Ayah Series #21 – Surah Zalzalah

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of accountability in Zitza Allah's actions and how he keeps hidden things from others. They also talk about the negative consequences of actions that are small and small, such as stealing something from a store, and how it can lead to embarrassment and embarrassment. The speaker emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and acknowledges that forgiveness is a necessary part of one's life.
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One of the main points of sorts of Zetas Allah is accountability. Perfect accountability, right? Allah Spano Tata. He says that you know, when the day of judgment comes and things start getting crazy right the world starts changing and the world is going to the world as we know it is going to end that's the day when everything is going to come into the clear right things that were hidden because in this life you know, you do things everybody does their fair share of good and their fair share of evil and Allah Spano Tala conceals a lot of it, right? So you know, you sin, I sin, we make mistakes, we do bad things, right? We get diluted, we get tricked, the shaytaan tricks are sometimes

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it happens to everybody, right? And Allah is found to Allah is merciful enough that most of what we do wrong, he keeps hidden from other people. So it's crazy. If we had like a, like a body camera and Angel cam that was following us around, you know, like every single thing that we did, oh, Lord, we would be so embarrassed if somebody were to see that because we do bad stuff, every single one of us and we tried to repent, we tried to ask a lot of forgiveness. And we hope that Allah forgives us. But that's just the reality. So on this day, this is where everything comes into the clear everything comes from the open. This is the day when and Allah Spano, Allah says that if you have

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even Well, first before he says that he says that even the earth is going to inform as going to announce what happened, right? Because Allah is bound to Allah is going to enable it to do so. So that has to do with, you know, the scholars of Tafseer they have various explanations or examples of what this could mean. And one of them is that wrongs that occurred on the earth. You know, everything happens in a certain location, maybe you you were talking about about someone behind their back and you are at the mall or you are over here you are over there, imagining the earth on the Day of Judgment, right? Announcing to everybody ah, that guy. Yep. He said that right here. He

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was right here. When he did that. Or he stole that thing from that store. He thought no one was looking and it was right here that that happened. This is similar to what Allah says in the Quran about how their limbs and their tongues are going to bear witness against them. And we're going to be like, Oh my God, how could this happened? Where hola spa is going to give them the ability to speak and they're going to speak against us. As a note, he did this. No, she did that. Japan Hola. So this is the day when everything's out in the open, nothing is hidden anymore. And everybody has to deal with it. This is the reckoning. This is what it means to have a reckoning that we have to

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deal with the fact of what we did. And that's what makes Allah's forgiveness so powerful and amazing, because now that it's out in the open, and we have we're forced to admit it, whereas Yes, yes, I did that. And it's so humiliating and embarrassing that we did it. And then Allah is gonna say, Okay, you admitted it. And if you're a Muslim, alright, you're forgiven. I forgive you for that. And so Allah finishes the surah by what some of the companions said was the most just verse in the Quran is that somebody who has even the smallest seed of good, they're gonna see it that day. But imagine all the good things that you've done that you never got any recognition for. Right? And

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sometimes as human beings not being recognized for what we do hurts, especially if it's a spouse, especially if it's your kids, you work, you work, your work, you try you struggle, you strive, and then they just take it for granted. That's the painful thing to deal with. Well, on the Day of Judgment, if you did any, any little small bit of good, you're going to see it but that means the other the other side is true to any little piece of evil that you did the smallest speck of evil that you did to somebody else. You're also going to see it