The teacher-student relationship in the context of Islam

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The speakers discuss the importance of being in the front all the time and not wanting to be in the back. They also discuss the use of Dr.head's campaigning and the importance of showing interest in learning. The speakers stress the need for a proper manner in teaching and encourage others to follow.

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Lead or lead generation they do not have share how to start and tell me it all it used to be what us hub So, have our honey fi Sahaba we use an Abu hanifa or as hub all companies to companionship actually is very important. So, you know people should not have any problem to learn from the teachers

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so that what that why we don't like people where a teacher comes this tool says stand up, it has never had the pleasure of Islam this all later because when you make this thing that somebody teacher or other disciples to this, this actually makes it you know, sometime you know, humiliation for the people who follow. So, that is not the culture should we follow really and we have seen agreement, my teachers, Nasrallah, you don't feel any difference between the students and the teachers, you know, it is different, but, you know, they did not like to show that they are superior to the students, but at the same time you learn from them, when different things respect them. So,

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that keep in mind that in a way all campaigning is, you know, male or female, a company's logo Professor letterhead campaigning, so, like, it was the harben tagline, they have their own company as hub, we are as hub at where you learn from me. But I also learn from you, you know, from so many your questions, sometime, you know, when you talk, I learned so much from the people, a very, very learn from each other, to that, you know, should give, but, but besides that, also, you know, we should keep really good to learn to like, you know, make effort to be in the front all the time, at least, you know, not everybody can defer button is make effort to that to show that teacher that you

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are interested in learning to when you are interested in learning, then the teacher can, you know, make more effort to teach you ask question in the style should be that you want to learn more and more. And when we see the teacher does not have our word properly, then you have full right to ask him that argument. Because if you don't ask about God, they're telling me how will you teach? It could be that, you know, you understood the answer, but you will not know his argument he knows.

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And you don't know the next time when you go to teach you only know the answer, you don't know the argument. Do you have full right to ask the argument? If you had you have also right to insist on argument if teacher did not give you you can ask again second time third time and if the teacher offended it to his problem, you have you know in islamically you are allowed to ask again again in order to understand but what you are not allowed actually is and is not very good at that to show that you know more than the teacher or something like that to our to make me no speech less. This is not the right manner. No doubt is a human being he did not know everything. But a right a marriage

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should be in to learn and to get the output properly, then, you know, you can teach people you can follow yourself to that, but you know, this thing is this attitude. If anybody has that, you know that you know show that I know more than the teacher do. Certainly, you know, everybody knows more than anybody else. Everybody has some knowledge other people don't have, but when you're learning from someone, it should be more in a humble way.