhanaw taala decides, many times we fall into the trap of the door of shelter, which is if only

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if this if that, that if is a door of shelter. If we had gone to this hospital, if we had taken that treatment, if a car accidents, if our car had been if I had this kind of a car or that kind of a car, if I had a safer car. Please understand, I am not against any medical treatments. I'm not against any vaccines. I'm not against any people wearing masks. I'm not against driving safely. I'm not against wearing seatbelts. I'm not against car safety, any safety, but understand that only Allah decides when you're going to die. If car safety would have saved a life, they would it would have saved the life of Lady Diana Spencer and her boyfriend.

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They were not only in a Mercedes, which is one of the safest cars ever built. But it was an armored Mercedes.

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And they were two people in the front driver and a bodyguard. And when that accident happened, when they hit the violins of the of the of the bridge, the two in the back died.

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Right and one of them in the front died. The other one nothing happened.

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Everything there's a lesson in everything. And it's very important for us to understand that hamdulillah in Allah when Allah Allah we are we belong to Allah and Clem is our region. And when our time comes, we go

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and saying if only this, if only that is the door of Shiva never go there. And that is exactly what they were trying to do in the Battle of the monography. The hypocrites, they said they said to the Muslims to the believers, you know 70 Because 70 people died it was a it was an absolute a time of great sadness and mourning in in Medina

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Those days, even whaling had not been had not been prohibited. So you could hear the view you would hear the sounds of women wailing and screaming and so on and very sad that

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you brought this on yourself because of you, you listen to Mohamed Salah Salem and that is why all this happened. You should have stayed in say why did you go why you because you went to this whatever if you are stayed in Medina and if the battle has been fought in Madeira, none of you would have died. Allah subhana Daraa says that a person's time and place of death is fixed. And he will go to it at the appointed time, irrespective of whatever else he might believe.

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A lot around a data set called in Amara Kulu who will Illa your phone IV and boozy Mala you do that? Yeah, hello hello Karna Amina Emery che Oh ma Patil Hoonah por lo con Don V will you take on labor as a Levina quotevalet himolla Katroo de la mala G are him?

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When he yeah Boteti Allah Who Murphy's who do Recoome well, you mahesana Murphy Hello recon Walla who I leave them be that is to do Allah's America does it say oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, indeed the affair belongs to Allah.

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Meaning, indeed, Allah is the one who decides they hide within themselves what that they're not revealed to you, saying, if we had anything to do with this affair, none of us would have been killed here. Say to them, even if you had remained in your homes, those for whom debt was decreed would certainly have gone for to the place of their death. So that Allah might test what is in your, in your breast in your heart, and to

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and that which is my haste, that which is in your heart, the sins and Allah is all no more of what is in your hearts, what is in here, so do what is in your breasts, in your chest.

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My brothers sisters, Mala I am witness, I'm a witness to this. And hamdulillah Allah subhanho data has shown me many of his signs, and I am most grateful to Allah subhanaw taala for having shown me these signs, and we also monitor grant that we take heat from this and that our Yaqeen in Allah subhanaw taala and our talk Quran Allah increases because of what Allah subhanaw taala chooses to show us. The shahada, there were 70 Sharada, as I mentioned, Hamza bin Abdullah multilevel Vilano was

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called in to see you to show that the chief and the leader of the, of the shahada

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he was killed by a Vashi overland, who, who also accepted Islam later,

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to the debate, that is the generation after the Sahaba went to visit and Vashi, who was very old at the time, and they asked him to tell the story of how we killed Hamza Golan it was a big thing, because under the law, who was one of the most famous warriors of the operation at the time, and here was when she

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managed to kill him. So when she said, Shall I tell it to you just as I told it to the Messenger of Allah to the soul, as I said them when he asked me about it,

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so they said, Yes, please tell us and tell us the way you said you told it to. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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so when she said that I was a slave of Jubeir been more time whose uncle was to Eva been Oh baby, who was killed in butter. Now what would you say to them it's uh, you know, I was a slave and you have you don't know what that means? is for you. It's a word, but it's only a slave who can understand what slavery means because that whole thing is related. Why he did that. So

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the US labor have been more time and job is uncle to Mr. Bean with baby. He was killed in birth. So when the Pradesh went forth to

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a Vashi a villain who is Juba told me if you kill Hamza Mohamed Salah uncle in retaliation for my uncle, then I will free you, you will be a free man.

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Now, for a person to be free in those days I mean, deja vu could not be the day they had slaves. You could buy and sell a slave slave could in some

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gives you the slave was allowed to purchase his freedom. But that freedom was extremely expensive. For example, Salman al Farsi that Alana was a slave.

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And he was never one of the Jews, one of the Jewish farmers, he had a, he had a date orchard.

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So he was he was he was that bad slave. And when he asked him, he said, Can I purchase my freedom?

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The man said, yes, if you plant and grow and bring to the level of fruit, that they should be bearing fruit 300 date pumps. So imagine now you're planting a seed,

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it grows, you have no clue whether that thing will actually bear fruit or not. Right? So at the end of that period, if the if 300 bearing trees are not there, you're still asleep. But that is the kind of thing they used to do. Right? Or it would be this was, of course, the house the slave who is working for you. Where does he go to all this gold from? Right, you got you got to go anywhere, you can't do anything else. So Slim is never is haram in Islam, it is not permitted permissible. It is it is one of the greatest sins to make a free person into a slave. And it's tantamount to murder. So it's murder and slavery. These are the two,

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two cardinal sins if I can use the word, and that is why in Islam for many, many things like afara, the expiation is free a slave, so free of the fears that Islam not only prohibited slavery, but Islam got rid of slavery in a different way, not by a direct provision to say it is haram now free all slaves, but Allah Svarta made freeing slaves into the best possible good deed you could do, and as an explanation of some of the major sins and therefore, people got got freed. And it got to a point where

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the the, there was still some slaves at the time.

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But they were all

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people who were actually prisoners of war. And in those days, they had no prisons as such, so they put them into a prison or a concentration camp, they were given to people as slaves, and they worked with them, and they managed to get their freedom or whatever the case might be. So therefore, that is what happened now, in the case of an Vashi. So he said that I was this man today. And he said, Go and kill the uncle of Muhammad Salah and I will free you because this will be in retaliation for my uncle was killed.

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Now unless you know the answer, I'm a senior and like my countrymen, I'm very good at throwing the spear. And I rarely miss with it. And unless he was amazingly good this is this this they said that used to literally put a put a javelin put a spear through a ring at 100 pieces. So you know, he had obviously very strong

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and we will do

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to throw the spear like that. He said, Then when the armies met in the battle, I went forth looking for Hamza to lie and wait for him and to kill him. He said, I found him right in the midst of the fighting like an enormous gamble, striking out viciously at our men with a sword. Nothing could withstand him. He's by what he said I made use of bushes and rocks to get close to him. But Siba been up to those. One of the Mystery Key and one of the of the operations. He said he got to him before me. Hamza called out a man. He said, Come over here, you son of a woman who does circumcisions. So he, you know, he goes to him. And he said, he then struck a blow so fast that it

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seemed to miss his head.

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But his head flew off. And so I knew that he had not missed. At that time, Hamza or Delano relaxed now in this particular relation, but she also mentioned Hamdallah Delana was one of the people that Elena Delana was another one

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who was ambidextrous and he used to fight instead of fighting with a sword and a shield. He didn't do the shield. He used to fight with two sorts. So it was you know, there were there were some people like this in the Japanese in the samurai culture. They did that with the with the katana, the katana was a long one and a short one. And the samurai used to fight many of them would fight with the two they never used shields, you know, they consider that to be sort of unmanly to be to protect yourself so the the software itself was a protection

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needed. We're talking about enormous amount of skill. You're talking about practice and

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believable practice and enormous strength, because that's what he did, you know, build muscles like nobody's business. So under the Law No, was the middle of that. And he then relaxed for a second. And once he said, I aim my spear carefully. And then I threw my spear, which hit him in the in the belly and went through his body.

00:25:29--> 00:25:39

He said he saw me he tried to move towards me. But I it was, but it was all coming, the more the wound was too massive, the spear was still in his body.

00:25:41--> 00:26:13

And he felt what she said, I left him there with the spear until he died, I didn't want to go close to him. He said, I was so frightened, so afraid of him. Even when the man was dying, I could not go close to him. And then when I was sure he was dead, I went there, I pulled my spear out, I retrieved my spear. And I went back to the cap. And I have no business with anyone there except Hamza Avila who, who I killed, only to gain my

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Now, as soon as I said, I've heard of the death of his uncle, and he was devastated, because this uncle was not just an uncle, that was one of his greatest supporters. He was an uncle, so he was like a father to him. But they were also the same age. So in relationship with like a father, but they were the same age. So they were he was a brother to him. The nurse from the same lady Halima Sadie, Alana. And so therefore, you know, there was that relationship also. They were very, very, very close. And when he heard of the death of his uncle, wept and wept and wept, and he couldn't stop weaving. It was one of the saddest moments and times in the life was also celebrate that

00:27:01--> 00:27:08

continued throughout his life. Every time he hums out of the rhodiola, one was mentioned he would have tears in his eyes.

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So, and then when he went and saw his body, he found that it had been mutilated. Now, I actually did not do their budget that I took my spear and I left. But it was held in Ottawa, the wife of Xian, who had sworn to eat his liver. These are people, some of these people's

00:27:29--> 00:27:30

lives matter, give them

00:27:31--> 00:27:43

Hindutva is another allow, and she is one of the Sabbiadoro sources and because we almost have, and she became a he was a good Muslim, she died, I think, if I'm not mistaken in the in the era of

00:27:44--> 00:27:49

707 when a foreigner or seven hour later part of his of his life, because even at the

00:27:52--> 00:28:09

top of that, I was with Jana divosta. And she was a business woman. And she actually went to the, into the Khalifa was over again and said, Give me a loan from the middleman, which I will return to you because I want some money to do business.

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When there is he found that his uncle had been borrowed, mutilated, his stomach was opened is a intersect and we pulled out.

00:28:22--> 00:28:23

The man who

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took him the reason I didn't find him like this, I would not have brought him if I if I'd known this, somebody has mutilated. And this is when

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hint been at

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that time she was she was not a Muslim. She did this event in the suburb of resources. And despite this, when he had this hinder her husband, I was very in his power for Tamarka he did not he did not order them to be killed either enough or more ground for that. He did not order the both of them became Muslim and became Muslim. Now where she then said,

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I went back to Makkah, and I stayed there until the surah Salam conquered makan Twilio for mucca. Potomac. Then he said, Now I didn't know what to do, because another Muslims are in Makkah, and veggie were not Muslim. And he was, but she was put onto a list of, of people, as well as in Macau after whatever. He announced a list list of seven people who he said even if you find them, clinging to the Kislov, the Kaaba to the to the covering of the cover, execute and kill them because these are very, very you will people are one of them.

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he knew that he would be killed if any Muslims saw him. So he was hiding. And when Makkah was opened, Muslims came there. He said that I fled to Taiwan. He said then I stayed there until the delegation left to go and meet a sorcerer salaam to accept Islam and now as of now, I didn't know where to go

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Tables about conquer. So he said, Now I did not know where to go.

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He said, Some people asked me as I said, I'm going to Syria or Yemen or another country.

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And somebody said to me, he does not kill yet he just doesn't sell and does not execute does not kill anyone who accepts his village. Right? So he will forgive you.

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So go, go. And

00:30:22--> 00:30:26

so when she said, I had nowhere to go, I didn't know what to do. So he said, I

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covered myself up the turban and put a towel across his face like this. So nobody will know. And

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he said, I went to Medina, I surprised him

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and sat down before Him and extended my hand. I said, I come here. And my witness, I said, Well, I like the law, Washington law. So the law

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is no one worthy of worship except Allah and that you are His messenger. Service was well accepted him accepted Islam. And then he said, Are you washing?

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He said, Yes.

00:31:05--> 00:31:08

He said, he said, Tell me how you can market.

00:31:09--> 00:31:22

So especially other languages, I related the story as a religion, as I relate to do just now is essential to Tableau who are with him? And when I finished, he said, Yeah, where'd she

00:31:25--> 00:31:41

go from here? And if you ever come into my much less into my my gallery, he said, sit at the back, where I cannot see you. Because every time I see your face, it reminded me of my uncle and it reopens the world. See, even there.

00:31:43--> 00:31:44

Not only did he not

00:31:45--> 00:32:10

curse the man or beauty was or he forgive him, but he even did not prohibit him from coming into his buddies. He said, Just sit where I cannot see you. You can see me but I cannot see you. They're looking at the Navi is rather looking at the Navi is baraka or acela. But if the Navi does not see you, it's okay. And in this case, he was obeying the instruction of the nebulizer. So, he said,

00:32:11--> 00:32:13

he said I used to go

00:32:15--> 00:32:17

to, you know,

00:32:19--> 00:32:22

to him, but I would sit somewhere where he could not see me.

00:32:24--> 00:32:35

And then Allah subhanaw taala took rasuna Sorcerer to himself, where she then joined the army, and then he went to fight Hussein Malka, zap, the man who, who declared

00:32:37--> 00:32:42

prophethood afterwards. And he said, I took my spear with which I killed Hamza.

00:32:44--> 00:32:56

And I saw was a man standing with a sword. He said, I in my spirit him. And when I was sure I threw it. At the same time, another Muslim attractive on the other side with a sword.

00:32:57--> 00:33:13

He said, my spear struck him first. And then the other Muslim struck him. That man was out to Ghana, using the same sword that themselves had given him. And why she said that if it was I, who killed him, that I killed the best of men and I killed the worst.

00:33:14--> 00:33:17

Right? So when my sheep

00:33:20--> 00:33:21

Metro source and Salem,

00:33:22--> 00:33:28

salem said to him, now go and fight in the path of Allah, as you fought against Allah.

00:33:29--> 00:33:30

So, this is

00:33:33--> 00:33:38

the story of mercy, Delano and all the things

00:33:42--> 00:33:43

that are relating to

00:33:45--> 00:34:31

one other final lesson before we end today is that the expiation of sins if you first of all we must avoid since this is start for a Muslim who deliberately commences but whatever happens because of forgetfulness, and so on. expiation of that is to commit is to do a lot of good deeds. So first of all, make history for Dawa and then give sadaqa and pray and I feel and be good to people and validate and, and so on and so forth. So this is a lesson for us that how do I experience myself by doing good deeds so as a result of that dream, as you fought against Alana, we fought, now you go and fight for Allah. So it experienced the sin of having fought against Allah. We ask Allah subhanaw

00:34:31--> 00:34:42

taala to save us from sin we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to do that which pleases Him and to keep us from what angers Eva does not presume masala Allah will carry Murali he was a good man