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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. So, we have completed our talks we have one thing remaining and that is the panel discussion that will happen right at the end of this particular convention inshallah. So, brother Ibrahim, how did it go? Between very well hamdulillah I've been learning a lot of things about Nigerians

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and how how they mix the English with their local language. And it sounds very beautiful like you know, there's something I learned today a big a big a big a big don't make me vix or no make me VIX. Meaning like, please a big is like comes from I beg you, or please don't get me angry or Don't make me angry. I'm big. And also another one which is my favorite. waiting to happen.

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We tend to happen means what's actually happening? What's happening what we tend we tend Yeah, what thing did happen what tended to happen? Oh, so that's smash it together? Yes. And today I was trying to practice with the brothers I see when they happen he say nothing they happen, but he immediately responded. So Brother uttama is with us I want him to confirm I have the theory I believe that new jeans have played around with the English so on the hope to give back at the British you know so the when they colonize England, nobody will understand it because the language is absolutely will not understand. So they have to the local will not have several foreigners polish it the way that they

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will choose to with the local language.

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Like like this one? No put me for wahala don't put me into trouble. Don't put me into trouble that don't put me into a Holla Holla dopamine before Allah.

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And no do me why? Oh, this is my favorite also. No, do me why you don't don't cheat me or something. Me? Why oh, is why you brought house. Yeah, it's a house word. And also a household word. But it's like a general word now is in useful all the language. They understand the word wahala in Yoruba, if you meet a Yoruba man, and you said Don't put me into a holler, they will understand what you mean and I saw the evil the house everybody they will understand they will understand so my topic today was just like a general word. Mashallah, yes. So I started this slight note I brought some laughter in to the audience. And then we move to mental health and emotional well being of of, you know,

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human beings in general, and how the process needs to cope with intense emotions

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mentioned the story of the death of his son Ibrahim, the first experience at the cave when the angel Gabriel appeared in his actual form, how the process alum was shivering, ran to his wife to seek comfort and so on. What was the topic about you? You're amazing, you know, to be honest, I'm just thinking about the tears of the prophets of salaam when he lost his son, Ibrahim. And when he told us a harbor when they were looking there, he told them in a Mahira Mattoon, Jalla Luffy buddy Rahama you know, that's amazing, because they did not imagine that the person would cry. But it's just it's a coping mechanism of human and mashallah you tackle the topic very well. And in our culture, they

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say men don't cry. Men, they are expected to, you know, toughen up and they're everything but, but here we are, we have the prophets of salaam, the best of mankind used to sleep so long. So I spoke about peace and unity, I actually modified the title that I was given in order to synchronize it with the theme of the entire convention, peace and unity. I've had people say, oh, you know, the theme, you theme, the peace and unity, but there was no topic on peace and unity. So I like to bring it in to say no, it is all peace and unity, but you need to put it into context to understand it. So to be at peace with yourself, to be at peace with your maker, to be at peace with your family and

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your closest circle to be at peace with your community. And to be at peace with everyone else and to be able to unite does not mean uniformity. That's something that we always talk about unity is not uniformity. I don't need to be the same like you know, to be united with you and I can still get along with you with the differences. Also, if I'm united with you, it doesn't mean I agree with you. I could disagree with you strongly, but I'm united for some common purposes, you know, beautiful soil. Hello, today we'll have a panel discussion in about two three hours. Perhaps we can have an unplugged session on the stage yes and show why not?

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the keys here

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the keys in the Center in

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