Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2021 – Qur’anic Expression #05

Nouman Ali Khan
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Now we're like, okay, it's been a little slower. And also that might be right. So welcome, everyone. So we're gonna get started continuing our reading of Dr. Simon

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money. And we're just for my students, I was going to read the introduction to this book and translate it for them. They're not at the level where they can read this on their own yet, but I still wanted to introduce them to the concepts in this book. And before I give them some really fun examples from this book, I wanted to kind of have them appreciate how the author organized his thoughts, and how he you know, you know, what's, what's lying ahead in this book. So he wanted to kind of give us a taste of that and his introduction. So we've been doing that for a few sessions, and we're going to continue reading some of that. It's a really interesting topic now that he's

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going to touch on that's going to come up in the book, so I'm going to just get right back into it. I'm

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also hopeful Seattle is there man, Arnie casiotone, libido and luster.

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And the features of the way the Quran uses expressions are many, there's many different styles that are in the Quran. And we don't want to go too deep into our examination right now. So he's saying, I'm dropping all these bombs right now in this introduction, but this isn't deep, I'm just kind of touching the surface. Well, I can not worry about until

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August, but we just wanted to give a few examples only so that our intention becomes clear. So that we make clear and union who costs Yeah. What did God 50 of the Quran so that you appreciate how accurate even a single word in the Quran is? Well, no, I haven't. It's their model of reality and the energy

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a little far for them, you know, for me fee agreement, in other words, fun. And so part of that is also kind of the numerical thing that he talked about. And he says, what a remarkable artistic and literary feature that is in the Quran, for anyone, so now he's going to do a different thing for him. For him, NACA is having a lot. A lot been going through with Darby. Fie, was at that time with a Camila visa fee how the woman went after that. So if you were to look at any ask any dimension of expression, so what does he mean by dimension of expression, students of language will appreciate this. So one dimension of expression, the way we talk is emphasis. So you can really stress

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something when you're saying it, you can double stress it triple stress it or not stress it at all, or say something very lightly and casually. So that's one aspect, one aspect of expression. Another aspect of expression could be whether you're speaking directly or indirectly, whether using active verbs are passive verbs. So these are all different kinds of things that we don't think about when we speak everyday, but we use them all the time. Right? So if I say, I've got bad news, right? So you're, you're using something called a pub, you're, you could have just told me what the bad news is. But you're preparing me mentally when you say I've got bad news. So you're using a style of

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expression, right? And if somebody is going out of their way to say, Man, that was so bad, it was so terrible. I mean, it's incredibly horrible. It was so disgusting. That Oh, when they keep describing describing describing before they get to the point it's called, it's an art, it's actually a device in bed. Right? So we use these things. In everyday speech, we're not very good at it. Sometimes, it makes us less than eloquent. But someone who knows how to use these devices naturally, is highly eloquent, highly effective in their speech, when to use what tense when to use more words or less words when to stress more when to de stress, right? It's like an expert driver, depending on the

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road, if they're driving a stick shift machine, right? Which gear do need to be in? Does it need to take the foot off the clutch? Do they need to hit the accelerator? How much of the brake? Do they need to press like an expert racer, right? So just to make that curve perfectly, or to make that turn perfectly right to steer perfectly? languages like that? It's it requires, for people who master it, it requires, like the exact right kind of expression and the right moment, a lot of us find ourselves we don't we're at a loss of words, right? So when we're talking, we find ourselves tripping up on our words are not finding the right expression. And that's a lack of our own

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eloquence, right? And there are other aspects to that, like, maybe it's stress or fear, or whatever else, like somebody's getting nervous in an interview, right? So there's so many things that go into speech. And of course, when you're speaking like I'm speaking to you right now, there are plenty of times where I'm speaking grammatically incorrectly. Just to get a point across, I have a habit of adding you knows in the middle of my speech, without even realizing it, you know what I'm saying? You know, like, it's like, you know, and it's like, it's like, it's not grammatically correct, but I'll just say it's like, you know, get it. It's like, it's like, you know, you know, it's like you

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could have a compilation of its likes, and you knows from my speeches, it'll be a million of them in one episode, right? Or the word

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Right, I use the word right a lot.

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Right? So these, this is centered again, these are, I guess in a sense gaps they are, they are natural errors that happen in the course of spoken experience when I'm talking, and when you're talking. But when we write something out, then there's no room for such things.

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The Quran is not a written experience for humanity, the first exposure to the Quran was a spoken experience. And in a spoken experience, you don't get to flip the pages and say, Wait, I said this before in paragraph two, there'll be a redundancy or there'll be inconsistency. So I said, I should check my essay. Because when you guys write a paper for school, then you're like, wait, but then my conclusion, I've already sent the sentence in my to erase it here. All right, I shouldn't be repeating it. Even as I just said this to you, I said the word AI twice. So if there was a transcript of me speaking, there will be tons of grammatical errors.

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So here, what we're learning about to put on and its expression, especially because it's an oral transmission, especially because of this little loss of a loved one, it was delivered this message which approves your release early, and he was just speaking of that. And yet, it was so precise and flawless is the is one of the most baffling dimensions of the study of the product. We're reading something we're studying something that's two things at the same time, and never are something things are never two things at the same time. It This is a book in the Arabic script about 600 some pages. And it's a speech that lasted 23 years, that is transcribed onto 600 some pages. So we think

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of it as a book. But the Sahaba didn't think of it as a book, they thought of it as a speech. They thought of it as words, not written words, they believe those words are coming from the heavens written there. But nobody saw pages. People just heard the Prophet speak. So hold on. Right. So for either never good method. So he's saying, by the way, that if you look at the Quran, any any dimension of the crowds expression, you're going to find a unity with

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a perfect, comprehensive unity laser on the wall. And when I say that, you're not going to find any ups and downs in it, no contradictions in it, it's going to be continuous and perfect throughout. But you don't know how often it's a PD method. So if you were to look, for example, at the concept of emphasis stress, would have to have thoughts about within more at the bottom of the mountain, he what he has done funnier than with the Camila manasi, when he called the mountain, if you were to look at stress in the Quran, despite the fact that it's in so many different contexts, there's an III, which illustrates something in the third, I also talked about her and 10 years before then he

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stressed something very similar in an iron sort of units. And on 15 years after that, something similar came up and an idea that was revealed in like, you know, on Enron, or in like, sort of one off coupon or something, right? They are a year these things were said years apart from each other. Right? And he's saying if you look at all these places where stress is used in different places in the text, and different places over time, they'll have no, you know, closeness to each other, you'll find that they all still synchronize with each other perfectly.

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As if they were all woven together.

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And each of them placed in its perfect context. Last CFA level one of the fee Manasa comau, one Manasa, Padma and Colima, Latina and okra and let's see what we have. Okay, this is incredible. This statement is very powerful. He's saying, you're going to find that stress that was mentioned and what I keep saying stress, some of you are thinking like psychological stress, like I'm feeling stressed out. No, that's not the stress we're talking about here. We're talking about the stress as in this is definitely going to happen in America. I don't understand it, wherever you I've been promised is going to absolutely is absolutely true. That absolutely before the word true, that's a

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stress, right. So he's saying every single even tiniest stressor has been placed perfectly in its own context. Meaning if Allah stressed something in Sorrento Valley, it was perfectly situated for the context of suta. valia also is consistent with other places of Oberon, where stress is used by comparative study. So it takes into account what's happening inside the surah. And it also takes into account other things that are happening in other solos, because eventually somebody will compare. Right? So it's keeping both things in mind and that again, is something humanly for me impossible. I can't possibly be saying something right now. To the degree of 1000

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percent precision, taking into account the talk I have to give you right now, another talk I gave 10 years ago.

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I can't that's not on my mind anymore. Right? And I can't forget the concepts. I can't how impossible is it for me say Did I use the word definitely that time? 10 years ago, I should use definitely in a similar context here again, can I do that? It's gone. I don't even remember how much dresses I use. 30 seconds ago. 20 seconds. I don't remember. Speech moves forward. And you don't have the long term memory for what devices what tiny little features you use just a few minutes ago or seconds ago, even you just keep thinking I have it were analog like that. You can vaguely remember the concept you you said, and then somebody reminds me something else. I heard your speech.

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Man, the way you stress this. I'm like, Hey, I said that. Yeah, you said it. It was great. Don't you? Know? Let me watch the video. Oh.

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I can't remember. Human. Right.

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So that's the point he's making focus on how do you actually to be enough?

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So corralejo fine. Could stress something by saying in now you guys are in Naya. What does that mean? Certainly, it could use the word certainly alone. Oh, could you uh, could you be lamb? Or it could use the Lamb of emphasis where the lamb represents like in Santa Luffy horses, like Pico said is in Los Luffy. husen is truly in loss. So the lamb can be used for stress or emphasis. Oh, yeah. jobina.

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Or it could merge between both of them in a single sentence like in an insider love the hustle. Right? So you've got enough and you got to know when and another lava Nakula now they're in yesterday, a Tabby and then the OB ob, follow your sacral and louzada Now move and mow the Redmond Zoo a man who will talk about foofy Moulton is decree enema water that are on work at Arnica. And when I hear he's saying that if you took a really delicate look at all the places where in knives use or llamas use, you'll find at the places where the lung was used. You couldn't remove it or add it in not to double emphasize it, it wouldn't make sense they're not as much as it does with just

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the lung. And the same thing happens with the the inner sometimes the inner is used with the lamb and without an adding the lamb extra making an extra stress there just wouldn't add up this is actually something fall off make a lot of mistakes and do like was that was that, you know, law or a number of inequality municipality or was it in Nova naka de la mina saw the thing which one was it? Was it with the number without the law? It all sounds similar. But when you study this subject, then you're like no, this context allow us without too long because that makes more sense here and it that logic also kicks in as you're reviewing your Quran for where your hoodoo method so for example,

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Allah says in Allah look it up. Shadi Don't be covered when I said I didn't put the header cuz I didn't put the header cuz I put the header cuz Yeah. Now I said what should he do on a copy? What's the grammar of Should we go to a pub? You

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know, should he there was no law? No. Oh no. should he do on a copy? Oh, how could it be?

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And if left or right yeah, so in Omaha is definitely what part of the sentence right so what should you look at this next refer that comes along?

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That's the hub in Omaha looked it up and showed you the car cover. So, in this the in the book data has been emphasized. But Tisha does not have a nominal emphasis. Like it's not in the Lucha Lucha de la. Right. More couldn't be in so this has been stressed with the word in there's emphasis because of in Nigeria alone. Female before female Latina IV that in the Koran in many different places in Brooklyn you find something like this. But he also says we have kulu and he says also we're in now Rebecca, other hackers were in now Rebecca read this for me. Oh, we're in Rebecca Nasha de la Shaggy. shaggy is on a four so in this should

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be again we'll talk about today but this time in the beginning of the month data but on the harbor there's also something what's there Yeah, its emphasis. More couldn't be enough one not this one has been stressed with enough and with them. We have good will law and another place you put on while law who should the good cop and Allah and by the way shadow Erica means intense in taking retribution.

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So certainly allies intensive taking retribution. Certainly are masters truly intense and taking retribution. And he also says at allies intensive taking retribution, no stress billetto kid with no emphasis. So the same statements being made a lot of Shut up. But one time with two stresses one time with one stress and one time with no stress.

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Right, where goodwill law have fallen Rahim.

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Allah says Allah is Forgiving, extremely forgiving. merciful. There's no in Allah here without docread FEMA Well, the Armada data, FEMA, what the Amitabh Dida? 10 w who thalassa Tasha moderen He says, Allah has said, well law hula photomed Rahim in many contexts, many different places in the Quran that reach about 13 contexts in 13 different contexts without any stress. Well, mahalo 14, we're all in Allah for Allah. And Allah has also said in Allah, certainly Allah, walk in and be more couldn't be enough for acceleration in Demo Day and in more than 20 places he put in on the put certainly on it. Well, you're lucky to be in our land FEMA, well, they're all from Canada. And he

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has put in that and done both in a bunch of other context. So Allah has not stressed single stress and double stress in different places. Well, you therefore, we are going to fit Wi Fi dummy writing ohata. And he has removed or added stressors in different expressions in Milan, that are in the hundreds, well, who are euro, he frequently Danica cut off at that meeting? Well, we'll be our kulula lymphie McCann, he has been a police officer who this year.

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And so he takes into consideration and all of that he takes into consideration a very delicate precision and expression. And every single word is placed in its context, according to what the context demands. We hate to let your ship for what the rules are between work and then that really work at the atomic marketing team mechanic at work. And so, whereby it wouldn't be correct to put a statement of emphasis or stress in a place in a context, which demands that you don't stress when

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the accident occurred in FY Moulton in academic marketing.

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And he's never stressed something double in a place where only a single stress should be called for. Right so it's pretty epic study. Why is a single stressor used here? Why is a double stressor using it? Why is that the right thing? Why is this the right thing? Right? This is the advanced level of linguistics that the Arabs had ancient the ancient Egypt has naturally and we spent years studying and trying to grasp it and really powerful stuff.

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what goes on

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in and that is how the situate the matter is with other things other than in for Hawaii Apolo method and so he says For example, good good hold on the

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rubber well, family What are how many akun minahasa if you don't forgive me, and you don't show me loving care, I shall be a corn latest

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melodic Okay, from the from those that have lost Bella Toki there's no stressor here. You remember how we did melodic young soul and the heavy melodic is young Solon and the heavy Swoboda is young Suren. But you can double stress the melodic right at the end. So watch what Allah says we have all Mr. Ratan ostra we're in London for Lana what Uh hum Nah, not learner con like Nakhon like icon here lightest la emphasis naku done to extra newnes minahasa.

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So, here you have a condominial hostellerie I shall be from those who have lost learn nakoula nominal capacity we shall definitely definitely definitely be from those that have lost their three stressors here, the lamb and the two loons at the bito kegonsa by stressing the response so he here he did it without stress and here he there was stress. The ilam yohanna will not wait for learner learner coonan minahasa in another place in the Quran. So Florida. If he doesn't, if our master does not give us loving care, and he doesn't forgive us, we will absolutely absolutely be from those that have lost we Tokido jawab by stressing the answer, what music they love and what the most popular

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shot Palooza Liga has ever my apollyon moteino was here for a second but what drew it in her head is highly CRP ha, while oltenia cameras and by us. And so you'll find here linac when another alarm that stresses forward, and alarm that comes in the very beginning even before the condition was mentioned. All of that is according to the context demands and it's absolutely not okay to place an idea from any of these items other than other contexts, they will still have the same effect. And we shall clarify how accurate all of this is. These are the mysteries he's going to solve in this book.

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Those are the people that require regularly they notice that there's lots of similar speech and they'll put on, right. And for a casual reader, they might find it very redundant, like it's repeating itself a lot. For a careful reader, they'll say, he repeated it exactly here, but not exactly over there. He made a little change here. And he made a few changes here. Why did he make two changes here and one change there and no change there. And this is the this is the conversation that kofod have with each other, after they're done thoughtfully, and they're having some like barbecue late night like, Man, that one with a child who really gets me every time man. Because if

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it goes to get on similar if they are a different train altogether, like when you guys are memorizing solar, and you go to a similar if you're on a different, different planet altogether. And then your teacher says, Hey, wait, what you're doing what we're doing, you are

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just not surah This is different surah Will you write, so when he does? That's because the similar one takes you somewhere else. This book will describe why these different, you know, stresses are used in different places. And stress is just one dimension of speech, last sentence for the day. But no one ever thought about Tokyo Singapore on the agenda who know happened for me at an idea with a NASA content. And as I started Tokyo,

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was the loving market that was really hot. So if you were to take a comprehensive look, in the Quran on just stress, like as if we were writing a book just on stress and overrun, you would find it and artistic painting a depiction that is of the highest caliber, where everything is connected and weave together, you know, despite the expansive subject matter of stress, and because despite the fact that there are so many different kinds of stressors you can use, and there's so much variety in that in the Arabic language, not just in nine, not. There's lots of ways to stress, right? And despite all of those variations, you'll find one giant comprehensive view. So that that's what he's

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getting at kind of we're getting, we're getting our taste buds. He's saying, Okay, well, if you're really interested in this subject, this book is going to be juicy for us what he's basically saying, right? For Arabic students, when they first start learning, they're like, Oh, no, that makes something vessel, I know is the beginning of a sentence or lamb lamb Lamb of Turkey, that doesn't do anything. It doesn't change the app. I love the word. Fine. That's what it does. But why is Allah using it? Right? This is not the book about what it does. This is a book about why is Allah using it, and what makes it so beautiful and so powerful. So inshallah when we're almost done with the

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introduction, but some pretty cool subject matters being introduced, so I'm happy that you're getting to know that he's yawning, not because he's bored if you're young, because you're bored. He's yawning because he was doing taraweeh last night.

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Right. This is an Islamic gone

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all the time again.

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He's chained when you're squeezed more movies. Okay. All right. Cool. So really cool. Robert, do your best to get the rest of guys down while Rich lumbergh

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that's really good pronunciation of

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