Boiled Alive In Oil For Saying Bismillah

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She remains firm, La ilaha illa

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Allah imagine this

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one by one in front of our eyes, they throw a child into boiling oil

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until the flesh separates separate from the bones like chicken separate from the bone.

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How shall I describe gender for you?

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You have a description of janma

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Youtube description of Jenna there is no description of the profit and loss columns of Jenna Marla in rot. Walla

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Walla hautala lfl Bieber Sherry, Marla in raw? No, I have seen it.

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No a

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can can justify the description of Jenna

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I'll be butchering it so beautiful. There is never even occurred to anybody's imagination

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Coronavirus Allah so no enters into Gentlemen, I just want to see tell you a couple of things that the Messenger of Allah saw in Jana. So he's with zebra integration of swim again. He comes back and says automata ha, and he's going into Jenna.

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And he smells this beautiful fragrance.

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And the message Allah says, What's that beautiful fragrance?

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He said, that's the fragrance coming from the woman who used to comb the hair of the daughter of your own

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machine. Lawson. What, who is that?

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He said, this was a woman who used to comb the hair of the daughter of your own. And one day the comb fell down. And she picked it up saying Bismillah

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Bismillah. And the girl said the daughter said Bismillah Is that another name of my father said no, no, this is the name of the Lord Have you and your father.

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So the daughter now she goes to the Father, she tells me

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that ilaha illa Allah

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and he rings, this woman who used to comb the hair of his daughter.

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And they say you believe in anybody other than me. She said yes, I believe in the one who is your Lord and my Lord.

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And he brings her children.

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And he boiled a pot of oil,

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pot of oil.

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And he says to her, either denounced your religion, otherwise I am going to throw every single one of your children into the oil.

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She remains firm, La ilaha illa

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Allah imagine this

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one by one in front of our eyes, they throw a child into boiling oil

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until the flesh separate from the bones like chicken separate from the bone.

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And that is her turn. She has one child left. She says to fit around I only ask you one thing.

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Discard that all our bones and bury them in one place in Toronto, I will do that. And the narration is mentioned she moves forward with her child like this.

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And the child is in suckling.

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And she looks at her child's face in a sad face. And she hesitates.

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And Allah gave that child this bit the ability to talk that child to my mother, fling yourself into the oil for the punishment of this dunya is lighter than the punishment of the Hereafter

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is upon Allah.

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Just a woman

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who should comb somebody, hey,

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Dr. Maulana, not a chef, not a bee. And Allah kept that kept her memory alive for eternity because of her sacrifice.

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Little did she know that her action would be a source of inspiration for billions who come after

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because he knows.

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And this is why refers those in this dunya who are no body, one llahi on the Day of Judgment we will be surprised at what status Allah has given