Lessons for life #05 Pay forward

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah who already was over Salam just leaving because he didn't because at

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this point number five lesson for success, you can never repay

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a debt of gratitude

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as I mentioned earlier,

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when yesterday's reminder, the importance of thanking people remember that almost everybody who did anything valuable for you

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did it without being asked, did it

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for you,

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to help you. And by doing that,

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that didn't help them in any way.

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Right? They did it first, because it was your need. Think about this Ross Ross Ross said,

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Allah subhanaw taala will reward you more for giving a person a loan, then for giving the same amount to the same person, as sadaqa.

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To this, I've asked in this era, sort of a similar sentiment, we give a loan, we take it back.

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But when we give sadaqa we don't take it back. It's a gift. So why will Allah subhanaw taala reward is more for something that we will take back and less for something that we will not take.

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So as a result of said, You give a loan, when the other person needs it, you give sadaqa when you feel like giving it. So Allah will reward you more, because you are helping your brother in a time of need, even though he will repay that loan.

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Now, this doesn't mean don't give someone of course gives us a level reward us Inshallah, the point I'm making here is that when somebody helps you, and throughout your life and so on, I can think of my life. There were people Muslim and non Muslim, who went out of their way to help me who did things for me, which I could not even imagine. There are a couple of things one Allah, I not in my wildest dream bribe, imagine that somebody can do something like that, for me.

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There was a friend of mine who passed away unless have mercy on him.

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Who I needed money very badly at one point in time, my life when I just started my businesses.

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And this van, took

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the papers for his home for his house, which he had built.

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He took the papers of that house, and he went to the bank.

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And he gave that assurity. And he said to the bank, loan this money to my friend.

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And the money that I needed, was 1/3 the amount

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of a value of his house, his house was three times and when

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I fought with him, I did not allow him to do that. But he did that. Right. He knew that I had to fight and stop him. But he went to that point, he went to the point of giving the papers to the bank and say, to keep my house I asked him I said what if my business does not survive what my business thinks, you will lose your home he said no problem. And then he said to me something which brings tears to my eyes to this day. He said what is the point in me having a house when my friend is in need and I cannot help it.

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He said what is the point in me having a house when my friend is in need and I cannot help?

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Smart Allah?

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May Allah subhanaw taala forgive him and grant him Jana, whatever he did.

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I have no words. I have no words. And I say Allah, you are the witness for this man.

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I'm not lying. This happened when you know this.

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Similarly, other

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people who, for whom, when I was growing up, I was a little kid. I was 15 years old. I was 17 years old. I was 12 years old. There were people in my life and are going into the details of that. Some of them need to read my book, from India to in this dimension, the

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1517 20 I mean, people who were wealthy, they had their own families, their own children, their own, you know, the influential people or whatnot. I was nothing. I was just a kid and I was the son of their friend, my father

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has not the responsibility

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There's nothing they went out of their way. There was one person may Allah bless her, she literally taught me how to eat with a knife and fork, she said the time will come when you will go to the west and you will have to eat in a western atmosphere and you will not be able to eat with your fingers must know how to eat properly with a knife and fork, you must know when a table setting is made, you must know which fork and which knife to use for fish and which would use for meat and so on and so forth. And all the table etiquettes

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we cover on traditional however the family we don't eat with the with our fingers. He said Yes, true. That is good. Hamdulillah this is what we should do. Even in our home, we do that but you will travel you will go out abroad and I was 15 years old.

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What did I know what if about travel and whatnot,

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you will go abroad you will you will eat with in company in public company in the company of Western people in organizations and whatnot. And he was no.

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That's why my mother couldn't have taught me that because she didn't know we came to weed for generations when whenever it was, we don't even this is not our

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this is the kind of thing. So anyone who thinks that they can repay our debt, forget it, you can never repay your debt not until you die. You can pay forward.

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You can do good for somebody else. Just like somebody else did good for you without expecting a reward. You can do good for somebody else without expecting a reward. This is what you can. And this is what I of course, obviously strongly recommend and advise you will do is to

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pay forward.

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But don't think you can repay anybody.

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I'm just saying that because this is another one of those, you know,

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pieces of arrogance that seem to reside in our minds that oh, what I paid off. I did it. I thought I paid a salary. No, please.

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Allah, may Allah bless them. We have people who do things.

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We had our cook in Hyderabad, she was sick. And she didn't come

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for a few days and

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never have a loss. There's never any problem my wife cooks is hungry enough.

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You know, food in the fridge to last us for a long time and everything. But

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the cook didn't come on day. The next morning, I see my driver. Most of us when he came in the morning to work. He's comes with a different carrier three, three, layer three level.

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I said what is this is a NEO. Upon Yeah. To

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review kind of McAfee says the group lady, she hasn't come. So my wife cooked food for y'all. And she said the food. And when you open the food,

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it was things I know those things that they normally don't eat, meaning more expensive than what they could probably afford.

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beautifully cooked very nice food.

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Why does he have to do that?

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Right? Just kindness, just kindness. This is helpfulness. Now, if I ever think I never even make the mistake of thinking I never do that. I can go for it. But if I think that I can repay that, there's no way I can wave in gold. It still will not repay that thought that we have this need. If it's not a dire need. It's not as if he's saving our lives or something. No.

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Just that okay, there must be some inconvenience. So let me help way over and above what he has hired for over and above what he's paid for. hamdulillah I'm very blessed that there are so many people in my life, who have gone out of their way always to help me and I am eternally grateful to them and I never ever believe that I can repay them, I can never repay them. But I try to pay forward and I try to do things for people, other people we are being asked and obviously without

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expecting or taking compensation or reward for that. So

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express gratitude. And as I said,

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pay forward. Don't think you can pay somebody for what they did no way forward. Very, very important for us to ensure that we respect what Allah subhanaw taala send us and that is the

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The love the affection the respect and the regard of the

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military while he was a member of the government