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The speaker discusses their love for Conor brand and their desire to hate him for his dislike of Jesus. They also talk about their desire to return to their roots in Ireland and their desire to return to their mother-in-law's religion. They express their desire to return to their mother-in-law's religion and their desire to return to their mother-in-law's religion.

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Why do I hate Conor McGregor? I travel around the world that people know that I'm Irish and I love Ireland when when I graduated from the university, I didn't even go back to America. I went back to my roots and went to Ireland. I love Ireland. I love martial arts. I try to train as much as I can. And people see also your counter offense, you know, I hate counter. And I don't hate people as my general that don't hate people. I used to dislike Conor but now I hate him. And when I tell people why they're shocked because they they assume right away maybe okay, maybe it's because Kobe because Kobe was a Muslim, and you're a Muslim, and he's going to be fighting, no doubt the brotherhood that

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I have with Khabib it brings me together with him because he's my brother in Islam, no doubt about that. But this is not the reason why I hate Connor. So the reason why I hate Connor is because of my love for Jesus, and that people are shocked you are Muslims. My son is named Lisa. My son is named Jesus isa by the way, Irish they say isa as well. So any my love for Lisa for Jesus is the reason I hate Conor McGregor. Obviously, when it comes to his his arrogance, and his attitude and his horrible manners, many people dislike him, even Irish people themselves because the Irish people have some of the best manners on the face of the earth. When you come to Ireland, the best people to

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deal with beautiful people, people will be with Irish people at my local Dojo anywhere. Everybody who their trains, there is not most of them except for me and my son. The children asked our coach to take down the poster he had on the wall of Conor McGregor because of these bad manners and this horrible attitude that he has an arrogance that he has.

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Why do I hate Conor McGregor because of what he said about Jesus.

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When it came to the Nate Diaz fight for the ideas by he was asked some time before that about it's one of these TMZ paparazzi, Joker's came to an esteem of Jews were to come back because obviously he was he was beating everybody. And when you look at him have respect, no doubt, he's a great fighter. And I used to be I used to be a fan of his because of his work ethic because of his fighting style. It was very good. Then I started to dislike him obviously, with the attitude, and in the in the arrogance and who he became, and so on. Even some people who knew him in Dublin and train with him in the past, they told me that even his father dislikes who the man he has become.

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The point is that when he said this, would this TMZ report asked him if these were to come back and you would divide Jesus, who would win. And he said that he was a bit hesitant and that's why he should have he should have stayed in Islam. He shouldn't have talked about Jesus. He said that even if Jesus were to come back, he said, I would whoop his ass, I will do believe he was asked about it in the press conference before the Diaz fight. And he said that no, no, me and Jesus now were cool. He made even worse now. He said, me and Jesus are cool. He said, God's respect other gods, or Gods recognize other gods. So here when he said this, right away, I told the brothers, I said, Look, this

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is a sign that he's going to lose soon, and he's gonna lose bad, he's gonna be humiliated. I said, don't forget the story of the Titanic, when they said Not even God can sink it. And when it left from Ireland as well, when it left, what happened? God humiliated them. And God sent a sign to all of mankind about the power of God, when he sunk that ship that couldn't be sunk by anyone, even God SubhanAllah. I said, he's going to lose and he's going to lose bet. I didn't know who's gonna be in the DS fight or not because Nate was even ready was only nine days notice. But sure enough, look how God humiliated this arrogant individual who called himself a god in the second round, and just just

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look at it, look at his face, how he was choked out and just humiliated in that fight. And this is why I hate Conor McGregor, because of not decisive disliked him of who he became from the arrogance, but I hated him because of what he said about Jesus. And as Muslims, we love Jesus. And we don't allow and we don't accept anyone saying anything negative about