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People ask. I heard that the Omen piano starts I got a question from the sisters and the brothers, that Yambol camera stars when people are corrupted. Now you're telling us, everyone is Muslim. There's no conflict in what you know and what you heard was possible. Even though the blessing was for seven years. Maddie passed away everyone was reading Quran praying, Asa returns back to Allah eventually what happens next?

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Corruption comes back again. So

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Corruption comes back again. I actually believe that was genuine. Right? What happens next? People are not listening to Allah subhanaw taala people are maybe not giving the Zika remember, everyone's like, no hatred, the first person start backbiting. shaytaan is doing his work. All that stuff is very sad. Very disappointing. And right when this happens, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he mentioned for either Talat for our Hanna's when people see the sun rising from the west am and a nurse will edge mine. Every single human on planet Earth believes in Allah. So all those who maybe were corrupted, they love the deen, whatever. Everybody accepts Islam, but the $1 million question

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is this. Will that be accepted of them?

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That's what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says I'm in watch my own however. Then he Kahane on this is a time that no one benefits from their repentance. No one benefits from their asking for forgiveness when someone sees they're like, Oh my God, this whole lecture thing and nicely was right. stuff would allow them maybe your neighbor John, you kept telling John The one thing that you learned in this Sunday School whatever, John one day the sun rise from the West, John's like whatever you don't know anything about archaeology, you don't know anything about geology? You don't know anything about biology? You don't know anything about anything is like Okay, okay. Okay. So

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then when the sunrise from the West, I swear by the one who made you and I if John was alive, he will say I had one Leila was shut down Rasul Allah that's what the Prophet told us. Allah said love best will Allah accept no. And that's what the prophets of Allah and he was gonna said, Now I don't want you to be confused like bro, if the sun is not setting is not rising. That means on the other part of the world, it's not setting right? And he complicate things a little bit. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and authentic hadith He says, When the sun sets it prostrates to Allah authentic narration. Now go figure makes make sense of that explicitly, right? So certain things we surrender

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to Allah subhanho wa Taala how will this happen? We trust Allah Who would have imagined that today you will be on FaceTime with someone across Earth yes or no? So he told that to someone god knows how long ago that impossible now it's not impossible. Similarly Allah can make the impossible possible. When this happens, Rasul Allah Islam Allah says a very scary, hopeful Hadith you can look at and do different ways. He says some Allahu alayhi wa sallam that Allah subhanho wa Taala has the door of repentance open. Anytime you Now apologize, they made something that is wrong at work. You cheated in your finals, you abused chat GBT for your resume. Whatever the case is, you want to go

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back to Allah repent and seek his forgiveness. The door of repentance is open. How big is the door? 70 years Why'd it take you 70 years to go from one end to the other end? The frame of the door Allahu Akbar. But he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Repent to Allah because that door that is 70 years wide will close in the sunrise from the west Subhan Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says every single moment of the day, Allah was offering his forgiveness. Apologize, repent. Now. He says this offering stops had taught law Hashem subminimum Libya, the day the sunrise from the West, no more forgiveness is accepted. No more apology will be honored. And whoever was a

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believer before is the only one that is saved Subhan Allah may Allah forgive us and grant us the best Terra Bella Eileen, around that time, and on the same day, another major sign happens same day. What's the other major sign? There's 10 major. We covered how many so far with the last session.

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Last session we covered

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10 native signs the Prophet SAW Allah Allah says there's Asha ILM at 10 major. The moment one happens the next day come right after the other as if how was that he knows. As an example, you know that Mr. Maha that they will do with right. If you cut or think of a necklace, a necklace with beads. You cut that necklace, the beads fall one after the other. That's how it is the moment one of the 10 starts. We don't know the exact order for the 10

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But we know certain packages that come together. This is very important because we don't want to put things in order and make it seem this is the one and only way. So what we spoke about so far is the coming of for the judge. And then

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Maddie is a sign but not one of the major. So the math is actually a transition. Mad is like a transition from minor signs to major signs. So, the gel comes as I said, Are you sure so it comes after the Jag 100%? Not before 100 Why? Because we have had it authentic. Okay, what after Eisah? For sure these three are back to back. Now do we know they're the first three are the last one I know the last four for sure. We know the last four. And we know the first are the three that are come together because I don't know if these three can be moved to four, five and six. Are you with me? So maybe the sun rising from the west might be the first of the 10 Maybe it is what

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a fantastic Dejan so Allah Allah, Allah Allah, but we know the last four in order I know 789 10 I'll mention it tonight inshallah. One, two and three. I know they come together but I'm not sure their first or not. So the sun rising from the West is a sign of the major 10 And on that same day, who comes out what comes out? Allah subhanho wa Taala says, I will be Lambchop regime will either work on oh no I lay him when the time of Yokoyama is so fast approaching what happens? Raja Nana whom the better mineral out of the two can Lemo whom Allah says we will bring forth from Earth, at least an animal the mineral already to Colombo home, and this will actually talk will actually communicate.

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What will it say to the believers and second will be Tina, you know, it will go to the disbelievers and tell them how you never had faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala you never had certainty in this revelation. And that beast and one Hadith that a sound will come with two items will come with the ring of Sulaiman Alayhis Salam, and the staff and the stick of which Prophet Musa La Silla ma ASA Musa wakatime Selena and what is it to the items when it comes to the disbelievers. It comes and seals on their face and nose. When it comes to the believer, it brings the staff of Musa and waves over that person or touches that person, then his face glows. So much so that every person on earth

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to the one of two options, no third, either a believer or a disbeliever. That's what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam looked to what point people will actually not describe others without mentioning one of the two phases. So someone stole something, they will not just say he's a man has a beard. He's 510 he's wearing a blue jacket.

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I'm gonna examine myself, right? He's this isn't that they will say he is the gaffer.

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He is the movement. That's how they actually will say, because there's one of two phases the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, what he originally dubbed a personal by a vehicle by a vehicle a cattle, then they will ask me minister, right, who was your sales guy? We asked that sometimes? Is he a good person? Should I go at this shift or that shift? Right? Who was your sales guy, the private says for your cool mineralogy and Mahatama is from a guy with a stamp on his nose Subhan Allah. That's how people get labeled. And it makes sense that this is on the same day as the sun rising from the west based on Hadith, because Hamas, you cannot ask for forgiveness. Whoever is a

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believer, may Allah make you an eye if we were alive at that time, to be of those who have that symbol of belief you're about Alameen Okay, we have one more sign. What's the other sign? So what will happen Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran or with the villain shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Thoreau Talib yo Mehta, this

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will be Doohan a moving watch for the day when the sky comes, will bring visible smoke. Allah subhana wa Tada says about the smoke but to hide in mobian Clear visible now do you see I'm not really seeing it? No, everybody will see the smoke behind him mobian Yaksha NASAA the other name people overwhelmed cry out loud this is a very painful punishment as the other one in the disbelievers will face that what soon as this so the Doohan the chapter is known as a dokkan. Then what happens Rob bellick chiffon colada in me no oh Allah please lift this hardship we will believe I shall do Allah Allah Allah Allah we will believe and Allah Homewood Nicaragua. Khadija whom Rasool

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Mubin Allah says how can they be reminded when a messenger has already come to them making things clear? Now? Allah knows best. Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, a beautiful breeze comes from Yemen, Yemen, la vaca. Right? But before we get excited, let's see what the breeze is.

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Right? Because Yemen will come again

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the 10th 110 sign here in a very positive way. Allah says Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you will sit Allah hurry and bury the focus on the words Allah sends a very cool, beautiful breeze. Alien mineral hairier, softer than silk. Smells like must beautiful fragrance comes from a sham and Rehan Minelli, Yemen so now we have two locations in a sham and where Yemen fella Yeah, because the province says Not a single person on earth. Focus on the following words is very critical. Not a single person on earth with an atom weight of what of Eman and faith in Lacava Datu Excel that debris will come

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and the moment they read it, what happens their soul returns back to Allah. Every single one who believes in Allah even if you're the weakest Muslim on Earth, you will be in that group that you returned back to Allah subhanho wa taala. The Prophet says even if that person lives in the innermost part of a mountain, and even if you live in a tunnel, okay, that wind will still go through and take the soul of every believer that might be in a tunnel. May Allah protect us, Robert Allen, then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says through Maya Kashi rottenness the central ask the question this is the answer, when every one of those believers die even the weakest of

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Muslims who remains alive, the most evil humans ever on Earth. And look how rasool Allah is Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam describes their behavior and look at the connection. He says La Yun Karuna mancora. They are the ones that remain will not recognize the wrong as wrong. When I refer them through for the good, they see it as bad, the bad they see it as good absolute ignorance. Even Mr. Ahmed says in the authentic narration. He told his people around him a crack through Tilawat Al Quran Kabbalah and your father read Quran as much as you can before it's lifted before it's taken away.

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The people around them so he says Messiah have torva The books are lifted. The prophets Allah sentiment have been mistreated, says authentic narration. Basically no letter will remain in the Quran. You have the Quran. The person will have it maybe in the shell from their grandpa who was religious at one point. So they go when they want to check it out. They open it, no ink, no letters, nothing.

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So then they got so nervous. So they said Well, what about those who perhaps memorized it? He says the BMS route even the Quran in the hearts are also lifted Lucha Carmela protectors. So he's telling them we did not see any major sign yet. And many of them have never seen most of the minus signs you and I are living through and live through and he's telling them I want you to imagine think of timeline bear with me. There's so many signs he did not witness we witnessed a lot more signs for sure more than them yes. And he's telling them read Quran Allah one day the Quran will be lifted. How should you and I be talking about it now? Allah more intense, go back to the Quran. How was your

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case with the Quran? How was your situation with the Quran? I asked you by Allah. If you lived a moment in your life. And then you went to the Quran. Allah Just imagine. He's like, You know what, man, I have not been reading the Quran a long, long time. We're looking for a Quran, even the apps that the Quran, nothing, everything be lifted. So you go and you open the Quran, and there's no writing how would you feel?

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How would you feel?

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What would you wish for?

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You want to read Subhanallah I wish I wish May Allah forgive us. So then Miss Ruth one of the grant remember the guy who stood on Abuja, he's that's him. That's the same zahavi. He says read the Quran as much as you can. These sessions are not just terms of Oh hyping it up and it's just so amazing. Some controversial stuff. This has changed this for me to say, I gotta go back to the Quran. This gets me to say I gotta donate and pay my Zakah this gets me to say I gotta pray on time. So what happens the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Will you be honest who killed behind people behave like animals. And there's a explicit statement, your taharah fer to hydrogen. They will

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commit their desires fulfilled in the public just like our animals do and the public. For a temesta lu you

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Damas Shavon shaytaan will come here and will say, will you not reply? Allah to study boon to the people at that time the most wicked of people, they say, what is it that you want us to do? He says, I want you to worship idols. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, what you call a lot of the Allah, Allah, the name Allah will never be mentioned again on earth. May Allah protect us, c'est la ilaha illa Allah.

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Then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, Well, you heard Joe filmbay No one comes and performs Hajj. Now because of a COVID or whatever, no, no one is interested. No one wants to go to the club anymore. So much so don't be surprised to hear this. If you heard it before. This is actually happens if you've not heard it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, how the cattle become so empty no one's interested masajid hunted Halawa empty that a man comes the promises can only be the province saying i i It's like I can see him. He's a man, a sward dark skin. The soil contain very skinny legs from Abyssinia, middle Habesha, I've had bow legged, you heard he will cover he

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comes to destroy destroy the Kaaba. Then he says while you're sleeping holy, yeah. He sees some you know the gold or whatever anything around it. It is valuable. He takes it what you just read to him in case what you know the black garment. He rips it all apart. When the Khanjan relays the pro cyclists like I can see him will say in there. He's bald, he adorable Allah He comes with his tools and he breaks the Kaaba Allahu Akbar. He says hi Jaron. Hajra the amount of hatred or anger this guy has. He breaks it or promises authentic narration he breaks it brick by brick, destroying the Kaaba. No hire at that time.

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Filled upon filth. But look what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says teller said to soothe three landslides or sinkholes take place one of the three in the east to the second one on the west. The third one

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Arabian Peninsula. So this landslides whoever is in that area is swallowed by that look by that earthquake by that disaster. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says what now? Now the last of the 10 we know for sure this is the last one now on top Rouge middle Yemen fire comes from Yemen and the Prophet says the specific city in authentic hadith were in Yemen what city

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I then the promises to huge women poor Rati hadn't thought through the NASA ILA machete him the fire when it comes everybody will be like disturbed by the fire and they start moving out moving out with maybe the woods or being burned or whatever the case is, or every is moving out. Where do they all want to move?

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Makes sense? Good suggestion or good? Answer. They all are being pushed to the land of gathering. That's what will get resurrected and the land of gathering is the land of a sham. the Levant which is consist of Syria Philistine loop Nyan and ordain Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best. All that is happening brothers and sisters. Then what takes place focus with me May Allah bless you Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gives you a few scenes. I'll give you six. He says two men are in a mall. One is buying and the other is what's selling. They're discussing the item bargain. How much do you think medium or large? There's discussion and I'm telling you, one guy is definitely Allahu

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Allah am lying about the price and the other guys corrupted as well. Remember, it's a filthy group of people that time Allah protect us. Number two, and a guy who comes with a bowl of milk. He wants to drink it so he's about to drink he's about to raise it to drink it. Probably that milk is stolen, and the guy has had on money as well. Number three Elito Huldah another person is preparing the water tank for his cattle livestock to drink from maybe that too they somehow change the pipe instead of going this way. You know mixing things up ruining the whole city may Allah protect us. Fourth Rafa Cleta who LFV one guys eating one day just eating and the bite is on the way to the

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mouth. Number five, and a woman is sitting somewhere comfortable breastfeeding her child, baby possible that child is out of marriage. Very much see that the puppy even know who the father is. May Allah forgive us a little bit Alameen haram upon haram at that time. The sixth is another woman who is pregnant and resting and God knows who the parents may be. Why am I why does the promise I'm sharing that? To show you how Yokoyama starts the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam themselves. How can I

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feel comfortable? The crisis, cave and Nam. He's telling us a harbor. How can I feel comfortable when the person responsible for the trumpet to the horn has put the trumpet on his lips. So he just put the trumpet on his lips wahana Jupiter. So he didn't just put it this way, when you blow a balloon, you don't blow it like that. You usually blow it this way.

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So how far how close is the angel from blowing the trumpet the private says he has on his lips. His forehead is forward. So hello, I was like any moment was her summer and he's all ears looking and waiting to hear the command from Allah to do what to blow. So once he's told a Seraphim which is the angel of the trumpet, blow he blows. So the Muslims when they heard this apana not a single major sign they witnessed most of the miners since they signed they also did not witness but they got nervous. Did one of us did i When I prepare this I'm like, I don't think I'll be alive. Because only kofod Are there. So I'm not really nervous. That believer is to be nervous, I might be one of them.

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So they told the prophet what's even cool what should we say now? You also tell us what should we say now say has when Allah when the family Joaquin, they were kidnapped Allah He robbed Bella. We place our trust in Allah husband Allah Allah sufficient. When there are men who are keen, Allah is the best protector to our can Allah Allah Allah bene Robina we placed our trust in Allah Our Lord, you say that inshallah Allah will take care of you. So the question that comes to mind some people like why is the prophet scared? Like you rasool Allah, something like definitely not going to be alive, yes or no. So why is he worried? That's the behavior of the Prophet Isola. Look what he says,

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and Billa no one knows Allah as much as me, Mohamed salah. Then he says, Why would you come in and no one fears God more than me. So knowing Allah, loving Allah does not contradict fearing Allah. They actually grow together. If it was understood correctly, the more I love a person, the more I'm scared

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to make them upset.

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Especially if I know they can punish really bad

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parents right at the exam, right? We all have protectors. So when you love someone so much you fear for their anger, especially their anger can be very severe. One time a very good sister, or Malala authentic narration. She was from the answer. What's the answer? Support is the mean media. Check this out. She says when the Muslims came from Mecca to Medina, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam SallAllahu wasallam he peered people together. Have you heard that before? Hearings. So the people who emigrated sought refuge they will have a house no job. So the people in Nigeria they didn't want come over. They shared their homes shared your wealth incredible. So when will Allah and

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her family which man from Mecca did they receive the host a great hobby? His name is Earth man even maroon one of the grand Sahaba early earnest harbor. So she says we hosted him and one day he got very sick. We took care of him during his sickness. Eventually he passed away.

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When he passed away, they washed him shrouded him. The Prophet was around Salam o Allah Allah was around. He said Rahmatullah he I like a setup his name was ever said, my mother. May Allah's mercy upon you ever said Fisher had the tea I like I'm 100% Sure. Allah honored you a Karma cola. Another narration handy and local. Jana. That's how good restaurant but almost for sure. You're going to Jana, congratulations on Janna. The prophesy cinema is not happy.

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When she said that, he's asked her what are you drinking and Allah Chroma? How do you know that Allah honored him and Earthman is for sure going to Jana Lucas, she says, The NBN to rasool Allah like, Oh my dear beloved Prophet, for men, you criminal law if he does not go to jail, no, who does? That's how good who are the man even Madonna was or Malala great Sahabi she said, if he doesn't make it to Jana, then who will make it?

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So then the Prophet SAW I said, I'm telling her, am Hua Tov, Allah halacha Jehoiakim as well as my mother when he passed away, he saw the ultimate truth whatever it may be, as his accurate and ultimate truth means death will lie in Nila Abdullah will hide Look how he's behaving rasool Allah Sam. I am optimistic and wish the best for him. I'm hopeful he's in a good spot. I'm hopeful that he's in Jannah one line maddrey Well, I know Rasulullah won't lie I do not know and I'm the Prophet of Allah. What will happen to me

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And to you

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if this was his attitude What about you and I live between hope and fear on will Allah learn the lesson?

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She says Wallahi let was a key but I hadn't.

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She said after that event with the prophets of Salaam, I never prayed someone of something she cannot 100% Confirm. Because I don't know. Even if you look great, you act great. You so nice, always smiling. You give the best hotbars you give the biggest donations, you recite the most beautiful Quran, you look great and you die. I do not know your heart. So she knows the hearts only Allah can judge Subhanallah So may Allah grant us the best grant is the best seller but Allah mean. So let's go back to England, Seraphin Allah subhanho wa Taala what happens?

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So our field

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Allah calls upon itself even to blow,

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wire OMA you fulfill so Allah says when the trumpet is blown. For fuzzy Anna fetzima wealthy woman Phil Lord, and the people this is known as the blow of terror. And the people have this first blow of tariffs. What happens to them? The feds, Dianna fissa Tijuana fill out of the

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hola everyone on earth and the sky. Everyone gets terrified. Everyone panics go back to the six people, the one who was worth buying and selling, they were negotiating the price. They throw everything. They don't even finish the conversation. That's how suddenly it happens. The one who is about to drink the bowl of milk, drops it and runs for his life. The one who's fixing the water tank for the livestock to drink from he lets go with everything and he runs away. The one who has a bite. It was so scary. He didn't put in his mouth and see what's happening. It was so scary. He didn't even finish to put it in his mouth and chew it. Allahu Akbar, the woman who was breastfeeding she

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drops her child and she runs her life. How terrifying is it for a mother to do that? And the one who was pregnant she has an early delivery and miscarriage out of fear may Allah protect us and Allah subhanho wa Taala What did you say in the Quran? Yo meta ona Hello khulumani Dr. Tina? Robot, what are the uncle Lou that Hamlin Hamlin? What are on suka Rama whom be suka? So Allah says your Muslim people act like they're drunk while my homie Socata but they're not drunk. The why is this happening while working other Billa he Chedid But Allah's punishment is severe. Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, If you want to see your milk piano as if it is right there, read what Surah read

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Shamsul CoolWallet read some on fourth read it as Simone Chaka these sewers. Read them chapter 81 and 82 and I believe 84 If I'm not mistaken, read it to CL Yama Yama is then Allah Subhan Allah says either ships to Kuwait on that day on that time, the sun is wrapped and loses its light. When either new German Qaddafi and the stars fall down left and right. Were either GBL who saw Herat and the mountains are crushed and scattered like dust. Why is that a shadow third and the most expensive of assets people let go and ignore though you put all that locking in every security but that's how terrifying it is. Allah says as well either summer on photo either summer or cushy atop either

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summer on shortcut, the sky will be torn apart. The sky will be shredded in pieces, the sky will be peeled off Allahu Akbar. Allah subhana wa says where eidl can work even tougher of the planet the whole solar system will collapse not just that the oceans behalf of Fujairah bursts forth love of mixed with fire the ocean which was water becomes ditches of fire may Allah protect us such terrible moment Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says how the blow takes place one of you have his soul as another iron, fossa. Now what happens is sack not further. This is a different one. Some element they say both blows are the same one. They get scared they die. Other elements said no. This

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is the first one chaos happens then Allah tells us that I feel below again. That second blow what happens to everyone? They die return back to Allah. When you have a sore fossa Karna sama wa Tijuana Phil or the Illa Masha Allah, everyone will die in the heavens on the earth everyone except to Allah wills otherwise. Allah says coolamon Allah what? Everyone will vanish. Everyone will go away. And listen to this hadith some of us may be hearing this for the first time. Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa says in authentic hadith

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while he was on the podium giving a talk, he says, Yeah, hello Jabbar. Osawa you are the EDD Allah will then hold earth with his hand and will hold the sky with his hand and he will

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Hold it, then release it. And the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, actually, when He said that He clenched his hand, he started to open it and close it. So Allah subhanaw taala holds Earth closes his hand, Allah releases. Allah says, under Jabbar, I'm the Compeller and then Malik I'm the king, energy Barun where are the tyrants? Where are the superpowers? Where the unstoppable people, where are the ones with this whole veto power? If you say it, no one can listen, no one can object. Where are you? And then Muhtar, Kent Barone, where the arrogant people were the ones who thought they're better than everybody. Were the ones that never accepted the truth. Where are you today?

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silence because everybody's dead.

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liminal MacWilliam to Whom belongs the dominion of the world.

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The law Hill wha Ha, ha ha.

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To Allah the one the Supreme.

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Then Allah tells interest Rafeal below

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some Manu, caffine, okra, the third and last blow. But the third one is not a terrifying. It's not to kill, but to resurrect, and everyone will be resurrected. And Allah says My servant authentic hadith. Because Devaney Abdi Allah says, My servant, claims that I lied. Allah says, My servant claims I'm a liar.

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One metric V. Boohoo AI has always claimed he says, I will never restrict the people. But I will resurrect

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how's the resurrection looking like

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what's the judgment?

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What a beautiful day will it be for the believers?

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What a day to rejoice and establish justice. What a horrible day for the oppressors what a dark day for those that have been wronging and killing it and save lives.

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The scale has entered so yeah, the books being scattered what you've done.

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Now for K 8k Everybody sees what's happening discussion one on one you and Allah, the bridge over hell, Heaven and Hell seek rasool Allah Allah being rejected no why not? I'm Mohammed I'm this I'm mad. Now you want what did I do wrong? There's something needs to do. And today you're blocked. But why? What Allah descends people under the shade, I want to be under the shade seven groups of people gotta be one of the seven to be under the shade of Allah. All that and much more. Next year in sha Allah